The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 10: The Hermaphrodite's Passion

The Rogue's Harem Book 2, Chapter 10: The Hermaphrodite's Passion

The Rogue's Harem

Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem

Part Ten: The Hermaphrodite's Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Inspiring Naughty Art

Sven Falk – The Forest of Lhes, The Strifelands of Zeutch

Nathalie's sweet mouth felt wonderful as she sucked my cock clean of Aingeal's pussy juices, her pigtails spilling over my thighs. I groaned, the pleasure racing up and down my dick as I glanced over at the aoi si. Her cock shrank back into a little clit, vanishing into the pink folds of her pussy. Her skin had such a unique color. So dark. Blacker even then the hue of a Halanian belly dancer. She sat at the entrance of the tent, her large breasts rising and falling, her yellow eyes flicked over to me.

They were flat, inscrutable. What went through her mind? What did she think of the harem? She'd just appeared out of nowhere. Her arrival had been timely, but she didn't feel like she belonged with us. She sat apart from the harem.

She stirred such strange desires through me. When she had her cock out, fucking, it was one of the hottest things in the world. Her feminine body, her tits so large and bountiful, contrasted with her cock. Her tits heaved as she thrust, her face twisting, her moans so soft and gorgeous. It made my dick throb and twitch in Nathalie's mouth.

Kora's loud yawn drew my attention. My sister covered her mouth as her back arched, her breasts jiggling before me, the ruby amulet swaying between them. Her nipples, topping those plump tits, thrust hard and pink before her, the flowering vine wrapping about her left breast. Her yawn transformed into a sultry groan. Her eyes fluttered for a moment.

Then her sapphire gaze landed on me.

She smiled at me, the exhaustion on her face melting away. She crawled over to me, her tits swaying before her, one of her two braids slipping off her shoulder to dangle down before her, a golden rope swinging back and forth. She reached me, pressing her body against me as Nathalie kept sucking. Pleasure raced through me, Nathalie's lips sealed tight around my dick a she worshiped me.

“You want to fuck her, don't you, brother mine?” Kora purred, her lips almost touching my ear. The sounds of the forest, the hoot of an owl and rustle of trees, grew muted as my lust swelled.

“Nathalie?” I asked, staring down at the girl as she loved me. My sex slave fluttered her blue eyes at me, her hips wiggling from side-to-side as she bobbed her mouth even faster. My attention appeared to inspire her to suck faster. “Always.”

Kora nipped my ear. “Don't be dense. Ealaín.”

My eyes flicked back to the aoi si. She stared at me, her yellow eyes ran up and down my naked body. She leaned back, her pillowy breasts swaying. Her nipples were as dark as her skin, two obsidian points thrusting up from her breasts that beckoned.

“Yeah,” I admitted. Did Ealaín want to fuck me? She didn't look at me like a woman wanting to be fucked. It felt... scrutinizing. Like she was studying me, a philosopher examining a new text. I'd seen a similar look in the eyes of the scholars at the College of Az pondering a new idea, considering if they liked it or not.

“Then go and enjoy her.” Kora flicked her ear. “She's exciting. I like her. I want you two to get along.”

“She does have those big tits,” I said as Ealaín parted her thighs, a welcoming gesture.

“And you love those, brother mine.”

Nathalie sucked harder.

I stroked her hair. “I like your little titties, too.”

She let out a little whimper about my cock. Then she slid her mouth off of it with a wet pop. “I know you do, Master.”

“He loves our little titties,” Zanyia said, lifting her face from Aingeal's thighs, my cum and the fairy's pussy juices staining her face.

“Go and fuck her, my husband,” Aingeal said, a naughty glint in her eyes. “You know you want to pound her.”

“Horny perv,” Kora said and nipped my ear.

Ealaín ran her hands up her thighs to her wet folds. The look in her eyes, while still making me feel like a text being scrutinized for its factual accuracy, were also inviting. Dew glistened on the shaved lips of her pussy, her labia fat and plump, her pink delights peeking between them.

My dick throbbed. I crawled over to her, my cock swaying hard before her. The demigoddess let out a purring moan that inspired me to get to her faster. Zanyia's fuzzy tale brushed my side as I passed her, the lamia's tight rump wiggling back and forth as she feasted on Aingeal's pussy.

“Sven,” Ealaín said. “Shall we inspire your sister with a little passion?”

“Is that all you think about?” I asked her, my hands touching her toned thighs. She had strength beneath her silky skin. I slid my hands down them, loving the feel of her as she sucked in a deep breath, her big tits jiggling and swaying.

“It's my purpose. I am her muse.” She licked my lips. “Your sister has talent that must be nurtured. And I just want to see it blossom. Don't you?”

