A New Position ,

A New Position ,

A New Position

My name is Ralph. I am an IT Computer Specialist. I have just landed a new position in Edison New Jersey. I have just moved into a 6 story apartment building that is a easy commute to my new job.

Let me introduce myself as I said my name is Ralph. I am 6-5 and weigh 215 pounds. I have a slight muscular build. I am a light skin black man and I am 35 years old.

I have now been working at my new job for 2 months. I have just got familiar with the neighborhood and surrounding areas. I find a nice restaurant, shopping areas and fast food places. I find the best supermarkets in the area.

So here it is on this nice Saturday afternoon I am trapped with doing my laundry in the laundry room down in the apartment basement building.

Finally I am finished with folding the clothes. I make it back to my apartment. I then get me a nice Corona beer and I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV.

After watching TV for a hour I then put the folded clothes away. Then I started watching TV again when the doorbell rings. I go to answer the door. I look through the peep hole and there is this woman there. So I opened the door and there standing in front of me is this gorgeous Indian woman. I said hello can I help you. The young lady says I think you left your wallet in the laundry room. Then she show me the wallet and I identify it and said WOW I did not even know I lost it. Thank you. The lady says your welcome. I said how did you know where to come. I used your drivers license to check against the names on the mailboxes. That’s how I found your apartment. Wow not only are you smart you are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you and she starts walking away. Then I say how can I repay you. She says no need to thank, It’s OK. Then please tell me your name. She said her name was Sarita. Ahhh a Hindu Goddess. Sarita turns around and smiles. I then said it suits you well, A Goddess. Then Sarita walks away and I closed the door but not before I take a look at that real good looking ass of hers. WOW !!!

Let me now describe Sarita. She is about 5-7 about 130 pounds. Long legs. Nice waist line and like I said a really nice ass. She has a milk chocolate skin complexion. Pretty enchanting eyes. But her lips looked so succulent. Oh and I forgot a long jet black beautiful ponytail that is hangs over her left shoulder. I have no idea on how old she might be, but my guess is between 26 to 30.

So a week has passed and who do I see waiting for the elevator. It’s Sarita with two grocery bags. I said hi Sarita. She says hi Ralph. I opened the elevator door and we got onto the elevator. I then said Sarita what floor. Sarita said 5 please. I pressed 5 and then 6. Sarita said thanks. Then one of her grocery bags tore in the bottom. Four cans of food fell onto the elevator floor. Sarita said DAMN !!! I then picked up the four cans. I then told Sarita to give me that torn bag. I then opened the elevator door with my back. I had the torn bag plus the 4 cans of food. Then I followed Sarita to her apartment. Sarita open the door and went in. I stood at the door. Then Sarita said well just

don’t stand there come on in. You can put that bag and cans on the table. So I did. Sarita said thank you Ralph. I then said like you told me , no need to thank. I said nice seeing you again Gorgeous. Then I opened the door and left.

Two days later while driving in the rain. I see Sarita waiting at the bus stop. I pull over to the bus stop. I said hi Gorgeous can I give you a ride. Sarita then looks into the car to see who it was and then once Sarita recognized who it was , she says hi Ralph. Yes thank you that would be nice, this stupid bus is very late. So Sarita gets into my car. I asked her where can I drop you off at. Sarita says the train station. So we get to the train station and Sarita says thanks. I said no need to say thanks Gorgeous. Sarita runs to catch her train and then I drove to work.

Two days later on my way to the local grocery store, I see Sarita getting out of a car in front of our apartment. I continued to the store to buy a six pack of Corona beer. I then come back with my beer , sit down on the couch with a cold beer and turn on the TV.

Then two days later while I was coming from the local gym , I saw Sarita arguing with that same guy. I then went up stairs.

Now it’s Saturday and once again I am stuck with doing the laundry. As I am leaving, Sarita is coming in. Sarita says hi Ralph, I then said hi Gorgeous. Sarita says do you have your wallet. We both laughed. Then I said you got jokes. We laughed again.

Boy did Sarita look good in those tight jeans and tee shirt. Sarita has this fantastic lookin ass.

Then I went back upstairs. I was actually thinking about going to the gym, but it started raining.

About 6 hours later my door bell rings. I look out the peep hole and to my delight it was Sarita I opened the door and said hi Gorgeous. Sarita replied hi Ralph. I then said won’t you come in, Sarita said thanks but I have to run and take care of some things. Then she hands me a cake. I said thanks but what’s this for. Sarita said no need for thanks. Then Sarita turned away and walked back down the hallway to the elevator. Boy what a sight. She had on black bicycle shorts and a white tee shirt and black flip flops. What a nice sight to see those nice long legs and that beautiful ass. As she walked down the hallway, I was foaming from the mouth. Her beautiful ass was moving from side to side with each step.

When she got to the elevator, I said bye Gorgeous. Sarita replied bye Ralph.

It’s now 9:00 PM , I decided to have some cake. Boy that cake was good. I then started playing some music on my CD carousel player. Then I fell asleep right there on the couch.

When I woke up Sunday morning my back was hurting me. I decided to go to the sports club and go swimming. This would give me a low stress workout. That swim session actually turned out to be great. My back was no longer hurting. On my way back I saw Sarita talking to a guy in a car. It was the same guy who I saw her talking to before. I guess it was her boyfriend. Then the guy gets out of the car. This guy and Sarita are talking face to face. Then he grabs Sarita’s arm. Sarita then pulls her arm away. They are now arguing. He grabs Sarita’s arm again. Sarita once again pulls her arm away and I can now hear her yelling at the guy. Then Sarita starts to walk away. The guy grabs her arm again. I then said to myself, enough of this shit. I then quickly walked over to them. I asked Sarita are you ok. The guy says to me , “hey buddy mind your business“. The guy reaches for Sarita’s arm again. I grab his arm and wrist I then bend his wrist into a submission hold and push him to the ground. I then tell the guy, it’s OK to talk to woman, but don’t put your hands on them in any forceful way, “and I AINT your buddy”. The guy says ok let me go your breaking my wrist. The guy gets back into his car and drives away.

I now turn back to Sarita, she is crying and visibly shaken. I asked her are you OK. Sarita says yes, yes thanks to you. I said come on I will walk you to your door. So we then walk into our apartment building, get on the elevator and then I see her to her door. Once she got in , I said take care Gorgeous. Sarita said bye Ralph and thanks. As I am walking away, Sarita calls my name , I turn around and Sarita takes three steps towards me and hugs me and once again Sarita says thanks.

