The Hour of the Great Pumpkin - A Halloween Tale_(1)

The Hour of the Great Pumpkin - A Halloween Tale_(1)

Halloween Night

Linus sighed loudly, prepared once again for disappointment. Every year he waited for the Great Pumpkin to appear on Halloween night, but it had never happened. And this was the year that Sally, the girl he loved, had finally accompanied him to the pumpkin patch. He really wanted it to happen this year, if for no other reason than to validate his beliefs in front of Sally.

As for Sally, she couldn't believe she was doing this. Here she was, freezing her ass off, missing Halloween, for a guy who still carried a blanket around. But she couldn't help it. She loved him, even though she couldn't explain why.

Linus looked at his watch and saw that it was midnight. Halloween was officially over and here he stood again, disappointed. He decided that this was the last year he would waste on this stupid myth. He turned toward Sally to tell her that he was sorry for dragging her out here when it happened.

There was a sudden flash of orange light and a large figure stood before them. At least seven feet tall, the being was huge. And where his head should be, was a large pumpkin. The face looked like a scary jack-o-lantern, with flames where the eyes should be. And, at his waist, was a huge orange cock. It had to be at least twelve inches long and three or four inches wide.

"He's really real", Linus exclaimed, practically bursting with joy. That feeling was quickly replaced with fear as the entity grabbed him. "Your faith has summoned me here, to the wretched realm of mortals", the Great Pumpkin spoke, his voice sounding malicious and horrifying. "Now, suffer the consequences".

The moment the Pumpkin grabbed Linus, Sally turned to run, screaming loudly. But the Great Pumpkin lifted a hand, causing pumpkin vines to sprout from the ground and wrap around Sally's legs and arms, holding her securely.

He snarled as he turned to Linus. "Since you're the one who brought me here, you go first". The Pumpkin wrapped a hand around the boy's throat, causing his mouth to open. Then the monster shoved his dick into the boy's mouth. He got about five inches inside before he hit Linus' throat.

"You can take more than that", the Pumpkin said as he started thrusting, forcing more and more of his dick down the boy's throat. He finally stopped when he had about eight inches inside the boy's mouth. Then he started hammering the boy's face, ramming his cock in and out of Linus' mouth at a terrifying speed.

Linus gagged almost continuously as his throat was violated by the orange phallus. He would have vomited if there had been room for the bile in his stomach to escape.

The Great Pumpkin slammed his cock into Linus' mouth for several more minutes, ravaging the boy's throat. Then he pulled back until just the head was inside Linus' mouth. Suddenly, his dick erupted, dumping a massive load of cum into Linus' hole.

The boy had no choice but to swallow, as the semen flooded his mouth. It tasted like a bitter pumpkin spice. When the phallus finally stopped pumping cum, the monster removed his dick from the boy's mouth.

He pushed the boy to the ground and vines sprouted up, holding the boy steady. The vines repositioned him so that he was facing away from the monster. He looked over and saw Sally.

The vines holding the blonde girl had ripped her clothes off, leaving her nude in the freezing air. Three vines were violating her body, one pumping in and out of each hole. This explained why he hadn't heard her scream.

He tried to scream, but found that his throat had been fucked too raw to produce any sound. Suddenly, he felt the vines ripping his clothes away. Then he felt the massive dick that had just been inside his throat press against his tiny asshole.

He tried to beg and scream, but to no avail. No sound came out and nothing could stop this monstrous being. He felt like his asshole exploded in pain as the dickhead was forced inside him. The monster started thrusting, slowly pushing more and more of his shaft inside the boy's anus.

After several minutes, the Pumpkin buried his dick inside the boy, all the way to the base. By this point, Linus had given up trying to scream. He just accepted that this being, this entity that he had believed in for so long, was here, violating his body. He looked over at Sally, wishing with everything he had that she hadn't come here with him.

After a moment or two of resting his enormous dick inside the boy's asshole, the Great Pumpkin pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the head inside. Then, with a powerful thrust, he forced his entire length back inside the boy. He smiled a sinister grin, knowing how much pain he was causing.

For several minutes, the monster raped the boy's ass before pulling out. The boy fell limp, held up only by the vines that constricted him. "Your turn, my dear", he growled, turning to Sally.

Tears streamed down her face as the vine inside her mouth withdrew. "Please, don't", she begged, to no avail. The monster forced his dick down her throat. She gagged at the intrusion, nearly vomiting. She could taste the pumpkin spice semen from earlier, as well as Linus' ass.

