Ahh... Lochy Part 5

Ahh... Lochy Part 5

NOTE: Hey Readers, turns out most of you didn't enjoy part 3, so because of that I'll drop the stone stuff.
Fuck knows what I was thinking... perhaps I just wasnt thinking at all.

Ahh... Lochy Part 4
Changing Direction

“Gyaaahhhhh....” I groaned
I woke up in the early hours of the morning, my head swimming in pain and confusion.
I didn't know where I was... Who's bed am I in?, Who's room?

Finding my phone would be first priority once I had enough strength to move.
Trying to relax a little I begun to see tiny sliver's of last night, Steve fucking me, Lochy saving me.
“Oh my god!” I thought loudly to myself, eyes widening as I felt the scab on my forehead where the mind-controling stone was.
During these flashbacks I was trying convince myself that what I was remembering was way too far-fetched to have actually happened.
But feeling the scab where the stone was, made it overwhelmingly real.

“Gaaahhh!” the pain returned...

Ding ding ding chimed my phone, something on facebook must've happened, and hearing the phone led me to discovering it's location.
Turns out it was in my pocket.
Monday, 7:17am.
I looked around the dimly lit room, there was a large window right next to the bed I was in, with the blinds closed.
Opening up the blinds flooded the room with the morning sunshine and once the room lit up I immediately recognised.
I was in his parent's bedroom.

Blech, for some reason I always had a thing against sleeping in a friends parent's bed.
Just too weird for me.
I sat up and got out of the bed, and made my way to the kitchen.

“Good morning”

I was greeted with Lochy's voice as I turned the final corner and entered the kitchen.
When I heard and saw him, I just stopped there. A surprised but hurt expression washed over my face as I stared at him.

He was sitting there, at the table with a cup of coffee and a plate full of bacon and eggs.
He was also wearing his work uniform.

Thats right, I thought to myself, He works during the week

“Aren't you hungry?” he asked, still playing around with his tablet.
His casual question sort of snapped me out of whatever state I was in.
I guess I was surprised to be back here after what had happened, I was surprised that he'd even talk to me...

He hated me after the first night and then had to rescue me the second night... I'm a complete mess..
But here he was, talking to me casually, like as if nothing bad had happened.

Feeling a little more relaxed, I loosened my body and made my way to the kettle to turn it on.
“Waters' already hot” he said, never looking away from his tablet.

“Oh” was all I managed to say.
Lochy must still hate me, he wasn't talking to me like he normally would.

I made my coffee and took a seat on the opposite side of the table.
I too pulled out my phone and begun looking at what had been happening on facebook.
“How'd you sleep?” Lochy asked.
“I don't remember, I think It was good.”
“And hows your head?”

“Uhh, not bad, my headache has gone now” I replied.

His face relaxed a little, apparently I was carrying on about Steve being my 'Master' and how I was carrying on over and over all night until lochy drugged me with a crushed up sleeping tablet in a hot drink.

Nice move, I thought.

“Im really sor-”

“Don't be” he cut me off, but continued “I still love you man, and we both made some silly mistakes, you didn't know about Steve being a manipulative prick and I didn't know what to do so I acted too late”

He placed his tablet on the table and looked up at me as he continued, “I really do love you as a brother and as my best friend, Dan... but you can't stay here again tonight.. I'm sorry.
But Steve know's where I live, but he wouldn't come after me I it was just me, he'd only come here if you were here. I know that he'd want you back, and I also know that he'll be searching for you and would have other slaves looking for you”

Lochy's face had screwed up, his cheeks begun burning red and tears welled up in his eyes.
He was genuinely sorry that I couldn't stay.

“Dude” I begun, “Don't worry about me, now that I know what's going on, I'll be able to protect myself. And as for a place to stay for a while, I'll go and stay with Foxy for a little while, He's safe, right?”
I had a hopeful smile on display, a smile that was trying desperately to reassure my friend.

Lochy got up from his seat and practically launched his body at me, I stood up as well and caught him in my arms.
His Muscly Body-Warmth seeped into me making me feel complete.
“Ahh... Lochy” I said “Your so much more than you think, I love ya, mate”
He tightened his grip on me.
We stayed like that for a little while, just enjoying each other's body's in a hug.
Today was going to be a good day.