Wow she has pretty eyes even when tears are flowing from them. Now walking away , I said no need for thanks and then said good night Gorgeous.

So two days have passed, it’s now Tuesday morning , raining and I am driving to work. I then see Sarita waiting at the bus stop. I pull over to the bus stop and say , hi Gorgeous, you need a ride. Sarita looks into the car and says hi Ralph. That would be nice if it’s no trouble. So Sarita gets into my car and I started driving her to the train station. I then said how are you doing today. Sarita said much better. I then told Sarita anytime it was raining she could get a ride from me to the train station. Sarita says Ralph that is so nice of you, thanks. I then followed up with that and said “as a matter of fact, any time you want a ride to the train station, just ring my door bell”. Sarita says wow , my own private chauffeur. We both laughed. I said it’s only 5 blocks out of the way. I then told Sarita that the cake she made was really nice. Satita says I am glad you liked it. We then arrived at the station. Sarita says thanks Ralph. I say bye Gorgeous, enjoy your day.

After leaving work , I head to the gym. After a light workout, I head home. Once I got into my apartment I got a nice cold Corona beer and turned on the news on the TV. Then I got another beer.

It’s now Thursday morning, I just got out of the shower when the doorbell rings. I look through the peep hole and it’s Sarita. I have a towel on as I partially opened the door. Sarita says good morning, I replied good morning Gorgeous. Then Sarita says it really raining heavy this morning, can I take you up on your offer for a ride to the train station. I said of course. Come in and have a seat. I then said excuse me I just out of the shower. It will only take me 10 minutes to get ready. So after getting dressed we went down to the garage and got the car. On the way , I told Sarita you really look fantastic. Sarita smiles and says thanks. I then dropped off Sarita at the train station and said bye Gorgeous. Sarita says bye Ralph and thanks.

After getting home from work , I took a quick shower and changed into a pair of bicycle shorts and started to relax. I am now sitting down on my couch having a Corona and playing some of my jazz CDs. Then the door bell rings. I look and it’s Sarita. I open the door. Sarita says hi Ralph, I said hi Gorgeous. Sarita says can I come in. I said of course. Sarita then hands me a bottle of wine. I said thank you. But I will only accept it if you have a glass of wine with me. I told Sarita to have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Sarita says nice apartment. I sat down on a chair opposite Sarita who is sitting on the couch. I said give me 15 minutes as the wine will be ready from the wine chiller in about that time.

I then tell Sarita this is a nice welcomed surprise. Sarita smiles.

I tell her you have a lovely smile and pretty eyes. Sarita says “thanks Ralph , Is that why you call me Gorgeous all of the time”. Absolutely, because you are gorgeous. Ralph the reason for the wine is that I wanted to thank you for being so nice and really for helping me with my boyfriend. I said so that’s who he was. It didn’t matter, he forcibly put his hands on you.

Sarita says so when did you move into the building. I said about four months ago. I got a new IT Computer job not far from the train station that I drop you off at. I asked Sarita , so what kind of work do you do in the city. Sarita says she is a commercial artist.

But as a hobbyist I am an artist.

I said nice , you have a profession that you like and is also a hobby. I then said excuse me let me get the wine. I then bring back two wine glasses, the bottle of chilled wine and a wine bottle opener. I then open the wine bottle and pour both us a glass of wine. I then say sorry about my jazz that is playing on the CD player. Let me play something else. Sarita says the jazz is fine. But I have already used the remote to switch to some Motown music. Sarita says to me that “I am glad that you were there to help me that day, because I don’t know what would have happened”. I then said can I pour you another glass of wine. Sarita says yes please do and so I poured us both another glass of wine. Sarita then says he really hurt my arm and I still have a bruise on it too. I said had I know your arm was hurting I could have helped you with that. Sarita says how. I said I have a NYC license as a masseuse for massage therapy.

In college I used that to make extra money to help pay my college tuition. Sarita says Wow that’s nice, I wish I would have know. I said does it still hurt. Sarita says only when I lift my arm upwards. I said can I take a look at your arm maybe I can help.

I then move over to the couch where Sarita was sitting. I said put your hand on your knee. I will now massage your shoulder area. As I start to massage Sarita’s shoulder, I realized she has a lot of tension. I said Gorgeous, just relax you are so tense. I am not going to hurt you. I then start working on her shoulder muscles and her neck. I can now feel that the tension is going away. I then call Sarita by her name. Sarita see if the tension and pain has now gone away. Now let me really relax that area. Now I start kneading that area with my fingertips. I then hear Sarita take a deep breath. I say to Sarita, see you like that. Sarita says yes that feels so relaxing. I said if ever you feel stressed out and have a lot of tension I can help you with that. Sarita says I bet you can and laughs. I then tell Sarita to lift her arm up slowly. Sarita says WOW it doesn’t hurt anymore. Damn your good. I smile.

Sarita now says please pour me another glass of wine. I pour the last of the wine into our glasses.

Sarita says it’s easy talking to you, because you do more listening than talking. You take a real interest in what I have to say. I then asked Sarita what kind of painting she does for a hobby.

Sarita says people , like portraits and the whole body. I said nice. Sarita says would you like to see some of my work. I said yes, someday you will show me your work. I can show you now on my phone. So as Sarita goes through her art work she quickly scrolls past some nude body work she has done. I said hey go back, Sarita says no and keeps on scrolling through her work. I said not fair go back. So she scrolls back. I said WOW you do nude painting too. Yes that is part of my art work. Then I boldly say maybe one day I can pose for you in the nude. Sarita says I don’t think that is a good idea. I said why it’s only art work. Sarita says YEAH RIGHT and laughs. I said you paint me in the nude and I will give you an excellent massage. Sarita says still not a good idea. Sarita says it was nice talking to you, tomorrow is a working day. I said goodnight Gorgeous. I said Sarita wait , call me when you get to your apartment. Sarita walked down the hallway , then I said better still I will walk you to your apartment. Sarita said don’t be silly it’s just down one flight of stairs. I walked with her anyway. As Sarita entered her apartment I once again said goodnight Gorgeous. Sarita said goodnight silly rabbit. Then I walked back upstairs to my apartment.

