S.S.Shotguneagle (Part Six)

S.S.Shotguneagle (Part Six)

It wouldn't be entirely true if Leah said her spirit was not cracked. Even after telling herself repeatedly how she is going to be okay, doubt was always in the back of her mind. Her mind may still be intact at the moment, but her will to stay strong and positive was breaking down. She was wondering how soon it would be before she loses her mind completely.

It didn't help, also, that Leah was beating herself up mentally. She hated how she was letting these animals have their way with her. Leah never wanted to be another helpless victim who couldn't do anything to prevent it from happening. It is why her father had signed her up in so many fighting classes, which Leah grew to love. All her training has made her a formidable opponent. As much as she enjoyed training, Leah was thankful she never really had to use it to protect herself or others.

There were only some instances when she had to resort to physical defense as a result from frisky men. She would inform them that the price of touching her inappropriately would be a severely bruised hand and that the price would only go higher if they persisted. Most of them got the point, walking away with a sprained wrist. On one occasion, when Leah was having a bad day, she broke the right hand of a 20-year old man, after grabbing a handful of her left tit. She didn't mean to break it but she wasn't sorry. The guy had to go to the hospital. He tried to sue Leah for assault, but, unfortunately for him, there were plenty of witnesses who saw him violating a girl in public and said girl only defended herself from the creep. He wasn't the sharpest creep in the toolbox.

Leah couldn't think of a better time than now to use everything she learned from her training to incapacitate her captors and escape from this nightmare. There was only one opportune time she had and failed miserably. It was when Kenny came down to her cell that night. Her mistake was underestimating him. She thought Kenny would use his brute strength to overpower her. His training in the military was enough to subdue her.

Her trainers would occasionally remind Leah never to underestimate her opponents. A rule she quickly forgot under dire circumstances. Never did she think she would be in this kind of mess. All of logic and reasoning were washed away with rage. She hated admitting she went in without using her head. As a result, she had been extremely violated twice in the worst possible way. Hopefully, the third time will be the charm.

It has been a week since her session with Buddy. If there was one thing Leah had to be grateful for, it was that her captors gave significant time to recover. A very bleak silver lining, but she would take it. Leah's excessive struggling against her binds, when she was strung upside down, did a number on her body. Her neck was severely sore due to the neck brace she had on, to keep her head still when she was under water. She also hurt her ankles and wrists from the struggle as well. As soon as the adrenaline wore off, the pain set in.

Kenny had come down a little later to take down Leah. Once again, she didn't have any fight in her at the end of the session. She was physically and mentally fatigued after torturing herself for a long time. Kenny liked seeing Leah hung upside-down completely naked and defenseless. He was almost tempted to start his own session with her right then and there. But he liked his ladies to be fresh when he started in on them. He could clearly see Leah was beyond distress. Kenny only felt her up several times as he worked to free her and return her to her cell. He was telling her what he had in store for her when it was his turn again, but Leah was pretty much out and didn't hear anything he was saying.

Leah had trouble sleeping every night since then. The nightmares were beginning to take a toll on her. She even hoped her predicament was nightmare she could wake out of. No such luck. Food and water continue to be delivered every day by one of the three. They even brought her more pills to take but refused to take after what happened last time. Whoever delivered the food sometimes consumed one of the painkillers in front of Leah to show it was just medicine and nothing else. She still didn't want to take it but the pain she felt suggested otherwise.

They still left her naked in her cell. Even though the temperature in the cellar was warm, Leah very much wanted something to cover herself. By now, she thought she would have gotten used to being naked. That wasn't the case. Leah still hated it with a passion. Whenever any of them came down to check up on her, she would cover herself up as best as she could. The men took pleasure in watching her trying to shield her naked body from their eyes.

She was also losing her appetite. Being imprisoned for perverted acts can do that to a person. It wasn't her intention to starve herself. She truly wasn't hungry. But that didn't fly with her captors. Even after telling them she was hungry, they would remind her of the consequences for not eating. To satisfy them, Leah would take a few bites from the food that was delivered.

This is what's been happening for the past week. The boredom was also taking a toll on her. She tried to return to practicing her fighting techniques but quickly lost interest. Her days were spent on her bed, contemplating about her situation. Every once in awhile she would hop out of bed to stretch her legs and walk around the limited space.

She tried to focus her thoughts on the three individuals who were responsible for her circumstances. Leah tried to gather all the information she had on them that would help her find any of their weaknesses. Her thoughts would wander off to her family and friends. They must know something is wrong by now. The thought that they were worried sick about her killed her a little inside. The tears were hard to fight back. She wiped them off her face when she felt them rolling down her cheeks.

