Myrddin Wyllt shook his head; the young mage was good damn good! Then there was the champion of the dark council that he had faced (and lost to most miserably) by all that is holy! Those two had gone at each other with an amount of power he could only imagine. True his own power had jumped quite a bit, he was no longer in the upper low level range, he'd passed that the first day now he'd say he was at the low end of the mid range.

Waving his hand Merlin flashed out and appeared near the opening at the back of the sanctuary. Smiling he could feel his power climbing a bit more, good at least now he wasn't as powerless as he was, though the champion would make short work of him . Laughing Merlin thought Ha! At least now the bastard would actually have to work a bit to beat him (ah hell who was he fooling?) Nodding his head he continued to do all the spells he could to get his power to increase.

Alan turned when he felt the power flash out but saw nothing, so there were still a few lower power mages out there. Funny thing was though this one almost felt like Merlin but that wasn't possible as he remembered Merlin's power was very low especially compared to his. Alan could feel the throbbing in his chest as his power was increasing a bit more. Smirking Alan thought the idiot had helped to defeat himself, Alan was already where the champion was, but now he felt he was slightly higher. Sighing Alan thought well we'll see, especially after I get rid of the higher level mages that were left.

Hopix could see that Alan was deep in thought but she had to know. "Alan I thought that after we defeated over half of the dark mages that the light council could come in here."

Alan sighed she above everyone else should know, "Usually that would be the case, but here more than half were the weak mages. The 41 left are all of a higher power and they are holding the majority of the Lobrits here as slaves. Much like on your world, but there are far more here I am afraid that they’re are also strong enough to actually challenge me."

Hopix nodded then her eyes flew wide they were that strong! Throwing her arms around Alan she held him tight as she started to tremble. Odd but she suddenly had a feeling of impending doom. Alan held her tight and gently kissed her causing her to immediately calm. "We need to go to the next the sooner we free this world the sooner we can return having fulfilled the promise I made to the queen." Alan told her as they started to walk beyond where they had fought the others last time.

Alan had elevated and was floating forward at a rapid pace; he felt the attack long before they even started. The creature appeared to be a huge six legged animal sharp teeth and shaggy nasty smelling fur covering it. "Hold! You are on my territory, therefore you are dead, and your soul is mine!"

A bolt of electricity shot out at Alan ('bout time they tried something different!) bouncing harmlessly off Alan's shield. Smiling Alan was about to give the creature a choice when he felt several fireballs (not again!) hit his shield. Ah! He saw now another ambush.

"Ok you three; I give you a choice to leave..." Alan started.

"Die you ass!" The two behind him screamed and began rapid firing at him. Pissed off Alan waved a hand then made a chopping motion. One of the creatures screamed then the head left the body, the other was also screaming though he was missing at least four of its six legs. Alan watched as it tried to crawl away then lay still as it's life blood pumped out in a huge puddle under it.

"Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted..." Alan started again.

"I am not interested in any pathetic deal you have to offer!" The first creature sneered at Alan, "those were my sons therefore there will be no deal!" With that the leader lashed out with ever increasing power though to Alan he was barely past half power. Then the leader started to go even higher Alan finally tired of it, shot an electric bolt at the leader. After the screams stopped, Alan just walked away the charred remains still smoldering.

Turning he took Hopix's hand as they floated a few more minutes. Alan could feel the next dark mage but seemed to be having a hard time locating it. Rounding a corner they found a huge cave with a huge quantity of bones outside the entrance. "This reminds me of tales I heard of on earth during Merlin's time. Huge giants I believe with one eye called Cyclopes I also believe they liked to eat beings." Hopix looked at Alan like he was crazy at least 'til the twelve foot tall monster he'd described walked out of the cave.

Taking a huge sniff the Cyclops looked around, "I smell a mage! YOU! I will enjoy eating your flesh adding your power to my own. I might even be able to beat the council's champion! Tell you what you stay right there I'll crush you, make it quick then enjoy your flesh."