Finally Friday has arrived. Off to work I go. Who do I see at the bus station, no other than Sarita. I pull over to the bus stop and said get in Gorgeous. Sarita says hi Ralph. Sarita gets into the car and off we go to the train station. I asked Sarita did she sleep well. Sarita says , after those three glasses of wine, yes!! I said good. We now arrived at the train station, I said bye Gorgeous and Sarita said bye silly rabbit. Then I drove off to work. The workday went well. On the way home I stopped and picked up two bottles of White Zinfandel and a six pack of Corona beer. I get on the elevator and who steps off, it’s Sarita. I said hi Gorgeous, I thought you went to work today. Sarita said I did, long story. If you want you can talk to me about it. Sarita says bye Ralph and walked towards the exit.

I am relaxing now as I have taken a quick shower and I have on some red bicycle shorts.

It’s now 6:30 PM I am listening to some nice slow Motown sounds. Then my doorbell rings , it’s Sarita. I opened the door and invited her in. I think she maybe was on her way to the gym as she had her gym bag. She had on grey baggie sweatpants and grey loose fitting tee shirt. I told Sarita to sit down and make yourself comfortable. Sarita then sits down and is very quiet. I say OK Satita what’s wrong, you are not normally this quiet. Sarita says I know. I then said before you start talking would you have a glass of wine with me. Satita says yes I could use a glass or two. I said DAMN is it that bad. I then go to get a bottle of White Zinfandel and two glasses. I then sit down on the couch next to Sarita. I then said OK Gorgeous talk to me. Sarita said one of her coworkers, a good friend died right on the job from a heart attack. They let anyone that wanted to go home, leave. I am so stressed out. I said yep the wine will help you to relax. Let me *********** something nice on the CD player. I tell Sarita put both hands on her thighs palms upwards. Then close her eyes. Then I tell her to take a deep breath, hold it for 4 seconds then let it out slowly. Then repeat 3 times. Sarita does that and then says that feels much better. Sarita then drinks some of her wine. Then she says wow I needed that. I said the wine or that breathing exercise. Sarita said both.

Sarita let me see how tense you are. I want to check your shoulder. So I checked her shoulder and say wow you really have a lot of tension. Sarita says tell me something new and laughs. I then take the couch pillows and lay them on the carpet. I then go the linen closet and get a sheet. I put the sheet over the pillows. Sarita is looking at me and says what are you doing. I told her to lay down on the pillows. I am going to give you a mini massage. Now lay down on the pillows. Sarita says OK , you don’t have to be so bossy. She laughs , I smile. Gorgeous just get on the pillows. Then I tell her to get rid of the flip flops. I then said spread your arms out and relax. Don’t move I will be right back. I then put two wet hand towels into the microwave. Then I bring out some baby oil.

I then tell Sarita by massaging the feet it helps relieve the tension and the stress from the whole body. Sarita is now laying down on the pillows. WOW what a nice ass she has. I started rubbing the ball of her feet, then the toes. Then the heels. Then the sensitive area the arch of her feet. Then I used my knuckles on her feet. Then I stretched her toes. Sarita says that feels really good. Then I do the ankles. Then back down the arch of her feet. I then get the towel from the microwave. It is still hot. I then briefly massage the arch of her feet again. Then I put a hot towel on each of her feet. Sarita says damn Ralph that feels so good.

I then start massaging her feet over the hot towels. Sarita now takes a deep breath and says wow. Ralph says now I will just massage your shoulders with the baby oil.

Sarita is disappointed when she hears that and says so. Ralph can you use the baby oil and a hot towel on my shoulders and back. I said no because I don’t want to mess up you tee shirt. So Sarita tells me to turn around. She takes of her tee shirt and bra then puts them over her breast and then lays back down on the pillows. Sarita says OK you can turn around. I jokingly say are you sure. Sarita laughs. I turned around and said wow you have beautiful skin. I then say let’s move this long beautiful ponytail of yours out of the way.

I then rub my hands with some of the baby oil then I squirt some on her back. I then start massaging her shoulders. I am working the kinks out of her tense shoulders. Sarita says this is very relaxing. I then say don’t move. I then put the two towels back into the microwave. Then I removed them. I then tell Sarita that I am going to sit on her lower back but keep most the weight of my body off of her. You will feel a little weight of body on your lower back, but just a little.

I then started digging my fingers into her shoulder muscles. Then her shoulder blades. I then reach for the hot towels and put them onto her shoulders and shoulder blades. No sooner than I started massaging her shoulders over then hot towels I heard Sarita moan. I said Gorgeous, I see you like that. Sarita says very much. I keep massaging and she keeps moaning. Sarita says this is a mini massage ???, WOW what is a full massage ???. I said a full body massage relives all tension and stress. It leaves you totally satisfied. All nerves and muscles are relaxed. Wow that sound nice. I then say I will now sit on your thighs to do your lower back. Sarita says can you bring me a large towel. I said of course. I then get the large towel and give it to her. Then I took the two towels and put them back into the microwave. Now I sat down on Sarita’s thighs. I started massaging her lower back. I asked her am I doing this too hard. Sarita says no that feels good. Don’t move it’s time to get those hot towels.

Sarita also says can you get me a glass of water. When I came back with the hot towels and water, Sarita now had the large towel over her back and thighs.

I said Sarita the towel is too high on your back. Move it down to your waist. Sarita said can I trust you to do it. I said absolutely. As I sat on the large towel that was now covering her nice ass and some of her thighs. I started massaging her lower back. Then I put one of the hot towels on her lower back and started massaging her lower back over the towel. Sarita says Ralph this is better than good. I said OK , I’m done. Sarita says I asked for the large towel so you could do my legs too.

Now I moved down to massage Sarita’s legs. I move the towel up on her back to expose her legs.

Then I squirted some baby oil onto her legs. I then started working on the muscles of her calves. Then massaging from the back of the knee to her ankles. I can hear the soft moans coming from Sarita’s lovely mouth. I then take the remaining towel which is not that hot but it’s on the cool side which is good for the lower leg area. I then put the cool towel on Sarita’s legs. I start massaging her legs. Sarita says that coolness feels different but relaxing. Damn Ralph your good. Do you want your thighs done too. Sarita say yes.