Leah would've probably lost it by now, but the thought of her boyfriend kept her going. She could see him telling her to not give up and fight. Keep fighting.

"I know it's hard right now, babe, but you have to keep fighting. Don't give these fuckers the satisfaction," Leah could hear her boyfriend, Todd, saying.

"I know. It's just so hard. They've done so much to me already. I don't know if I can do this."

"I know, I know, babe, but I need you to keep fighting. Please. Don't give up. I know you can do this. Stay strong."

"I'm trying ... I'm trying..."

Leah was lying on her side staring at the wall. Todd always knew what to say to make her feel better. After dating this long, she knows what he would say if he was here right now. She really, really wanted him to be here right now.

Envisioning what Todd would say, however, was enough to bring back some motivation to Leah. As she lay there naked, she remembered the fire she had the first day in captivity. She lost it for a while, but it was slowly coming back to her. Her expression changed from somber to ferocity. Her heart began to beat faster as she imagined all the horrible things she wanted to do to these criminals.

Leah sat right up on her bed. She swung her legs on the edge of her bed, letting her feet touch the ground. It looked like she was ready to do something, but being in a cell kept her options limited. Instead, she just sat there and tried to come up with a plan to escape. This time she had to go in not underestimating any of her captors.

All she needed was for one of them to come in the cell with her with their guard down. Perhaps she could pretend to pass out, making them check up on her to see if she's alive. They probably would take considerable cautions in case she was faking. Leah thought if she were in a position where she can attack them with minimal effort, maybe it would be enough for a surprise attack. She started thinking of different positions she thought best would favor her in a –

Leah's concentration broke when she heard someone unlocking the cellar door. It startled her but she managed to keep her cool, remaining motionless. Then the familiar sound of the door creaking open followed next. Leah had to wait a few more seconds to see who it was since the area around the door was always dark. It was Alpha.

He had on a dark-colored long-sleeve shirt. It was a little tight, showing off his toned upper body. Leah never noticed how fit he was before. It didn't matter to her. He wore cargo pants with brown boots. The last thing he was wearing were leather gloves. Leah didn't know what that meant but she was more focused on the bag he was holding.

"Good evening, beautiful. How are we today?"

"Fuck you." Leah looked away from Alpha.

"That's the spirit." Alpha stood right outside her cell still holding the bag.

"I have something for you."

"Good for you. Now go fuck yourself with it."

Alpha chuckled. He opened the bag to take out a couple items. They were shoes.


Alpha pushed the shoes through the bars, followed by the bag which was a little more difficult. Leah couldn't help but looked to see what he was up to. She saw the shoes on the ground and the bag finally squeezing its way through the bars and falling to the ground on the floor of her cell.

"Those are clothes for you to wear and shoes."

Leah looked at him with confusion and anger. She wasn't sure what to think. It had to be a trick. Why would he want her clothed now? Didn't they get their kicks humiliating her by making her naked all the time? No, it had to be a trick. She was not going to fall for another of their traps. Not this time.

Alpha could see Leah wasn't buying his generosity. He didn't blame her. If he were in her position, he would've thought the same. Instead he proceeded to unlock her cell door. Leah bolted right up, standing ready to attack when he entered. Instead, after he unlocked it, Alpha left the cell door wide open. He then walked away towards the cellar door. Leah didn't take her eyes off him.

Alpha re-opened the cellar door and, just like her cell door, left it wide open. He returned to the middle of the room. Leah didn't budge from her position.

"Isn't this what you wanted? A chance to escape?" Alpha genuinely asked. Leah just looked at him with the same heated look.

"I know what you want. It's the same as all the others before you: a chance to get out of here. You've tried a couple times without any success. So I thought I would give you the chance to escape."

Still no movement from Leah.

"You're wondering if this is some kind of trick. I don't blame you. But there is no trick. This is real. The only catch is that you have to get through me. That's it."

Leah looked down at the bag of clothes. If she was going to buy this, she would have to take careful steps. There wouldn't be any reason for him to start telling the truth. Leah still didn't move a muscle. But Alpha knew he was getting through to her.

"I don't have anything on me. No weapons. Nothing." Alpha did a slow spin so Leah could see he had nothing on him. He even went as far as to lift his shirt to reveal his torso only to find nothing but skin. He turned his pockets inside out to further prove he is hiding nothing.

Leah didn't have much time but she tried to think fast. If he was speaking the truth, then she should do this quickly before he changes his mind. Then again, this could be another trap. He's probably waiting for her to follow through so he could spring his trap. But with a name like "Alpha," his ego was probably getting the best of him. No doubt he was aware of Leah's training in different fighting style. Leah thought maybe Alpha thinks he could probably take her.