Lochy unlatched his body from mine, took a step back and looked at me, into my eyes.
And there I saw emerging, was that beautiful smile that I knew.
The smile that I loved.

Thank fuck he didn't hate me.

He went back to his seat, scoffed down his food and sculled his coffee, he had to leave for work.

“Uhmm Lochy?” I asked

“Yeah dude?”

“Theres nothing wrong that I should know about... with Foxy... right?”

Lochy burst out into laughter.
“Nah man, Steve's the only one that became fucked in the head since you left, and as for his slaves, they're people we don't know”

“How do you know that he actually has slaves if you havent seen them or dont know them?” I questioned

Lochy grinned, “Because Steve and I were friends when he started becoming a whack-job”

He made his way to the door, picked up his bag and made his way to the front door.

“See ya man, I'll be home around 4, if your not here just send me a txt letting me know where you are, kay?” he yelled out before opening the front door.

“No worries man, see ya!” I replied.

The front door closed with a bang and once again, I was left alone.

I was still standing from our hug, but unlike just before. I was happy and wore my bright smile.
Even after all the emotional and physical bull-shit that Lochy has had to endure over his weekend, he still loved me, cared for me and wanted me to stay.

I spun around on my heels and made my way to the fridge to look for some of that bacon that Lochy was eating for breakfast.

Ding Ding, I received a txt message.

It read:
Dan, you have 1 hour to come back to my place, if you know what's good for you, you'll do it.
From: Steve

I smiled a cheeky smile.
Now that I know all of this I had confidence, and I knew that I had to raise my defences against him.

I replied:
Hey Steve, you honestly think that I'd come back? HA! Your more fucked in the head than I thought!
Heres what's going to happen now.
Your going to forget about me, and in return I'll forget about you.
If you try to pursue me, I swear to go that I will kick your fucking teeth in! Either that or I'll take another fire extinguisher to your head and then your balls!
So get the fuck over me you miserable failure and go back to being a poor little shit-kicker who lives off of $0.60 noodles.

Oh and don't try to send any of your slaves, coz I'll kick their teeth in too.
From: Dan

The length of the message made my phone take it's time to send, but I was happy with it.
Plenty of threat and confidence, I'll reassess my dominance towards anyone suspicious for a while until this whole thing blows over.

As I was cooking the bacon and eggs I re-lived the memories of my Aikido Marshal arts training.
“After brekky I should do some practise” I said out aloud to myself.

It was a few minuets past mid-day, and I had spent the whole morning practising my techniques, stances and moves.

I probably should've mentioned that back in the first story but I found It kind of pointless to bombard you with every single detail about myself even when most of it isnt relevant at the time.
But, since It's relevant now.
When your stuck in a place where you have almost no friends, and its full of snobby-ass pricks, you get bored.

You got bored or you get harassed, so after I found out that I was going to be staying there, I took up Aikido, mostly to help pass the time and give me something to do other than sitting around at home on my own or going to school.
I've only been doing it for 2 and a half years but after working out for those 2 and a half years and practising like a nut-job, I got pretty damn good.

And although I don't have much visible muscle, I still had plenty of muscle where it counted and where I needed it.

I came inside, dripping in sweat and took a swig of water from my drink bottle.
It was fucking hot outside, 35oc if I remember correctly after hearing it on the radio.

It was the afternoon and I still haden't received a reply from Steve after my threatening message.
Perhaps he got the idea that he shouldnt fuck with me again.
Hopefully he did.... for his sake.

I sat down on the back door-step, panting heavily from my rigorous training, and pulled out my phone to txt Foxy.
I would normally call him, but I didn't know if he would be at Uni or not.
And I would've contacted him sooner but I didn't know if he'd be asleep, and I didn't like the idea of waking him up and making him sleeping throughout the day and during his studies.

The message read:
Hey Foxy, ya classy bastard! How are ya?
Umm, I was wondering if perhaps I could take you up on that offer to stay at yours tonight and for a few nights until I find my own place?
I'll cook a few dinners and keep quite for ya.
From: Dan

The message sent and not too long after my phone rang, It was Foxy.

“You classy bastard!” I answered the phone saying.

