Bridezilla Brenda's Beastly Brawl -- Part 3 -- Taming a Spoiled Brat

Bridezilla Brenda's Beastly Brawl -- Part 3 -- Taming a Spoiled Brat

Bridezilla Brenda's Beastly Brawl

Part 3 -- Taming a Spoiled Brat

Cast of named characters in this series:

Brenda Robinson -- 26 years old, 5'10" tall 140 lbs
--- Bride. Arrogant, spoiled, domineering, wealthy, self centered, and oh so tall and beautiful.
Bradley Eaton -- 27 years old, 6'2" tall, 180 lbs
--- Groom. Physics graduate student. Intelligent, hardworking, handsome, faithful, reliable.
Amy Robinson -- 21 years old, 5'10" tall 125 lbs
--- Maid of honor. Physics undergrad student. Intelligent, hardworking, shy, cute, modest, and very nice.
Betty, Susan, and Rebecca -- 25-27 years old
--- Bridesmaids. Brenda's best friends. All rather good looking, but none nice. Shallow, spoiled, parasitic.
Brian Robinson -- 48 years old, 6'4" tall, 220 lbs
--- Father of the bride. Wealthy doting father, most willing to spoil his two daughters. Confident, loving.
Claire -- 21 years old, 5'4" tall, 110 lbs.
--- Amy's best friend. Short cute MIT student in same dorm as Amy. Also lives in Pasadena.
Roger -- 25 years old, 5'9" tall, 140 lbs
--- Best man. Brad's best friend at Caltech. Another nerdy grad student. Terrified of women.
Kevin, Helmut, and Sean -- 26-28 years old
--- Groomsmen. Brad's foreign friends at Caltech. Smart, hard working, poor at wooing women.
Bob and Larry -- 32 and 44 years old
--- Brian's young associate and his lawyer
Claire Eaton -- (well…just read the story)

Note: This farcical romp is a total fantasy. All names are made up and no connection to any real people…


Part 1 - Bringing on Bad Luck
--- Brenda and Brad get engaged. Brad rapes her little sister, Amy, mistaking her for Brenda on the morning of the wedding.

Part 2 - The Brawl
--- Brenda and her friends brawl with Brad ending in their total humiliation. Amy replaces Brenda on the altar and they wed.

---------------------- PART 3 ------------- Taming a Spoiled Brat ----------------

The main door suddenly banged open. Everyone gasped.
"I OBJECT!" Brenda screamed from the main door.
"You're too late, Brenda. He's now Amy's… FOREVER AND EVER!" Claire shouted.
"But do come to the reception. It's going to be really nice!" Claire offered as a consolation with a yell and a laugh.
Brenda screamed and started to rush the altar. Her three nasty friends were close behind her even more pissed. It appears that they all went home to change into outfits more suitable for brawling, though they still had on their hard nasty shoes. And now it seems that Claire unwisely mocked them about the very reception that they had spent about 400 hours in toto putting together. True trouble was on its way.

Brian Robinson stepped into the aisle. He was an imposing figure at 6'4" and 220 pounds, and he intercepted his very angry spoiled daughter by grabbing her wrist firmly. She tried to escape from him, but she was no match for his strength.
"You're coming home with me right now."
"Now Brenda!"
"NNNOOoooo!! NNNOOoooo!!…"
Brian dragged off his screaming daughter while everyone else watched her humiliation in utter silence (except for the photographer who continued having a field day). It cleanses one soul to witness such deserved humiliation.


So Brian took Brenda home, grabbing her arm all the way to his car, and then he shoved her in. Her three friends pursued closely in Brenda's Mercedes. Soon, all five were at his front door.
"You three are no longer welcome in my home… ever. Please leave!" Brian commanded, grabbing the Benz's keys from Betty's hands.
"And don't bother to call Brenda either… She won't be home and her cell phone will be missing."
The three were left speechless on the front porch as the door slammed shut (and no way to get home).