When it came down to it, Leah did not know when the next opportunity she would have to escape. This is the closest she has gotten to escaping this hell hole. She slowly reached for the bag of clothes. She slowly took each article of clothing out, inspecting it carefully. Leah was half expecting the clothes to be derogatory or slutty. Instead, the clothing was normal in the sense it looked like average day clothing.

In the bag were jeans, a plain white shirt, tennis shoes, and a light jacket, with an underwear and bra to go with it. Not even the bra or underwear was sexy! Did he really want to give her a chance to escape?

Without giving it another thought, Leah quickly put on all the clothes from the bag. Alpha just stood there watching her dress. After tying the last tennis shoe, Leah stood up feeling much more comfortable. That comfort only reached a certain point. While the feeling of being fully clothed was a relief, she still needed to get out here. Leah remained in her cell, waiting for Alpha to make the next move.

"So?" he asked.

"'So' what?" Leah spat back.

"Don't you want to leave?" Alpha motioned with his hand the open doorway. The doorway to her freedom.

"All I have to do is get through you?"

"That's it. Nothing else."

"So what's the plan? After I kick your ass and try to leave, the two other assholes will be waiting for me out there?"

"There not even here. It's just us. They don't like it when I do this. They think it's an unnecessary high risk."

"Is it?"

"They think so. I don't see the risk."

This smug motherfucker, Leah thought. He knew what to say to press her buttons. It worked. All the anger and rage Leah had built since the first day in captivity came flooding back. Alpha saw her expression change. It was what he was waiting for. Leah may have been extremely pissed, but her logical reasoning did not leave her. She knew Alpha was not going to make the first attack. Leah would have to make the first move if she ever wanted to get through that door.

Relaxing her heartbeat, Leah took the first step out of her cell. It's the first time she stepped out on her own free will. After completely stepping out of her cell, Leah stopped again. Alpha was only 10 feet away from her now. If she clenched her fists any tighter, her nail would surely penetrate her skin. It was surprisingly easy for her to harness her rage and determination. But Alpha could tell by the look on her face those emotions were alive and present.

Alpha remained motionless, waiting for Leah to make her first move. He still had that smile Leah grew to loathe with a passion. She was going to take great pleasure after wiping it off his face.

"Shall we begin?" Alpha suggested.

Not a second later, Leah charged at her captor.

Trying to land a punch on Alpha was like trying to land a blow on a ghost. Leah swung several times before Alpha pushed her away from him. She stumbled, almost falling to the ground. She looked back to see Alpha standing there with his arms crossed, never taking off that damn smile.

Fuck, he's fast, Leah thought! All those swings and I couldn't touch him! Leah composed herself, ready for the next bout.

"Not bad. You're training has definitely taught you well. But you're going to have to be a little bit faster than that."

Instead of charging at him, this time Leah carefully walked up to him. She figured the best way to beat him would be to throw him off guard. In some way it did work. Alpha was surprised she didn't run up to him again. He thought she was going to intimidate him some more. But as soon as she was within arms reach of him, Leah, with lightning speed, swung at him once again.

It may have slightly caught him off guard, but Alpha managed to block all of her attacks. Even adding kicks in the mix, Leah could not connect any of swings. Being able to control her breathing, with built up rage combined with determination, Leah was able to go at him for a long time. Her relentless attacks, however, was not enough to cause any kind of pain to Alpha.

Alpha made it seem effortless as he defended himself against the small, ferocious creature in front of him, who was determined to put him on his ass. Alpha would move the fighting around the room. The times Leah would miss Alpha, she would land a punch or kick on a wall or furniture in the room. Those misplaced punches caused cuts on both of her knuckles, making them bleed.

Leah was too upset to care about her injuries. Soon, she lost her focus and began to lose her breath. Her grunts turned into loud screams. She was beyond frustrated that she could not cause him the same physical pain he and his cronies have caused her.

Alpha hadn't returned any of her punches. Yet. When he would touch her, it would be to push her away from him. After the fifth push, Leah took a moment to control her breathing. She leaned over resting her hands on her knees, taking in deep breaths. She couldn't face him. She knew too well Alpha would have that smug smile on his face.

Alpha just stood still, staring at the tired Leah. She may have looked disheveled after attempting to fight Alpha, but Alpha looked as if he hasn't even started yet!

"You need to work on your breathing. You were doing just fine in the beginning. Until you lost focused. We'll have to work on that."

This made Leah look at Alpha with an evil look. When she felt she had enough air in her lungs, she leapt at her captor once again.

A few more rounds of Leah missing and being pushed around by Alpha went by. All her training went out the window. All she saw was red. She thought if she could just wrap her hands around his neck just once, it'll all be over.