Alan shot a huge fireball at the giant, which just bounced off it. Laughing the giant stared at Alan, "What an idiot you are I am impervious to all magic, better get clever or you'll bore me, then I'll make your death slow and extremely painful!" Alan smile so impervious huh?

Waving his hand a large boulder rolled past the cave into the leg of the giant. With a growl the giant actually caught the boulder and was about to throw it at Alan when Alan caught him with another in the back of his legs. As he fell back the boulder he'd been holding came crashing down on his chest, effectively trapping him. "Let me up from here you maggot! I'll crush you I'll grind you slow piece by piece."

"Normally I offer a deal, but with you," Alan spit next to the giant's head, "Fuck you!" Alan waved both arms as the weight of the huge boulder began to get heavier and heavier. Walking away Alan gritted his teeth only a minute later the giant started to scream, threaten beg then there was the sickening crack as the boulder caved in the giant's chest.

Looking at the cave Alan made a few motions and buildings began to appear along with a huge wall. As he expected over 8000 Lobrits appeared not long after he finished the city. Sighing he would have to do a massive clearing he just hoped he had the power for it. All the Lobrits stopped in front of Alan looking dazed and confused as they always did.

Alan made well over a dozen motions with his hands and arms then spread his arms wide trying to encompass all those present. Quickly he had well over 400 then he started to hit the snags, then it increased 'til every three out of four didn't want to go. Pissed off again Alan made more motions then shot an energy wave out effectively knocking 1500 of the last 2000 out clearing those still awake he concentrated and sent the others to one of the 37 dark mages that were left.

Afterward having explained and adding warnings Alan sent them into the new city, turning toward Hopix he smiled. <Uh Hopix I think I did a little too much. I&#039;m going to try and get us back but you might need to use the cube.> Hopix looked at Alan with concern as he put a hand to his head and the other holding her hand. Then they were gone they appeared a good 50 feet from the door to the sanctuary. Alan smiled then collapsed beside Hopix, Concentrating Hopix managed to carry him with what
little power she had (she still couldn&#039;t use her full power yet). The Lobrits came out in force carrying Alan inside and to his bed. Hopix sat next to his bed feeling tired herself she knew they were almost done. She just hoped that the last secret didn&#039;t tear them apart. Laying her head on the bed she was soon asleep herself.

Merlin had seen them come in he&#039;d been practicing he had his power right on the edge of middle mid-range. He&#039;d found that he could now lift things a feat he&#039;d never been able to do except for very small things. Now he was up to at least 50 -60 pounds now, plus he could move at least a mile now something that made getting back and away very useful! Looking at the two asleep he smiled he&#039;d heard about Alan&#039;s work today after he&#039;d left he was still amazed that the dark council hadn&#039;t detected him or had they and not really considered him a threat? A smile crossed his face that was about to change!

Merlin left via the hidden back door and started to float away, it did take energy but it got you there far faster besides he needed all he had to pull this off. An hour later he arrived at the home of his target, pulling several crystals he&#039;d summoned he placed them in a certain pattern knocking on the door he stepped out of sight. The moment the servant opened the door Merlin froze him then levitated him out of the way. He&#039;d done this twice when the master of the place came out the door.

Chanting Merlin watched as the crystals started to glow then the creature couldn&#039;t move. Merlin stepped into view as the creature smiled that was &#039;til he found he couldn&#039;t move to protect his self. Merlin smiled as he started it on fire. Moving again out of view Merlin waited &#039;til he saw others coming in. Thinking of the sanctuary he found himself two miles away from the home he&#039;d just left, shocked Merlin tried again and found he&#039;d moved not two but two and a half miles! He was at three and a half miles when he appeared at the back door of the sanctuary.

Merlin looked at his hands that were glowing for the first time, and then he could feel throbbing in his chest measuring his power he found he was now at the high end of the middle of the middle range. Finally he thought I actually have enough power to do something. Walking in he saw that Alan was still asleep from clearing all the people he&#039;d done what now, damn near 10,000? a drop in the ocean compared to the total population, problem was could Alan handle it? Merlin knew he was nowhere near Alan&#039;s level, but soon if he continued he might actually be able to help!