"Daddy, <sniff> <sniff> She stole him from me!! <sniff> <sniff>."
"Nobody could steal a man from you unless you mistreated him. Did you love him?"
"I liked him."
"Well, Amy truly loves him… and that makes all the difference in the world."
"But Daddy…."
"And she&#039;s a much better match for him. They have similar interests. Why would you even want to marry him?"
"He would have been a good husband for me. I need someone smart and stable like that. And I… I was jealous."
"Jealous of Amy? and she&#039;s jealous of you? Why can&#039;t you two just be loving and helping sisters... to the very end?"
"You should have helped her marry Brad. You knew she loved him. She deserved better."
"And you need better friends."
"I know that, Daddy."
"And I will not allow you to marry until you find love, unless you prefer to run off and elope with someone you don&#039;t love."
"I don&#039;t know what love is. I&#039;ve never been in love."
There were tears in Brenda&#039;s eyes.
"Do you want me to teach you what it is to make love to someone who loves you and with whom you truly love in return?"
"How can you do that?"
"Follow me."
"Where are we going?"
"Where do you think?"

Brenda wasn&#039;t sure what was happening, and she did follow her father, but she hesitated as she got to his bedroom door and looked upon the large four post California king sized bed that awaited her body. She suddenly realized what was happening. She took two steps back.
"Come," Brian commanded.
Brenda wanted to run, but she found her Daddy&#039;s commanding voice impossible to disobey. She stepped into the room with apprehension. He shut the door and locked it.
He put his index finger to her lips. She looked up at him askance. He reached into a nearby drawer and produced a blindfold.
"Don&#039;t talk and don&#039;t move."
He placed the blindfold on her. She trembled, but remained silent. She had never seen her Daddy act anything like this. She was used to being indulged, not commanded. She then felt leather implements being attached to her wrists. And then to her ankles. They were soft, but felt strong and secure.
"Shhh. I said don&#039;t talk. I&#039;ll tell you when you can talk."
She didn&#039;t respond. She felt herself being lifted onto his shoulder and carried easily towards the bed. She was placed gently upon it near the center and he encouraged her to lie on her back. She did so with great apprehension and felt that she way lying on a sheet. She then felt one limb after another stretched out and attached to something. She was in a spread eagle position and totally helpless. Ropes were loosened, but she was stuck face up in the middle of the bed with her arms over her head.
"Daddy. I don&#039;t think…"
"Brenda. I said do not talk. Since you cannot obey even simple commands, I will gag you. Open your mouth."
"No. No. Mnnno."
Brian proceeded to insert a ball gag into his spoiled daughter&#039;s mouth, her second gag of the day.
"Quiet Brenda. There&#039;s no need for that."
"Now listen carefully. I love you more than I love anyone in the entire world. You and Amy are everything to me. And you love me more than you love anyone in the world. I am quite sure of that."
"Quiet. Do not try to talk. Just listen. Your early love for me is perhaps even partly responsible for the departure of your mother. You are also loved by Amy, and more than you might appreciate. Why do you think that she never declared her love for Brad? It was her love for you that stayed her hand. Brad was yours, and she respected that. Would you have done as much for her? I think not."
"Quiet. Now Amy has taken a good path, and you have taken an unfortunate path. She is on her way to many good things and you seem to be headed for nothing but trouble. I have been tolerant for a long time, but now I yank you back onto a different path. I will no longer placate you. I will no longer spoil you.
I will now dominate you in every way until you prove to me that you are worthy of your former status. If you stay here, this will be you new life."
"Of course, you&#039;re 26 and an adult, so you have a choice, and I will ask you to make that choice right now. Will you stay with me and be dominated, or do you choose to go live with your three nasty friends, or anywhere else you might wish to go? If you make that choice, I will not disinherit you, but I will cut you off from all current support, including your two cars. You&#039;ll need to find a job or find someone who will take you in, maybe in exchange for sex. So what will it be?"
Brian removed the gag from his daughter&#039;s mouth and it hung around her neck.
"Daddy! Oh Daddy. You&#039;re scaring me. I don&#039;t know what you mean by dominating me."
"Brenda. I love you very much. I am doing what I think will help you the most."
"But what does dominating me mean?"
"It means that you do what I say, or you get punished, or I throw you out, depending on the infraction."
"Can&#039;t we… I could find better friends. I don&#039;t want to be dominated."
"But you&#039;ve made a mess of things. Your actions have been embarrassing and ugly. You drink too much. Lord knows what drugs you and your friends share. You&#039;ve been lazy and worse. You future looks bleak."
"I can do better. Please."
"It&#039;s a binary choice. Stay and be dominated or go?"
"I&#039;ll stay. Give me a chance. I will be better. I promise. But be gentle with me."
"And you&#039;ll submit to me?"
"Sign and date this document."
Brian quickly wrote it and he held it up for Brenda to read.
"Do I have to?"
"You could leave instead."
Brian put a pen in her hand and she signed it as Brian held it up for her against a book. She didn&#039;t know if it was legal or not, but she apparently gave her father the right to do anything to her, and she knew he had really good lawyers.

