Tooth Fairy_(2)

Tooth Fairy_(2)

“Are you sure she’ll come?” Corey asks with a slight lisp, due to her missing front tooth.

“Positive,” her older brother, Simon, assures her. He has just spent the last thirty minutes trying to convince his younger sister to put her recently lost tooth under her pillow before bed.

“Carol says there is no tooth fairy though,” Corey argues. “She says Mom puts the money under my pillow while I'm sleeping.”

“But Mom’s not here tonight,” Simon reminds her. “If you leave your tooth under your pillow and it’s gone in the morning, it can't have been Mom.”

“I guess that makes sense.” She is not easily convinced. Corey, or Corinthia, is young girl with long brown hair that is impossible to keep straight. Simon is her older brother, who is looking after her tonight.

That morning Corey had announced at breakfast that her last baby tooth was finally loose, immediately prompting the normal chatter of tooth fairies and money. Simon had teased her to the point of actually convincing her to knock it out herself by biting down on a ceramic plate. Knowing she would not be home that night, their mother left Simon in charge of acting as tooth fairy, partially as punishment for exciting Corey in the first place.

“Are you ready for bed now?” Simon asks in a condescending voice as Corey places her tooth under one of her two pillows.

“I'm not tired,” she whines.

“Too bad. You need to sleep or the tooth fairy won't come. Have you brushed your teeth?” He grabs her chin and pinches her cheeks so he can look inside her mouth.

“It hurt too much.” She shuffles her feet with her hands behind her back guiltily.

“I guess it won't matter to skip it for one night,” he sighs. “Do you need a night light?”

“Nope,” she answers proudly.

“A glass of water? To use the bathroom?” he suggests anything he can think of. He wants her to fall asleep as soon as possible so he won't have to stay up too late himself.

“Nope and nope,” she responds confidently.

“Alright then, time for bed.” He picks her up in his arms easily and lays her down on her large bed.

“Good night, Simon,” she yawns while closing her eyes. Despite her earlier statement she seems ready to fall asleep as it is.

“I'll leave the door open a crack,” he informs her as he leaves the room.

“Why?” she is confused.

“So the tooth fairy can get in and out,” he answers. In truth he wants to be able to hear her when she finally falls asleep, as well as avoid turning the doorknob later and risking waking her. Luckily she is young and none the wiser.


Simon spends the next two hours playing video games on the television in the living room with the lights off and the sound muted. He is so absorbed he does not even stop to check on her until he realizes how late it is. He quickly tiptoes back to her room and finds her breathing deeply through her nose. She is most definitely asleep.

Just to be sure, he whispers her name into the room a few times before pushing the door open and creeping inside. She mumbles in response but otherwise remains dead to the world. Her head is light, making it easy for him to slide his hand under her pillow. He soon notices that her left hand has traveled underneath it as well. She is clenching the tooth tightly, refusing to let it go.

“Come on, Corey,” he groans while trying to gently pry her fingers off.

“That tickles, Simon,” she giggles in her sleep.

“Why are you so annoying?” he whispers.

“You’re mean,” she starts to whimper.

“Okay, I'm sorry,” he hushes her. “Please open you hand,” he whispers in her ear.

“No.” She suddenly smiles. “You can't have it, Simon.”

He is not sure if she is half awake, fully awake, or simply dreaming but she is getting on his nerves. “Hand it over or I'm going to tickle you,” he threatens her.

“I'm not ticklish,” she mumbles.

“What? Yes you are,” he continues to argue with the sleeping girl. “You can't stand it when I touch you here.” He pokes her neck, causing her to cringe. She does not let go though. “What about here?” He moves his hand to her armpit and tries again. This time her left hand shifts, trying to swat his fingers away but she somehow manages to maintain her hold on the tooth. “God, you are such a brat.”

“I'm telling Mom,” she moans.

“That’s my line,” he hisses at her while running his hands over different parts of her body, trying to elicit a response. She does not react until he accidentally brushes against one of her nipples underneath her nightshirt.

“Don’t, Simon,” she whimpers.