She straightened back up. Without taking her eyes off him, she was prepared for another go. Alpha suggested more advice regarding her fighting tactics.

"You leave your torso region exposed way too long. Try to keep your elbows tucked in to make up for-

Leah didn't want to hear any more of his advice. She charged at him once more before he could finish his sentence. It boiled her blood to hear her captor offering advice on how to fight. Against him! The nerve of this asshole, Leah thought.

Alpha was ready for her again, even after she didn't let him finish giving his advice. This time around, Alpha was a little impressed. It seemed all this frustration she had built while fighting him, caused her to fight faster and sharper. Alpha thought it was about time.

It was definitely worth the wait for him. Leah was in near-perfect form. She fought like a warrior. She even managed to land a few blows on his ribs and stomach. And one on his face for good measure. They were genuine hits too. Alpha really tried to block her attacks and dodge them. He didn't know where she found all this energy, but Alpha had hoped there was more to come.

After the right cross to his face, Alpha managed to slip away from her before she could land another punch. He backed up a few feet, wiping the blood from his lips. Leah thought that wasn't enough blood. As he wiped off the remaining trickle of blood, Alpha's grin widened.

"That was excellent! Just excellent! I knew you were the right girl. I knew you wouldn't disappoint. I've never had a challenge like you before. And I can't wait to turn you into my next trophy."

"We'll see about that, asshole." With that, Leah continued her assault on Alpha. But she only managed to throw one punch. Alpha caught her fist with left hand, holding onto it with a death grip. He made it look so effortless. Even when she tried to yank her hand away from his grasp, he didn't move an inch. It was as if her hand was stuck in hardened concrete.

"Why wait?" Alpha said with an evil smile. Leah tried excessively to release his hold on her fist. It was abnormal. He just wouldn't budge. She tried kicking and punching at him, hoping it would make him let go. It was until Leah decided to bite his hand did Alpha react.

He clenched his grip tighter on her fists, shooting pain to her now sore bones. Leah cried out as she fell on her knees. Alpha finally let her go. The damage was already done. Even after trying to soothe her hand, it felt like the bones had turned to dust. She had a hard time making a fist with it again. It only took Leah a few more seconds to realize Alpha rendered one of her right fist useless.

"After we're done, I'll bring you a bag of ice to soothe your hand. You're going to need it to recover."

It was difficult to hide her pain from him. But she managed to get back on her feet. Keeping her right hand down on her side, she raised her other hand getting ready for another bout. Alpha was glad she didn't want to give up.

"I'd advise you stop now. Otherwise, it'll be that much harder for the real fun to begin."

Leah didn't say a word. She didn't change her stance. Her expression was a mixture of pain and viciousness. She decided not to make the first move this time. If he wanted to make her do something, he'll have to be the one who makes the next move.

After catching on her indirect wishes, Alpha approached her.

"You know there's no shame in giving up, Leah. Everyone hits a wall eventually. You've done a lot more that I thought you would. And I am very impressed with you. We all are, in fact."

Leah still didn't react when Alpha stopped not a foot away from her. She already knew she was bested. Her right hand was still hurting her something fierce. Most of her energy was on ignoring the pain from it and trying not to cry. Alpha could tell the confliction she felt on her face.

"What do you say, Leah? You ready to stop this and do something more fun instead? Alpha waited, crossing his hands behind his back. He was hoping she would reject his offer and try to swing at him one more time with her functioning hand. She still didn't disappoint him.

This time around, Alpha caught her left wrist when she tried to aim for his face. In a couple quick motions, he squeezed his grip tight on her wrist and pivoted her arm, forcing her body the opposite direction. Those two simple maneuvers caused her to unwillingly submit. Her arm was straightened out tightly. He shifted his hand on the back of her palm, so that his thumb pressed hard on it. He completed his technique by raising her arm painfully higher. Leah thought Alpha was ready to separate her whole left arm from her body.

She let out a deafening ear-piercing scream. The pain she felt on her right hand was nothing compared to the pain she was now feeling from her entire left arm. Another inch in any direction and her arm would pop right off, she felt.

Her wails turned into silent yelps. Alpha was waiting for her to quiet down before he spoke again.

"I know how you're feeling right about now. It's painful, I know. I wouldn't recommend any sudden movements unless you don't mind suffering permanent damage."

Leah didn't have to be told this. It was already hard enough not to move a muscle.

"I'll tell you what though. I'm not a man without mercy. Here."

Alpha carefully rotated her body by the hold on her arm. He may have done it slowly, but it was excruciating for Leah. She wailed for every small step Alpha took.

"Owww! Stop! Please! You're hurting my arm!" Tears started flowing.

