Hunting trip 2

Hunting trip 2

{again , this isnt just one of those jerkoff stories...if you want that read one of my other stories}

first part

“Wait…wait your max?” Jacob would almost giggle as he spoke. She would nod and shrug her left shoulder towards him. “Alright… are you all set, if so the mountain is waiting.” she would say yes and they would be off, the truck roared down the highway and it was beginning to get dark. Maxine would wake up her head was resting on Jacobs shoulder and he didn’t seem to notice or mind. She sat up rubbing her eyes “how much longer?” he would turn and look at her…at the child next to him, and just waking up and looking still very sleepy she looked so innocent and childish “A few hours , maybe four.” She looked at the cute teen driving the truck; he was already beginning to seem like the older brother she never wanted. “Well I’m kind of hungry”. He pointed to the drive thru bag at her feet. “Umm yeah I’m a vegetarian”. He looked back at her “you can’t be serious? You want to go hunting but you don’t eat meat?” She would turn to face him “I was kidding, I love to…eat…meat”. Jacob swallowed hard and concentrated on the road “ ok then there ya go its not to old I got it before I picked you up”. She noticed his slight studded before complaining she wanted something fresh, and hot.

He would complain back about her ruining their time as they parked in the small diner’s parking lot. She was walking next to him wearing a big green sweat shirt. He noticed “is that my sweat shirt?” and she would nod yes and that she found it in the truck. He would just shake his head saying whatever under his breath. Walking into the diner a bunch of little punks would make comments and try to talk to max, she’d blow them off and Jacob would come walking in a few mins later, delivering a hard shove knocking one of the kids into the other knocking them both over and into a few chairs the diner owner would throw the kids out and the one would flash a small knife at Jacob, who in turn would lift up his shirt showing off his side-arm, a nicely holstered .45 caliber pistol. The kids took off and the two sat down to eat, they paid their bill and were walking to the truck when Jacob realized the truck had four flat tires. “FUCK…FUCKS…FUCK” was all Jacob could think to yell. They both called their dads and the outcome was for Jacob and Maxine to hike about a quarter mile up the road to a motel and wait until the morning and the dads would then come and take care of it all. Jacob was furious as they walked he didn’t speak one word.

The guy in the motel office didn’t help matters; he kept giving Jacob dirty looks for being with such a young looking girl. They finally got the only available room and they made their way in and both almost stop dead in their tracks, only on king sized bed. Jacob spoke “It’s not a big deal I’ll take the floor, I’ll be doing it all week anyway since your taking my spot at the cabin.” He may or may not have put a little sarcasm behind it but he tossed his and her bag onto the bed as she went to turn the TV on. He told her he was stepping outside to call his girlfriend and get a soda, she didn’t want one, and he turned and left.

Jacob entered back into the room and threw his cell phone down onto a chair, his girl was pissed he was in a motel. At the same time the bathroom door opened and steamed poured out and Maxine walked into the room and Jake looked her over. Her wet hair brushed back dark with wetness. A big, puffy, comfy pink towel wrapped under her arms and around her body, the towel reached to about her calves, showing off her freshly shaved legs. She looked back at him “sorry I didn’t think you were back yet.” He would turn and face the bed, her tiny little sweat pants type shorts and her black tank top laid out ready for wear. He shook his head “sorry I should’ve said something” he couldn’t help but notice between the mirror in the room and the one in the bathroom he could see behind him. He wanted to look away but he couldn’t. She was reaching over to the bed and he could see her teen curves under the towel as she took the tiny, dark grey, jersey material shorts and slide them up her legs and onto her body giving Jake a view of her long legs and lower ass cheeks. He took note that she didn’t put anything on under them, but he tried to look away but couldn’t she dropped her towel to the floor, her back was still moist, she slide the tank top over her body and turned around. She licked her lips “I’m decent now Jake.” He turned and didn’t really show much attention to her bed time PJ’s. He grabbed a pillow off the bed “ok well I’m pretty tired I think I’m gonna go to sleep” she pulled the blankets down on the bed “it not a big deal Jake, we can share the bed, you have a Girlfriend ad I’m sort seeing someone. Besides we’re kind of turning into friends, its fine.” He shrugged and then climbed into the king sized bed on the far opposite side. They turned off the lights and began to try to sleep.

Jacob woke up in the middle of the night feeling a bit cold and feeling her stir lightly. When he woke he didn’t move because he would notice her head was pressed to his chest. That wasn’t a big deal to him. Not even the fact she was totally snuggled up against his body. He didn’t even care about the fact her hand rested on his tight abs and his shirt was slightly up from her hand. What made Jacob uncomfortable was the scene.

