An Incest Birthday Chapter 17

An Incest Birthday Chapter 17

An unfortunate accident kept me away from the computer for a long time, but I'm all healed up and ready to get back to writing. I just hope I am as close to where I was writing wise before my abrupt disappearance. So after over an 8 month absence, the story of Rita and Randy Stevens continues right here, hope you enjoy it.

I stirred in my sleep, waking up when I felt something push at my chest over and over, to the point where I had to address the issue. With blurry eyes I looked through the darkness until they adjusted enough to clear up the image in front of me, Rita with a grin on her face.

“Lets get em!”

I smiled to myself as I drifted back to sleep, wondering just what Rita had going through her head, and what she planned to do to mom and Aunt Lisa. I could already tell it was gonna be a day to remember.


I woke up again, this time on my own, in a room filled with daylight to see Rita in the same position she was in only hours ago... on her side, looking me dead in the eye, grinning.

“Have you been laying like that all night?”

“Nope, just woke up like five minutes ago, and remembered what today was.”

“You know what you're gonna do to them?”

“I have some ideas, but we have all day to figure it out. I cant wait! This is gonna be fantastic!” Rita screamed as she rolled on top of me and started bouncing up and down, getting me a little excited.

“Wait, dad might still be here. Lets go check first before we do anything.”

“Oh Randy you're always worrying, you gotta live a little. You know if you weren't so cute I would've left you a long time ago,” she joked as she got up and headed for the door.

“You'd miss all this and you know it,” I joked back as I hit her with a pillow.

I lay there for a second trying to get a grip on the situation. We had a free pass at mom and Aunt Lisa and yet I couldn't think of anything to do to them, hopefully as the day went on I could come up with something. I dashed toward the bathroom and cleaned myself up real quick and headed downstairs to see mom and Aunt Lisa had made a big breakfast spread; eggs, french toast, sausage, bacon, ham, biscuits, rice, even hash browns, they went all out. I was suspicious immediately knowing exactly what was going on, but it wasn't gonna work, not today, not a chance in hell, no beans, hell no, nope.


“I know, I did the same thing when I came and saw it,” Rita said.

“Were not trying to suck up, its just to say to at least be fair, nothing too extreme,” mom said.

“Says the woman who worked us like a puppet over and over again,” Rita responded.

“You can go easy on me, I wasn't as bad as your mother,” Aunt Lisa jumped in.

“Please, you were her right hand woman, don't play innocent,” I followed.

We all sat down and started eating the humongous breakfast laid out before us. The tension in the room was finally in our favor as neither mom nor Aunt Lisa knew what to expect.

“Time starts as soon as dad leaves just so you know,” Rita said through a mouthful of food. “Wait is he here now?”

“Unfortunately, he had to leave a little early this morning, of all days,” mom said.

Rita's face lit up. “Perfect, then time starts right now and ends at midnight, and since it starts now, I think you both should strip naked, right now.”

The look on their face was worth it even if they didn't strip down, mom especially. “What? You cant be serious, your dad could walk back in here at any time!”

“We both know he never comes back after he leaves until he gets off work mom so don't even try that. Those are really nice outfits, but they'll look even better on the floor, so strip!” Rita commanded.

I could tell Rita was enjoying every last bit of this, she knew exactly how to get a rise out of the situation, and out of me, man did she look hot giving them orders. Eventually, mom and Aunt Lisa knew they were beat and stripped down to their bra and panties, mom in black and Aunt Lisa in red, both looking like they came out of a Victoria's Secret catalog.

“Its only one day Anna, then after that we'll get them back,” Aunt Lisa reassured mom.

“Yeah but until then you have to do what we say, and trust me there's gonna be a lot of stuff you're gonna have to do; embarrassing stuff, funny stuff, stupid stuff, the list goes on,” Rita gloated.