Foxy laughed on the other side of the conversation.
“Your more than welcome to stay at mine, man” he continued.
“I'm actually about to start my mid-term break and a whole bunch of my Uni friends are going to have a kick-ass party at mine tonight, and since I'll be on break you don't have to keep quiet, although I will have to ask you for rent if your going to be staying longer than a week”

I smiled broadly. “Of course man, that's completely fair. Thanks heaps man, your doing me a really big favour. Could you txt me your address and I'll head on over soon”

“No worries, Dan. Seeya”

“Catchas, Fox”

The conversation ended.
Today was really beginning to look like a good one.

I made my way inside, my phone went off again and upon checking it, it was just Foxy with his directions to his house.

Putting my phone away I looked back up at my surroundings inside Lochy's house.
I was back inside the kitchen, it still had a very feint smell of bacon, and I became hungry again.

Lochy has been so damn good to me, perhaps I'll prepare a dinner for him, then all he has to do is cook it and he'll have a full on meal for dinner.

I decided that I was going to prepare a roast with steamed vegetables and gravey.
After checking the pantry to see what they had, I made a list of what to get and set out to the shops just up the road from his house.

These small little Safeways or Woolworths as they're called in some other states had been scattered across everywhere, providing supermarket prices in a deli-like store. So It was damn convenient to have.

A chicken, some Broccoli, cauliflower Gravy powder, oil and some Herbs and Garlic Seasonings.
I also got myself a Pie and an energy drink for lunch and made my way back to Lochy's.

Because I didn't have a key I locked the front door but left the back door unlocked, so when I got there I left the groceries infront of the front door, jumped the fence along the side of the house and came inside through the back door, Opened the front door and grabbed my stuff.


Making my way back to the kitchen I put my Pie in the oven and begun preparing the roast.

Placing the vegetables in a steamer with water in it and placing them onto a hot-plate I then put the chicken into bag, lathered it in oil, salt, herbs and a ton of Garlic. Rubbed them all in and placed the bagged chicken into a deep pan-tray, before placing chopped potatoes and onion around them.

By the time I finished preparing everything my pie was done.
I took it out and put the tray with the chicken into the oven but left it off.

There, I thought to myself. Now all he has to do is turn on the hot-plate and the oven and wait for about half an hour and he'll have a full-on meal!

I thought about taking my Pie out to the back yard but his dogs would bother me, so I went up to Lochy's room with my Pie and drink.

When I entered I was greeted with a feint smell of Body Odour and cum.
MY mind reeling in the memories of the fun sex we had not 2 days before.
I sat down on his bed, and slowly ate away at my food, glancing around his room, looking at his stuff.

Lochy had a very spiritual room, if that makes sense. It was huge! But filled with incense, small statues, good luck charms and such. Very colourful and vibrant.
Some people would think it belonged to ah Hippie, but that's a bit of a stereotype.

I downed the rest of my pie and layed back onto his bed, remembering the feeling of his cock plunging deep into my sore ass.
I lifted my legs like as if Lochy was actually there.
I imagined his hot naked body over me, and his cock covered in slick fluids and lube moving in and out of my tight hole.

My cock stirred in my pants. I was turning myself on.
I looked around the room and quickly jumped out of my clothes, I just had to cum. I was far too horny to just ignore it.
When I threw my pants to the ground I heard a loud thud hit the floor-board.
“Aww shit” I said to myself.
My phone was still in my pocket when I took my pants off and threw them onto the floor.

I got off the bed and knelt down onto the floor to retrieve my phone and make sure it was okay and still working.
As I pulled my phone out, I peered into the darkness of under Lochy's bed and I saw a shoe-box stuffed against the back wall with a towel scrunched up around it.

I checked my phone, and it was fine, so I placed it onto the bed-side table and went back down to the floor and reached over for the box that was under his bed.
When I finally reached it, I pulled it towards me, this dragged the towel with it.
When I finally got it out from under the bed I noticed that the towel was crusty.
It was covered in cum, which means that this box is full off...
Nope, It wasnt fake Vaginas.

Lochy's box was full of Dildo's!
My cock stood to attention, and I eye'd the biggest one that was in there.
It was a black one, veiny was all hell and had massive balls.
Sadly though, it wasnt as big as lochy's cock, but this would suffice quite nicely.