The moon light was coming into the window, both of their bodies glowed in a soft blue light of the night. They also had soft pink accents from the neon lights. There was his body, defined and flexed and every crease held the accented light. Her body curved and wrapped against his. Her head on his chest and the blonde hair flowed out against the tight black wife beater. Her chest was pressed against him making her breast buldge slightly as they were pressed together. He could see her small nipple pressed into her tight black tee in the cold air. Her stomach was flat and smooth and looked amazing in the cool lights. Her shorts seemed a bit low as he could see the “V” in the lower portion of her tummy. Her legs wrapped around his and the blue and pink light raced on up her legs, giving her a purple pinstripe on her leg. Jacob shook his head .with his free hand, the one which wasn’t buried behind her back, he reached down and pulled the blanket up to cover their bodies.

She stirred a little more and he began to close his eyes and go back to sleep as he felt her hand slide up farther under his shirt caressing his chest slightly. He ignored it until he felt her very, very, very softly tilt her fingers down and drag down over his chest, over his abs and then stopping. Jacob almost froze his body was tense, now he was slightly excited. From the scene a few seconds early to her hand which was now rubbing under his waist band teasingly. He felt her fingers tips, this little girls finger tips brush against his pubes and his moved his hand to cover hers and slowly pulled her hands from his waist band. She stirred lightly and then would turn, pressing her back against him, her firm, bubble, curved ass pressed against his side. They woke up the next morning in a spooning position, Jacob woke up first and climbed out of bed and began getting ready in the bathroom.

When he came out of the bathroom Maxine was holding a big black sweat shirt in her hands. She was wearing a very tight black sports bra on her upper body and on her lower body a pair of thick snow camo pants hung low on her hips. Showing the little grey shorts under them. She put the shirt on and pulled a little white hat over her blonde hair. “All set?” she would say without even a concern in the world, perhaps she was sleeping last night? Jacob nodded and grabbed his bag as they made their way to the truck, their dads already there working. They had coffee and were almost finished. They did the usual greetings and made their way to the cabin. Maxine spoke to her father “I feel really bad daddy, Mr. Gentleman Jacob here slept on the floor, and now I think he is having problems with his back”. Big john smiled “Ha-ha I knew you guys would end up being like siblings, you can learn a lot from Jacob max...” with that comment she would look over at Jacob and smile. Big john continued to speak “hey Jake why don’t you just put your stuff in the bedroom, you and max can have that room, I actually prefer the couch and I know ya like that room.” Jacob would fake smile “umm thanks big john… that’s um really nice”. Maxine and the others were already fixing a large breakfast. Jacob was upstairs as Maxine spoke to the others “I’m very excited about this hunting trip… the traditions…and getting a chance to learn from Jacob” she’d grin and take a sip of her OJ.
Second part

They had just finished breakfast and Jacob was going over gear and guns with Maxine. He did some basic rules with her about gun safety and how to dress with the weather. He smiled “so yeah none of that girly pink stuff” he pointed at her tiny pink tank top. “Oh stop …this is cute” she would say as she stood up and modeled some and did a little spin.

“You two play on getting into the woods sometime this year or playing around all day?” Jacobs’s dad would say as he walked by the room dressed in some camo. Jake would look at Maxine. She would nod back as they began to gear up and putting warm clothes on for the morning scouting; they technically weren’t hunting until the following morning. After they all gear up they began to make their way into the woods as a team. Walking by twos and scouting the area, checking for markings, looking for tracks. Pops looked over at Jacob as him and Maxine kneeled by the forest floor, he was showing and explaining a hoof print. Pops nudged big john who in turn got the others attention and they all smirked as they watched the scene.

Jacob smiled but it slowly left his face as he spoke softly and noticed the tracks next “pops...have you ever seen these kind of tracks so close to the cabin?” pops joined the two and notice the large paw print, it was a bears. “He’s a big boy…do you see how deep the prints are Maxine? It means he’s heavy...he is a large bear.” Maxine nodded her head understanding what he was telling her. “And he just ate, a really large deer, 6 maybe 8 point rack” Jacob would say and pops would turn to look at him and speak “you can’t know that from the print Jacob.” Jacob laughed “no but the dead carcass behind you makes it a sure bet.” They all looked at it. “Bears don’t eat like this...” big john spoke. They all look at the torn apart animal and thenbegan to make their way back to the cabin. that was enough for one day.

