A Day In The Park

A Day In The Park


10’o clock and I stare out the window wondering what day it is. My sister knocks on the door and opens it quietly.

“Well that sure defeats the purpose of being quiet if you’re gonna knock on the door,” I said with a hint of amusement.

“Well at least I’m willing to come and wake you up!” she yelled throwing my pillow at me.

She ran down the stairs leaving me to do my routine.

“Hey honey, how are you? Your friend called!”

“Thanks mom,” I replied “You doing anything today Sarah?”

“NO! And why should you care?”

“Sheesh, calm down just a simple question…”

“Well questions are not needed right now!”

“Try to understand that your sister’s boyfriend broke up with her and she’s not doing so hot…” my mom intervened.

“MOM! He doesn’t need to know that!”

“Unless you want to be pestered all day I think it wise that you or I tell him what’s going on.” She replied simply.

We finished breakfast and I headed to my bedroom to call my friend back. My sister’s room is right next to me so I had to deal with the muffled sounds coming from her room. I hit the send button and found that my friend Ian and Hannah had both called me. Strangely enough, my friend Ian rarely calls me so what makes this day so special? Well only one way to find out I hit the redial button and waited for ring tone, followed by his voice.

“Hey, Roxiller how’s it going?”

“Nothing really? What are you doing calling me at this time? I mean not saying that I don’t like you calling but why now?”

“Well, I met your friend Hannah and she said she knew you so we both attempted to call you but your mom just picked up so we gave up until you called us back and here we are now talking to each other.”

Somewhat speechless from all that he said I say “well thanks for calling me and asking me how I am but you called for what?”

“… Do you want to come to the park with us?”

“I’d love to do that!”

“Great meet you there!”

Ch. 2

“Hey honey, sorry I kind of overheard that cell phone call… So you’re going out today?”

“Yeah is that alright with you?”

“Yes it is as long as you are careful and use the crosswalk.”

“Don’t worry mom,”

“No I worry, just be careful.” She said carefully, “You want to take your sister with?”

“Aww mom, she’s gonna be a pain in the butt!”

“I know but maybe it will do us wonders if you take her with.”

“Alright, but it’s on your head if she freaks out on me and my friends!”

We both laughed

“Sarah! YOU want to come or what?” I yelled up the stairs.

“Anywhere, but you around!” she shouted back.

“Try not to take it personally she told me she loves the way you treat her and she would never want you to change.” My mom said comfortingly. “Sarah! Please come down you could use the nice breeze and fresh air; he’s going to the park!”

“Fine!” she said slamming the door.

“Alright are we all ready?” my mom said, “would you like me to make you guy’s lunches that you could take with you?”

“Sure mom that would be wonderful.” I said. Nudging Sarah in the ribs

“Thanks mom…” Sarah said slowly, looking at me with disapproval.

“You’re welcome guys.” She said kindly “alright you all set now have fun, oh would you want a basket or a backpack to carry that?”

“Maybe a backpack,”

“I thought so.”

After transferring the food we headed out.

Ch 3

I locked the door and ran out to the garage.

“What the hell are you doing?” Sarah yelled at me.

“Getting my bike you want yours?” I asked her politely.

“No, why don’t we take my car.”

My sister and I are both 17 with only a few months apart. I have however don’t own a car [I think they’re a pain in the ass] I don’t know what goes on in most of my sister’s day because we don’t really have the same classes but I do get to see her in the mornings, Lunches (I don’t really bother to go see her but I usually see her walking around with her friends and, what used to be, boyfriend), and after school.

“I don’t really want to,” I said hesitantly, “it’s a nice thought but I’d really rather get some fresh air and exercise. I mean its summer and we’ve been held up in that house since the beginning of summer.”

“Well I’m taking my car.” She said ignorantly.

“Hmph, I bet you don’t know where you’re going to.” I said holding my laughter in not wanting her to knock me out before meeting my friends.

“… sigh… fine! But I’ll do you a favor and follow you.”

“Thanks big sis I knew you’d come around!”

She rolled her eyes at me and we headed out to meet my friends.