I said do you want more wine. Sarita says yes, that would be nice. I then poured more wine for both of us.

I then take the two towels and I got another hand towel. After wetting all three with water I put them into the microwave.

Then I moved the large towel that is covering Sarita up higher onto her back. The towel is covering her nice ass. I then squirt baby oil onto one of Sarita’s thighs. I then start massaging from the top of the knee up to the middle of Sarita’s thigh. Sarita then moans. Sarita says I hope I don’t fall asleep, this is so relaxing. Then I did the outside for the same length of her thigh. Then I started doing the inside of her thigh. Then I noticed that Sarita spread her legs about 6 inches wider. I was massaging the inside of her thighs and the top.

I could see her back rise as her breathing became heavier. I let the hand that was massaging the inside of her thigh move up higher than the outside hand.

I could clearly hear Sarita moan. I asked her do you like that. Sarita says I love it. That feels good. Then I did the other thigh the same way. Then I got the hot towels from the microwave. I then put one one each thigh. I then started massaging each thigh at the same time. Sarita said Oh Shit Ralph. I said you really liked that. Nice, I am glad you like this. Do you want me to finish the upper thighs. Sarita says absolutely.

I started massaging Sarita’s upper thighs. First the top , then the outside and then I started with the inner thigh area. My hands slowly slid up the inside of Sarita’s thigh. Sarita was moaning again and breathing heavier. Now I told her that I would have to move the towel from off her nice ass. Sarita said Ralph did you just say that I have a nice ass. I said yes you do have a nice ass. Now can I move the towel. Sarita says well I have on my panties, so just think of them as the lower part of bikinis. So I moved the towel to cover her whole back.

I thought to myself DAMN what a sight. I then said “Yep I was absolutely right , you do have a nice ass. WOW !!!! “. Then I started massaging her inner thighs first. Damn she was moaning more and a little

louder. My fingers creeped about an inch from her pussy.

I could see some exposed hair from her panties. I could see her jet black pussy hairs escaping from her panties on both sides.

Then as I got even closer to the treasure buried between her legs. I heard Sarita say OK Ralph. I said what’s wrong. Sarita says your getting a little too close. So I guess that means you don’t want me to massage that beautiful ass of yours. Sarita says I don’t think you could do that with out playing with the treasure between my legs. I said if you want that, it won’t be a problem. You could trust me on that. You have my word. Sarita “says Ha Ha your word , as soon as you see it your word is out the window.“. If that’s what you think so be it, but I said I wouldn’t and that’s my word. Besides you would really love it.

Sarita says don’t end this friendship. You can massage my nice ass as you put it. Ralph you take off my panties. I said no !!,

When I take off a woman’s panties I will be making love to her. So you take off your own panties. So Sarita removes her panties. Oh what a nice sight. Damn she has a ton of black hair covering her whole pussy.

Then she lays back down. I then said if you think I am getting to close just say OK. I then put some oil on her nice ass, then some oil on my hands. I then started massaging her nice ass. Damn her nice ass felt good in my hands. I was spreading her ass cheeks open and then closing them. I could see her nice ass hole. I then started massaging the insides of her ass. Then I put a lot of baby oil on her ass crack. I did that so some could run down her ass hole and onto her pussy. I then started massaging her ass crack (that is an area that women loved to have massaged, nice smooth gliiding strokes. When done the first time to them they are amazed at how good that feels). Sarita wiggled her ass and moaned. I said you like that Gorgeous. I did not hear anything. Then I heard another moan. Then I started squeezing her ass , my thumbs were close to her ass hole. I heard more moans. Once again I said you like that Gorgeous. Sarita then said yes. I said I told you it would feel good. Yes it is nice. Then my fingers got really close to Sarita’s ass hole. Her ass cheeks closed then opened back up again. When that happened I heard her say Ralph. I said I’m sorry , Sarita says “no your OK , that just felt so good”. I said I wasn’t finished. So I continued. Sarita started moving her ass around. I said “you like that. you like what I’m doing to this nice ass of yours.” Sarita says yes, it feels real good. So I continued. Then I got bold In massaging and squeezing Sarita’s ass cheeks. I open and close them. I could actually see some of nice hairy covered pussy.

Then I let my thumb touch Sarita’s ass hole. Sarita moans and says Ralph that really feels good. Gorgeous You like that. Sarita says yes. I pour more oil on her nice ass. Then I massaged her ass crack right to her ass hole. As soon as I touched her ass hole Sarita moaned really loud and said DAMN Ralph you were right this really feels good. Then I kept kept running my thumbs over Sarita’s ass hole over and over again. Then I just put my thumb right on her ass hole and started massaging her ass hole.

Sarita’s ass was gyrating her pussy on the pillows. I said you like that Gorgeous, Sarita said absolutely. Damn Ralph that feels good. Then I moved back a little. Then I quickly stuck my tongue on her ass hole and started licking her ass hole. Sarita said Damn Ralph, you are so bad. That feels so good. Sarita was calling out my name

”OH Ralph, UO, OH Ralph OU”.

I then inserted my tongue into Sarita’s ass hole. Then I heard Sarita say “OH BABY this is so good” you were right. I then saw Sarita grip the sheet with both hands. I said Gorgeous you like the way I’m fucking you in your nice ass with my tongue. Sarita says “yes Ralph, yes baby. OU, OH Ralph, yes Ralph I love it”.

Then I let my tongue move further down her ass hole. Now Sarita started squirming on the pillows. I did not want to touch her pussy with my tongue, but I was so damn close. Sarita was moaning like crazy. I could only imagine how wet her pussy was. But I kept my distance. Then Sarita hunched up her ass. As she did that, my tongue found her wet pussy. “I was ready to say sorry, I did not mean to touch your pussy with my tongue “ but before I could say anything, Sarita screamed out “OH BABY , YES, YES. OU, OU BABY , just like that. OH Ralph, OH BABY”. Then I was licking her ass hole and sliding my tongue all the way down to her clit. I was massaging her ass with my hand and licking and sucking her nice wet Indian pussy. Then Sarita came for me. I then said you like that baby. Sarita said you are bad. I told her to turn over. Sarita looked at me then turned over.