"I am now going to make love to you while giving you a few more new rules."
"Daddy. I don&#039;t…. Mnnno!"
Brian replaced the ball gag. Brian removed her shoes and socks and then took a pair of pinking shears and started to cut off Brenda&#039;s form fitting clothing.
"What? You like your clothes? No. No. You will be wearing Amy&#039;s old outfits. You will be more like Amy. From now on, you will sleep here in my bed, and you will dress in Amy&#039;s room. Your room will be locked and off limits. If you need something from your room, I will get it for you."
"You heard me. Now stop trying to talk."
He first cut off her blouse from sleeve to neck on both sides. He then proceeded to unbutton it slowly starting from the bottom. When her bellybutton came into view, he kissed it. When her sternum came into view, he kissed it. When the tops of her breasts came into view, he kissed those several times.
She struggled a bit, but her arms were well secured above her head and legs were loosely secured to the foot of the bed. She could bring up her knees a bit, but escape was impossible. Brian then proceeded to remove her shorts, first removing the belt, and then making complete cuts on both sides at her hips. That all that was needed as he yanked the remains from her body. He repeated the process for her panties and when those were removed, her well trimmed pussy came into view. She felt her father climb between her legs and then she felt a breath on her pussy. The anticipation was driving her wild. Her vaginal fluids started to flow. He placed kisses on her inner thighs close to the top. He started to caress her gently in many places, yet avoiding her pussy. He then went to cut her bra in several places and set her breasts free. Brenda felt hands and mouth attend her breasts and erect nipples. She was totally naked, and aroused… very aroused.
Brian then set out to overwhelm his daughter with pleasure. He started to touch her everywhere and to kiss her everywhere. She reveled at the gentle foreplay attention that no lover of hers had ever been able to give her. Her aggressive sexual nature had always resulted in much shortened foreplay. But fully restrained as she was, she was no longer in control of the pace of sex scene that she was part of. She found that lack of sight and lack of control all very erotic. And her father was in no real hurry. He didn&#039;t want to fuck her as much as he wanted to break her. He wanted her to change and he wanted this event to be a seminal part of that… very seminal. And so he continued to touch and kiss her everywhere as she writhed about slowly from all of it, some intense.

"Pleasure and pain go together. I will now give you some pain."
He rolled his daughter onto her side and placed five sharp whacks onto her left ass cheek. It turned pink. He rolled her to the other side and gave five more. Brenda was whimpering. He then pressed a finger into her sternum between her breasts. Sharp pain radiated in all directions.
Brenda had no idea that a single finger on her chest could cause so much pain. He then pressed into her right elbow at the spot of the &#039;funny bone&#039; and intense pain afflicted her entire arm.
"Unnhhh. Mnnno"
He then touched both nipples in a manner that caused sudden and intense pain.
"That&#039;s a small taste of the pain I can give you. I know far more about pain than you will want to learn. But of you defy me, you will learn."
Brenda was suddenly terrified of the man she loved as her father.
"I do this because I love you and I want you to have a better life. You have been too wild. I tame you. From now on, think before you act. You will give your Mercedes to Amy and Brad as their wedding presents from you. Your Jeep will be sufficient for your future needs when I eventually allow you to leave this house. Oh. And just to be very clear, Brenda. You may not leave this house without me… and if you defy my in this, don&#039;t even think about ever returning."

"And now for the pleasure."
Brian continued to started to kiss and caress Brenda&#039;s skin, but now he focused on flesh 12" away from her clitoris… her legs, her belly, her ass, her thighs,…
Then her reduced that to 11" repeating the full circle of possible skin. Then 10". Then 9"...
Each round of new sensitive skin brought into play created intense pleasure for Brenda. She pulls and thrashes against her restraints as the touching becomes more and more intense. When he gets to 2" he inserted his fingers and tongue into her pussy. And when he gets to zero, Brenda thrashed about as he nibbled on her clit while unsheathing the most sensitive part with his tongue.
She thrashed about wildly, but he stopped before she could orgasm. He then slithered up her body kissing her bellybutton and then her tits on the way to her face. His erect penis met her outer labia and then her inner labia. He rubbed it there to wet it a bit on Brenda&#039;s fluids and to ensure that Brenda could feel him, but he didn&#039;t stop moving until he was fully ensconced in her pussy, balls deep.