We didn’t get very far until my sister started complaining about how the weather was getting to her hair.
I rolled my eyes and continued onward.
“Tell me why you’re doing this.”

“I just want to see my friends again.” I said with annoyance starting to set in.

“Wouldn’t you want to see your friends every once in a while,” I said with frustration.

“Yeah of course but you see my friends live close so I don’t have to worry about that.”

“Uhhh, you’re infuriating!!” I said with deep emphasis.

“Hahaha.” She jeered at me. “I’m sorry it’s funny when you act that way.”

“What is with you lately? You’ve been acting so weird? Are you on drugs!?”

“What? NO! I’m just having a little fun with you that’s all!”

“I’m concerned about you…”

“For what reason?”

“Let’s be serious…..” All at once “SARAH WATCH IT!”

Wide eyed she stares at a passing bus, honking at her with a few people looking at her with a worried looks on their faces.

“Thank you!” she said shakily.
Her knees buckled and she fell. I caught her in my arms and took her to nearby shaded, grassy area under a tree.
(Great time for her to pass out, hmm she’s out good)
I called mom
“Hey mom I know it’s only been twenty minutes but we need you to pick us up. We’re next to the Vons on “3rd Street” meet you soon, oh, make sure you have the bike rack on the car.” I headed into the street and started picking up our gear and bikes. “If you need help with it just put in the backseat with a screwdriver and I’ll do the rest for you. Meet you soon”

About 10 minutes passed by the time she stopped in front of us.

“Hey honey, ~gasp~ what happened!”
CH 5

“I’ll explain everything in the car!”

“Um yeah sure…” she said.
She slowly walked up to my sister looking a little wobbly.
“Hey don’t pass out on me too.” I said

“Don’t worry I won’t,” she said I’m just surprised this even happened.”
Chkkchkk, Chkkchkk, Chkkchkk.
“Alright everything’s done with getting the rack on the car,” I said after screwing on the last bolt. “Alright, now all I need are the bikes.”
After the bikes were on the car,
“MOM! Can you help with my sister?”

“Sure honey, but I think she’s coming to her senses.”

“Uuuuhhh, what happened? Where am I?”

“Hmm where to start…..”

A few minutes of explaining to her.

“Oh I remember now!”

“Do you guys still wanna go to this park gathering?”

“Umm I kind of canceled it.” I said unsure of what my reactions were gonna be.

“Why??” My mom and Sarah said at the same time.

“Sigh... I was just concerned for you Sarah...”
Sarah gave me a funny look and said,
“Thank you Roxi!”

I gave her a sharp stare and said “Sarah I told you to not call me that like 100 times esp. in public.”

“It’s not like anyone was or is listening.” She said with this funny grin on her face.

I waved it off and headed towards the car.

“I call shotgun,” said Sarah.

“What in the world has gotten into you?”

CH 6

“Oh, nothing.” She said ending her sentence on a high note.

I stared at my mother in the backseat. She looked back at me in confusion.

“I started the car and we all headed home.”

When we got home my sister was leaning on my shoulder, looking at the wall of the garage not wanting to move. I nudged her but she didn’t move off my shoulder. I opened the door. Before I was given the chance to think, she grabbed me by the hand I looked back at her and she landed a serious kiss on the lips. I broke the kiss.

“What was that,” I said harshly at her.

“I thought you’d like it!”

“………” unable to say anything “…I did,”

“Then what?”

“We are brother and sister,” I said trying to make my point “We are not supposed to have relations like this!”

“…” she looked at me with sad eyes.

“Please don’t cry.”

I went to her side and opened the door and I slowly lifted her up on her feet.

“Look I love you very much and I would do just everything I can in my power to make you happy.”

“Then do it now!”


“Do it now!”
Utterly unable to think I took her inside and got her cleaned up. And escorted her to her room.

“I think today’s events has gotten to someone’s head.” Mom said.

“Maybe.” I said. Very unsure about what tonight and tomorrow will bring.
CH 7

“Hey mom what day is it?” I said breaking the silence.

“I believe it’s Friday… Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know… lost count of the days.” I said “You know what, I’m gonna head to up to bed.”