“Is that your weakness?” A mischievous grin spreads across his face. Her nipples seem to have hardened and are practically poking through her nightshirt now. “How about this?” He pinches her left one, causing her to squeak. She only clenches her fist tighter though.

Over the next few minutes he alternates between her tiny hard nipples, causing her to moan and breathe deeply but nothing else. Finally he simply gives up and frowns at her. “Simon, I'm hot,” she whispers suddenly. “My legs.”

“Spoiled brat,” he mutters while pulling her blankets off her legs, only to find her nightshirt ridding up over her hips. There in plain view are her pink cotton panties, outlining the small triangle that is her crotch.

“That’s better,” she sighs while spreading her legs. Simon turns his head away for a moment but stops when he notices a dark spot. His curiosity gets the better of him and he actually touches it.

“Are you wet, you little slut,” he gasps.

“What’s a slut?” she moans.

“It’s what you are,” he answers while poking his index finger into her crotch, pushing the fabric of her panties inside her.

“Don’t,” she breathes in deeply.

“Why? You obviously like it.” He continues until he reaches her hymen.

“It feels weird.” She flinches.

Simon still can not tell if she is awake or not. “Just let me do this for a while,” he urges her. Somehow this causes her to relax, allowing him to work his finger further into her until he can feel the small barrier of skin snap.

“No,” she gasps as tears start to stream down her face. She jerks into an upright position, burying her face in his chest. He rubs the back of her head affectionately with one hand while continuing to finger her with the other. She is biting his shirt now, trying to keep from crying out.

“You’re so soft,” he whispers in her ear while playing with her hair. She simply nods, not knowing how to respond. She is obviously awake now. “Do you want me to stop?” he asks cautiously.

“Kinda.” She nods again without letting her face leave his chest.

“But not entirely?” he pries. She shakes her head slightly. “Good, then we’ll continue.” He shoves his finger in deeper, stretching her panties to their limit.

“Ow.” She bites his shirt again. “It hurts.”

“It’s supposed to,” he assures her while pulling on her hair until she lifts her head to face him. He then promptly plants a kiss on her lips, letting his tongue dart into her mouth and explore the gap in her teeth.

“Why are you kissing me?” she asks when he pulls back.

“Because you’re cute,” he answers.

She can't help but smile slightly. “Am I?”

“Cuter than normal.” He nods. She closes her eyes and leans toward him, inviting him to kiss her again, which he does. After a moment he realizes that he is neglecting his finger inside her. He pulls it all the way out, along with her panties, eliciting a squeak. He does not stop until the pink cotton underwear is down to her ankles.

“It’s cold,” she gasps as her glistening wet cunt meets the air.

“Don’t worry.” He shoves two fingers into her almost immediately, knocking the wind out of her and causing her to wheeze.

“It’s too full,” she grunts.

“It’s not full enough,” he disagrees while curving his fingers until they are pushing the inside of her walls up into her own pubic bone.

Her head jerks back as they scrape against her g-spot.

“What are you doing?” she gasps. He does not answers as he proceeds to rub against the spongy flesh until she her breathing is labored. She is jolting every few seconds and sweating profusely. “I'm going to scream,” she warns him while gripping the sheet beneath her. He covers her mouth with his to stifle the sound while pulling up hard, digging his fingers into her g-spot.

Her eyes roll back in her head as she flinches. Clear liquid squirts out around his fingers as her cunt clamps down on them. She is convulsing and squealing into his mouth. Her toes are curling and her knuckles are white.

When he finally removes his mouth from hers she gasps for air immediately. “What did you do to me?” she demands.

“Nothing yet.” He stands up properly and proceeds to unbutton his jeans and unzip his fly.

“What are you going to do to me?” she modifies her question.

“I'm going to fuck you senseless,” he answers honestly as his cock springs out of his pants. It is already completely engorged from the spectacle of her first ever orgasm.

“You want to fuck me?” she repeats in an unsure voice. “Will it hurt?”

“It might.” He admits.

“But you’re going to do it anyway,” she realizes.