“Yes,” I answered without thought. A twinge of guilt washed through me. I'd dragged Kora into this mess. My relationship with Princess Ava had led to Prince Meinard killing our parents and sister. She was a fugitive because of me. She could have left the country, found another temple of Rithi to study at. But she stayed with me, wanting to help me destroy Prince Meinard.

So she deserved to have her art created. And if Ealaín could help her then... good.

“I want to see her art flourish,” I said as I leaned my face into Ealaín's big breasts.

Her dark arms wrapped about my neck, pulling me into those bountiful tits. I groaned as they felt so wonderful about my face. I squeezed those soft mound, pressing them into my kiss. I breathed in her scent, sweet and feminine. I shuddered, my cock throbbing as my lips nibbled on the inner slopes of her breasts.

She groaned, her back arching, her body twitching and squirming as I loved her tits. I nibbled and sucked on her flesh, loving her, driving her wild. I kissed and moaned, my head twisting back and forth as I loved her breasts. My hands squeezed them, my fingers sinking into their wonderful mounds. They slid up to her pinnacle and brushed her nipples.

She let out a moan of pure, feminine pleasure. My confidence swelled hearing that sound. Her reaction. Her arms relaxed around my neck, her hands thrusting down my back. Her fingers caressed my flesh, exposing me, sending fire racing through my body.

My cock throbbed.

“Mmm, yes, your sister is watching us,” purred the aoi si. Her voice sounded like liquid passion now. “She's getting so inspired watching you play with my tits.”

“They're great tits,” I groaned as my fingers pinched her nipples hard.

She whimpered, a sound that made my dick throb hard. I rolled her nubs between my fingers, twisting them. I stretched out her pillowy mounds by tugging on them. I lifted my face from her breasts, watching her breast jiggling and sway.

I released her nubs and loved the way they jiggled back into their normal shape. Her fingernails scratched my back. She wanted this. I gave her pleasure. I loved giving a woman rapture. There was nothing more exciting than giving a woman bliss. To make her shudder and groan and moan. To master her body with my skill. Women weren't like men. They just didn't cum from a little stimulation.

You had to play with their bodies.

My hands shifted from her breasts as I leaned down and sucked on her nipple. I nibbled on her fat nub with my lips then flicked my tongue around her. She let out another moan as she sank her body back onto the bedroll.

I followed her, my dick throbbing and aching.

I sucked and nibbled on her nubs, worshiping them as I played with her. I stroked her sides and body. I loved the silky feel of her skin. Her moans grew louder and louder as I loved her nipple. I sucked harder, engulfing her aerola.

“Sven,” she groaned as my fingers stroked across her stomach. “Oh, yes, yes, inspire your sister! Show her your passion. Make me cum.”

“Yes, brother mine,” groaned Kora, her voice thick. I bet Nathalie played with her body, loving my sister like she did me. “Show me your passion. Make her cum like you do all the sluts.”

“Ooh, he's good at that,” Aingeal said, her voice so throaty, Zanyia purring as she still licked at my faerie wife's cunt.

The passion in my sister's voice and the confidence in Aingeal's sent a hot shiver through my body. I switched nipples, attacking her other one. I sucked as much of her nub and areola into my mouth as my hands shot across her sides and shoved between her thighs.

I felt the shaved flesh of her pussy with both my fingers. She moaned louder as I stroked her. My fingers caressed her juicy flesh. I explored her thick labia, stroking her engorged pussy lips between my fingers. Her juice coated my fingers, her passion sticky and aching to be enjoyed.

I groaned about her nub as I shoved a thumb into her cunt. I sank into her hot depths. Her walls squeezed down on it, my cock throbbing in envy. I wanted to be in her. Fucking her. I wanted to thrust my dick into her liquid depths and make her explode.

“Oh, yes, Sven,” she whimpered. “Oh, that's it. Show your sister your passion.”

I shoved the thumb of my other hand into her depths, too. I pumped them both in and out of her, loving the silky heat of her cunt. I groaned about her nipple, sucking and nibbling that fat nub, giving her more pleasure.

She quivered and moaned, her passion echoing through our tent, mixing with Kora and Aingeal. Her voice blended with my harem's passion. Her citrine eyes fluttered, her head shifting from side-to-side as her pussy clenched down on my thumbs.

“Ooh, she's going to erupt,” Aingeal moaned. “Make her cum. Show her your skill.”

I ripped my thumbs out of Ealaín's pussy and jammed three fingers into her twat. I pumped them in and out of her cunt fast and hard. I nipped her nipple hard. She gasped and groaned, her snatch clenching around my plunging fingers.