"It's okay, we're almost there."

They pivoted 30 degrees to the right. He stopped until they were in the position he wanted them to be in.

"Look up, darling."

Even picking her head up was a challenge. The first time she tried, she dropped her head back down crying louder.

"We're going to stay like this until you see what I want you to see."

Leah didn't know how long she could last in this position. She just knew she did not want to be in that position for another second.

Every inch she forced her head up caused shooting pains throughout her entire arm. The cries and yelps were much too difficult for her to prevent. After much effort and straining on her part, Leah was able to look what Alpha wanted her to see. It was the door to the cellar. The door was still left open by Alpha.

"There it is. Your door to freedom. All you have to do is break free from my grip, and you can go. I won't stop you."

Unbeknownst to Alpha, Leah has been trying to break free from his painful hold ever since he got her that way. But even the smallest attempt to break away was a hassle. Leah knew that Alpha knew she couldn't get away. This was his way of tormenting the poor girl. Her only response was lowering her head back down and whimpering some more.

"Really? All this time you wanted to go. Now you don't want to leave?"

Alpha kept torturing the girl. She didn't say anything. Just produced more tears.

"Well, if you don't want to go, then the other option would be to grab what's on that table there."

During her ordeal, Leah did not notice the object that was on the table next to her. She didn't even notice the table that was within arms reach!

She looked up (painfully, again) to see what looked like a very small belt. Upon further inspection, she realized it was some kind of collar. It was unhooked. Leah knew what Alpha wanted her to do with it.

"That is a special collar made just for you. If you put that one, that means you belong to us. You belong here. You will do whatever we tell you to do or suffer the consequences. And trust me, you do not want to know what that means."

Leah had no intention of putting on that collar. But as soon as Alpha finished his sentence he applied more pressure on his hold. The pain was beyond unbearable. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, the pain tripled. Leah yelled out loud followed by more crying.

"Well?" Alpha waited.

Leah let out a loud scream. She hated how much power he had on her. She very much wanted to defy him. It proved rather difficult to do so when her arm felt like it was about to be unattached from her body. She knew what she had to do to end this torment. It was the last thing she wanted to do. There was no other choice.

Without looking, Leah grabbed for the collar. She missed a few times before landing on the object. One she had it in her grasp, Alpha informed her what to do next.

"Put the collar on. But remember: once you put it on, your life belongs to us. We will do with you whatever as we please. If you go against us, you will find life much harder than you thought it was. Make your choice."

Leah's mind told her to toss the collar away. But fear made her hold on to it. Even if she was able to break out his hold, there was no way he would just let her go. She has seen his face. All of their faces. Alpha knew what he was doing. He was not stupid. None of them were. This was definitely not a good thing.

Leah wanted to think her options over some more until Alpha continued to add pain on her arm.

"Make a decision. You don't have all day."

With no more defiance left in her, Leah slowly wrapped the collar around her neck.

Leah never wore a collar. Never had to. The only accessories she ever wore around her neck were scarves or necklaces. Leah didn't know what to expect from wearing a collar. It didn't take long for her to discover it was quite difficult to put on the object with just one hand.

All the while, Alpha still had his painful grip on Leah. The whimpers still came. It was something Leah couldn't help. She needed some kind of relief and fast. Even after managing to wrap the collar around her neck, she was having difficulty in latching the two ends together. One end of the collar inserts into a slot at the other end of the collar. Once they connect, there was only one way for the collar to open again.

After a few, agonizing, minutes, Leah managed to connect the two ends together. It tightened a little bit around her neck but she was able to breathe just fine. The discomfort from it wasn't unbearable. It was something she would just have to get used to. Which Leah did not want to get used to.

"Very good." Alpha still did not loosen his grip. "There's just one more thing I need from you before I let you go."

This made Leah groan. Time was not helping her get used to the pain at all. In fact, it felt like it was making it worse! She gave a loud, but short, yell, indicating her distress Alpha was very familiar with.

"Before I let you go, I want to hear you say something. That's it. After you say what I want you to say, I will release my hold on your arm and you will be free from the pain. I promise. Is that okay with you?"

Alpha pretending to be genuine with Leah's well-being pissed her off. But she understood what he wanted from her and knew that if she did not play along with his own sick games, her torment was only going to get worse.

Beads of sweat were dripping down her face. With few deep breaths, she nodded her head vigorously.

"What was that? I didn't hear you. You need to speak up, dear." Alpha tightened his grip a little bit more. Leah was astonished that Alpha was able to add more pain to her arm. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, Alpha proved her wrong.

