The Look in Her Eyes_(1)

The Look in Her Eyes_(1)

Claire was the only person left in the office. It was a Friday, and those who had not taken a half day or a whole day off were at lunch. She had been invited along, but needed to work more than she needed to take a long lunch.

It was strange to have the entire office empty. But she also enjoyed the silence. She could get work done quicker without anyone to distract her.

Sitting on her desk, next to her computer, was a book. Beautiful Bastard. She’d been reading it on the train, and sometimes at work when she wanted a break from looking at her computer. People would stare, when they knew the content of the book. She could see them looking. But it didn’t matter. She wanted to read the book more than worry about what others thought might be going through her mind.

They would never be able to guess, anyway.

She couldn’t believe how wet it made her. Arriving at work, it was tempting to walk in, rush to the bathroom, and finish the job that a book and her imagination had started.

Work sex. A boss and young female employee, was roughly the storyline. If only, she thought. But no. No attractive boss. Sadly, nobody at all who she found attractive. Unless that changed anytime soon or she found a new job, the fantasy would not, and could not, come true.

Claire’s mind began to slip from work, and back towards the book. Taking a break would be great. She’d been typing almost non-stop since the morning. Reading a little would break up the monotony of the day so far.

Maybe since nobody was in the office, she thought, it could be a good time to act out at least half of the fantasy. Sex in the office still, but with an imaginary boss and a few fingers that, by this point, knew exactly where to go and for how long. The fact that she was wearing a dress would make it easy.

No, she couldn’t. It was a nice thought, but it was either the real thing or nothing.

The bell on the front door chimed, meaning somebody had come back to the office. She peeked up over the cubicle wall. It was Chris, one of her co-workers. New to the office. Awkward to stand next to, since he was a full foot taller than her.

Chris saw Claire’s head pop up, and waved. She smiled and waved back. A friendly smile, nothing more. Chris made it very clear from the beginning that he was attracted to her. Which was flattering, but nothing more. She had never been attracted to black guys.

She sat back in her chair, closed her eyes, and massage the bridge of her nose with a thumb and forefinger. Staring at the computer was an absolute strain on the eyes. Not a great thing for someone with constant migraines. “Please let me not get a migraine,” she pleaded with her head.

When she opened her eyes, Chris was standing in the door of her cubicle. She jumped. How long had he been standing there?

When she jumped, he laughed. “Sorry, thought you heard me walk up.”

“I zoned out for a moment there, but even still, you move QUIETLY.”

“That is a new fact about myself. I didn’t know that.”

“Well, it’s true.”

“Where is everybody? he wondered.

“Everybody is either at lunch, left before lunch, or working from home,” she told him. “Speaking of, I thought that was what you were doing today.”

“I am, but I forgot my headphones here yesterday. I run Saturday and Sunday mornings, and I didn’t want to have to waste money on a new pair just for the weekend.”

It made sense that he liked to run. He looked like a runner. Thick, powerful legs. In shape.

Chris noticed the book on Claire’s desk.

“…that’s an interesting book.”

She blushed a little.

“Interesting because you think the title is interesting? Or interesting because you know what it’s about interesting?

“Then second one,” he said, and cracked a smile.

He decided not to be obvious and look her up and down, like he had done so many times before. He knew she knew he was attracted to her, and knew she had probably guessed, correctly, that she was just his type.

Short, cute white girl. Curvy in every place he liked.

He loved large breasts on a small frame.

“Yes…it’s interesting,” she said, no longer blushing. She was annoyed that she’d blushed a little. She didn’t like the idea of him bringing that out in her. Almost as if she had given up some ground in her fight against his advances.

“Think you could ever do that? Sleep with someone you worked for?”
She was taken aback by this, and let him know it, with the expression on her face. He didn’t seem to take notice, however. The look of shock eventually faded, and turned into a frown.

She was annoyed. She was not attracted to him. Why could he not understand this?

“I hope you can see, from the expression on my face, how inappropriate I found that.”

“Yeah I can see that. And I’m waiting for it to go away and for you to answer the question.”

“No,” she said coldly, and resolutely.

“I don’t know about sleeping with a boss, but a co-worker, definitely.”

Claire rolled her eyes.

“I bet you would. I bet I could guess who as well.”

“I bet you could.”

Chris was being very forward today. Normally she liked things straightforward, but this time it was a turn-off. She knew, however, that if she didn’t play along, his little game might go on for awhile.

“I could, if my boss was someone I was attracted to, sleep with them,” she answered.

“What about a co-worker?”