“Yes,” she groaned. “Oh, yes, that's it. Oh, yes, do that. Inspire your sister... Inspire me! Rithi's talented fingers!”

Her body bucked. Her pussy convulsed about my digits. Her hot flesh spasmed about her cunt. My thumb rubbed on her clit as her orgasm spilled through her. Her body bucked as she groaned and gasped. Her flesh convulsed around it. The pleasure surged through her body. Her tits jiggled beneath my mouth.

I nibbled and sucked on her fat nub as she moaned and gasped. Her cunt spasmed about my fingers, milking my fingers. Her sucking snatch made my dick ache. I wanted to be in her, to fuck her so hard, to show her passion. Her moans cried out, needing it.

I ripped my fingers out of her snatch and moved up her convulsing body.

“Yes, yes,” she groaned. “Gods, I need it. Just ram that into me and... Rithi's amazing talent!”

I sank into her spasming flesh. I groaned, loving the feel of sinking into a woman's climaxing pussy. To already feel her pleasure writhing around my dick and knowing I would give her even more as I thrust away at her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her. I squeezed her breasts with my sticky fingers as I stared into her citrine eyes.

“You like that, huh?” I asked her, pumping my hips away. “My cock churning up that juicy cunt.”

“Yes,” she groaned, her thighs squeezing around my waist. She pulled me tight against her, the tips of her breasts, those hard nipples, rubbing into my chest. “Ram that cock into me. Keep me cumming. Keep inspiring Kora!”

“You're just my slut, aren't you? You're my aoi si slut!”

“I am right now!” she moaned, her fingers digging into my back, fingernails scratching. Her thighs squeezed tight about my waist as she bucked up into my thrusts. Her pussy sucked at my dick, her orgasms rippling over and over through her body.

My balls, aching to cum in her, smacked over and over into her taint. I loved that meaty thwunk. I squeezed her tits, pressing my forehead against hers, staring into those yellow eyes. Such passion burned in them.

Passion I inspired.

I thrust into her with all my strength, stimulating her pussy with my cock. Her hot sheath convulsed harder, stimulating me. My cock's tip ached and throbbed as the friction caressed me, sucking at my balls. They grew tighter and tighter.

“I'm going to flood your cunt,” I growled. “That's what you want.”

“That's what Kora wants!” she groaned, her voice so thick with her pleasure. “Do it! Cum in me! Fill me with your spunk for your sister's art!”

I groaned and buried into her convulsing depths. Her silky depths caressed my entire shaft. Her heat surged down my shaft to my balls. The stimulation shot through me. I growled as my back arched, my cum boiling.

And gave the slut what she wanted.

My cum spurted into her cunt. Her pussy milked my cock, spasming harder and harder. Every blast sent ecstasy surging through me. I held her tight to me, crushing her to my chest, her breasts pillowy soft. I grunted with each blast, the pleasure spiking through my body.

I loved it. Reveled in it.

“Brother mine!” Kora whimpered. “Ooh, that's so hot. You're filling her cunt with all that cum. It's amazing.”

“Yes!” I groaned, stars dancing through my eyes. “Gods, yes.”

Ealaín whimpered beneath me, her pussy wringing out the last drops of my cum. A smile played on her face. Her eyes fluttered, glassy for a moment, then the focused on me. Her body shifted and squirmed beneath me.

“You are skilled, Sven. Such an inspiration for your sister.” Her eyes grew studious again, calculating, like I hadn't just made her cum over and over.

What was she thinking?

“Fuck me now, Master!” Zanyia yowled, landing beside us, her face sticky with Aingeal's pussy juices. “Please, please. I want to try her cock, Master.” She fluttered her golden, cat-like eyes at me.

I couldn't say no to her.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Hermaphrodite's Passion


I let my clit sprout. I shuddered as my nub grew thicker and harder. Its pink flesh darkened to match my obsidian skin as it swelled larger and larger. It thrust at the lamia's wiggling ass, her tail swishing back and forth, the tawny fur providing a ticklish sensation across my breasts while her furred muff beckoned my cock.

She purred as she sucked noisily on Sven's cock, her ears twitching in obvious signs of enjoyment. Kora watched, drinking in our actions, providing her more inspiration for her art. But how much unique delights could she create if she stayed in Sven's harem, fucking the same man and women over and over? Yes, I provided a novel experience.

But not even I could inspire her to make unique works forever.

Her attachment to her brother was... unhealthy. How could she experience more chained to his harem? Love could provide beautiful works of art, but it was hardly the only emotion that could create majesty. That could help uncover the world and touch the souls of those who witnessed her creations.

As Kora shuddered on Nathalie's licking mouth, the amulet swinging between her breasts caught my attention. That had to be dealt with first. It needed to be their priority. Not their petty vengeance on this Prince Meinard. The pain he caused could propel new art, but this pursuit of revenge did nothing to bring new beauty to the world.