We went back to eating breakfast and I quickly noticed how much quieter it had gotten, Rita had them right where she wanted them, and they were intimidated, but me I haven't done anything yet, except sit back and watch Rita get in their heads. I would have to get involved, this is way too golden of an opportunity to pass up. I eyed everyone at the table; mom had a “I swear I'm gonna get you back you little hussy!” look on her face staring at Rita, Aunt Lisa kept looking up at every little sound hoping dad wasn't coming back through the door, and Rita had the biggest grin on her face as she ate her food, and her nipples were rock hard (yeah I definitely noticed that). It wasn't anywhere near cold in the house (at least for us it wasn't) so I knew that wasn't it, she was actually horny, and her being horny was making me horny, so much that I wasn't even hungry for food anymore, I wanted to eat something else...

With breakfast over we had mom and Aunt Lisa clean up everything and we headed upstairs, and on the way I picked Rita up and carried her to our bed, ready to devour her sweet little body.

“Mmmmm wait Randy, not just yet.”

“What do you mean not just yet? Now is the perfect time!”

“I have a plan. Trust me, I want you too, you know I do, but I wanna make it as torturous as I can for mom and Aunt Lisa, we won't get this chance again. Trust me, it'll be that much better.”

As much as I wanted to take her right there, the look in her eyes when she said that told me it was best to wait, so I reluctantly calmed myself down as we both went back downstairs.

We sat on the couch watching tv, not really paying attention to what was on, but waiting for them to finish cleaning up the kitchen. When they were done, they picked up their clothes and tried to rush past us to go upstairs, but we all knew it wasn't gonna happen like that.

“And just where do you two think you're going?” Rita asked.

“Were done with the kitchen, so were going upstairs to relax,” Aunt Lisa said.

“You can relax down here, sit down and watch tv with us.”

“I'm guessing we don't have a choice,” mom said.

“No, not really. Come on, whats the worst that can happen?” Rita grinned.

They dropped their clothes on the stair landing and went to sit down on the other couch, but once again, Rita had another trick up her sleeve.

“Wait, before you sit down, I have a little surprise for you,” she said as she reached between the couch cushions and pulled something out. “I know how kinky you two like to get, so we have some toys for you. One of you gets to wear the nipple clamps and the other gets the buttplug, your choice.”

They both looked astonished, but not put off by the idea. While it was a good plan on Rita's part, she had one flaw in it, she left them a choice on which to choose. If I learned one thing about mom and Aunt Lisa its what turns them on. Aunt Lisa loved to have her tits played with, nipples too, no matter what it was you were doing, she loved it. Mom was an anal freak, plain and simple. I don't remember a time since this whole thing started that she didn't have something up her ass. It was obvious which toys they were gonna pick, and I was right, mom went for the buttplug and Aunt Lisa went for the clamps. Since this day was supposed to be torturous for them, I couldn't just sit there and let them get their little moment of pleasure knowing what I knew, so I had to step in.

“Oh no, I don't think so! You don't think were stupid do you? Mom you get the clamps and Aunt Lisa you get to have the buttplug, oh and one more thing, they have to stay on all day, unless we say otherwise. If we catch you messing with them, lets just say you won't like the outcome.”

Their little glimmer of hope faded as their small plan backfired on them. We watched as mom took off her bra and put on the clamps as delicate as she could, giving us a devilish look as she did, and Aunt Lisa push her panties down and slowly inch the buttplug inside her tight ass, she was too focused on trying not to push it in too fast and hurt herself to pay attention to us.

“Ok, I think we've done enough, for now,” Rita said as she turned back on the movie.

They sat down on the other couch, Aunt Lisa slower than mom, and watched the movie with us, we didn't like what was on so I channel surfed until Rita saw a movie she liked.

“Ooh go back! Lets watch that! Put it on Monsters Ball.”

“Monsters Ball? Whats that? It sounds stupid.”

“Trust me, you'll definitely like it,” she said grinning.

I flipped it to the movie about five minutes in, and noticed that Halle Berry was in it, ok now I had a reason to watch it. It started off really slow but then started to pick up a little.

“You two don't even feel guilty about doing this to us do you?” Aunt Lisa asked out of nowhere.

“Nope, not in the slightest. After all the things you did to us, payback is long overdue. Besides, we haven't even DONE anything to you yet,” Rita smiled and looked back towards the tv.

“Since when did you start to be so cunning and deceitful?” mom asked.

“Well you are my mother, so I guess its genetic. I should say thank you.”

“Thank you for what?”

“You'll find out, real soon.”

