High School Revisted

High School Revisted

High School Revisited


Top secret

These files have been declassified as of
10 10 2010

There is a new paper that was been brought to our attention It was invented by the Doctor XXXXXX
Affiliated with Unit XXXXXXX of the British high command. We are searching for a test subject to try it’s potentials on.

Agent XXXXXXXXX has been assigned to this case His mission is to test the XXXXXXXX paper and ink to ascertain their usefulness in the real world environment.

I think I’ll break in here and take over telling the story in my own words No more blacked out words.
There are something’s I can’t tell you, but you’re smart and should be able too fill in the blanks
I had only been with the agency a few years, And was still pretty green when one day in late summer of 1978 I was called to my chiefs office.
“Agent ______ come in, sit down.”

“I know that you are young and haven’t had an assignment on your own. But today is your lucky day. Some one young and with boyish good looks is what this assignment calls for. You see we are sending you back to high school undercover.
The high school that you attended has contacted us stating that you never graduated.”


“It’s all right I know that you did we have all of your original papers. The school says that there was some sort of clerical error and they can’t find any records of you ever fulfilling all of your requirements.
But this works out perfectly for us. You see this sheet of paper and these pens this is what we want you to take back to high school.”
I looked at them in disbelief
“What does some pens and paper have to do with the agency?”

“The paper is coated with a mixture of chemicals the person who handles the paper absorbs them through they fingers. Then when they read what is written on the paper they interpret it as too what they want it too say.
Now the pens , they have special ink in them the green ink has the similar properties as the paper what is written appears to the reader to be what agrees with them. On the other hand the blue ink , it has almost the opposite effect on the reader . The reader see the true intent of the author . An example a person may end a letter with “good luck and wave a nice day.” but what he was really thinking was
“ your a stupid twit and I hope you die!”
Now the person who receives the letter would read what the author was really was thinking.
I think you can see how useful these could be in our line of work.”


Tuesday September 5th 1978 I decided to ride my bike to school for the first day. The motorcycle parking area was still in the same place as it had been 10 years earlier. I pulled in and parked under the big oak tree just as I had many years ago. Just sitting there with both feet on the ground and looking around.
There weren’t as many bikes as years before now that there was a student car parking lot.
All the bikes that were there were rice burners now, not like what it had been years ago I remember there were kids with Triumphs, BSA Nortons, Vincent black shadow, BMW, Indians, Zundapp and of cores my Harley Davidson. Yeah there were the Japanese bikes back then too mainly Hondas with a few Yamahas and others.
As I sat there a few of the guys came over to look at my bike
“What is it ?”
“How old is that thing?”
“That thing must be awfully slow.”
“you new around here?”

I answered “ It’s a 1941 Harley 80 cid ULH and it’s fast enough for me.
Yeah I just moved here .”

“I bet I can do something with this old thing you guy’s can’t do.” I boasted.
“O K What can you do with that old hog?”
With that I moved the shifter all the way down and let the clutch out and backed up about 50 feet and said
“Do that”
“Aeah man that’s cool.”
“Way to go.”
“All right.”

Walking in the front doors I noticed how many good looking girls there were, this could be interesting a few were checking me out I could sense.
One of the guys I had met when I parked my bike
His name was Dave and he introduced me to a bunch of the kids.

My first class was English and she was in it. She seemed to be the leader of a clique of five girls. They all sat together in the middle of the room.
The teacher introduced her self to the class and then had each student stand and gave their name.
Now I know the names of some of the girls. Next the teacher had us all write a short essay on what we had done for summer vacation. Well this seamed like a good time to try out the paper.

The rest of the day went about the same. Each time I wrote on the special paper and passed it in.
The next day every assignment I got back was marked with an A or A+ Boy that paper was gonna make doing home work easy.
Things’ were going pretty good I made friend with a few of the guys. And found out some stuff about Linda, She was head of the cheerleaders and was going out with one of the football players. His name was Brad and they called him the bruiser. Let’s just say he was a BIG BOY.
Linda seemed to always be looking my way and that gave me a idea, Taking a fresh sheet of paper I wrote a note to her. I dropped it in her locker when she wasn’t looking.

At the end of the day just as I was getting on my bike Linda came running out and stopped me
“ I would love to go out with you on Saturday night”
" I told Brad that I needed a little time to my self”
I had to think fast My note didn’t say anything about going out together, it didn’t say much at all this was all her mind, that what she wanted .


I picked her up Saturday night around 7pm We went to the local golden arches for burgers and fries.
Linda asked where we were going to go to?
“I thought we could actually go out to the lake and watch the submarine races on a warm night like tonight it can be fun.”
“They have submarine in the lake and they race them I never know that?”
“ Yeah they been doing it for years funny that you haven’t head about it before now.”

My other vehicle was a 1977 Dodge custom street van named Emerald city, It was painted metal flake emerald green with murals of the Wizard of oz on the sides and back. On the inside it was all art deco strait out of the 1930s

We pulled in to a spot that I used to frequent many years ago it was at the top end of a pasture that descended down to the water edge giving a nice view up the lake. This wasn’t a spot that was frequented by parker. It was kinda of my secret place and I was glad it was still there.
We sat and looked out over the water for a while

“ I don’t see any sub yet .” Linda said
“we’ are early they don’t start until later, how about we go in back and wait?”