I then started sucking her clit. Then I stuck my long tongue into Sarita’s pussy hole. When that happened Sarita jumped. Then I started fucking her pussy hole with my tongue. As I was doing this I was massaging her clit. Then more moans. Then she started screaming out yes baby , yes baby fuck my nice pussy with that nice tongue of yours. Then Sarita came again. Then I said the massage is not over. I told her to remove the towel covering her nice tits. Sarita removed the towel.

I then started licking her tits. Then I started sucking her nipples. Sarita was now grinding her ass into the pillows and saying OU, OU, BABY that is driving me crazy. I kept sucking her nipples and DAMN they got almost as big as grapes. Sarita was on fire. I then started licking her now soaking wet pussy. Then I trapped her fully exposed clit in my mouth. I was sucking it and flicking my tongue all over her clit. Then she came again.

Then I moved back up to sucking her nipples. Now Sarita has her hands on both sides of my face. She was gently rubbing the sides of my face.

Meanwhile my dick was resting on her pussy as I had pulled down my bicycle shorts. I kept moving back and forth. My dick was rubbing her clit. Yes I was massaging her clit with my dick as I was sucking her hardened nipples. Then Sarita said Ralph stop teasing me. I asked her don’t you like this. She again said stop teasing me. Then I knew what she was saying, but I wanted her to say it. So finally Sarita said Ralph stop teasing me and fuck me now. I then reached for my dick. I ran it up and down her wet pussy slit. Then I put it right on the entrance of her pussy hole. Then I continued sucking her nipples. I only moved the head of my dick on her pussy hole. Sarita was squirming her ass on the pillows. I then started massaging her pussy hole with the head of my dick. I asked Sarita do you like that. Sarita said Ralph finish the massage. You have to massage the inside of my Indian pussy. I said Sarita do you want me to fuck you. I was only massaging the out side of your nice pussy. Do you want me now to massage the inside. Sarita said yes. You got me hot on purpose, There is no way you are getting up off of me without fucking me, no way !!! Now do it. I know you wanted to fuck me as soon as you started massaging my shoulders while we were sitting on the couch.

Now fuck me. So with that I started feeding her some of my 7 inch dick. Sarita said Ralph you are so big , don’t hurt me , please go slow. So now Sarita has 5 inches of my dick in her tight wet pussy. I then started my in and out motion. Sarita was saying OH BABY , your big dick feels so good in my pussy. Baby do you like the way my pussy feels. Then I gave her the remaining 2 inches. Now she had all 7 inches moving in and out of her tight Indian pussy. Now Sarita wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. I was now fucking her good. Sarita then wrapped her legs around me. She then brought my face to hers and then shoved her tongue right into my mouth. You could hear the sloshing sound of my dick going into her wet pussy. I was trying to hit the bottom of her tight pussy, but I couldn’t. Damn she was tight. Then I made her cum for me again. Sarita was really kissing me like crazy , it seems like she was trying to suck my tongue right out of my mouth. I kept fucking her. I asked Sarita does she like the way I was fucking her. She didn’t say anything. Again I asked her do you like the way I am fucking you , still no answer. Then with the extra lubrications from her cum and juice my dick slid further into her pussy hole. Yes her pussy opened up so my dick could say hello to parts of her pussy that have never been touched. Then finally I hit the bottom of her pussy. Sarita call out. “OU BABY your dick is so big , I can feel you all the way up in my pussy. You are hitting places that have never been touched, that’s it fuck me baby. This is some good dick. I love this massage. fuck me baby , OU BABY , FUCK ME”. Sarita then wrapped her legs around my ass. Sarita is taking my big dick as it is totally disappearing in her pussy. Her pussy is now swallowing my whole dick. I did not even open up her pussy yet and her tight Indian pussy is swallowing my whole dick, DAMN !!!! I ask Sarita again do you like the way I am fucking you. Sarita says “yes baby , I love the way you are fucking me, I have never had a big dick like this taking care of my pussy, yes baby I love the way you are fucking me”. Then Sarita cums for me again. Damn I lost count. Now after 25 minutes of fucking Sarita, I came deep down in the depths of her pussy hole.

Now I rolled off of Sarita. Sarita says you are bad. You seduced me.

You got me hot and then you fucked me. I said “you told me that you wanted me to fuck you“ Sarita said yeah after you got me all hot. So you did not like the way I licked your ass hole and your pussy. You did not like the way I fucked you. Sarita only shook her head from side to side and smiled. Then I asked her is the stress and the tension gone. Sarita smiles and said yes. I said “So my massage worked good. Sarita I just want to say this to you. I have never tasted a pussy that tasted so good like yours.

And the best thing you have the tightest pussy and a very pretty pussy. As a matter of fact you have the tightest pussy that I ever made love to and fucked”.

Sarita then took the hand towel and wiped the the mixed juices of her leaking pussy. I said Gorgeous please tell me when you need another massage. Sarita said you got what you wanted and said that was your one and only time you were getting any of this good pussy. Sarita then put on her clothes and said thanks for the wine then said goodnight Ralph.

Saturday it’s raining like cats and dogs. I decided to do the laundry. When I finished I just went back upstairs and played music.

Sunday it still was raining. I watched TV. Nothing more , what a boring day.

Monday morning it was still raining. I thought that Sarita would ring my doorbell, but that didn’t happen. So I drove to work. Guess who I saw at the bus stop. I pulled over to the bus stop and said hi Gorgeous get in. Sarita ignored me. I then said come on , I am sorry. I then said please get in Gorgeous. still she ignored me. I then drove to work. I came home and then to to gym. Then I came back home. Played some music and drank a couple of Corona beers.

Tuesday Damn it’s still raining. I see Sarita at the bus stop again. I pulled over to the bus stop. I said come on Gorgeous don’t be mad at me. Could you blame me. Come on please get in. Sarita Ignored me. I am begging you please get in. Sarita turned her head away. I then drove off to work. So for the remaining days I drove to work a different way.

Damn I never saw it rain like this. 5 days of rain.

Eventually Saturday got here.

Off to the laundry room. I was just about half way done when Sarita came into the laundry room. I said good morning Gorgeous. Sarita ignored me. I then said look my intentions were to eliminate the stress you had. You started feeling good , you started moaning, so I continued doing the same thing. Then you started moaning more. Then I just wanted to make you feel good. Come on , I am sorry. I don’t want to loose you as a friend. Please say something. Sarita ignored me. When I was leaving , I said bye Gorgeous and I still love you.