Back at the cabin the old guys were trying to hint to Jacob. “Um I’m thinking we are going to go out bowling”. The guys shuffled on their feet looking nervous. Maxine stared and looked confused. Jacob laughed as he sat on the couch with a table and a few fire arms spread out and in pieces as he cleaned and polished he spoke. “They’re going to the strip club and they don’t want ya to know Maxine”. All the old guys shrugged and then they all got ready. Big john spoke “just like brother and sister already”. “Yeah way to rat us out Jake…maybe when ya grow up and grow a pair you’ll go with us??” his dad and the other guys would laugh. Jake laugh “no thanks…toothless…hick…cousin loving girls aren’t my thing”. The guys left. Maxine sat across from him watching Jake work “well I’m going to shower and get ready for bed. Early day right?” Jake would nod his head yes and she stood, and Jake caught himself watching her walk away.
Jacob continued to watch, he couldn’t help himself. He watched as she grabbed a towel from the closet and hung it on the closet door. She kicked off her boots and began to slide her tank top up over her head and revealed her purple lace tight bra. He watched as she slid down her tight jeans and revealed a pair of tight, purple, laced boy short type panties. The bottom of her firm ass cheeks hung out from the bottom of those practically see through shorts. She stopped tugging down her jeans about mid thigh level and she turned to face Jacob quickly. Jacob scrambled to look away and he knocks almost everything onto the floor. He scratched his head and began to clean up the mess and she simply smirked and moved to shut the bathroom door.

Jacob was all hot and bothered as he walked around pacing the living room “come on Jake get it together, you have a girlfriend, besides she is a little girl…a little girl with a body like a 25 year old…I mean…arghh”. He threw his shirt down and continued to pace in his wife beater, clenching his fist, he couldn’t get her out of his head, and he could almost swear she was doing this to him on purpose.
Maxine held the wall in front of her with her head bowed. She let the water run down her neck and over her back. It rushed off the ledge that her lower curved back cause and splashed off the edge of her luscious tight ass, some ran down those tall slender legs. She sighed as she lifted her face into the downpour of water. The water now poured down the front of her body, over her small but beautiful breasts. The water run down her flat toned tummy and then was forced down into the v-shape formed by her voluptuous hips. The rushing water began to take her mind off of him, but at the same time got her even more excited about him. She slid her hand down over her chest and over her wet tummy, finally touching herself soothingly. Her three middle fingers massaged lightly on her young cunt, the thin landing strip of hair trimmed short as her fingers now kneaded roughly on her body. She’d open her mouth and gasp as beat against her pussy as she fucked her three fingers, with her thumb gliding over her clit.

She turned the shower off and allowed the faucet to run as she lay back in the tub and allowed the raging water to hammer against her tiny pussy, as she worked her fingers madly. Her curvy hips bucked up into the air, and her ass smacked down onto the bottom of the tub as she humped the air violently. She took her finger out and began making circles on top of her throbbing and aching lips. She bit her lower lip and practically screamed into her own closed mouth. She felt the heat of her fluids flowing and mixing with the warm water. Her entire body felt like it was melting as she came. The running water made her body spasms as she came again a second and then a third time.

Jacob walked to their room and stripped down to his shorts and climbed into his bed. The fire place was the only heat in the house and it vented very well but it was a cold night. Jacob had a ton of blankets on his bed. Big, soft, and warm blankets surrounded him as he burrowed himself deep into and under the covers. He heard a noise on the porch outside, he got to his feet and slide down to the large glass doors of the porch. He put his hand up to stop Maxine in her tracks as she exited the bathroom. He slid the door open and held the handgun at his side as he now saw what the noise was. Their drunken fathers and crew were stumbling up the steps of the porch. Jacob shook his head and tucked the gun into his shorts and made his way back to bed. Shaking his head at Maxine as he walked by “yeah good luck with them”. She pulled her sweat pants up a little higher as she watched them all stubble in, laughing and carrying on like a bunch of high school kids. A few of them crashed onto the couch and pops made his way to his room shutting the door; everyone was passed out in moments.

Maxine walked into the room not turning on the light because she didn’t want to wake up Jacob. She walked up to the tiny aisle between their beds and noticed the muzzle of Jake’s gun from under his pillow she slid it out and placed it on the night stand that separated their beds. He looked so peaceful sleeping, on his head sticking out of the mountain of blankets. She shut the door of their room and it became a solid darkness, in which she hit her foot on the footboard as she felt her way back to her bed. She squealed slightly. Jake stirred slightly and turned to lie on his back, he knocked most of the blankets off, showing her he was shirtless, she couldn’t tell about his bottom half, but he doubted he slept in the nude. Although he had the body to do it, he probably had his black basket ball shorts on.