“You going to fuck my little lamia?” Sven asked, his voice strained by the pleasure of his sex slave's sucking. “She's a horny thing.”

Zanyia purred loudly about Sven's dick.

I turned my attention to the lamia. Her pussy dripped juices down her thighs, her tawny bush soaked by her excitement. Her sweet musk filled my nose as her tail coiled about my left breast. She flicked it, brushing my nipples.

Tingles raced down my body to the tip of my girl-dick. I shuddered, bringing my transformed cock to the catgirl's hot pussy. Her wet silk brushed my tip then her hot pussy lips. I savored this moment. I loved fucking a woman. Being pounded by Sven was nice, he knew how to please a woman, but nothing compared to this.

I thrust.

Zanyia purred louder about Sven's cock as I sank into her twat. Her hot flesh engulfed my cock. My pleasure surged down my shaft. My pussy clenched as I savored the delight of her cunt. My breasts jiggled as I let out a moan of delight.

“I know,” Sven grinned at me. “She's got a tight pussy.”

“Yes, she does,” I purred, his eyes watching her tail flicking across my tits.

“Ooh, pound the slut,” Aingeal moaned. “Fuck her so hard. I love watching sex. It's so hot.”

I savored the emotions our art inspired in Aingeal.

My hips drew back through the catgirl's tight pussy. She clamped down her flesh about my shaft, pleasure shooting down my clit-dick. I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. Waves of heat washed through my body out of my juicy cunt. Cum and my cream ran down my thighs.

I thrust deep into her snatch, her tail twitching across my tits. My nipples throbbed, the bushy delight stimulating me, inspiring my hips to pump away faster and faster. I drove my dick deep into her cunt, reveling in her juicy delights.

“Damn, that is hot,” Sven groaned, his blue eyes staring at my tits and that catgirl's flicking tail. “Fuck her. She's moaning about my cock and sucking so hard.”

“Yes, she's a wanton one,” I groaned, my eyes flicking across Sven's pale chest. So muscular and strong. He didn't have broad shoulders, but he still had a fighter's strength. “Such a juicy pussy.”

“She's going to make you cum,” he growled, his hands seizing his slave's tawny hair. Her ears twitched more. “Right, slut?”

Zanyia's pussy clamped down so hard on my plunging dick as her purr rumbled out of her throat.

“Oh, yes, she's going to make you cum so hard, Ealaín,” Kora moaned, her voice so throaty with pleasure. “Fuck her. She's such a sweet thing.”

“I am, Radiant,” I gasped.

“She deserves to explode on your dick and drink down all my brother's cum!”

“She loves cum so much,” Nathalie moaned. “Just a slut for it!”

“Oh, yes!” Kora moaned. “Feed her all your spunk, brother mine!”

“I'll pump it right down her throat,” Sven grunted, thrusting hard. I could hear the meaty thwack of his balls against her chin, his dick ramming down Zanyia's throat.

She loved it.

Her tail swished faster and faster, brushing my nipples and tits while her hips wiggled from side-to-side. Her pussy sucked at my cock. Her hot, juicy twat begged for me to cum in her. She stirred her sheath around me, caressing me with her silk.

I thrust faster and faster into her depths. My tits heaved and bounced before me. I savored the feel of her cunt and Sven's eyes lusting after me. He couldn't look away from my bouncing breasts as I fucked his sex slave with my girl-dick.

“Pound her,” he growled, his voice so thick. His own hips thrust faster and faster, ramming his cock deep down Zanyia's throat. “Pater's cock, you need to make my whore cum!”

“Yes!” I groaned. “Gods, I want that. I want to feel her flesh spasming about me. Rithi's skilled fingers, yes!”

My flesh slapped into Zanyia's rump. She rocked between us, spit-roasted on our cocks. It was so hot. So exciting. I groaned, pumping with all my might. I wanted to spill every drop of my spunk into her depths. I wanted it dripping out of her, spilling down her thighs. What a delicious treat to witness.

What inspiration for Kora.

“Yes, yes, yes,” my charge moaned. Then she gasped as Aingeal suddenly straddled her face.

“Your mouth needs to do more than just moan!” the fairy gasped, her pink wings spreading wide. She looked so complete with her wings back. Her tits heaved before her, pink hair spilling about her face as she squirmed on Kora's mouth.

My charge licked and nibbled, devouring the fairy's pussy with such rapture. But she couldn't see the art I created. She couldn't take inspiration from my passion any longer. I growled out as a wave of frustration washed through me, my hips thrusting forward as hard as possible.