Alan and Hopix were both dreaming Alan and Hopix had just gotten married in his dream, it was their wedding night. Alan had prepared all that day then went to penetrate her, finding only that he couldn&#039;t get through her Hymen. His mouth wide open he tried several times, then he looked at Hopix and her face changed as a wicked smile twisted her features.

"I see you are as useless as you always have been," he heard his ex wife’s voice coming out of Hopix&#039;s mouth. Yelling he tried to scramble away in horror but found that Hopix was now his ex wife, equipped with claws that held him fast. Then to his horror a huge mouth appeared as he was dragged toward it, "Finally you&#039;ll be of good use when I devour your flesh!" Pulled into the mouth Alan began to fight to no avail, as the mouth closed he could hear his ex wife&#039;s evil laugh as the mouth began to crush his body.

Hopix&#039;s dream was no better she and Alan were finally married her father had returned to watch the proceedings, the queen presiding over everything. Hopix was extremely happy and was walking toward Alan the feeling building higher and higher. Upon reaching Alan they were almost done when Alan suddenly got an odd look on his face and pushed his way past her. With an evil sneer he turned before he left the building, "What in the hell was I thinking? Marry your repulsive ass? NEVER to be saddled with a putrid thing like you? I THINK NOT NEVER again!" With that he was gone his evil laugh echoing throughout the hall. Her father and the queen still smiling just shrugged. Screaming she tried to chase after Alan only to find that the champion of the dark council was holding her back and leering at her.

"No, no, no, little one it&#039;s ok, I&#039;ll use you over and over, we&#039;ll have a huge amount of children, I&#039;ll make sure you are pregnant all the time!" The evil champion began to wickedly laugh as Hopix&#039;s clothes fell away from her. The evil being sucked in its breath reaching for her. Suddenly she was falling fighting the currents she took flight but found she was losing the fight. Then just as suddenly her eyes snapped open as she fell from where she leaning on the bed, looking at Alan she could see that he was fighting something in his sleep.

Reaching up she very gently shook Alan whispering in his ear she was there to help him just to reach out to her. In the dream Alan could hear Hopix and extended his hands toward her voice. Snapping his eyes open Alan growled, "I feel you don&#039;t worry you&#039;ll be dead soon enough!" Alan shouted to the empty air.

From nowhere a voice responded, "I have to admit you have an extremely powerful mind, it took quite a bit of power to penetrate your defenses but now I know your weakness!" Laughing evilly the voice continued, "It will be such a pleasure to use your little whore of a mate, and use you I will!"

Smirking Alan started to laugh almost so hard that he was about to fall off the cot he was on. "Here you considered me an idiot!" Alan said as he started to laugh even harder. "Thank you this really ought to give me motivation to kick your ass!"

"I think you are full of shit!" The voice replied angrily, "I know that she is your weak point!"

"Wrong you ass! Had you really penetrated my defenses you would have seen that she IS the reason that my powers started to increase. Everything started AFTER I left her sorry ass; actually you remind me a lot of her. Are you sure you aren&#039;t a woman?" Alan told the voice laughing even harder now at the joke he&#039;d made at the other&#039;s expense.

Growling the voice started to shout at Alan, "You will pay for that slur you low class dog!" Alan just smiled so the little ass was a proud male. A good thing to remember when they actually faced each other for real.

"Whatever!" Alan told the voice then waved his hand and felt the defenses thicken &#039;til he no longer felt the other.

Several of the Lobrits came scrambling into the room, "Great Triacarie! Is everything alright? We heard voices and armed ourselves to aid you!" The leader said as he and several other burst into the room each with a fierce look prepared to do battle.

"All is fine now; I have strengthened the defenses around this sanctuary. You should be fine now that one is the only one I feel that could actually project in here, that won&#039;t happen anymore." Alan told all those that were present causing a huge sigh of relief to escape most of their lips.