“Okay, well goodnight honey sleep well, tell your sister I said goodnight.”

“Will do.” I said tiredly.

I was heading into my room when, again I get pulled off my toes by another surprise by my sister.

“God sis you’re surely trying to kill me… mmm mmm” she stopped me dead in my line of speech with her kissing fit again.

This time I couldn’t escape I was pinned to the wall by her.

“I love you big brother” she said with a sly smile on her face.

“Uhhh, uhhh, let me outta here, mom’s gonna catch us then I go to jail.”

“No you won’t not as long mom doesn’t care.”

“What!? Sarah we are talking about Mom here.”

“Hey, Mom you don’t care about us having sex right!?”

I looked at her dumbfounded.

“What!?” my mom screamed.

“I told you she wouldn’t like it.”

“Don’t worry I already talked to her about it.”


Now I was really confused, I didn’t know what was going on anywhere. Then mom walked into the room and scrambled to try and say something

“Mom… mmmm mmmm.”
CH 8

(Oh god what did I dig myself into?)
Sarah stopped kissing me and said
“Mom I love him!”

“If that is your choice.” She said to Sarah. My mom smiled at me and said to me,

“You’re gonna be in for it tonight...”
I was stunned I didn’t know how to react, and then my sister really forced her self on me.

“Sarah I love you but….

“But!? But what!?”

“We can’t be doing this,” I said sternly into her crystal blue eyes.

“Sarah…you know I would get in a lot of trouble,”

“No one knows we’re doing it.”

“Fine! ... Reluctantly I began to kiss my sister,”

“That’s it big brother fuck me hard,” Sarah whispered into my ear.
I swept her off her feet and layed her on he bed.

“Have you been…Oh my god that feels weird?”

This time I was the one to shut her up. I kissed her on the forehead and I worked my way down. Taking a nibble at her nose, she giggled.

“I’ll do anything to make you happy but let’s go slow on this one, I want it to last. I said with a little passion to her.

“I love you to Roxi.”
I looked at her and laughed a little.

“What I thought you hated me for saying that.”

“Not in this case,”
I planted another kiss on her lips. And she was out of it.

“Oh my god you are the best kisser I’ve kissed in such a long time. Have you been practicing?”


CH 9

“Have you had sex with anyone Roxi?”

“Yes, just one person though.”

“Oh. I won’t ask who I consider that rude.”

“You seem a little disappointed?”

“I just…” she stumbled on her words. “You know what never mind it’s no big deal.”

She lifted her head and kissed me she held herself there her tongue entered my mouth and she started wrestling with mine.

“This is boring.” She said
I was a little shocked.

“Am I doing it wrong?” I said with a worried look on my face.

“No it’s not you…”

She pulled her shirt off and found that she had no bra on. Her breast looked to be a 24c cup (I’m not gonna exaggerate for you people reading this)

“You like?” she said
I was a little dazed that this was even happening.

“Um…” My glazed over and I passed out on her bed.

I awoke with this wonderful sucking feeling on my cock. And in front of me was what I believed to be Sarah’s pussy. I hugged her thigh and dug my tongue as far it would go into her love tunnel. Her juices tasted so damn good.

“That’s a good son of mine.”
Now I was really shocked.

“Mom are you sucking on me?”

“Yeah do you like it?”

“Where’s Sarah?”

“What you’re old mom’s not good enough for you,” she purred

CH 10

“No I didn’t mean that I’m just confu……. Oh my god mom you’re good.”
She really hit a good point on my cock I almost orgasmed in her face.

“Keep licking me you little bitch.” She yelled.
I obliged and shoved my tongue, once more; as far as I could into her pussy then a thought hit me. I shoved a finger into her waving ass and then I got dumped by her juices as she climaxed on me.

“Oh my god Roxiller you got me good. Oh that feels so good….. I’m not done with you yet!”

“Neither am I.”
This peeked both our interest I again shoved my tongue into her pussy and this time shoved three fingers into her anal canal.

“Uhhg mom I’m gonna cum.”

That was it for me I shot.
“Oh yeah, my little boy's orgasming on me.” She yelled.
She turned around and faced me. And I couldn’t believe the amount that was on her face.