He does not answer but instead moves onto the bed, pushing her legs up toward her torso to make room for himself to kneel below her. His hard cock is already dangerously close to her still dripping cunt. She can practically feel the heat from it as it brushes her glistening lips. Her breathing is becoming labored in anticipation.

“Just do it,” she gives in. “Get it over with.”

“Oh no.” He shakes his head. “I want to enjoy this. I want you to enjoy this.” He pushes the head of his cock into her cunt. It is so wet that there is absolutely no resistance. She gasps as it brushes against her g-spot on the way in but calms down when the tip slides past it.

“I feel so full,” she groans when he finally stops. Her cunt is actually being stretched around him and his cock is almost touching her cervix. He may be young but she is younger and much smaller. When he moves forward, the tip spreads the opening to her womb but it can't actually slip inside. “I can feel it.” She grabs her stomach and pinches the rolls of flesh, making it look like his cock might actually be bulging out of her, though that is completely impossible.

“What do you want me to do?” he asks while taking several deep breaths, making sure he does not lose control and start cumming already.

She stares at him with wide eyes for a long time before answering. “I want you to fuck me senseless,” she uses his own words. “I want you to fuck your slut sister until she screams. Make me pee like that again.”

“As you wish.” He shoves into her without warning, very nearly pushing through her tiny cervix, causing her to squeal in pain. He pulls back all the way out and lets her catch her breath before driving his cock back inside her tight wet cunt, scraping her g-spot again at first.

“Oh.” She covers part of her face with her hands and starts to push her fingers into her mouth. “I wish it would stay in that spot.”

“Here?” he asks while jabbing the tip of his cock into her g-spot, knocking the wind out of her again. It only lasts a moment though as it quickly slips past, poking into her cervix and causing her to scream into her hands. “Does that hurt?” he is curious. She nods as tears stream down her face. “Do you want me to stop?”

She shakes her head while removing her fingers from her mouth so she can talk. “Hurt me more. When you hit that spot it feels so good it takes away the pain. The more it hurts the better it feels when it stops. Shove it deeper,” she begs. “Make me scream and cry. I want you to hurt me so bad I can't stand it.”

Simon does not need to be told twice. He grabs her by the waist and lifts her up onto his lap while lying down on his back. He then pulls her up off of him, making sure the tip of his cock is pressing into her g-spot before pushing down on her hips, causing his cock to slip from the spongy tissue and slide all the way up into her tiny womb.

The contrast between the good feeling and the sudden onset of pain is too much for her. She is screaming at the top of her lungs as more clear fluid shoots out around the base of his cock. Without thinking he reaches up under her shirt, grabbing and twisting her nipples, trying to either cause her more pain or simply distract her.

She responds by jerking her head back, the whites of her eyes are visible again as she convulses. Her cunt spasms, gripping his cock and pressing her g-spot against it, replacing the pain. Her womb is also shaking around the tip, causing her more pain each time. Her body is in a tug of war, trying to decide what to tell her brain.

Pain seems to be winning though as Corey has resorted to biting her tongue just to make it hurt more. “Deeper,” she begs while pushing off of the bed with her feet and letting herself drop down on his cock all over again. The head is lodged past her cervix though and all she is doing is fucking her womb painfully. “Harder.” She pushes on his hands, trying to make him twist her nipples even further. Her eyes are fluttering and she is about to pass out but she continues to grind her womb on his cock, desperate to make it hurt even the slightest bit more.

Suddenly she starts to scream again as something hot fills her womb. Simon has lost control of himself and is now filling his baby sister with his cum. There is not much but it still feels like a lot to her, and of course, each spasm of his cock hurts her cervix. She is almost humming to herself. She has already passed out by the time he stops.

Rather than pulling out, he simply lies still, waiting for his cock to deflate inside her. For some reason it does not though. It is too sensitive for him to continue fucking her but the blood is still swelling. The sight of her collapsed on top of him is still exciting. He wants to fuck her all night but he knows he will have to wait for her to wake up again. Perhaps he can get her to try some different positions or even oral. Compared to everything he thought he knew two hours ago when she went to bed, anything is possible now.

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