Brian then removed Brenda&#039;s blindfold and looked into her embarrassed eyes. Feeling fully stuffed, she turned her head away in shame.
"Look at me. Don&#039;t look away. Don&#039;t close your eyes."
Brian then removed her gag and left it around her neck as they stared into each other&#039;s eyes.
"Oh Daddy."
"Kiss me Brenda."
"Oh Daddy."
They kissed a most passionate kiss. Brenda blushed again. She felt utter shame at being so filled with her Daddy&#039;s enormous penis, and so helpless.
"Oh Daddy. Don&#039;t do this."
"But I want to. This is part of my new plan for you."
"Daddy... You need to wear a condom."
"I had planned to get pregnant on my wedding night. I stopped taking my pills three weeks ago. I&#039;m now ovulating."
"I won&#039;t wear a condom."
"Then cum on my tits."
"No Brenda…. deep inside of you."
"No. Daddy. You shouldn&#039;t… But I have some morning after pills in my room. Can I get those?"
"No Brenda."
"Do you want me to have an abortion?"
"No Brenda. I forbid it."
"What do I do if I get pregnant? Do you want me to have a baby??"
"Yes Brenda. I will fuck daily you until you are pregnant."
"Daddy. What about birth defects? You can&#039;t do this to me. It&#039;s evil."
"Motherhood for you is the way I decided to tame you."
"Let someone else make me pregnant, if you must."
"No. Brenda. I want to be the father of your child."
"But Daddy…"
"Your mother was a slut."
"She fucked my best friend when I was in Europe, 27 years ago."
"Really? I&#039;m not your biological daughter? Are you sure?"
"Very sure. I had both you and Amy tested during the divorce. It&#039;s one reason that I won."
"Is Amy...?"
"Amy is mine. You are not, but I love you both equally."
"So you will get me pregnant?"
"Yes. In a few minutes when I pump my sperm deep inside your willing vagina."
"I&#039;m not sure I am willing."
"Then try to stop me."
"No. Daddy. It&#039;s not fair to the child to have a single parent. And it&#039;s not fair to me and my marriage prospects."
"What would make it fair?"
"I… I want to be married to the father of my children."
Brian paused to think.

"Will you marry me, Brenda?"
"What? Wait… We can&#039;t get married. Everyone knows that."
"I have good lawyers, and I can prove that there is no consanguinity between us, and California affinity laws are weak and unresolved, especially for 26 year old adults. And even though you lived with me, your mother had full custody. She just left you two here for me to raise. So there&#039;s really no bar."
"She just left us with you?"
"Well… in truth, I offered her triple child support money if she remained scarce."
"You&#039;re so bad Daddy."
"Well, I did really love the two of you… and it was the easiest way."

"So... Will you marry me, Brenda?"
"You&#039;re serious. Aren&#039;t you?"
"OK.. I&#039;ll do it, but there are conditions."

"1. We don&#039;t tell anyone except your lawyers. Not even Amy. I would just die of embarrassment."
"OK. I agree. That would simplify things for me too. I certainly wouldn&#039;t want your mother to find out anytime soon."

"2. We end this domination crap. I will only marry as an equal partner."
"How about I just get to dominate you in our marriage bed?"
"That could be fun. Fine."
"And I get my nice room back."
"Wouldn&#039;t you move into the master bedroom with me?"
"Oh… yea. Stupid me."
"But I still want you to find new friends. Those three are bad..."
"OK. OK. I won&#039;t contact them. I promise. I&#039;ll be better."