My dick rejoiced at the increased friction. It drank in the sensations Zanyia's silky pussy walls provided. My own cunt tightened, my pleasure building and building in me. My tits bounced and heaved as my ovaries boiled.

“Pater's might cock, I love that sight,” groaned Sven, staring at his fairy-wife's big tits heaving as she writhed atop Kora.

“Mmm, yes, yes, yes,” Aingeal moaned, cupping her big, pillowy tits, her nipple rings glinting as they pierced through her fat nubs. “Feast on the sight of these, my husband! You can't look away.”

“They're just so delightful,” he grunted, balls thwacking over and over on Zanyia's chin.

The lamia moaned, her tail swishing faster and faster across my breasts, tickling my nipples. My pussy clenched as the faerie giggled. Sven growled, making the same sounds he did right before he came inside of me.

More of his cum ran out of my pussy while my clit-dick ached in his sex slave's juicy depths. I shuddered, slamming into her cunt. The friction shot down my shaft to my ovaries. They tightened. My back arched.

“Rithi's majestic art!” I screamed out, throwing back my head.

My girl-cum fired out of my dick into the lamia's tight cunt. She whimpered, her ears twitching, and joined me in rapture. Her pussy spasmed about my hard dick. She milked my cock, wringing it dry with her passion while yowling about her master's dick.

Sven grunted, his masculine face twisting with passion. He slammed his dick deep into her mouth and grunted. As I flooded the slutty lamia's cunt, his jizz pumped straight down her gullet into her belly. Her pussy spasmed harder about my girl-cock, her orgasm intensifying as the pleasure surged through her body.

“Ooh, yes, you're giving the little slut what she needs,” Aingeal moaned, kneading her tits as she ground on Kora's mouth. Her fingers brushed her nipple piercings, flicking the golden rings up and down. “And so is your sweet sister, my husband.”

“Yes, she is,” Sven groaned through his pleasure.

My own orgasm peaked. Dizzy rapture shuddered through me. And Kora didn't see it. I shuddered, my final spurt of jizz flooding the catgirl's juicy depths. Pleasure rippled through me. I sucked in such a deep breath as my body buzzed in delight.

“Gods, that was good, eh, Ealaín?” Sven asked.

I nodded my head, casting my calculating gaze to him. Once the amulet was destroyed, however that was accomplished, I would have to part Kora from her brother. She needed new experiences, safer experiences, to grow her art. Her brother would only chain her into his vulgar and dangerous lifestyle. She was a rose that deserved to blossom in the most spectacular garden.

He was a weed. And though a weed could be beautiful in their own vulgar away, they were still so common.


Kora Falk

Aingeal rolled off of me, gasping and shuddering from her orgasm. Her wings fluttering as she shuddered in delight. I licked my lips, savoring the honey flavor of her pussy, different from the earthier musk of a human's, or a lamia's, pussy.

A wave of exhaustion washed through me. I yawned, glad I could make Aingeal cum, but I was just so tired. It had been such a long few days. A long week. Ten days ago, we encountered the patrol that chased us into the woods. We hardly rested at all as we traipsed through the woods, recruited Nathalie, met Aingeal, and then came to Faerie. And there...

My eyes didn't want to stay open as Nathalie slid up my body and snuggled against me. I smelled my tangy musk adorning her face as she held me tight. Her form felt so hot and silky against me, her embrace so comforting.

“You look so tired, Mistress. Sleep.” She kissed my cheek, leaving my skin feeling sticky with my passion.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, that exhaustion dragging me down, mixing with the relaxing buzz of the wonderful orgasms the sex slave snuggling against me gave.

I was sure I'd feel better tomorrow.



I suddenly felt so sleepy as I came down from the wonderful orgasm that Kora gave me. Not surprising after spending all night chained in a cell. I couldn't sleep at all, fearing my impending doom. But now... now I was free. I was with my family.

Sleep could wait. I wanted to play some more.

Ealaín sank onto her ass, her clit-dick glistening with Zanyia's pussy juices, her black thighs stained with Sven's milky cum. She had her legs parted, his spunk leaking out of her depths. It made my mouth water.

I wanted to play some more. I had my wings back. This was all so amazing. I shoved down that leaden exhaustion and crawled towards the aoi si, my big tits swaying before me. Her citrine eyes flicked to me, lidded from her pleasure.

“Your cock is so fascinating,” I purred. I liked cocks. Thoughts of my poor feyhound, Cú Mheá, flashed through my mind. He was destroyed in the fight with Duke Gallchobhar.

That ached my heart. Cú Mheá wasn't a living creature, but I carved him and animated him to give me companionship. He was a wonderful lover. Should I make a new one now that I had my husband, his sex slaves, Kora, and the aoi si? And how did Ealaín fit into the family? A friend with benefits? A potential mate to Sven. He'd fucked her hard. That had been so hot to watch.