So after doing the laundry I went to the gym. Then I came back home. I decided I would go to the park for a nice walk. On my way out I saw Sarita. I said hi Gorgeous. No response from Sarita I then said come on and walk with me in the park. I have a bottle of White Zinfandel but only one glass we could share.

Sarita looked at me and said Ralph what do you want from me. You seduced me on the floor of your apartment. What do you want. I said I want you to be my friend. Walk with me. Sarita said you should not have seduced me. Friends don’t do that. I said but lovers do. Your not my lover. I then said I wish I was, I would treat you like my queen. Ralph good bye, enjoy the park.

Now it’s Sunday , I am going swimming and who is out front arguing, Sarita and her boyfriend. I just sit down on the bench and watch. Then he grabs her and tries to kiss her. She tries to break away but he has overpowered her. I immediately jumped up and ran over there. The guy sees me coming and takes a swing at me. I duck and then punched him in the face. His nose started bleeding. I then told Sarita lets go. Sarita followed me into the building. I put her on the elevator. Then I said have a nice day.

So Monday is here I drove to work. It was a hectic day at work. Our IT Computer team finished our project on time.

Then we went to the bar to have a few drinks. There was this young lady who kept steering at me. One thing lead to the next and I took her home with me.

When I was waiting for the elevator Sarita comes into he lobby. I said hello Sarita, Sarita then said hello. Sarita got off on the 5th floor and me and my new lady friend got off on the 6th floor.

Tuesday morning I dropped off the young lady at her place. Then I continued to work. The guys at the job started clapping as I walked to my desk.

I said damn you guys are crazy. So Tuesday at work went nice and smooth. As we delivered our project on time with no major issues.

Wednesday morning it’s raining again. Damn this rain. Then my doorbell rings. It’s Sarita , I opened the door and said hello Sarita . Sarita says can I get a ride with you and drop me off at the train station. I said sure but on one condition, you be my friend. Sarita says you are already my friend, I just did not like the way you seduced me. I then said give me 10 minutes. So I was now dressed ,we got the car and I dropped her off at the train station. I said bye Sarita. Sarita said bye Ralph and thanks. I then drove off.

Thursday comes and goes.

Friday TGIF I got home from work and was just relaxing. Then I took a quick shower. Then I put on some shorts and then had a nice Corona beer. I then started playing some Motown oldies on the CD player. Then the doorbell rings. I looked out the peep hole and it was Sarita. I opened the door and said hello Sarita. Sarita said hello, can I come in. I said sorry, of course, yes come in and have a seat.

I said Sarita how are you today.

So what brings you here today.

Ralph stop, why are you acting so cold. I said look Sarita , from the first day I saw you , I wanted to make you my woman. That didn’t work out too well, did it ?Then you kept messing around with that ass hole boyfriend of yours who keeps on ruffing you up.

Then you ignored me for days.

I said I was sorry and you still ignored me. So like you asked me, I will ask you “what do you want of me”.

Sarita says we both wronged each other. I said yes that’s true. So what do you want and why are you here. Sarita says please don’t be this way. I said Sarita I have to go to the gym to work out.

Sarita says fine. Gets up and says good bye Ralph. I replied good bye Sarita.

Saturday comes and it’s laundry day. I go to the laundry room and Sarita is there. I say good morning Sarita. Sarita replies Good morning Ralph. We don’t speak until Sarita has finished her laundry. Then Sarita says good bye Ralph. I replied good bye Sarita.

I then went to the gym to work out and then went for a swim. Then I headed home and got a six pack of Corona and two bottles of White Zinfandel from a local store and headed home.

I immediately changed to another pair of shorts this time baggy basketball shorts, no underwear as I was not going anywhere.

It is now 7:00 PM I had just turned off the 6:00 news. Then I played the remaining tracks of the Motown oldies. 10 minutes later the doorbell rings, It’s Sarita. I opened the door. I said hello Sarita. Sarita says hello Ralph. Can I come in. I said sure , and have a seat. As Sarita is entering she hands me a bottle of wine. I said Sarita what’s going on. Are you OK. Yes Ralph I am OK. Just wanted to spend some time with a friend. I then brought out my chilled bottle of White Zinfandel and two glasses. I poured both of a glass of wine. Now I am sitting down on the couch with Sarita. So we are friends, so let’s toast to friends who have arguments and then talk about it later to resolve the problem. So now that your here , I want to apologize where you won’t get up or walk away or ignore me.

Look Sarita I told you this. From the very first day that I saw you , I said “I would love to have you as my woman. And then when your walking away, I saw that beautiful ass of yours, there was no more doubt in my mind that if I could be so lucky I would worship that fine ass of yours. So to say all of that I am truly sorry that I used our friendship to seduce you. So with that I am sorry “. Sarita then said , “Ralph I have to confess something to you. When you first started massaging my neck and shoulders you were sitting on my thighs. Your strong warm hands felt good against my skin.

But what was nice was the big bulge in your pants that I felt on my ass. I started getting wet. Then when you started rubbing my inner thighs. I really started getting wetter. I should have told you to stop right there, but when you started massaging my ass then I was hoping that you would fuck me. Then when you were massaging my ass hole , I knew for sure that I wanted you to fuck me. Yes you got me hot but only because I let you continue. Only because I wanted you to continue”. Sarita why are you telling me this. I knew you wanted me to fuck you. But what I don’t understand was why you were so mad at me. Sarita says “because you took what you wanted and it was so easy for you to take it. I felt like I just gave it up to you like a tramp. I felt that I cheapen myself. So I wasn’t really mad at you , I was mad at myself for letting you fuck me as if I was some chick you picked up for the night”. Sarita are you now talking to me because I had a girl with me yesterday. Your jealous. WOW. Sarita says don’t flatter yourself, I’m not jealous. Ralph says look at me and say that. Sarita holds her head down and says “ I’m not jealous”. Ralph then says Sarita you can’t even look me in the face and say that. I then moved over to Sarita and hugged her. I then lifted up her chin and gently kissed her. Then I said you do like me. Sarita then started crying and says yes I like you , you silly rabbit.

I then said Sarita come here and kiss me. Sarita leans over towards me and kisses me. I then kiss away her tears. I then said YES !!, my baby likes me. Sarita says yes I like you. I then hugged her and said I will never try to seduce you again. Sarita says don’t say that. That was good , it was that I just felt cheapen. I will not do anything that you feels cheapens you.