"OW!!! YES, YES!!! OKAY! YES! FUCK!" Leah felt dizzy and knew she was going to pass out soon. But as long as Alpha was able to inflict more pain in his professional grip, she wouldn't be given that merciful release.

"Good. What I want you to say is this: 'You. Are. My. Master.' Once you repeat those words, I'll let you go. You have my word."

Leah's pride was pretty much replaced with desperation. There was still a small part of her that wanted to rebel and show him she will not be subdued so easily. But that small part of her was overshadowed with the unfortunate reality that she has been beaten in every way possible.

Every time she wanted to fight back, she failed. Miserably. All the years of training to defend herself were quickly going down the drain. She thought she was more than capable to fend off all sorts of creeps. But these three weren't your typical creeps. They were something different. Something worse.

It's obvious they have been dong this for a long time. How many others were there before Leah was another question. Their idea of hurting and humiliating women had much more "finesse." On their own, they wouldn't be capable of handling the operations. It was too much work for one person. The three of them working together made it possible for them to successfully carry out their horrific acts without any interference from anyone. Victims or authorities.

If they have been able to keep Leah for this long, and do this to other women in the past, they knew very well how to cover their tracks. These were careful monsters. Well-disciplined monsters. Which made them very, very dangerous.

These were also the kind that did their homework extensively. They knew the who, what, where, when, and why, when it came to nabbing Leah. They also knew what she was capable of and were prepared for that as well.

Even thinking about all of that, Leah couldn't shake off a question she had in her mind for some time now. If they are so careful in capturing and securing their victims, why would they risk kidnapping someone like her?

Surely they know who she is. Leah remember them saying they recognize her from the videos she had posted. Does her notoriety make her more desirable? If that was the case, Leah surmised, that it was a huge mistake in their part. She may not have been found yet, but her status as a popular video gamer would get a lot of attention after being gone for so long.

It was the only hope she had left in getting out of here in one piece. Leah had to believe that someone is getting one step closer every day in discovering her whereabouts. But she was wondering if it was false hope she was desperately clinging to. Without that positive idea, she fears her sanity will be gone soon.

Leah didn't want to give up. She wanted to keep fighting but it wasn't helping her the least bit. At the most, the only thing she can do is persevere. It's becoming more evident that anything else besides that was pointless. As soon as they knew she was no longer going to put up a fight, they would go to town on her. The fight might be gone from her, but her spirit was still intact.

It was the last thing she wanted to do. At that moment, she understood how victims would give up at a certain point. In her defense, she did not give up so easily. At least that's what she reasons with herself. You'd be surprised how simple your options are when it feels like your entire arm is about to turn into dust.

Leah made her decision. Instead of fighting, she was going to endure. The longer they have their "fun," the more time she gains in securing her rescue. It wasn't going to be easy, but she wasn't going to make it easy for them either.

"Well?" Alpha asked, making sure his grip hasn't loosened.

"You ... You..."

Leah had trouble saying the words. It wasn't just her concentration being disrupted by the pain from her arm. This was a degradation she never thought to experience. Even knowing what she must do to survive, that proud part of her wouldn't let her say the demeaning words so easily.

"Yes? 'You, ' what?"

Alpha was patient. He was relishing the moment. Leah produced more tears and gritted her teeth before continuing.

"You ... You are ... You are..." Leah was fighting with herself mentally. Her pride arguing with her not to this. Not to give in so easily. It wasn't about giving up, Leah told that part of her. This is about survival. This is about me being smart. I have to make them think they've won. They may think they are different than other typical scumbag rapists, but they're all the same. Once they think they have defeated me, they will let their guard down. And that's when I make my move.

" ... My master."

Her heart felt heavier saying the last two words. She was mentally telling herself to be strong.


Not a millisecond later did Alpha finally let her go. For a moment, Leah feared the worse, thinking he dismembered her arm from her body. It wasn't until she saw her arm did she realize it was still attached. Falling down to the cold concrete, Leah curled her arm close to her body gripping her hurt wrist with her other injured hand. The pain took its time melting away from Leah's arm. Rubbing it furiously didn't seem to do the trick but it was all she could do.

Her breathing was short and heavy. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on calming down and focusing on getting rid of the pain. Alpha just stood there watching her recover from the arm abuse he inflicted. A small smile grew on his face as he kept staring at the poor girl. The fight session was something new for him. The previous girls also put up a fight but they were nowhere nearly as skilled as Leah was. She put up an impressive fight, but she had no idea what kind of training he had in his background. In due time, he would tell her all about it.

Alpha folded his arms behind him before he spoke again.

"I need you to stand up, Leah," Alpha commanded.