Settling on the bed I opened the cabinet and asked
“What would you like to listen to?” pointing at the tapes. Linda examined my music collection for a minute or so and then picked out one and handed to me.
“Lets start with this.”
“Boston, Don’t look back yeah I like that too.”
I commented as I stuffed the tape it the 8 track player
I reached into the icebox and withdrew a bottle of Ripple unscrewed the cap and handed it to Linda.
“you are 18 right?”
She took a swig from the bottle
“Boy that s stuff good, yeah 18 sounds about right.”
(the drinking age was 18 at the time in that state also the age of consent was 16. )

We settled back down on the bed resting our’ heads on some pillows . The bottle was half empty when Linda asked me if I wanted any. I only got a quick sip before she grabbed the bottle back.
She was Staring at the long shaggy angle hair like carpet on the ceiling when I flipped a switch illuminating the fiber optics imbedded in it, the pinpoints of light flickered mimicking the stars.
“that’s so cool.” she cooed, breathing heavily into my ear.
The tape started to repeat, I reached over hit eject and then inserted a new tape The sound track from “The clockwork orange”. One of my favorites to make out to.

I wrapped my arms around Linda pulling her close to me. The over head lights twinkled in her eyes as I studied her face her eyes closed as our lips met slowly the pressure built until our tongues broke threw and started to dance with one other.
I ran my hands up and down her back loosing her blouse enough that I could get my hands under it.
Slowly inching my way up to her breasts when I was almost there she pushed my hand down and away.
After kissing awhile longer I tried again creping my hand up over her stomach and up her chest again her pushed my hand away all the way down to the top of her pants. I tried to move it up but she held it on top of her zipper. It finally dawned on me what she wanted. Kneading her crotch through her pants her kisses grow more passionate.
Then suddenly she stopped and sat up finding the wine bottle she downed it in one gulp tossing the now empty on the floor. Next she undid the button, slid down the zipper and wiggled out of her pants.
Laying back down with a great sigh
I dove in head first with my tongue as my guide licking her little nub. Giving her a tongue thrashing I hoped that she would never forget.
Oh the sweet nectar of youth is there anything more invigoration in life?
She was giving my cock little kisses all up and down before taking into her mouth.
Savoring her juices I worked my tongue into her. Letting my cock slip from her mouth with a “ oh, oh, OH, OH. OHHH.”
I continued to stimulate her clit bringing her multiple orgasms.
As soon as she caught her breath she gobbled up my dick.
I couldn’t get enough of her,
Bring her to an even higher plateau.

She came again this time not letting my cock out of her mouth but trying to swallow even more . As the head of my dick entered her throat, her screams of passion vibrating me to a epic climax.
Coming back around and realizing “ I Want To Marry A Lighthouse” was playing again, maybe for the forth time .
“What time do you have to be home ?”
“grown What?”
“I asked you what time did you have to be back home tonight?”
“ My curfew is 11.30 why what time is it now?”
“It’s a quarter too eleven , so we better going soon .”
“but I didn’t get to see the races yet.”
“Oh I think you did.”
“We can come out here again maybe next week to watch them if like.” I said as we drove off.

The next weekend Linda and I went out again. First stopping off for a pizza but this time Linda wanted to go where most of the kids went too make out. I think she wanted us to be seen. So after finishing a large combo we headed up tower road to the park that overlooked the town. Pulling up to a nice spot with a view next to some pick nick tables. There were other cars already there and Linda said that she knew who they were.
We climbed into the back of the van relaxing on the bed. Linda rummaged around and found a tape to play, The Cars
While I got out something to drink
“beer or wine?”
“ I think I would like some beer tonight .”
So with that I handed her a 16oz bottle of Ballantine ale. ( We usta call this stuff Green death.)
Very soon we were back to where we had left off last week .

It didn’t take long to get into her pants and have them lying in a heap on the floor. Using my fingerers to get her juices flowing she started to moan almost in time with the music.

Alas the same as last week every time I tried too reach for her tits she would push my hands back down. Undaunted I threw all of my enthusiasm in to her pussy lapping away all the cream like there was no tomorrow.
Her hands had snaked their way into my pants and soon their were also on the floor.
She pumped my gently but firmly pulling us into a 96 position. The back of her throat was really having an effect on me, she was trying to sing to the music and blow me at the same time .
I couldn’t take much of that before I’d blow .

Pulling out and turning I held her in my arms our lips meeting in the dark.
Our hands were back too stimulating each other .
Linda whispered in my ear
“I’m ready for you now.”

Reaching over to the small shelf I picked up the condom that was placed there .
Getting into position above Linda I supported my weight with one hand while using the other to guide my self in. only putting the tip in about one inch , then withdrew it rubbing it across her clit a dozen times before reinserting. Very slowly working my way all the way in. ever so gradually I picked up the pace
Trying to bring Linda to a boil before I hit my consummation.

Her hand were on my back pulling me in with each downward thrust nails digging in to a point that would wave been painful any other time.
Her breathing was getting labored as I felt her body start to almost vibrate as she arched her back rising us both off the bed as she came .
Her muscle clinching me so hard I couldn’t move for a few seconds. As the vice grip loosened I came in a torrent of relief.

We were resting in the warm afterglow when someone started to pound on the side of the van. Grabbing my pants I slid into them as I got out to see what was going on.

SHIT it was Brad and he was pissed off royal. I wondered how long he had been out side the van listening, trying to get him to calm down I got an idea . Stepping back into the van I told Linda It was Brad and that I was going to give him a 6 pack to calm him down. Getting the beer out of the ice box I also took a small vile with some pills in it. Taking out one white pill, a sedative and a blue pill something new the boys in the lab had cooked up.