I placed it onto the floor-board facing up, it had a suction cup on the bottom of it to stop it from falling over.
I put the towel around it and Spat into my hands and rubbed them all over the cock to lather it up in my own lube.

It was ready.
I stood up, over the dildo and begun squatting over it, lowering my body onto the cock.
I felt the cold tip of the silicone head touch the rose of my ass-hole.
I wrapped my hand around the cock to hold it steady as I slowly plunged myself deeper onto the cock, my ass refused to stretch and that familiar feeling of pain returned to me.

“Fuck! Is it really going to hurt like this every fucking time?!” I said out aloud and I shut my eyes tightly, continuing my decent onto the giant cock.
I was about half way in when I felt the sides of it gripping onto my ass, my spit wasnt a very good lube...

I stopped and stayed there for a bit, trying to figure out a way to get to the bathroom or something with it so I could lube it up with water or something...

I remembered that lochy pulled out a bottle of anal lube.
The kind that numbs the ass for a few minuets so it can stretch and get adjusted to the cock before the feeling returns. I looked over at the drawer built into the bed-side table and reached over to it.
I pulled out the bottle and emptied a little onto my hand.

Lifting myself up a little I got most of the cock out of me but left the head inside while I rubbed my lube-soaked hand all over the cock, making sure to get the whole thing.

When I was satisfied I begun my decent again.
This time, the cock slid easily.
With the numbing effect of the lube doing its thing, I let go of the cock and completely plummeted all the way to the hilt leaving me gasping loudly.

The infused pain and pleasure was amazing!
“oohhhhhh man, thats the stuff!”
I sat there for a while to let my ass get adjusted and so the lube would wear off.
I got bored waiting for the lube to wear off so I begun lifting myself off and dropping back down onto the cock again.
Over and over I did this until an electric shock of pleasure registered in my brain.

And just like that, I was lost.
Impaling myself over and over with this rod, inflicting nothing but mind-blowing pleasure with each thrust.

Beads of sweat begun forming all over my body from the exercise.

“Fuuuuck yeah!” I panted over and over again.

The dildo was sliding effortlessly in and out of my cock and fuck was it amazing, but required a lot of effort.

My Muscles begun to ache from the work, so I decided that it was now or never.
I placed my hand onto my cock and begun working on it. Gliding my hand up and down, pulling the foreskin back a little with each down thrust.

I begun to moan loader and louder as I neared bliss.

With my other hand I reached down inbetween my legs and loosely wrapped a few fingers around the dildo and it was sliding in and out of me, and rubbing my ring with them.
I neared the wall of extacy. And went all out.
Thrashing about on my cock until my balls tensed up.

Just before I came, I plunged myself down onto the dildo as hard and as deep as I could go.
The sudden force of the penetration sent me over the edge and I begun shooting ribbons and ribbons of white cum all over the floor, some of it landed on the towel.

I groaned loudly as I shot.

When it begun to subside cum was leaking out of my cock and was dribbling along my shaft and down to my hole where it ran along the dildo to the floor.

I lifted myself up a little and lt the cum run down the entire length of the dildo before slowly lowering myself onto it again.
The thought of having my own cum inside of my ass seemed to turn me on in a different and confusing way.

I decided that I'd had enough, cleaned up the mess I made and took the Dildo with me to the shower so I could clean it properly.

I finished my shower, cleaned myself and everything up and returned the box of Dildo's as well as the towel to it's original location.
I was feeling a little tired but completely rejuvenated after a nice afternoon fuck.

It was almost time for lochy to get home so I put on some clean clothes and made sure that my belongings were packed and ready to be moved to another location. The rest of my luggage was in Lochy's car, although... I remember taking them with me to Steve's, and although a remember barely anything about what happened at Steve's I certainly don't remember grabbing my luggage when Lochy rescued me...

Hmmm, I thought, perhaps Lochy went back up for them or something...

I got myself ready, sat down on the couch in the living room and put on the TV while I was waiting for Lochy.

Ding Ding, chimed my phone.

It read:

Hey you, I'm already drunk aye. Cant wait to see your sexy ass here.
You should hurry up!
From: Foxy

Hmm, I though, Looks like tonight's going to be quite eventful...

Part 5 coming soon...

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