Leah didn't move. Her arm was feeling better but she didn't want to do anything more for the bastard that was hurting her. Physically, she was recovering fine, but her pride was still hurt. Even though she agreed with herself to comply with the sick games in order to survive, her pride was still getting the best of her. It was telling her that if these assholes wanted to make her do something she did not want to do, then they were going to have to do it themselves. She continued to lay in a fetal position, clutching her arm.

"Last time I'm going to say it: stand up." His tone may not have changed but Leah could tell he was being serious. The only thing she did was open her eyes to look up at him. She wanted to be ready for anything he was about to do. At the moment, Leah believed she had some advantage. She would pretend to be weaker than she looks so that when he approached her, she would attack him in the last second.

After considerable time had passed, Alpha didn't move from his spot. His smile just got a little wider. He proceeded to take something out of his pocket. It was a small remote control.

"That's okay. It's more fun to use this anyway." With that he pressed one of several buttons from the remote.

Leah's eyes widened with horror when she felt the collar around her neck tightened. Her airway was severely constricted, making her unable to breathe. Without taking in a huge breath before restricting her to breathe, Leah had very little air to keep her conscious. She clawed at her collar, hoping it would be easy to take off. While trying to take the collar off, her whole body was shaking and writhing uncontrollably. The collar was wrapped so tightly around her neck she was not able to dig her fingers inside her collar. The only thing she succeeded was giving herself nasty scratches on her neck.

"If you want to be able to breathe again, all you have to do is stand up, Leah." Alpha said calmly. His words went into one ear and out the other. She was trapped in her own hell within hell as her struggling doubled. It reminded her of her session with Buddy when he forced herself to dunk her head underwater. Not being able to breathe was a big fear for Leah. This was a new kind of torture, however.

Leah barely heard what Alpha said but she pieced together that he would let her breathe again if she just stood up. Her struggling didn't die down as her conscious was slowly failing her. She almost welcomed being rendered unconscious again by these monsters. It did cross her mind that knocking her out this way was not good for her. She had heard of cases of head trauma that was a result from numerous unconscious states. If this continues, she may not be able to get out of here in once piece.

With a last bit of effort, Leah quickly shot up to her feet still clutching the collar for dear life. Sounds of gasps and squeals came out of her mouth. Her vision was starting to get blurry. As soon as she was on her feet, Alpha pushed a button from his remote which in turn loosened the collar's grip around her neck. Leah sucked in a big amount of air before she coughed coarsely.

It was tempting to fall back down, but didn't want to risk being suffocated again. So she settled in resting her hands on her knees, keeping her head down.

"See? That wasn't so hard, was it?" Alpha teased.

Leah didn't look up at him. In her mind, she cursed him. Without saying a word, she continued to take in deep breaths, working on controlling her breathing.

"The next part will also be easy." Leah was very doubtful about that. She didn't want to look defeated in front of him, so, with all the strength and pride she could muster, she straightened herself up looking at her captor straight in the eye. Alpha felt the daggers shooting from them.


It was a simple command, but Leah was in no hurry to be naked again. It was something she never got used. Todd was the only boy in her life who saw her naked. She made up her mind that he was going to be the only man in her life who had this privilege. Now, not only has other men seen her naked, but these were the most atrocious scumbags she ever had the displeasure of meeting. The longer she could hold out being naked in front of them again, the better.

Alpha held up the remote, letting her know he was ready to use it again. She focused on his finger on the button. She would be ready to take a deep breath before he pressed it again. When Alpha felt he had given her sufficient time to obey him, he pushed the button. Leah didn't notice it the first time, but the first button he pushed was not the same button he pushed now. It was another unfathomable painful feeling Leah had ever felt. It felt as if a thousand needles were plunging her entire body over and over again.

Her body tensed up before dropping to the ground like a sack of potatoes. She squirmed wildly on the ground as the collar produced continuous electric shocks throughout her whole body. Alpha held his finger on the button for only ten seconds. Each second was an eternity for Leah.

In all honesty, it did nothing for Alpha to see his slaves in pain or tortured. It was their compliance that did it. And like dogs, the only way to train a slave is through special conditioning. He would give them the opportunity to help themselves, but he was not going to make it easy for them. It would have shocked Leah (besides the collar) that Alpha would've genuinely kept his word had she been able to best him and escape from her predicament. Anyone who was willing to work hard for whatever they wanted deserved what they got in the end. Yet, this fact will never be known to Leah. She already made up her mind that Alpha was a sick son-of-a-bitch who got his kicks in torturing women physically and mentally.

With the collar no longer electrocuting her, Leah's body relaxed on the cold ground. A new layer of sweat covered her entire body. Her heavy breathing also returned, as did her sobbing. It was all too much for her to resist her crying. It was the only outlet she could use.