And now his cum filled her pussy.

I leaned my head down, breathing in her juicy scent. It filled my nostrils with this intoxicating spice that had me salivating. I lunged forward, burying my face into her shaved snatch and lapping up my husband's cum flowing out her.

Spicy cream and salty cum. Yum.

She shuddered, her wet clit-dick throbbing right before my face. I dragged my tongue up through her folds and brushed the base. I had never experienced the delight of licking from a girl's pussy to her cock. I shuddered, the flavor of pussy cream becoming sweet. Zanyia's delight. I purred, my wings fluttering, as I drew it up to the tip of her dick.

“Master!” Zanyia howled behind me, flesh slapping flesh. “Yes, yes, Las's yummy cum! I love your cock in me!”

I shivered, listening to the sound of my husband fucking his sex slave as my tongue reached the pinnacle of the hermaphrodite's dick. I swirled around it, gathering her salty precum and more of Zanyia's sweet cream. The aoi si kept staring at me with her citrine eyes. They were so hard to read. Did she like this?

“Mmm, you bring so many intriguing possibilities into the harem,” I purred, my hips wiggling from side-to-side. “I love it.”

“Oh,” she said. “And how do you plan on using me?”

“Using?” I objected. “No, no, playing.” I grabbed my big, pillowy tits and piled them around her shaft. I felt the slickness of Zanyia's pussy juices while my pierced nipples rubbed into her flat stomach. “Like this.”

She groaned as I slid my tits up and down her girl-dick. My own pussy grew hotter, lightning zapping from my nipples right to my cunt. Juices ran down my thighs as my butterfly wings fluttered, stirring the air around us.

Her breasts rose as she sucked in a sharp inhalation, the tip of her dick stimulated by my pillowy breasts. I loved it and pumped my tits faster. Zanyia's cream lubed the way while my nipples drank in the feel of the aoi si's silky-smooth belly.

My pussy rejoiced at those sensations, growing juicier and juicier by the moment.

“You like that, huh?” I purred. “My big tits on your girl-dick?”

“Of course,” she moaned. “Stimulation is always appreciated.”

“Ooh, and how will you show your appreciation?” I asked, my cunt growing hotter. The stimulation rubbing my pierced nipples—the gold rings twisting and shifting through my nubs—on her breasts shot right to my pussy, building pleasure in my depths. “Will you shower me in your yummy girl-cum?”

“I could be persuaded to do that,” she said, her voice purring.

“I bet,” I said with a grin. “Mmm, I know just how to do it, too. Just what you need. You're going to cum all over my face, aren't you? You naughty hermaphrodite. My tits are going to cajole you into erupting. They're giving you all their arguments about why you need to erupt.”

“Such persuasive arguments,” she agreed, her dick throbbing between my tits.

That made my pussy clench again. The pleasure built in me. I squirmed more and more, my snatch growing wetter. Rivulets of cream worked down my thighs as I pleased this gorgeous creature. I wanted to hear her cry out in ecstasy. I wanted her spunk spurting from her dick and raining across my face.

What an absolutely delightful treat that would be.

My tongue darted out on the downstroke of my tits, licking the tip of her girl-dick when it emerged from between my big boobs. My nipples throbbed as I lapped up her precum. My pussy clenched tight, the pleasure rippling through my body.

“Oh, yes, yes,” groaned Ealaín. “Rithi's talented fingers and appreciative eye! Gods, you are skilled with your arguments.”

“I love cum as much as Zanyia!”

“Yes!” yowled the catgirl as Sven fucked her sloppy cunt.

My husband grunted and groaned, savoring her as I pleasured the hermaphrodite. I worked my tits faster and faster, her cock twitching and throbbing in between my pillowy mounds. My nipple rings twisted about, stimulating my nipples more and more, shooting rapture down to my cunt. My tongue lapped at the tip of her cock, making her moan louder and louder.

Then she arched her back. Her face contorted. Her yellow eyes squeezed shut. I slid my tits up and down her cock. My tongue flicked the throbbing tip, scooping up a large dollop of her precum. The salty treat melted on my tongue as she screamed out in rapture.

“Gods, yes!”

Her cum exploded.

“Cernere's black cunt!” I howled as her spunk spurted into my face. My nipples throbbed against her belly as I pumped my tits up and down her shaft, milking out her cum. The pleasure shot down to my pussy. “Yes!”

I made her cum. That thrill combined with caressing my nipples against her belly. As her jizz splattered my tits and painted my face, my orgasm erupted in the depths of my cunt. Pleasure surged through me as girl-jizz splashed into my mouth.