“Mom, you don’t know what cum is do you?”

“I know now. I want you to lick it off my face.”

“Um okay.”
I took my finger and wiped a little off her face, stuck it in my mouth.
It had a little of a salty taste to it.

“I’m not eating all that.”

“I will!” Sarah’s voice came.
She jumped on the bed and kissed my mom squarely in the face.
With a surprised look on my face I said,
“Man I don’t know half of what goes on this family!”

I was thoroughly enjoying this.

CH 10

“Having fun?” I asked as I watched Sarah lick at the creamy white cum on my mothers face.

“Yes as much fun as you are watching this.”

“So um for how long were you two doing this for?” I asked

“Well, ever since my boyfriend left me I’ve been deeply depressed.”

“Oh… go on,”

“She came into my room one day and we sort’ a talked, and then my mom said an unexpected question ‘Was you’re boyfriend fair to you during intimacy,’ I was somewhat shocked at the question.” She paused to breath by that time we were all sitting in criss-cross positions naked talking “She put her hand on my face,” she said reenacting what mom did, “and then she kissed me very slowly. I was utterly shocked at what mom did that I pulled away asked her what she was doing, and she said ‘honey, I feel bad for you,’ and I said ‘mom it’s alright it doesn’t need to go this far,’ ignorant she kisses me anyway.”

“Wow, sounds to me like mom was enjoying it.” I said wide eyed.

“I was and a lot more than both of you would’ve thought.” She said “ever since your father died I was never really the same he was probably the fucker I’ve met.

“….Mom how many people did you meet and had sex with?” I asked noticing the way she ended her question.

“Knew you’d ask she said with a grin.” She put her hand up and started to count quietly to her self, seeing her fingers slowly go up and down, I thought she was confused until she said
“Yeah I think that’s right 6 people.”

“What was with the unsure fingers?” I asked

“Oh I was counting the boyfriends that I had total and was taking away the ones I didn’t have sex with.” She said


I didn’t know what say so I beckoned Sarah to proceed on with the story
CH 11

“Well, after you’re little session with mom I lost track of where we were” she said teasing me

“I think you left off with something like mom kissing you.” I said

“Right, right, um well mom kissed me anyway and so I just gave in and let her take control, she slipped her hands up my waste I think I had an orgasm in the process because I lost it and started moaning into mom’s mouth. She seemed to have enjoyed it.”
She stopped and got up from the bed

“Wait, where are you going?” Surprised by her sudden stop in the story

“Move over to the wall and sit there,” I complied “she laid on my lap and said “I want you to finger fuck me.”

“Um, ok.”

“Well anyways she lifted my shirt off of me and she pushed to the side of the bed and slowly laid me down. She unbuckled my pants and she pulled them off, oh that feel’s good keep doing that,” she said holding my wrist as I rotated my fingers around in her hot hole. “She grabbed a vibrator off her desk, funny that I’ve never noticed it there.” Mom chuckled. “And she pulled my panties off me and threw them in the corner. She kissed me again and told me that I was in for the time of my life. She shoved that six inch dildo into my pussy and I screamed with ecstasy and pain, I was surprised no one heard it
And if they did and they were probably enjoying it. You must be getting bored if this?”

“No, its o.k. please keep telling me.”

“It obviously is I can feel you’re boner edging my ass!”

Embarrassed I tried to readjust myself.
“It’s ok Roxi. I’m getting hot myself let’s have some more fun.”
She shoved my fingers deeper into her hole and mom crawled to me and planted another kiss on me Sarah started to rock up and down on my fingers and my cock. I told her that I was gonna cum. She turned around puling my fingers out of her hole and shoved her pussy right onto my cock and that was it I started to squirt and spasm into her. She pulled out and said
“Start licking big boy,”

“aht before anyone moves I want to try something different,” mom said. “Roxiller, I want you and me to do a 69 you on top, me underneath,
Sarah I want you’re pussy to face you’re brother. Everyone start sucking.”

CH 12
If you want more tell me I’ll write
No and I quit on this story!!

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