"It is no wonder you are so tired we have heard of your night raid on another of the bad Triacaries last night. We feel so fortunate that you have come to help us, again we thank you as well for saving as many of our families as you have." Here almost all of the Lobrits that were in the room bowed low to the floor in front of Alan.

"Please as I said I am just a simple being like the rest of you. I am no god to be praised or worshiped." Alan told the multitude that had started to amass at the entrance to the room. Many were staring at Alan as if he&#039;d lost his mind of course he was a god! He more than deserved to be praised but if he wanted to be treated like any other being then so be it the really didn&#039;t want to risk his wrath.

So Alan thought there had been another that had been killed last night, hmmm things were starting to get interesting, there was only one other white mage here and he was a very low power mage. Or was he? Alan really began to wonder after all Merlin had come here all those centuries ago to try and do what Alan was trying to do. Then again in order to do what was described the attacker would have had to be at least a high end middle range mage or he&#039;d had no chance to succeed.

Alan started to stare at Merlin who was at the moment, resting on the cot on the other side of the room. He&#039;d just started to scan Merlin when the entire structure they were in started to shake with a loud series of booms. Waving his hand Alan had a mirror appear in front of him showing him the exterior of the sanctuary. Counting Alan could see at least five of the dark mages out there. The funny thing though was that they all had an extremely mad look on their face. Staring harder at the mirror Alan spoke, "You five must feel awful brave to come here. I take it you wish to die today?"

"Alan Glanto! Get your ass out here this stops today! This is our world and ALL of these pitiful creatures are OUR slaves! Come out and face us and your end!” One who was obviously the leader and spokesman for the others shouted.

Sighing Alan walked to Hopix and kissed her passionately and deeply looking into her eyes, "I love you Hopix, I have for longer than I thought possible." Getting on a knee Hopix gasp, "I will return and we will unite as soon as this is done. I won&#039;t allow anything to come between us EVER! Wait for me my love!" With that he kissed her deeply again almost making her swoon. Then he was gone to the opening of the sanctuary.

Stepping out Alan was surprised that they didn&#039;t attack him while he was climbing out. Though this changed the moment he hit the top of the stairs and moved away from the sanctuary entrance. From five different directions water, fire, electricity, and wind hit him. Though he was almost at full power Alan still wasn&#039;t really feeling the effects of their attacks. Several yelled and increased their power pushing his shields to the top of his power. Annoyed Alan made a prong motion at one of his attackers who grabbed his throat choking then fell to the ground thrashing for a few seconds then was still.

Undaunted the other four increased their power more, Alan hurled a bolt at another of the attackers literally frying him in his own blood as the second died gurgling his death rattle the others kept up their pressure on Alan. His face twisted in rage Alan&#039;s power elevated even higher as he sent several bolts of fire and electricity at the last three. Two of them were totally unprepared and were dead before they hit the ground. The last snarled as Alan&#039;s attacks were reflected away.

"So the leader of the cowards is revealed!" Alan sneered at the semi-shaped man.

"Not cowards, comrades of the one you killed like a coward last night!" The leader growled out at Alan.

"That wasn&#039;t me I..." Alan started.

"You lie you pathetic coward! I am here to exact vengeance on you!" The leader almost screamed at Alan. Again the leader started to hurl several attacks at Alan; hmmm not bad Alan thought the strongest I have faced except for the champion.

Sighing Alan decided the man wasn&#039;t going to listen and waited a few minutes the threw a few spells of his own at the him. Screaming the man continued to fire at Alan pushing his power to the max Alan again hurled several more attacks at the man. This time almost all of them penetrated the man&#039;s defenses. With a surprised look then a shrill scream the man was reduced to ash.

A great distance away the champion had been watching, impressive, he thought, those had been low and middle, high range mages. Alan had disposed of the first four as if they weren&#039;t there, what had the last done different? He also had to wonder how the white mage’s power was increasing. At least to him it did. He always noticed everything it was the main reason he was still alive. He&#039;d have to look into this before he face the man it just might prove an edge.

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