"3. I want permission to share Amy&#039;s marriage bed with her."
"Really? Will she allow that?"
"I think so."
"Will you be fucking Brad or Amy or both."
"I&#039;m not going to tell you that."
"And why should I allow you to do that?"
"Ummm. It would be reciprocal…."
"If I share Amy&#039;s bed, then she will share mine wearing a blindfold, or it wont happen."
"Ohhh. Oh my. Brenda. Ohhh."
"Does it interest you now?"
Brenda felt Brian&#039;s penis within her twitch something fierce and grow to yet a larger size.
"Oh Daddy! That really does excite you, doesn&#039;t it?"
"Was it that obvious?"

Brian went to a drawer and emerged with an engagement ring. He then put it on Brenda&#039;s finger.
"This was your mother&#039;s. May you wear it longer and better than she did."
"Are we engaged?"
"And when will we be married?"
"An hour from now. I need to make a few phone calls, and I&#039;ll be right back to finish what we were doing before you interrupted me."

Brenda could only hear half the conversation
"Hey Bob. I need you to get Larry and get over here in an hour. I also need you to round up a justice of the peace."
"Yea. Pay whatever it takes. I&#039;m getting married to Brenda."
"No. She&#039;s not my blood daughter. I have the proof here."
"From my divorce. It&#039;s the main reason I won."
"Yea.. I know. Look up People vs. Baker."

"Yea, but I never even had legal custody since my divorce."

"Fine, but looking bad doesn&#039;t make it illegal. At this point, I don&#039;t really care about looks, and we plan to keep this secret anyway. The main point is to protect the rights of Brenda and her child."

"Not yet. We&#039;re working on that now."

"Ha Ha. I think I can handle it. Thanks."
"Anyway, I need a quick prenup drawn up."
"Yea. Here&#039;s what I need..."

"Oh. And I also want Brenda&#039;s Benz transferred to Amy. Can you do that too?"
"Great. See you in an hour."

"So. We have one hour."
"I need to get ready."
"No way. I&#039;m not going to untie you until after we are married."
"But first, I&#039;m going to enjoy myself impregnating you."
"You&#039;re kidding about me getting married all tied up. Right?"
"If you&#039;re a really good fuck, then I&#039;ll throw a sheet over your lower half."

"Now I have to start all over again."
"Just shove it in me."
"Impatient. So impatient. What a brat! I&#039;m glad I&#039;ll be calling the shots in bed."
"Oh Daddy."
"Here&#039;s your blindfold."
"Oh Daddy. Can&#039;t I see you?"
So Brian started to touch and kiss Brenda everywhere again. He was gentle. He continued to surprise her with his touches. He was thorough. He was going to worship at the temple of the body of his stunning daughter and he was going to take the entire hour. She squirmed and she writhed and she grunted and she sighed.

After pleasing Brenda for 15 minutes with just his fingers, Brian started to use his mouth and his tongue. He pursued her erogenous zones with a vengeance with his licking, sucking, and nipping and even biting her gently. Her writhing increased and she became more vocal, especially when he focused on her nipples and her clitoris.
"Fuck me Daddy. Please."
"Not yet Brenda… Patience."
"Oh my God. I can&#039;t take much more of this."
"You don&#039;t know what you can take."

"Oh. Daddy. Ohhh! Oh my God. Oh my God!!"
"I love you Brenda."
"I love you too Daddy!! Ohh.. Ohhh. Fuck me harder Daddy! I&#039;m cumming, Daddy!"
"Here it comes, Brenda. I&#039;m going to cum too."
"OHH! Make me pregnant. Make me pregnant, Daddy! OHH! I feel you squirting! I feel it. OHH! So much! So much!! Oh my God!!"


"We&#039;re in a real hurry. What&#039;s the quickest version you know?"
"That goes something like this: Brian, do you take Brenda?
"I do."
"Brenda, do you take Brian?"
"I do."
"Then I pronounce you married, you may all sign the papers."
He saw that they were kissing.
"Yea. You can do that. That&#039;s part of the longer version."
"This is for you too, darling."
Brad took Brenda&#039;s left hand and placed an elegant wedding band.
"This was also your mothers. You may wear that whenever you like."
"I love you so much. I am so happy."
"Now let&#039;s go the the reception, and you be good to Amy and Brad."
"OK, Daddy. I promise. I promise. I&#039;m a new woman."
"And don&#039;t forget both sets of your car keys. And stop calling me Daddy."
"Got them… Let&#039;s go Dadd… uhh… Honey."

-------------------------- End Part 3 ----------------------------

Part 4 -- The Reception

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