I swallowed the salty treat as we both groaned in pleasure. Cream gushed out of my cunt. My snatch spasmed, waves of ecstasy surging through my body I loved cumming just from nipple stimulation alone, savoring that wonderful treat.

Her cum coated my cheeks and chin. It ran thick down to my neck and dribbled onto my fat tits. Her dick's final pulse sent a rivulet of pearly spunk running down her shaft to soak into the valley of my tits.

“Mmm, look at you,” she purred, staring at me with such hunger in her eyes.

The aoi si cupped my face and lifted me. Still trembling through my orgasm, she brought my face to her lips and licked at her own cum dripping across my flesh. Sven groaned behind us, slamming hard into Zanyia's pussy.

“Now that is hot!” he groaned. “Gods, I love it.”

“Master!” squealed Zanyia. “Yes, yes, cum in me! Fill my pussy and... Las's spurting cock, yes!”

I shuddered as Ealaín's cum-coated tongue found my lips. We kissed hard, sharing her passion as my body buzzed in delight. The pleasure surged through my flesh. I wiggled my hips and fluttered my wings as I snowballed girl-jizz back and forth with the hermaphrodite, our large tits rubbing together, smearing her cum across her tits.

I purred when we broke our kiss. “Yes, you do bring something delicious to the harem.”

“Harem...” Her eyes flicked away from me for a moment. “I suppose I do.”

I cuddled against her body, loving the feel of her jizz staining my flesh, and watched Sven rip his cock out of Zanyia's pussy. The catgirl fell into a heap before him, curling up into a ball, her tail twitching, and was asleep in moments, a smile on her lips.

Sven yawned, too. He sank down on the other side of the aoi si, lying on his back, staring up at the tent wall. He sucked in a deep breath, his chest rising and falling, matted by his glistening sweat. I breathed in, the tent filled with the musk of our combined passions, hot pussies and salty cum.

I loved it.

“What are your plans now?” Ealaín asked.

Chapter Thirty: Exhausted Plan


My husband Sven glanced at the sleeping Kora as Ealaín's question seemed to echo through the tent. His face tightened. “I want to go after that bastard. We've destroyed his army and I want to ram my sword into his guts. But...”

“But?” the aoi si asked, her voice sounding almost bored, disinterested.

“The amulet.”

A shiver ran through me. The Biomancer Vebrin's soul laid locked Kora's amulet. Panthopus, his terrifying amalgamation of octopus and panthers, prowled the Forest of Lhes. I'd seen them, tentacles thrusting from their bodies, searching for prey. They displaced their bodies, using an innate form of illusions that not even my keen eyes could penetrate. And those weren't the worst things he created. He experimented on all creatures, even faeries, in his dark castle in the Haunted Forest.

The world was better off without him around.

“We can't let him be revived. And I doubt we can just smash it.” Sven shook his head. “That never works with powerful magical artifacts. He would have warded it against that.”

“The Collegiate Tower down in Esh-Esh would have ideas,” I said. “They are mages, too. And they condemned Vebrin's work. They wouldn't want him back. They hate warlocks.”

“Warlocks?” Nathalie asked, cuddled against Kora.

“Rogue mages who don't follow the Magery Council's rules,” Sven answered. “But that's a long trip. And the Magery is embroiled in their war with the Kingdom of Allain.”

“There's the Lesbius Oracle in the Deorc Forest,” I added. I gave Sven a naughty grin. “She doesn't like men, but there's plenty of women in the party she might be willing to aid.”


Sven Falk

I rolled my eyes at my faerie-wife cuddling against the aoi si, a mischievous grin playing on her face.

“That's a big help.”

“Well, Kora's a woman,” Aingeal pointed out. “Even if she's made the mistake of sleeping with a guy. The Oracle might overlook that.”

“And what will her price be?” I asked, leaden exhaustion puling down at me. I was feeling the long two days after cumming in Zanyia's pussy. “We need something closer.”

Ealaín shifted. “You have an idea.”

My face grew tense. Pain throbbed in my heart. Flashes of my old life exploded through my mind. Carousing with Ava with other nubile students, regaling my sisters with my exploits. “The University of Az. Between its various colleges, they will know how to destroy it.”

“Yes, I can see that. The Bardic College guards much old knowledge, and the Philosophic College studies the esoterics,” Ealaín said.

“We just have to go west, skirting the southern edge of the forest, and we'll reach Az in a few days.” I yawned again and my eyes closed, lids so heavy. “We can meet up with Ava on the way. We'll be slow traveling through the woods until we hit the southern edge.” I groaned. “I should tell her the plan.” I forced my eyes back open, fighting against sleep, and reached for my pack.