Back out side we walked over to one of the tables. Brad sat on top of the table and I popped the top of a beer, palming the two pills into it as I handed it to him. Setting the remaining beers on the table next to him.

Brad downed the brew in one gulp and then started to go on again about how pissed off he was at Linda. He had only got about two sentences out when his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out landing flat on his back on top of the pick nick table.
I stood there and waited and sure enough the little blue pill did it’s thing. Brad pants started to swell. Undoing his belt then the snap and fly I pulled his jeans to his knees. His dick grew to full salute.
Another neat thing the boys in the lab had given me was something they called semi super glue It only lasted for about four to six hour . Putting a drop on Brad’s right palm I closed his hand around his dick and then whispered in his ear “think of fucking Linda.”
As I walked back to the van I stopped to take in my handy work knowing that it wouldn’t be long before some car headlights would put Brad in the spotlight.
I quickly got back into the van and explained to Linda that it would be best if we left right away.

I backed out of the parking space as so to keep the table out of Linda view. And I started to laugh to my self as we drove out of sigh.


It didn’t take long Monday morning for the story about Brad masturbating on a pick nick table at lover lane to get all over school..

Monday afternoon at the end of the day Linda and I were at her locker when Brad showed up.
“ I auta to kill ya for what you dun to me .”
A huge right fist careened into view I moved my head just enough that he missed and his fist smashed into the locker behind my head. The door buckled around his fist as it broke off it’s hinges.
I could hear a sickening crunch as the bones broke
Brad let out a blood curdling scream.
Linda screamed at me.

“What have you done to him ? You broke his arm you idiot .”

People came running from all directions and the next thing I knew the coach grabs me by the collar
“To the principals office now.”
As he dragged me away I could hear Linda trying to comfort Brad as they took him to the nurses office

“ Hay Jim this idiot just broke Brad Major’s arm.”
“What How ?”
“Down the 400 wing by the girls room he provoked Brad into taking a swing at him but moved out of the way of the punch and Brad smashed his fist into a locked instead I saw the hole thing.”
“I didn’t say a word to him and you weren’t ev--- .”
They both yelled at me to shut up and sit down
“I’m going to the nurses office to check up on Brad it looks like we have lost one of our best players.”

Jim , Mr. ------- The pudgy little man in the rumpled clothing. The school principal was the reason that I was back at my old high school. He had been one of my teachers back in the days when I attended here. We never got along I would always arguer with him in class and most times win, making him look bad in front of the other students. Dragging me back too school musta been his way of payback.. I wondered how he got to be principal he never was that intelligent to have made it on his own so I bet he is in someone’s pocket.

He turned too face me.
“ Well we finally met again, you got any smart-alecky comments for me today?”
“Yeah, Like your suite .”
“Shut the fuck up I’ve got you by the balls and you know it, why else would you have come back to this place?”
“Maybe your right I did have to come back but it’s not in fear in loosing my job so you can’t hold that over my head.”
“Any more fighting and I’ll throw your ass out of here do I make my self clear ?”
“OH I don’t think you better do that, my uncle would have something to say about it.”
“ So do I take that as a threat?”
“ NO just a statement you can take it however you want.”
When he wasn’t looking I had swapped the ink cartridge in his pen on his desk, It now held one of my special blue ones.

After I left the principals office I went and found a pay phone
Hi Bill you know the assignment that I am working on well I need to put a little fear into two jerks
Yeah can you arrange with the locals for a few traffic stops how about a broken tail light I can arrange that.
Yeah the plate numbers 6317 TY a blue 72 Chevy and 9276 SK 76 Honda white .
Thanks man I’ll be in touch .

For some reason their cars kept breaking down
A broken taillight a burned-out headlight than the muffle fell off and the speedometer stopped working
And every time the copes were right there too write them up.

After the so-called fight, Linda went back to Brad leaving me open to play the field again.
Linda had let it slip how good I was in bed and the word had gotten around fast.


As soon as the other girls found out that I was no longer seeing Linda they seemed too be trying to outdo each other to get my attention .
Betty was the one that I let think she had won my hart.
For our first date we went to the drive-in . They were playing Up IN Smoke starring Cheech and Chong and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

I parked as so not to block anyone else’s view.
The movie hadn’t started yet, Betty wanted to get something to eat so we wandered over to the concession stand. Standing in line she left me to go talk to some of her friends outside of the building. Returning only long enough to tell me what she wanted before departing in a different direction when she saw someone else.
With food in hand I exited the building, Betty was nowhere in sight. After standing around a while and she still not showing up I made my way back to the van. It was a good half hour before she finally returned. She was pissed that I had left her alone. I handed her the box of food that she wanted. Taking one bite she throw the bugger down in disgust saying that it was cold and I needed to go and get her a other one.
To appease her I returned to the refreshment stand buying her a second dinner.
Returning to the van and handing her the fresh food I said

“I hope this appealing to my lady.”
All I got in return was one of those looks.

We sat in silence as She eat her food.
The first movie ended and the intermission Film started extolling all the virtues of the amenity at the concession stand.
Finishing her food she opened her door saying that she had to go the bathroom.

Betty retuned shortly after the second movie started. Bored waiting for her I had started to drink some beer and by the time she had returned I was just starting on my third one.
As she plopped down in the passenger’s seat she saw what I was drinking and said
“ Hay I want one too, give me one now!”
I reached down to get her a full one as I straitened back up she grabbed it out of my hand, popped the top and chugged it down.
Finishing it in record time she turned to me saying she wanted another one, which she polished off in a like fashion. To complete the performance she toped it off with an ungodly BELCH!!