She sat on the edge of the bed and propped a pillow behind her back. She let her hands glide down over soft material of the short flannel boy boxers she wore with her sweat shirt. She pulled the sweat shirt off and was wearing a tight little tank top with her tiny flannel shorts as she went back to the rubdown she was delivering over the cloth, she let her hand slip into the shorts as she felt her own warmth and wetness. When Jacob stirred again she froze, and decided it wasn’t a good idea and went to bed.
She laid there for what felt like forever, until she felt her bed move and she realized a nude Jake was climbing into her bed. He shushed her as her lowered his body onto hers but not before taking her shirt off. They were bare chest to bare chest as he began kissing her passionately. He dug his tongue roughly and deeply into her mouth, forcing her to grab his face just to hold him back some as she felt his thumbs slide into her waist band and begin sliding down her small shorts. He pussy was now free, she had barely any hair at all, there was somewhat of a small patch of black hair spouting out. His fingers violently played with her tiny, young, tender cunt. She could now feel him quickly gliding his thick cock head up and down the slit of her bald pussy lips. She broke the kiss and whispered “we need a condom…” she would say it softly as he sucked on her neck and began working his dick up into her tight body. He spoke “nah babe… I need the real thing” she went to argue but he shoved his tongue back into her mouth and his hands reached under her thighs lifting her legs up onto his waist as he now strained to get himself into her virgin body, he bucked hard into her, forcing her pussy to comply. She screamed into his mouth and dug her nails into his back. She could feel and hear his heavy balls slapping against her worn pussy as his cock pummeled it. This went on for a few more minutes as she tightened her legs around him. He pushed her legs down and forced her onto her belly. She tried to get on all fours but he kept her flat on her back and took her hands and made her spread her luscious cheeks for him. He ran his hands up and down over her dripping pussy and ass, it all glistened in the moon light of the dark room, and she then felt the massive head of his hefty meat. Only this time it pressed at her tiny ass.

She tried to let go of her ass and press herself from the bed but it was too late Jake had his body on hers and he jerked his cock up into her. He pulled himself up her back, delivering a slow but heavy pounding. His thrusts were hard, deep, and forceful but they we fast and happened every few seconds until he was fully buried. He sucked and bite on the side of her neck and his hands were under her body, between her and the mattress playing with her pussy and clit as he rocked that already deeply buried cock deeper and deeper. She screamed into her pillow as he now took one hair and wrapped it around her pony tail as he leaned back some on his knees and fucked her senseless. He used his tight abs muscles to help the steady hammering motions as he asked her again and again about what she wanted. He asked. “This… is…what…you…wanted…isn’t….it” he provided a firm thrust in-between each word. He practically howled as he pulled hard onto her hair making her back arched as he came in her ass, but didn’t stop thrusting. He watched as he gooey cock slide all the way in and out of her tiny rim at a fast pace. She felt her own body tense as she came, came like she never had before with masturbation, she couldn’t have asked for a better first time.

Maxine sat up suddenly in her bed, the room was dark and Jake was still sounding asleep in his bed. She was dreaming, she was breathing heavy and her short soaked. But it was only a dream. She must have screamed or yelped because Jacob sat up in his bed rubbing his eyes. He spoke “you alrite Kidd? Nightmare or something?” She didn’t know what to say or do so she just nodded yes and he lifted his blankets and moved over in the small single bed. He patted the bed and told her if she wanted she could sleep with him. She said she needed to put sweat pants on she was cold; she couldn’t tell him she soaked her short thinking about him and how he fucked her in the ass. She stood up in the pitch black room and slid down the boxer shorts, her young pussy was still wet and throbbing and it was only a foot or two away from Jacob who had no idea the nude bottom of the girl was so close as she slid sweat pants on and fumbled into his bed, she was an amazing little spoon in their position of spooning.

Jacob was practically asleep in less than two minutes. He put one hand around her “good night Sarah” he would mumble sleepily. Maxine was sudden jealous of his girlfriend until she felt his hand slide under shirt onto her flat warm tummy. He would rub her tummy gently and then slide up over her bumpy ribs and forced her shirt to flip over her chest, exposing her breast. Her upper body wasn’t under the blankets so her small nipples were rock hard as his hand skimmed over them and them back down to her. Her thin but tightly built body was open to the night from her mid section up to her neck. Jake kissed he neck and forced her on her back, body still open as she felt his hand teasing rubbing her lower abs and the formed “V” or her firm body. She would sigh as it finally slide into her pants, gliding over her warm soft, tiny patch of pubes that just started and onto her some bump of a clit, the three middle fingers on his hand encircled it gently, just the way she likes to do it herself.

Maxine slides her own hands over her breast and squeezed then and released them. The whole idea of having Jacob touch her was driving her insane as her lower back arched and he finger slide into her at the same time causing her body to spasm and she came all over his hand. He leaned over and kissed her passionately. He slides his hand from her pants. He broke the kiss and spoke in his sleep “good night babe...i love you…Sarah”. She ignored the name and pulled her shirt down as she smiled and turned back onto her side, pushing her ass back into his crotch as he held her tight.

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