Gods, I was tired.

“I think going to Az is a good idea,” Ealaín said. “Rest. I will take the first watch.”

She rose as I pulled out Ava's alabaster proxy. Aingeal snuggled closer to me, her breasts sticky. She hugged me tight, her pink hair spilling across my chest as her breathing slowed into sleep. I caressed Ava's proxy.

She responded.


Princess Ava – Koyth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

Traveling had left me tired, but it was wonderful knowing their was a plan. I worked out with Sven where to meet him and his harem when they emerged out of the southern edge of the Forest of Lhes. Then I let him get some rest.

He sounded so tired.

I wanted to sleep myself as I lay in the lumpy mattress in the rude village in. Greta shifted beside me. I wore my thickest nightgown, fearing that we wouldn't be sleeping alone in this bed. This inn looked so shabby. I had never stayed in anything so poor before in my life.

But I could handle the discomfort if it got me away from my father. If it brought me to Sven. And in Az, I bet I could find a way to break the lust enchantment my father placed on me. My pussy twinged, aching for his touch. But he was a day's ride away now.

I just hoped my plan worked. If he came hunting towards the forest after me. I needed to know.

I sank into my jade beetle. I'd left this proxy in my father's office after I discovered about the Lodestone hidden in Faerie two weeks ago. My soul rushed out of my body and inhabited the little statue. I came awake in the dark crevasse formed by crumbling mortar in the study's walls. I peered into the dark room and...

My father wasn't there.

I clicked my little mandibles in irritation. Of course he wasn't here. It would have been the greatest coincidence in the world if he was. I let out an annoyed sigh, buzzing my little jade wings in the tight crevasse. I settled into wait, my mind numb with exhaustion.

I just wanted to sleep.

It would be so easy. To just sink down into my dreams...

My thoughts drifted as I struggled to stay awake. My father spent so much time in the study. I had to learn something. I couldn't let myself sink into oblivion yet. I needed to stay up for as long as I could and...

Sven's arms engulfed me. “I'll never let you go. You're mine.”

“Yes,” I moaned, trembling in his arms as he carried me in my wedding dress towards the black and white altar of Luben. “Make me your bride tonight!”

A door slammed.

I jumped awake still trapped in the tight crevasse. Light flooded in through the crack. My father had returned. My dream spilled off of me as I gazed out into his study. I caught sight of his dark boots marching across the room. Then he sat down heavily at his desk. A drawer opened and then slammed shut.

He sounded... angry? Worried? I wished he would talk to himself, let me know what he was thinking. Instead... he began writing. The scratch of his quill filled the room. It was monotonous, drawling, lulling me back into sleep and—

A loud rap hammered the door.

“Enter,” my father said, his voice cool. Since mother's death, the passion had bled out of him.

The door creaked open and I caught the hem of a black robe. Master Mage Shevoin swept into the room and stood before my father's desk. This was it. With his magic, he could track me down. I had my lies all ready if Father caught up with me, how I had to flee because I feared his power. He was a mage. Armies couldn't stand up to them.

“Well?” Father asked, his voice still devoid of any emotion. “Where did she go? Was she captured? Is she hurt?”

“You're not even asking if I found her?”

“If you found her, she'd be with you.” Father's chair creaked. “Stop wasting my time. It won't be long until my enemies realize that my new armies are no longer activated. I don't need this distraction. Where did my daughter go?”

“She went south towards Thlin,” he said. “She's riding fast. I fear... I fear she is fleeing your castle.”

Father let out almost an angry grunt. “And what about the enchantment. You assured me it would make her love me. She...” His voice softened. “She did love me. She gave herself to me.”

“I... I am not a mind reader, your majesty. Perhaps her maid... conspired with your enemies in Thlin. I do not know. I have already ordered your men to ride after her. Do you wish me to accompany them?”

There was a long pause. “No. I can breed other heirs.”

Indignation shot through me. He didn't actually care about me? I thought he at least loved me.

“I need you to recreate the Lodestone. Send your agents to the mines and find me another piece of magnetic iron big enough to work for your spell.”

“Of course, your majesty,” Shevoin said.

“And send in Gunther. I can spare some men to find my daughter. She would make a great heir for me, but... But I can't be weak right now.”

My ruse worked. I pulled out of my beetle and sank into my thoughts. My eyes opened to stare at the dark rafters of the inn room's ceiling. He didn't love me. I shouldn't be hurt by that, I despised my father, but... But he said he loved me and...

Sven loved me. I needed to focus on that. On what was important. Once I was with Sven, we would stop my father before Shevoin could recreate the Lodestone. It was time to move on him. It was time to end his reign for good.

To be continued...

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