The next thing she said shocked the hell out of me “Come on time to do it on the bed.”
As she headed to the back of the van. By the time I got back there she already had her pants off and was starting to finger her self.
Drawing close to her she reached out and just about ripped my pants off me. Once my pants were out of the way she dropper to her knees and started to give me one of the worst blowjobs I had ever had in my life. Then as soon as my erection was full she push me back on the bed.
With me laying on my back she climbed on the bed straddling me facing away she lowered her self upon my cock fucking her self on it
She reached her orgasms in short-order and soon as she came back down she got off of me and went back to the passenger seat leaving me to finish things by hand.

After we finished she sent me to the concession stand again she wanted something else to eat.
She had gained a notch in her belt and
I defiantly felt that I was being used.


One day standing in line for lunch I had a kinda of weird feeling. Looking behind me there stood
Miss Beecher my history teacher. I said hi to her and then asked her why she was in the students lunch line ?
She said “I don’t know I just wanted something different today.”
This was Miss Beecher’s first year teaching and looking at her, I figured that she was probably younger than me. We talked as the line progressed and when we got the register one of the cafeteria ladies only charged her the student rate.
As we sat down at a table I commented
“ she thought that you were a student.”
“ Yeah I just saved $1.50 and that’s great, on the little that they pay me every little bit I can save helps.”

The next morning in history class I had the uneasy feeling that Miss Beecher was staring at me for most of the period.
And again at lunch I found her standing behind me in line. As we ate our conversation consisted mainly of small talk but just before we got up to leave she asked me if I would be willing to come over to her apartment and help her hang some drapes this Saturday. She said that she was new in town and I was the first person that she had gotten to know and she really needed the curtains up for some privacy.

Arriving at the address Miss Beecher gave me a little after 1pm I parked my bike out side the apartment house. Right in front of her door. She musta heard me pull up because she came bounding out to meet me.
“You have any trouble finding me ?”
“No, no trouble at all.”
“Come on it I’ll give you the grand tour.”
When we got in side there wasn’t much to see , just a one bedroom apartment with very little furniture.
A small kitchen table with two chairs in one corner and at the other end of the room some cement blocks and boards holding up her stereo with a pile of records next to the one and only easy chair.
There were two piles of boxes.

Hanging the curtains in the living room didn’t take long. “Next the bed room .” she said handing me another set of curtains. The bed room was even more depressing. A pile of boxes overflowing with clothes a bureau with a mirror a night stand with a small portable TV sitting on it and a empty water bed with a camping air matters lying in the middle.
“Why the empty water bed?”
“ Oh the stupid landlord wouldn’t let me fill the waterbed with water and I haven’t had any way to get a regular mattress here.”
“ I could pick one up for you.”
“On your bike what are you gonna do strap it to your back.”
“NO,NO I have a van we can use it to get one.”
“ That would be great, we’ll talk about it later lets get these curtains up and then I would to get out of here for a while.”

Finishing hanging the curtains I turned
“Miss Beecher would you like to take a ride with me on my bike?”
“ Please call me Abigail, and YES I’m dying to go for a ride. Go wait in the other room while I change in something else.”

When she finally emerged from the bedroom she had on a sloppy sweater her hair in a pony tail and she was wearing blue sunglasses.
When we got out to the parking lot I asked Abigail where she wanted to go?
“I want to see the infamous pick nick table.” she said with a giggle.
It didn’t take long to before we were heading up tower road to Lookout park. Parking near the same spot as before we walked over to the table.
Abigail was the first to notice the hand inscribed plaque
Someone had affixed to it.
“ Brads little big man”
We both had a good laugh at that.
Strolling around the park we stopped at a spot with a spectacular view to the northwest. You could see the lake with the mountains off in the distances with the leaves that had started to change colors

Not wanting to be seen by any of her students Abigail suggested that we continue are ride maybe out of town.
As we road she had her arms around my chest pulling herself tightly against my back squashing her breast between us.
Slowly her arms slid down my chest with each big bump or sharp curve to a point were her hands were on my belt. She really seemed to be holding on tight and pushing her crotch hard against my ass.
I could swear even over the nose of the fishtail pipes I heard her climax.

Finally stopping at a stop sign I turn and asked her if she was all right. She had kinda of a peculiar smile on her face.
“Yeah I’m ok, actually I’m a lot better than ok.”
“I’m getting hungry would you like to stop and get some thing to eat?”

The first place we came upon was called
“EAT HERE and get GAS”
Contrary to it’s name it was a quite nice little ma & pa kettle diner.
Emerging from dinner we found that the weather had taken a marked change for the worst. Rain clouds were rolling in from the west and the temperature was dropping rapidly.
The rain caught up with us about half way to Abigail’s apartment. We were getting drenched so I decided to head to my house, it being much closer.
Abigail was soaked to the bone by the time we got inside and I couldn’t have been any wetter if I had driven through the lake.
She was shivering uncontrollably, grabbing her hand I dragged her to the bathroom handing her a towel and told her to take a hot shower.
I went to my room to change in to something dry .
In about 15 minutes I herd her call “bring me something dry to wear Please.”
I rummage around and find a oversize t-shirt and my dressings gown that makes me look like Arthur dent.

(Aunts’ can give you the damnest Christmas presents .)