The Great Pumpkin wasn't gentle as he ravaged her throat. If anything, he was more brutal than he had been with Linus. It was as if the despicable act he had committed had made him even more powerful. He pounded her face savagely, loving the feeling of her young throat constricting and gagging on his girth.

After several minutes, he pulled out and covered her face in orange cum. He spurted so much of it that it covered her face and hair and dripped down onto her tiny titties. He smiled as he looked down at her. "What a perfect little Halloween slut", he growled.

He lifted a hand and the vines turned Sally and bent her over so that both of her holes, gaped by the vines, were presented to the monster. He grinned maliciously and rubbed his large dickhead back and forth from anus to pussy.

She cried vehemently, but no sound escaped her ravaged throat. Linus had finally regained the ability to speak. "Please", he begged, "do whatever you want to me, but leave her alone. She doesn't deserve this". "Oh, I'm not done with you boy", the monster snarled. "But first I'm going to enjoy using this slut. It's been so long since I've molested a human".

With a satisfied sigh, the monster plunged his slick shaft into the young girl's cunt. He obliterated her hymen and stretched her pussy beyond redemption. It took several hard thrusts, but he managed to get his entire dick inside her.

She nearly passed out as he started thrusting back and forth, nearly bringing his cock out of her before ramming it back inside. But the monster slapped her face hard. "Stay awake, little slut. I want you to remember every moment of this. Especially the moment when I breed your little body", the Pumpkin said with a growl.

Her eyes grew wide with horror. The Great Pumpkin just smiled and started pounding her little pussy harder. Despite herself, she couldn't stop her body's biological reaction. She started getting wet and, before long, her entire body convulsed in orgasm.

"I knew you were enjoying this", the Pumpkin snarled. "You human women always did enjoy being abused". She shook her head vehemently, but the monster ignored her. He started using long, deep thrusts as he felt his own orgasm building.

With a primal howl, the Pumpkin dumped spurt after spurt of pumpkin cum deep inside the blonde girl. He slid out of her gaped pussy and summoned with a finger.

The vines holding Linus moved hi over to the monster. He grabbed the boy by his hair and shoved his dick down the boy's throat twice. "Now, lick your friend's cunt while I destroy her asshole", the monster said and he moved behind Sally.

The vines forced Linus into position and he, not wanting something worse to happen, stuck his tongue out. The taste was tart, like pumpkin spice mixed with honey. He felt Sally jerk as the Pumpkin invaded her asshole, his huge cock wrecking it forever.

The monster slowly forced more and more of his dick deep inside the girl's virgin anus, not caring about the pain she was in. Rather, he reveled in it, used it as fuel to hurt her even more. He finally got his entire shaft deep inside her bowels.

He grabbed a handful of her blonde hair as he pulled back, almost exiting her rectum. Then he slammed forward, burying his entire shaft inside her. She tried to scream, but couldn't. And the added stimulation of Linus licking her pussy and clit was creating a mixture of emotions, confusing the pain with pleasure.

The Great pumpkin fucked her ass for almost ten minutes before pulling out. He grabbed Linus by the hair and forced his cock down the boy's throat. "Taste her ass, boy. Enjoy it as you worship my cock".

Linus knew there was no escaping this, so he just accepted it. He ran his tongue over the huge shaft in his mouth, trying not to gag on the taste of ass that permeated the pumpkin flavored dick.

The Great Pumpkin fucked Linus' face until he felt an orgasm. Then he pulled out. Holding his dick, he covered both of their bodies in orange cum.

He snapped his fingers and the vines that had been holding the two of them vanished, dropping their bodies to the ground like ragdolls. The Pumpkin lifted them both off the ground, setting them on their feet. "Open your mouths", he snarled and they quickly obeyed, afraid of what would happen if they didn't.

The Great Pumpkin grabbed his rock hard shaft and held it. Within seconds, a golden liquid burst from the tip. He covered the both of then in his urine, before shaking his cock. "Lick it clean, you pathetic humans", he growled.

They hurriedly obeyed him, trying not to vomit at the taste. He just smiled and wiped his large dick on their faces. Then the sky lit up orange behind him. "Time for me to go. I'll see you next year", he said, the sinister smile still on his face. Looking at Linus, he spoke again. "And don't even think of trying to hide from me".

Then, just like that, he was gone. Both of them slowly looked around, afraid he wasn't really gone. Finally, they accepted that the ordeal was over. Nearby, on the ground, lay Linus' watch. He grabbed it and saw that it was one in the morning. The whole thing had only taken an hour. Linus shook with fear as he thought about what next Halloween would bring.

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