Crossing the Forest (midle part)

Crossing the Forest (midle part)

End of bamboo tube that sticked out from my pussy was cracked, so it works like a funnel. Bull’s instrument was thin enough to get inside the tube and I get my chance to realize how many snails really were in that piece of a bamboo. I have sense a hundred of slugs been pushed in me. It so disgusting to be fulfilled with such things. It better to be even a slipper mud I suppose. I never think before that I can be fucked by bull thru the bamboo stick in my snail filled pussy. O SHI… Stick is start moving… Happily I’ve already wet enough and bull not coming closer. Couple of dozen thrusts later enlarged bull`s device stocked in the tube. And now it`s fucking me with coiled stick stuffed with animal`s member. OH OH OH Shi… This beast is pushing that plunger deeper and deeper in me. UUOPHHH… I feel that coil is close enough to make my cervix enter wider. O SHIII… slugs now filing my cervix UYYGHH. CUM ALREADY, BEAST I screamed. With final thrusts it push the coil far enough to make my cervix enter inch wide and spray a mix of cum and slugs in it. Pressure was much enough for cum to goes between the coil and the stick. What`s why coil stays in me then bull takes out its dick out of me. Bull`s dick becomes a little and bamboo fall down of it and animal goes away. I had so much of mix inside me that now all of stockings down my used hole was covered by cum drifting slugs. I`ve throw my leg over the stem I lying on and another puddle start to forming down my flowing cunt. I fell asleep. I have awakened by nipple tickling. Where was an ants trail that goes by my breasts. My senses start to turning on by awakening. Ohh where are ants on my clit too, that`s nice. Where is that gurgling sound coming from? Ah I see, another creature is fucking my pussy, why am I not surprised. OOHH FF… This thing jumped in my ass. Lubed in my dripping pussy it`s cock easily penetrate my tight little asshole. It was amazing! That creature has comfortable for me cock size. It use it well. Ants working on my tits and clit. I did understood the weirdness of that situation and it drives me more. After couple of minutes we came. Beast goes out and I have sat down. At last I can do that. My cunt coil now deep enough for not to create a pressure on my pussy entrance. But I feel that my cunt is still gaping. Coil now did not allow my pussy and cervix enters to shut them self’s down. I`ve sensed a centipede going on my leg. That`s ok. My pussy hole now pressed to the bark and sealed by drooling mix. Centipede was an inch long it goes to my belly, take a circle and goes to my back then goes down to my spreaded ass cheeks and crawl in my still gaping ass. GET OUT I shouted. I`ve jump to my feet’s. I lay on the ground, bend my legs and guide cuffs go under my ass, then foots. I`ve stand up. My hands now in front of me they still cuffed. Another slug fell out from my cunt and centipede still running in my ass. I better run I thought. And I ran. My tits goes one side to another pussy makes a cum bubbles, inner sides of legs dries another layer of cum. Looks like it was a midnight and a have seen not much. I have understood that only half a mile is last to my way out then it happens. Centipede makes another wriggle and I`ve made a wrong step. I`ve lose my balance and fall down and roll. Then I had stopped I`ve lay on my back with my hands above my head. My butt lays on a hill, My legs were spread wide. I`ve try to stand up and discovered that my hands and legs are tangled with some plants. Nice, very nice, I thought. Now I have lay bound, helpless with my sex organ opened and stared up to the sky. Then I stop struggling I have saw that something is falling down the trees. One of it falls down on my chest. It was 3 inch long caterpillar. It was covered with green slime and it takes the way to my nipple. Another one fell on to my clit. It was bigger and longer than previous one. It grabs my clit and rubes itself to it. I close my eyes and relax. Wind touches me gently. Caterpillars rubbes my nipple and clit. Some more keeps falling on me. My pussy was wet inside but outside of an inch gaped hole was covered with dried cum. It was already three fat caterpillars on my pussy lips and clit I moaned of pleasure. I sense myself helpless and opened it feels SO HOT. Something touched my pussy and I’ve open my eyes. Caterpillars near my clit pack themselves in coils and FUC… slid in my pussy. I`ve urge in disgust. I`ve get up my head and saw a lynx. It was 2 feet’s height. It stepped over my legs and kept moving. Its cock eventually goes in my opened hole. Lynx stops. I haw saw it`s organ becomes longer. It has an inch wide in it so it`s not disturbs me but the length. Cock was still expanding while animal starts fucking me with it. After few thrusts I sensed that at least one of caterpillars been pushed in my cervix. I was really worried about that things I did not want this strange slimed things to be squished in me. USE MY ASS I sad to lynx and try to get my ass upper. This move change the penetration angle. And I felt blows. One after another with each thrust. Each time I felt the strings of disgusting sticky slime filling my insides with pressure. Last one surely was inside my cervix. Coil makes my pussy much wider then beast`s dick. I have felled each time beast squeeze that insects in me and daub my insides with where’s. I have realized that my pussy now is like an open bottle with inch wide neck, expansion made by coil and an open cervix as a bottom. And this cock is like a spoon mixing the contents. Seems that lynx did not likes that and it begin to taking out it`s dick. I looked on it. Cock was covered with green slime. While it getting out, some hard green pieces goes out with it. Some fall on the ground. Some stays on dick. Green slime was dripping from my gaped cunt.

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