Abigail started yelling again that she had nothing to wear.
As I knocked on the bathroom door I said
“ Don’t panic wear these.”
A small hand appeared as the door cracked opened and whisked the clothes inside as the door closed with a bang.
“EWW GROSS !!” was all I heard .
Waiting in the livening room I picked up a book by Oolon Colluphid .

Abigail plopped down on the sofas next to me. The warm scent of apricot shampoo combined with lilac soap was intoxicating
“ That shower really helped get rid of those cold chills. Are we here all by our self’s, were are your parents ?”
“There not here yet. My farther works for the government and was transferred here but the project he was on didn’t get completed in time so we decided that I should come here first. That way I would be able to have a complete senior year of high school.
They are do here sometime around thanksgiving.”
“Your living here all alone, Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
“No just me, It’s not to bad other than the cooking.
They bought me a microwave oven so dinner isn’t too much of a hassle.”
After a short pause in the conversation I asked
“Would you like something to drink , to maybe help to take the chill off?”
“Yes that would be nice.”
“Would you like anything in particular ?”
“ No why don’t you just surprise me with something.”

In the kitchen I made a large bowl of popcorn And a flagon of hot mulled wine.
Along with these I placed some cheese and crackers on a large tray and returned to the live room.
Pouring out a mug of wine and handing it to her.
Bringing it up to her face letting the warm vapors caress her nose. “What is this ?”
“It’s hot mulled wine.”
“I’ve never had this before, I don’t know”
“Try it you’ll like it.”

Relaxing there we got to know one another talking about life the universe and everything.
The conversation got around to the fact that she liked poetry. I asked her if she liked modern poet like Rod McKuen?
“ No haven’t gotten in to any of his stuff yet, Why?”
“ Well I’ve have some thing I would like you to lessen to then.
Getting up I walked over to the stereo and put on
Rod McKuen The Earth / The San Sebastian Strings.
“ I think I like the mud kids the best see what you think.”

Getting up to flip the album over I noticed that the wine was all gone.
“Would you like some more wine?”
“ Ok, aarr, no wait make something stronger this time.”
Back in the kitchen I stopped to think. Something stronger, lets see. Slapping my forehead of course, A Harvey wallbanger to drink.
Returning with the drinks and a large jar of peanuts.
Handing her the drink she looked so cute, her face in a kinda of pouty smile as she sucked the drink up through the little mixing straw.

Abigail enjoyed the record enough that I put on an second one by Rod ,“the Sea.”
She finished her drink as the second side ended setting the glass on the coffee table she leaned back and rested her head on my shoulder.
“This is nice.” in a whisper
Turing to look at her our eyes locked as the space between our lips melted away.
That first kiss started off slow and sweet but rapidly progressed to hot and electrifying.

I gather her up and carried her to my bedroom.

Laying on the bed we continued our kiss. Pushing her robe aside I began to massage her breasts through the thin material of her t-shirt. Meanwhile she had unbuttoned my shirt and was running her hands through the hair on my chest.
Using our tongs to explore each other tonsils our passion was building to new heights.
Reaching under her shirt my hands ventured up her velvety soft skin. Cupping her tits in the palm of my hands as I stimulated her nipples with my thumb and forefinger .
In tern she had undone my pants and her hand had found it’s way it to my shorts.

Cradling my balls in one hand while stroking me with the other.
Our cloths departed with time, naked we lay there in each other arms.
Nibbling on her earlobe got me started on my graduals descend to her prize.

Leaving the security of the earlobe he kissed his way across the highlands arriving at twins pikes the view was breathtaking they towered over there surroundings by a little more than a mouthful. Using his tongue he climbed to the summit of the left peek. Planting a kiss upon the outcropping nipple to stake his claim.
Sliding all the way down into the great divided
he ascended the right to lay clam to it. Upon completing his arduous journey he felt the exhilaration of Sir Hillary. Setting out on the long trek south as luck would have it he came across en oasis. He dove in tongue first but alas the well was dry kissing it goodbye he set his sights on the small stand of brush looming on the horizon. Traversing the lower plains he arrived at what he hoped was my final goal. Parting the bush he found the entrance to a small tunnel. Approaching cautiously he was almost overwhelmed by a pungent aroma emanation from it. he became intoxicated with lust and throwing caution too the wind he dove in head first. But before he could enter the guardian unsheathed herself to stand proud and tall .
“ Who dears enter my sacred chamber?”
“ It’s is I Prince Charming, and I am here to come in the fountain of youth.”
“You may not enter, my maidenhead will block your way!”
With those words ringing in his ears he set forth to do battle with the guardian, Drawing his tongue he attacked with vigor. With each blow be landed sent a tremor through the land. His tongue was becoming fatigued but he pressed on. Suddenly a massive quake rocked his world, the flood gates burst open and he almost drown in the sweet nectar. Lapping his way to safety.
Taking aim with his mighty battle axe he parted the gates to the cavern and began to descend in to it’s depths. Suddenly he was blocked by Miss maidenhead . Mustering all of his strength he was able to forged his way past embedding himself too the hilt. Spent he lay next to his conquest knowing that he had reached Valhalla.

Something or was it someone was yanking my crank! Brought me back too reality
“Hay are you all right.”
“Yeah why.”
“ Well for the last 10 minuets you’ve been going on about some crazy journey.”
“ Shit I said all that out loud?”
“ Yesss and I found it kinda amusing and enjoyed the ride it was a real E ticket.”

Cuddling fore awhile in complete contentment we enjoyed the moment.