She sighed. “If it was someone I was attracted to, then sure.”

He smiled. She did not. And she was done with the friendly smiling from now on as well.

“I said if it was someone I was attracted to. Not you.”

Playfully, he laughed and pretended to be wounded.

“Do I even need to say ouch?” he asked.


“Not into black guys?”

“At the moment, I’m less attracted to you the person than anything else,” she shot back.

“Hey you’re the one with the book. I assumed if that is what you’re into then you wouldn’t have a problem talking about it.”

“Just because I’m not a prude and I’m reading a book like this, it doesn’t mean I want to talk with you about sex.”

“Look…I’m interested. I think we both know that as a fact. But considering this really doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, I’ll make a deal with you. Answer three more questions, give me something to think about at night, and I’ll leave you alone.”

Claire couldn’t believe he finally said it out loud. Finally admitted it. And couldn’t believe he thought he could trick her into thinking she owed him something.

On the other hand though…it did mean he’d leave her alone.

“For how long? I’m not agreeing unless I know this is going to be permanent.”

“That’s fine, that’s fair. And a promise will remain a promise.”

He felt like things might be moving in the direction he wanted, if he was careful. If not, he’d have to make good on his promise and leave her alone. And he couldn’t imagine that. The things he wanted to do to her.

“Fine. Three questions.”

He smiled.

“What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in bed?”

“I have no idea.”

“Think about it.”

“Okay…well, I let a guy fuck my boobs before, and cum on my chest and face.”

“That’s STRANGE to you?”

“The cum part, yeah. I’m not okay with things like that on my face.”

“Man, that’s too bad.”

She rolled her eyes again.

“Have you ever been with more than one guy before?”

“I have not, no.”

“We could change that. I’ve got a friend I could call, he could be right over.”


“Alright alright. Final question. If I pulled my dick out right now, what would you do?”

This is where the day had gone? A simple Friday. If she could only get her work done, she could start her weekend.

“And why would you want to do that?” she asked, sarcastically.

“Just to see the look in your eyes when you’ve seen it.”

“I’ve seen enough of them to know you’re not going to show me something new.”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

“You realize this is kind of fucked up, right? Dick in the pants, dick out the pants, you’ve said enough for me to be able to get you fired.”

“I understand that.”

Exasperated. “Okay, then why do it?”

“I have a good feeling about this.”

The confidence was obnoxious. She wanted to get him fired. She’d always had attention from men, but at least some actually knock it off when they know they’re not getting anywhere.

Claire noticed, though, that even though he’d crossed the line, she hadn’t completely shut him down. Maybe part of her was enjoying this in a way she hadn’t anticipated or thought possible. If only this were any other guy, she’d actually be able to live out the fantasy.

She thought, if a small part of her was enjoying this, then let him take his dick out. One quick glance, appreciate it for what it is, then he puts it away.

“Go ahead. Let’s see. One look, then it goes back away again. Then you leave.”

Chris unzipped, without much hesitation.

He reached in his pants, and pulled out, unsurprisingly, quite a large dick. Not erect, but still big.

Claire began to wonder how it changed when it was hard. How much bigger it got. How much thicker.

There was an extended silence. Only Chris had noticed how much time had passed. Claire was completely unaware that she had been staring a lot longer than she had originally intended.

“Still think you haven’t seen something new?”

He was still wrong. It wasn’t anything new. But she was intrigued regardless.

She switched her gaze from his dick and looked up at him. He could see something in those eyes. Those big, beautiful eyes.

A long, silent. Then, “…do you want me to put it away now?”

Claire was still looking into his eyes. She did not respond. They did not break eye contact.

From where she was sitting, and considering his height, his dick was at the same level as her head.

Chris began to walk forward. Very soon, he was inches from her.

She was still looking straight up at him.

Chris grabbed Claire’s right hand, and placed it on his dick. It was huge in her hand.

She began to stroke it, and it wasn’t long before it became hard. Erect, it was even bigger in her hand. So big, that she realized she was going to have to use both hands.

Why was she doing this?

He let her do this for awhile, and loved that fact that she’d been looking into his eyes the entire time.

He wondered how far this would go.

He decided to test the water.

Chris gently removed Claire’s hands from his dick. He lightly grabbed the right side of the back of her head and neck, and pushed his dick toward her face.

Claire slowly opened her mouth, and Chris touched his tip to her lips. In response, her tongue began to lick the tip of his dick. He nearly came in that instant, from that alone. He was glad he didn’t. He had more he wanted to do to her.