"That was only 30%. If you don't wish to find out what it feels like when the percentage is higher, I suggest you stand back up and take off your clothes like the obedient slave you are."

Alpha returned his hands behind his back, waiting. Leah let out an angry yell. It wasn't out of fear, but more of rage. She wasn't only fighting against the three men, but with herself as well. She wanted her pride to go away just for the time being so she could do whatever sick acts they wanted her to do. It was easier said than done.

She very much wanted the floor to swallow her up. As much as she pressed her body on the ground, it wouldn't happen. Leah banged her fist on the ground out of frustration, before standing back up. Looking at Alpha with the same defiant look, only with tears coming out of her eyes.

"Well?" Alpha didn't sound impatient. He was still enjoying the moment.

Leah was imagining the girls they had before her. They were probably all scared shitless and cried constantly. Leah did not want to give them the same satisfaction but it was dawning on her how hard this really was. She pictured them having to undress before them because they had no other choice. It was probably how these fuckers liked it: slow and scared.

With that in mind, she rapidly stripped away all her clothes. It took less than thirty seconds for her to strip away the jacket, t-shirt, jeans and the shoes. Once again, Leah was naked in front of one of her three captors.


Leah dropped to ground before she could finish her sentence. Alpha once again electrocuted her thanks to the collar and remote.

"That's enough. You made your point."

He cranked up the voltage to 50%. It would be enough to keep her quiet for a while. This time he kept it on for thirty seconds. Leah repeated her thrashing much like the first time. Alpha took this opportunity to walk to the cellar door that was still open, only to close it. He had to walk around the Leah making sure he did not get in the way of her twisting and writhing. When he walked back, he turned off the device.

Leah's collapsed back to the ground. She was a hot mess. Her body was in serious turmoil and did not know if she would be able to survive another shock like that. It was much worse than the first time. In her mind, she already concluded she would do or say anything to avoid another electrocution. It was that unbearable.

Leah rolled over to her side, trying to form her body in a fetal position. Alpha went up and knelt next her.

"I understand your need to lash out, both physically and verbally. It's in your nature to do so. I'm sure you noticed Kenny and Buddy don't give you much leeway on that. They don't tolerate it as much as I do. The reason I let you get away with it is because I believe in fairness. If you really wanted to get out of here, you would've subdued me and walk out that door."

More like kill you, Leah thought.

"I have been more than generous giving you plenty of opportunities, but you just don't seem to want to follow through. I'm starting to question if you really do want to get out of here?"

She had nothing to say to him. It was obvious he was toying with her. This was his sick way of messing with the victim's psyche. If he really thinks she was going to trick her into thinking she wanted to be there, then he was more stupid than she thought.

"Well, as long as you're here, we might as well train you as the proper slave you are meant to be."

Please, she was telling herself, please stay down. Leah wasn't telling herself to stay rebellious. She was talking to her pride, telling it to stay down. That part of her needed to go away. Just temporarily. If it didn't, it would get her into a whole lot of trouble. These animals would never put their guard down if she continued to fight them. She did not know how long it would take before they would slip, but she knew she needed to comply long enough for them to believe they have broken her.

It was the only plan she could think of. It wasn't the best plan, but her resources were severely restricted. She will choose not to like it but she will also choose to live. These were the type of monsters that took great pleasure in seeing women suffer in all sorts of unimaginable ways. Leah knew it was going to be a harrowing ordeal, but will not break for them. They may get satisfaction from torturing her physically but mentally she will stay whole. Her spirit will not break for them.

The only other way to escape this nightmare was in her mind. She will imagine a safe haven, somewhere far from this place. The only time she will come back is when she is finally rescued. That's her plan.

Without being told to, Leah slowly stood back up. Alpha followed suit. It was more evident her body was covered in sweat. Her raven hair was sticking to her face because of it. She was definitely a sight to see. Too beautiful to waste time on playing video games, Alpha thought. Everything about her screamed of sex; her toned body figure, ample tits that looked as if she was wearing an invisible push-up bra, small waist with a tight stomach, and thighs and ass that would make any man want to take a bite out of. Leah may have been completely nude for his viewing pleasure, but Alpha stared only straight into her eyes as she stood up.

Had his stare been more piercing, he would've been looking right into her soul. Instead of giving a defiant look, Leah only gave him a blank expression. It wasn't easy. Still not willing to look defeated or exhausted, even if the feeling was too much.

Atta girl. Don't make it too easy for us just yet.

Standing tall and strong, not caring she was naked again in front of Alpha, Leah waited what he had planned for her next.

Alpha gave enough time for Leah to recover before he resumed to train his new slave more properly.

"Now then, shall we begin?"

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