It wasn’t long before our hormones kicked back in and I started to rise to the occasion
“ Oh Looks like someone is ready to go spelunking?”
“Wait LET me get some protection.”
“Geese you didn’t think about earlier, but
No need I’m on the pill, it’s ok.”
Hovering above her she guided me in.
Engulfing me in her heavenly pussy

As we rested I flexed my muscles’ and my cock twitched “ do that again.”
As I did she flexed hers and sending it a rippling. We did this back and forth , back and forth, until we both broke out laughing.
Regaining our composure I started back in with the old in and out. My speed wasn’t as great as it had been earlier but I was trying to push Abigail over the top before it was too late for me. Her moans were coinciding with my thrusts as she grasped the bed sheets and push back hard against me
Soon the moans changed to a squeal as her orgasm peeked.
She rose up and her hand grabbed my ass digging her nails in as she drew me as far in as she could, immobilizing me. Wave after wave sent a shudder through her body .
All to soon her eyes fluttered open and focused on mine .
“that was incredible. But why did you stop?”
“It was either stop of risk bleeding to death the way you had your nails imbedded in my ass.”
“ But you haven’t come yet.”
“ OH yes I did! Your little muscle flexing milked every last drop out of me.”

With a giggly she gave me a squeeze and we started playing our little game again
But in my diminishing state by the third round I popped right out. Which set us both off laughing again.


Dead Fred was my Science teacher. He got the nickname because of the way he taught the class
(Think of Ben Stein the guy that use to do the clear eyes commercials.)
Well Fred would drone on in a flat monotone voice for 45 nines. If you tried to listen to him you’d most likely fall asleep.
How anyone could find this guy interesting is beyond me. But the rumors all over school is that he knocked up freshmen girl last spring and that’s why she didn’t return this fall.

In history class a few weeks later Abigail asked me to stay after class. The period seemed too drag on forever but finally the bell rung and everyone else departed the room . I stood by Miss Beecher’s desk and asked her what she wanted.
“ DID you hear about Fred, Oh I mean Mr. ------
The Science teacher ?”
“ Yes it’s all over school today.”
“I’m frighten, what if it gets out about us? I could get fired before even completing my first year teaching.”
“ I don’t know, I guess it would be best if we back off for a while.”
“ You’ll be graduating in the spring and once your out of school it would be ok for us too be seeing each other again. I going to miss you.

This had worked out for the best I had gotten too close to Abigail, they always tell us ( Don’t get personally involved in your assignment )

Cindy ,oh Cindy was also a cheerleader in Linda’s clique. I asked her out and enthusiastically she said, YES!
Back to the pasture that overlooks the lake I parked in my usual spot. It was a unseasonably mild evening as we sat with the doors all open . The sky was aglow with a full hunters moon. The fields had, had their final mowing that day and the smell of fresh hay permeated the air in it’s sweet richness.
Sipping on our beer as we sat in the open side door we watched the breezes blow the falling leaves.
The incredibly bright orange moon hung large in the sky begging for you to reach out and touch it.
“Let’s take a walk.”
Strolling down to the waters edge Hand in hand taking in the night's magic.
Cindy said
“I want to get high.” as she pulled out a joint from her pocket and proceeded too light it up.

“I don’t do drugs but your welcome to if you want.”
“suit your self .” she said as she inhaled deeply .her cheeks puffed out as she held it in , the moonlight highlighted the blush on her face as a small wisp of smoke curled from her nose.
“I want to dance.” as she grasped my hand.
You could faintly hear the music still playing in the van as we embraced
With the first joint toked out she lit up another one

“ I’m hot.” she exclaimed shedding her closes
She pranced around the field naked, stoned laughing and a-running, skipping and a-jumping in the misty moon glow.
Dropping to her knees in front of me she had my pants off in a flash inhaling my entire cock in one fell swoop cupping my balls with one hand and fingering herself with the other.
Not lasting long enough before she stood pulling my shirt over my head .

Slow dancing this time, stumbling we fell In a hay stack lying there I could see the stars in her eyes.
Our lips meet as we rolled too and fro laughing.
The pile of hay was warm an inviting as I cupped her magnificent breasts . To my utter delight I was allowed to pursue this endeavor.

I was at a bit of a dilemma not having any rubbers on me , they were back in the van and not wanting to risk getting her pregnant she gave me an out, or should I say an in.
“No fuck my in the ass!” Was all that I needed to hear as she rolled over and presented her backside to me.
Lubing up my dick with the copious amounts of fluids dripping from her pussy I lined up with her little rosebud and gently began to push.
Gradually her muscles relaxed allowing my incursion. Sinking it too a little over an inch, she turned her head and looked over her shoulder.
“Is that all there is?” then breaking out with a case of the giggles .
“Hurry up put that fucker in!” she demanded as she thrusted back in to me forcing me all the way in.
Falling back on her knees I landed on her back not daring to move.
Soon I got the weirdest sensation . It was if some thing was tickling my cock.

SHIT!! She had her right hand imbedded in her pussy and her fingers were caressing my shaft through the thin membrane separating the two tunnels. I really can’t describe this adequately You’ll just have to experience for your self someday.
Her humping back at me became more frenzied
She keep saying “ deeper, deeper faster, faster.”
She threw her head back hitting me in the face with her long hair and let out a howl as she came in the throws of an orgasm. Off in the distances I could hear a coyote howling at the moon, or was he answering her cry of sex?
That thought put me over the top and old faithful erupted sending plum of hot sperm half way to her stomach.