Sarita kisses me, then says can you come with me to my apartment. I said of course. I will bring the bottle of wine that you brought. Should I bring anything else. Sarita says the baby oil. I said WOW !! , the baby oil. Sarita said you heard me right , the baby oil.

So we get to Sarita’s apartment. Sarita takes the wine from me and says make yourself at home.

Sarita then comes out with the bottle White Zinfandel and two wine glasses. Sarita says pour us some wine. Sarita then takes some towels into her bedroom and some towels into the bathroom. Then she comes back and sits with me on the couch. Sarita tells me that we are going to take a shower together. Then we are going to get into her bed. Then she tells me that I am going to give her a real nice massage. And then we will see what happens from there. Then she kisses me. I said I will need 3 hand towels. So last question what do I do for clothes. Sarita says you won’t need any.

So I asked her does she want some more wine. Sarita says ok.

Then Sarita plays some soft music. Then she motions to me with her hand to come to her. I am now standing in the middle of her living room. She then tells me to take off my clothes. I wonder if she thinks she has control of me. Well let’s put that to rest , right away. In any case I tell her no. If you you want them off , you take them off yourself.

So Sarita comes over to me and looking me right in eye she pulls off my tee shirt. Then she slides down my gym shorts. She is very surprised as I did not have on any underwear. Then her eyes opened wide. She was face to face with my big dick.

Sarita said WOW !!! Then Sarita took off her clothes. Wow that nice ass and those 34 DD tits or slightly larger. DAMN. Now Sarita reaches out for my hand. I then placed my hand in hers. Sarita then leads me into the bathroom. She only has a nite light on. She then turns the shower on. She gets in first then I followed. In the shower I waste no time in soaping up her nice tits. I have moved behind Sarita. My Dick is between her ass crack. My arms are around her side. My hands are now massaging her nipples. My dick is getting hard while it is between her legs. So now Sarita gets behind me. Now Sarita is behind me, her nice warm tits are pressed into my back. Sarita has now found her way to my dick. She is now soaping up my dick. She has my dick’s attention at 7 inches. My dick is listening to what her hands has to say. Now that we have rinsed off and dried ourselves we head towards her bedroom. But before I enter I take the 3 hand towels and wet them. I then put all three of them into the microwave. Then I headed back into Sarita’s bedroom.

As I entered her bedroom I said DAMN what a sight. Sarita is laying on her stomach her legs spread wide open. WOW and the sight of that glorious edible ass. I said to myself, I am going to tear that ass up. The first thing that I have to do is break her down. I really did not get a chance to do that. Then I will make her body belong to me and she will love me for doing it.

I joined Sarita in her bed. I close her long legs and then I moved on top of her legs. I hold both sides of her ass in my hands and I start rubbing that delicious ass of hers. I then start licking and kissing her nice big round ass. Sarita says you really like my ass. I said “I love your beautiful ass baby. Ever since you returned my wallet to me and you walked back down the hallway ; I said to myself what a great ass she has. I was almost foaming from my mouth”.

My dick is now resting between her legs , pressed up against her hairy pussy. So now that I have stopped worshipping Sarita’s delicious ass, I squirted some baby oil onto Sarita’s shoulders and her shoulder blades. I was now sitting on her nice ass. My balls and dick was resting on top of Sarita’s nice ass. I started massaging those shoulder muscles. I was using my fingertips to get into the muscle areas. Then I did a no pressure massage on her shoulders. Then I did the same thing to her shoulder blades. Then I went to get those hot hand towels out of the microwave. I then came back into Sarita’s bedroom and sat on her nice big round ass again. I then put a towel on each shoulder. I could hear Sarita moan. I stopped and said Sarita you know we are doing the same thing that I got into trouble for. Sarita said “shut up silly rabbit. The difference is your not seducing me. I told you up front what I wanted you to do to me”. With that being said

I then started massaging her shoulders over the towels. More moans came from Sarita Then I did her shoulder blades the towels spanned over her shoulders. I massaged that area too. Sarita did you like that. Sarita says yes. I started doing her lower back. First the oil then the hot towels. Then I kissed her ass, on both sides. Then before I could start massaging Sarita’s nice ass. Sarita tells me to lay down on my back. Sarita then kisses me. Sarita says “baby I am sorry and I was just thinking about making it up to you. So you can finish the massage later. Now just relax and think about us as I suck your nice big dick. It’s something that I wanted to do the first time you fucked me. I knew your dick was big , but when you slid your nice dick into my hungry pussy, I said damn that is big and I would really love to suck that. So just relax while I have fun”.

Sarita kisses me on the forehead, kisses my ears. Then she kisses my lips then slips her tongue into my mouth. She is letting her tongue dance with my tongue. She is swapping way more fluid into my mouth. I am holding her ass and she is holding my dick. Her breast are on my chest. Her nipples are hard they are pushing into my chest. The reason her nipples are hard is because I started massaging her ass hole. I can now feel Sarita’s body squirming on top of me. I stretched my arm to reach her pussy thinking it would be wet because her nipples were now as big as grapes. I was right Sarita’s pussy was wet. I then got some of her juice on my fingers. Then I rubbed it directly on her ass hole. I then started massaging Sarita’s ass hole. Then I heard her call out my name. I said you like that baby. Sarita said “yes , I love it when you play with my ass hole. I did not know my ass hole could make me feel so good, but when you fucked me in my ass hole with your tongue, that made my pussy so wet , I could feel it leaking out of me”. I then stuck my middle finger into Sarita’s ass hole. Sarita started wiggling her ass on top of me as my middle finger was going in and out of her ass hole. Sarita was saying “baby that is it , what are you doing to me , your fucking my ass with that finger of yours and my pussy is now soaking wet. Baby that’s right fuck me. OH Ralph baby , OU “ Sarita shoves her tongue back into my mouth. Then I roll her off of me then I get into the 69 position with Sarita on top. Now I am giving her two things she wants. Sarita is now sucking my dick and I am licking her ass hole. Then I started fucking her ass hole with my tongue. Sarita had to stop sucking my dick because I was giving her ass hole so much pleasure. Sarita was screaming out my name. I could see her pussy juice dripping onto my chest. I then moved her ass down almost on my face. This way I could massage her clit with one hand, massage her G Spot with the other hand and lick her ass hole all at the same time. I had Sarita going crazy. She totally stop sucking my dick. All kinds of words were being spewed out of her luscious mouth.. she was saying “Ralph what the fuck are you doing to me , baby why you fucking me like this , I am sorry baby , your making me cry, I have never felt joy like this in my life. My pussy is throbbing, my ass hole is quivering, I didn’t mean it baby , OH Ralph Baby I’m sorry, OH baby, OU, OU, that’s it baby fuck my ass hole , OU Baby , thats it fuck my ass hole, fuck my pussy OU BABY, OU, ooooOOOO, OOOOOO !!!” then Sarita came , but she didn’t just cum, she squirted right in my face. All of that juice sprayed me , damn I almost choked. Then she came again 4 seconds later and then again 5 seconds later. Damn I made her squirt and then she had two more multiple orgasms. Then she collapsed onto to me.