When Chris found the right moment, he began to slide his dick deeper into Claire’s mouth. Neither of them could believe how much of him fit. So he kept going. And going.
He must have been down her throat before he began to pull back. He pulled all the way out, and pushed it in again. Out, then in. Out, then in.

“What would you do if someone walked in the door right now?” he asked.

Claire didn’t respond. Instead, she brushed his hand away, and began sucking his dick on her own.

She decided she wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him inside of her. She was going to live out this fantasy.

“Fuck me. Right here.”

She unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down.

He picked her up, placed her on the edge of her desk, and removed her underwear.

Had he been interested, he could have taken a moment longer to see how she looked before taking them off. He would have seen how perfect they made her ass look.

She hiked up her dress. Her bare ass sitting on a slightly cold surface. She was looking right into his eyes again.

Not wanting to neglect or to not reciprocate what she had done to him earlier, he lifted her ass into the air. She arched her back, and supported herself on her arms.

He pulled her pussy right to his mouth, and put her legs around his shoulders. He was holding her with one had. She screamed when his tongue first found her clit.

The way she tasted. How beautiful her pussy looked. He couldn’t get enough. He could go down on her for days.

Chris’s tongue explored every inch of her. He was tempted to explore further south, but decided not to.

Claire’s whole body was vibrating. Every sensation was intense. Anybody could walk through the door at any moment and see everything. But she didn’t care. She wanted them to look.

He could feel her legs tightening around his neck. He had to stop. Didn’t want her to cum yet. So he placed her ass back down on the desk. She looked at him. He could see she wanted, needed him as soon as possible. This eye contact remained unbroken, until his dick was finally inside of her.

She gasped and grabbed parts of the desk to stabilize herself. All of him was in her.

Slowly Chris moved his dick in and out of Claire’s pussy. She had been so wet.

He grabbed the back of her neck with both of his hands to keep a hold on her, and she wrapped her legs around his back. She wanted more, faster. So she used her legs to pull him in. He was more than happy to let her fuck herself with his dick.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call my friend? You could have another one of these to play with.”

Claire smiled, but ignored the comment.

Chris grabbed hold of her whole body, and sat them both down in her chair. It didn’t take long for his dick to find her. To be in her again.

Claire pulled off the dress. Chris pulled off her bra.

Her breasts bounced as she rode him. They were incredible. She was incredible.

“I wanna cum on your face,” he said.

“Not…gonna happen,” she said, in between breaths.

“Come on. You’d look so good covered in my cum.”


If he thought she was gonna change her mind about this, he was wrong.

He stopped her bouncing and began to move her up and down on him, slowly.

He started licking her nipples. Sucking on them. Gently biting them.

Chris knew he was going to cum at some point soon, and wanted to try one more thing before he finished.

He stood up, still inside her.

“I wanna try something.”

“Okay.” Her eyes were incredible. They spoke only of her willingness to try anything.

“I’m going to fuck you real hard.”


He walked them both up to the desk.

“Without pulling out, I’m going to spin you around. Lay flat on the desk or prop yourself up with you arms. I’m going to hold your legs.”

Chris spun Claire around. She lay half on the desk with her forearms holding her up, pressing her breasts together slightly.

He began fucking Claire hard. She began screaming.

She had never been attracted to black guys, and yet here was one fucking her. Fucking her, possibly, harder than she’d ever been fucked. She wanted every inch of his dick. Anywhere he wanted to put it.

She wanted to make him cum hard. She wanted her pussy to be the reason he came harder than he ever had in his entire life. She wanted his dick to make her cum harder than ever before.

Just as she thought this, she came. The sensation, unreal. She came. And came. And came. Almost as if it would never stop.

“Are you gonna cum hard for me?” she asked him.

“You know it,” he said.

“I want to swallow all of it.”

“Then get ready.”

Quickly, Claire knelt on the floor, and took him into her mouth. He was close. Just a little bit more attention, and he’d go off.

She brought it in, as far as it would go. Over and over. Chris closed his eyes.

She knew as soon as he closed his eyes, it was about to happen.

When he came, it felt like it would never end.

Claire’s mouth filled with his cum.

He wanted to see all of it. Wanted to see every last drop he had shot into her mouth. She knew this, and opened her mouth to show him.

And then swallowed the whole thing

When the clothes came back on, Claire wondered how things had happened so quickly.

Chris grabbed his headphones, and looked like he was about to leave. Which was fine. She wasn’t sure what she would say to him anyway.

Before he walked out the door, Chris turned.

“Do you still want me to leave you alone?”

She looked into his eyes from across the room. He looked into hers.

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