We lay back in the hay watching the moon dance on the water of the lake only interrupted occasionally by the passing clouds.
“There’s a question I would like to asks you?”
“You let me see and touch your tits, but the other cheerleaders wouldn’t let me near theirs?”
“OH that it’s a silly pact the girls made up you can fuck all you want but you can’t let a guy have at your tits unless he is the one .”
“OK that explains a lot thanks.”
Laying there contemplating the heavens I had a revelation, SHIT she took off her top!!


I had grown tired of the cheerleader type and was looking for something else when a mousey little girl who always sat at the back of the room caught my eye.
She seemed immensely shy, keeping to her self.
Her demure attire accentuated this fact.
At first I didn’t know how to approach her but then remember about the note that I had slipped into Linda’s locker.
Taking the green pen I wrote a quick note and pass it to her at the end of class. Too my dismay she just glanced at it then crumpled it up and threw it in the trash can. That night I took a sheet of the special paper and the green pen and tried again.
I took the time to compose an actual letter to Barbara.
Placing it in an envelope addressing it too her.
She was the first person that the green pen had not fooled, this was something that I would have to add to my report and investigate further.
The next day the first time that I met Barbara I just handed her the letter and walked away. At the end of the last class that day she gave me a letter in reply.
That night I must of read that letter 10 times, and still didn’t know quite what to make of it. It rambled on about the meaning of life and the universe and everything.
I wrote another letter to her that night this time on regular paper with a standard pen.
Passing it to her early the next day . At the end of the school day I found that I had a reply laying on top of my books. I had know idea how it had gotten there she was nowhere in sight.

We passed letters that whole week but on Friday when I was eating lunch Barbara sat down across from me at my table. I had never seen her sit with anyone when she eat in the cafeteria. I was a bit taken aback and didn’t know what to say. Luckily she broke the ice.
“ I’ve been thing about you, your not like the rest of the boys around here you seem so much more mature in your writings. If your not busy tonight there a Coffee shop I would to take you to their having a poetry reading tonight and I am participating.

WOW she was asking me out on a date!

“Ar yeah I’m not doing anything tonight, what time should I pick you up?”
“NO I will come and get you about 8pm, I know where you live.”
And with that she got up and left, and left me contemplating what I had got my self into?

I looked out my front window as it started to rain
At five minuets two eight Barbara pulled up in front of my house and blew her horn. Rushing out with my coat over my head to shields it I jumped in the passengers seat and slammed the door.

The coffee shop was a strange place not like the bars that I had frequented. The only thing that even comes close to it was the bar seen in Star wars on Tatooine.
There seemed to be a lot of people wearing leather.
I sat there and got a pretty nice buzz from the espresso. Most of what I heard I didn’t understand what they were getting at finally Barbara got up to read her poem. Not to say she was long winded but I think the Homers Odyssey was shorter

The storm had increased in intensity by the time to had home the rain was coming in sheets driven sidewise by the gale force winds making almost imposable see driving.
Barbara’s house was closer so we went there hopping the storm would pass.
Barbara’s house was dark There didn’t seem to be a soul around when we entered.
“Where are your parents?”
“ Oh they went away for the weekend its just me here until Sunday.” “here sit in the den I’ll get us something to drink.”

She went over to the liquor cabinet took out two wine glasses and a large bottle of Matuse.
Handing me the bottle and a corkscrew
“You may have the honorees.”
I poured out two glasses and handed her one. As she stood in front of me I study her features, she was wearing a full length black dress which didn’t reveal much I wondered what was underneath.
As if she could read my mind she said
“ I think I’ll go and change into something more comfortable.” with that she disappeared up the stairs
“If you need it there’s a bathroom on the right here.”

All that coffee I had consumed early, it now certainly did want to come out so I headed to the bathroom.
Finishing up washing my hands I heard a boom off in the distance and the lights flicked off followed by small screech from Barbara’s room. Her door was directly across from the bathroom I steeped into the hallway and knocked on the door.
“ You all right in there?”
“ YEAH I just stubbed my toe in the dark trying to find some matches I’m ok , why don’t you go down and get the wine and bring it back up here I‘ll light a candle.”

“OK.” Shit, strange house no lights and she expects me to find my way down stairs and then back?!!

Back at her door I rap gently
“May I come in?”
“NO, Come back later I’m doing the dishes, ( giggle ) of course you can come in.”
Slowly letting the door swing open the light of not one candle but more like 30 illuminating her abode.
I set the wine on the night stand and turned too see her step out of the shadows OH my god had she changed. she had on a black corset fishnet stockings and black stiletto high heels boots.
My jaw hit the floor I just stood there in shock as she picked up her glass and downed her wine
“On the bed now!” she snapped at me.