Sarita said baby what did you just do to me. Baby you made me cry. as I was cumming then I kept having orgasms. Baby forget everything else. I need you to fuck me right now !!! , I need that big dick of yours in my tight Indian pussy. Please baby, fuck me now !! ... So I get up swing around and immediately shove my dick into her juiced up pussy hole. She just squirted and came twice, so my dick was just able to dive into her well lubricated pussy. Damn Sarita’s pussy was burning up. I was fucking her good now. I was giving Sarita some good hard 7 inch dick for 5 minutes. Now Sarita wrapped her legs around me and was kissing me on my neck in appreciation of how good I was fucking her. Then after another 6 minutes she came again. Now I was finally hitting the bottom of her tight pussy. I was hitting it. Then Sarita wrapped her legs around my ass and locked them with her feet. I was tearing up Sarita’s pussy. I had her howling and screaming. I wanted her to remember this fucking. Then 4 minutes later Sarita came for me again. Now she started digging her fingernails into my back. I said baby how do you like the way I am fucking you. Sarita says “baby nobody ever fucked me this good, nobody baby, nobody. I love your big dick. Please keep fucking me, please baby”. I then started humping and grinding on Sarita’s pussy. This lets me stimulate her clit by me rubbing it with my body. By humping and grinding I could keep my dick at the bottom of her pussy hitting her cervix. 2 minutes later Sarita came again. Now I started fucking her where I was moving in a circular motion. This really stimulated her clit and still keeping my dick on her cervix.

Sarita came for me again. I started losing count on how many times I made Sarita cum. I asked her if she wanted more dick. A out of breath Sarita kisses me and says yes baby, I love it. Your dick is so good and so big. Yes baby fuck me some more. Now I really started pushing my abdomen into her. I was deep fucking her now. 2 minutes later she came for me again. Her legs were getting tired so she unlocked her feet to lower her leg. So now I am fucking her nice juiced up pussy nice and slow. I am also massaging her clit. Sarita is now holding the sheets with both hands. Five minutes of this slow fuck, and me really talking some real dirty stuff in her ear, I have Sarita gasping for air. Sarita is turning her head from side to side. Her eyes are closed , her mouth is open.

I am telling her “that’s right take this dick, you know you wanted me to fuck you like this , you knew you wanted to give me this pussy, and I took it. I opened up your tight Indian pussy because your boyfriend could not fucking do it. I fucked your ass hole with my tongue and made you cry. I am gonna fuck you anyway I want and your gonna love it. I should punish you for making me wait on you giving me this pussy of yours again after I fucked you the first time.

I should fuck you in that nice ass of yours but you would end up liking that. I am gonna make your pussy , my pussy. I am gonna make this pussy my pussy. I am gonna own your ass and your ass hole. And all that of you I will soon own , you will love me for it. “ Sarita says “yes baby take anything you want as long as you keep fucking me like this”. Then Sarita holds me tighter. Sarita has now bit into my arm as I can hear her moaning. Then Sarita cums for me again. After Sarita calms down , Sarita says Baby why were you saying all of those things like that to me. I told Sarita that I want to make sure she knows that Me and only me will be taking care of this nice pussy of hers. And I will make this pussy mine. Not her boyfriends, not anyone else , just me !!! Sarita then says, wow baby I had no idea you like me that much and so soon. Then Sarita kissed me. Sarita said, “if you want to make this nice tight ass Indian pussy yours , you can start working on it by staying here with me tonight”. I said baby I thought you would never ask and then I buried my long tongue in Sarita’s mouth. Sarita do you know what I am going to give you tonight. Without trying to guess Sarita said , “oh baby, you promise. Oh how I was hoping that you would give me that nice big dick of yours , yes daddy right in my ass”. Then Sarita kissed me.

I then told Sarita to order some food. I gave her 30.00. The food arrived we ate. While eating I was telling Sarita how much I loved licking and sucking her sweet Indian pussy. Then Sarita said “daddy I love sucking your dick. I love the feeling of having it grow while it’s in my mouth. I love the taste of your pre-cum and can’t wait to have my mouth full of your tasty cum. I can’t wait to swallow all of it”.

Dinner was now over. We cleaned up the table then sat on the couch and listened to some nice music. Then I told Sarita let’s take a shower and then jump into the bed. Sarita said that sounds like a very very good idea. At the end of the shower Sarita started to get on her knees to massage my dick with her mouth. I quickly said Oh No You Don’t. I was not going to let Sarita finish me off before the evening got started. Sarita said baby you are no fun. I said I will show you some fun once you get your ass in the bed. Sarita said promise as she exited the bathroom. I was done in the bathroom about 4 minutes later.

So I get into the bedroom and Sarita is laying there spread eagle rubbing her pussy. Sarita says what took you so long. I said I see that you started without me.

Then with her hands , she motions me to come to her while her legs are spread wide open waiting for me. Waiting for my hot tongue and my hot big dick.

To be continued


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My sexy teacher_(0)

The bell rang. My teachers name was Ella maya. She was so hot. She had massive breasts just popping out, I loved it when she bent down. You could see her ass. Lewis, please stay behind the rest of you can go! Every one rushed out. I didn't do anything wrong? Do you want some extra help? We can go to my house now if you want? I'll phone your parents? Whoa. Y-yes please I said. She grinned. She then phoned my parents and we drove to her house. *help has finished.* May I use your bathroom? I asked. Yes of...


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