As I turned to sit on the bed she whacked me in the ass sending me flying face first on to the bed. Barbara then jumped on my back. Roiling me over she then lashed on to my right hand bringing it up to the headboard and snapped it into the handcuffs she had pre positioned there.
Next she started too tickle me. Trying to thwart off her attacks with just my left hand was fruitless and she was finely able too restrain it also with a click of the cuffs. I thrashed around for a while trying to reach out and kick her with my feet.
She stood by the headboard just out of reach, drinking another glass of wine. Walking over to the bureau and picking up something that looked like a riding crop.
Whack she hit my in the right knee , Whack this time in the left knee. Than back to the right then the left slowly she worked her way up my thighs the whole time I was cursing her out. I finally screamed for her to stop when she got a little to close the, the family joules.
Dropping the whip she bounded on the bed straddling my chest. Bending down her face just incises from mine starring into my eyes.
Giving me a quick peck on the lips she backed away. Rubbing her lips together in deep thought, she seemed to be trying to decide if she liked the sensation or not.
Resting her lips back on mine she stayed unwavering. Gently I pushed my tongue against her lips. Reluctantly hers parted letting me penetrate every so slightly.
tentatively our tongue touched. Her tongue pushed back trying to expel me.
During the kiss she had slid down and started to grind her crotch in to mine. Breaking away she flipped around taking a hold of my belt, removed it and undoing my pants at the same time .
Jumping off and standing at the footboard she had the grin of the Cheshire cat. Having lost my shoes trying to kick her she had no trouble tugging my chinos down over my feet and kicking and thrashing only facilitated in there removal.

Wielding the belt with grace she landed a blow on the arch of my right foot followed by one too my left.
Changing position now standing at the foot of the bed the belt come soaring down just grazing my outer left hip. And then like lightning it brushed the right side.
“ Enough, enough stop !”
With cat like reflexes she had both feet bound to the foot board.

Now with me fully restrained she reclined in her chair letting her gaze fall upon me.
Her trance lasted a few minutes than she abruptly got up and left the room.

The nor’easter out side rattled the shutters and set the rafters a groaning
With the power out the sound permeated the house chilling me to the bone as I lay there alone wondering what Barbara had in store for me.

Eventually she returns carrying a large bowl which she set on the dressers
Proceeding to climb back on the bead she again straddle my chest but this time facing away
Lowering her head to within a couple of inches of my cock Barbara commenced to lightly blow upon it. It gradually gained in stature to a point it touched her lips. Sticking out her tongue she traced it’s extent.
I couldn’t see how she did it but her tongue felt like a butterfly wings dancing on my dick.
Slowly she turned , inch by inch she enveloped me only to retreat back. And then back down over and over again to a rhythm only she could hear.

Just as I was about to blow my load when she stopped.
Grasping the bowl she withdrew a hand full of ice cubes. Surrounding my balls with the ice whilst with her other hand applied pressed to a previously unknown pressure point at the base of my dick deflating me almost instantly.

She repeated this exquisite torture over and over.
Standing she removed her fishnets stockings squatting down so that her lushes pussy was about a tongue length away. She told me to lick it and lick it good or there would be hell to pay.

It musta been the middle of the night some of the candles had already extinguished them self then Barbara opened the draw of the nightstand reaching in her hand came back out clutching a small packet ripping it open with her teeth she withdrew the rubber.
With a maneuver that she must of practiced before she unfurled the Trojan upon my rock hard member.

Positioning her self over my she lowered her self into my manhood at first just touching her outer lips then working the had in repeating this action several times then just stopping. The same cat like grin came over her face just before she rammed my entire length into herself, momentarily stung she froze and let out a small yelp.
First she started too every so slightly rock side to side acclimating her self to the intrusion.
Adjusting her footing she commenced too rise up followed by a slow descent

Throwing her head back she let out the most hideous laugh. I had ever heard.
She finally let me come and after all the false starts it was one of the largest in my life I’m surprised that the rubber didn’t burst. I was exhausted after my climax, sleep came quickly.

The next morning when I woke I was on longer bound to the bed. Barbara was sleeping peacefully next to me.

We made love a few more times that weekend until her supply of condoms was depleted.

The Friday night before Thanksgiving there was a dance in the high school gym
Things with Barbara were a bit rocky to say the least not knowing which personality I was dealing with next.
The dance was more that half over when I noticed Betty and Cindy arguing as they entered the girls room ,

than the next thing I knew Barbara excused her self saying she had go powder her nose.

Thinking to my self This is not good! Sure enough with in seconds of her entering all hell broke lose.
Two freshmen girls came running out and someone yelled “CAT FIGHT!!” a crowd gathered around and started chanting cat fight cat fight cat fight.

Little Barbara emerged first virtually unscathed but I couldn’t say that for the others. Their dresses were torn hair was a fright and one had a black eye and the other had a bloody nose.

Barbara walked right up to me shaking her finger in my face.
“IF you think for one minuet that you can fuck around with those bimbos you got an other thing coming. Keep it in your pants it belongs to me, you belong to me got that strait dickhead.”
Then finished with
“See ya around babe !”
And stormed off in a huff . *

I turn and walked out the door getting on my bike and roared off into the darkness with my taillight the last they saw of me
The next day’s newspaper headline read

“High school student dies in motorcycle accident”


As you probably figured out the accident was staged, the boys took an old Honda motorcycle
And smashed it head on into a trailer truck caring a load of bowling balls to Portland Maine
One of the guys stowed up with pizza for everyone but when the chief opened one and found it covered with anchovies he freaked out screaming how much he fucking hated anchovies. He then took the pizza and threw it at the truck hitting it smack in the middle of the grill.
The photographer recording the crime scene got a picture of it, and someone said gross that looks like brains smashed all over the truck.
Everyone gather around to see.
Then there were a lot of groans and I think at least one guy found it liberated him from his lunch.

The paper and ink proved to be useful for a time but with the onset of the digital age they are no longer a prominent part of our strategy hence the declassification.

Oh yeah that idiot of a principal he used that blue pen to fill out his taxes that next year.
For his return he got twenty years.

*(A little British sport car.)not to be confused with a dilemma which are German.

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