The way Rita stayed so calm through that whole conversation made me glad I was on the same side as her, not that she'd ever do anything like this to me but still, glad I was on her team. It had gotten pretty quiet again as we got into the movie, and from my POV it had started to get a little boring, that is until the best scene ever came on screen, Halle Berry telling Billy Bob Thornton to “make her feel good.” I swear, my eyes were glued to the tv practically the whole scene, until I heard light moans coming from Rita and looked over to see her playing with herself. My cock was rock hard, and needed some attention, and by the looks of it so did Rita. For that moment I forgot mom and Aunt Lisa were in the room as Rita and I began to make out. She threw her skirt covered leg over mine, letting her pink panties show in the process and rubbed my cock through my shorts. I pulled her into my lap, squeezing her ass cheeks tight in my hands while slipping my tongue in her mouth as she ground herself in my lap, all the while we can still hear the raunchy sex scene going on in tv land.

“You know were still in the room right,” mom spoke up.

“We know, you can either leave or enjoy the show,” Rita said as she took off my shirt.

She leaned off me and pulled my shirt off me then slipped down my body to pull my shorts off. She took them and my boxers in one clean motion, making my cock pop up like a whack-a-mole. She grinned in mom and Aunt Lisa's direction then took my cock in her hand, stroked it a few times, then took the head between her lips.

I couldn't help but let out a loud moan as her tongue ran traces over my head and her lips squeezed around the neck of my cock. I moved her hair out of the way as she slowly took my whole cock in her mouth, then pulled back out to the head, then took it all in again, each time she did it speeding up a little faster than before. Before we knew it we heard mom and Aunt Lisa moaning and looked over to see them playing with themselves, Aunt Lisa pinching her tits and mom fingering herself, both of them were intently staring at us as they tried to bring themselves to orgasm.

“You two look like you're having fun over there, too much fun actually. Time for some new rules, either you can watch us have sex and not touch yourself, or you can touch yourself and not watch us, only listen, your choice,” Rita said while stroking my cock.

“What?! Come on what kind of rule is that!” Aunt Lisa whined.

“One you better follow if you don't wanna get punished!”

“You don't have anything against us,” mom challenged.

“Actually, we know what both of you hate most, and it just happens to be the same thing, You can thank dad for accidentally spilling the beans,” I forced out as Rita still stroked me.

“Dammit. I have a few words for your father when he gets home.”

“Ok enough talking, which is it gonna be, look or play?” Rita said smugly.

“Oh, and in case you were thinking about finding a loophole, you can't touch each other or rub up against anything either, I know how you think,” I added, feeling proud of myself that I most likely put a stop to any plan they might have had going.

They both huffed as mom turned away and kept playing with herself and Aunt Lisa let go of her titties and continued to watch us, no doubt we were getting under their skin. Rita turned her attention back to me as she slipped her panties down her legs but left her skirt on, pulled her thin shirt over her head and straddled me on the couch. She grabbed my cock and put it right under her pussy, slid the head in, and ground her hips in a circle the rest of the way down until my cock was completely buried inside her.

“OH MY GOD! It feels so good to have a hard cock deep inside me!” Rita gloated.

I looked over at them quick enough to see mom fingering the hell out of her pussy with her back turned and Aunt Lisa biting her lip forcing herself not to touch herself, but my attention was quickly diverted back to Rita as she put her hands on my shoulders, lifted up, and slammed herself down on my cock.

“Shit Rita it seems like you get tighter every time we fuck,” I said.

“That's because I do, mom and Aunt Lisa were kind enough to let me in on some of their secrets, its worth the hassle just to feel that big cock stretch my pussy out every time.”

I grabbed hold of her ass and helped her ride me, all while I was trying to catch one of her bouncing titties with my lips. It took a while, but I finally grabbed her right nipple and sucked on it like crazy as her moans got louder, and she began bouncing on me harder and faster.

“You two are gonna regret doing this to us,” mom said as she was pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy with incredible speed, but didn't look like she was getting off, I guess she needed a visual, haha too bad.

Aunt Lisa wasn't doing any better. She was damn near on the brink of collapsing she wanted to touch herself so bad, her nipples were so swollen if she had been wearing the clamps they would have popped off a long time ago.

“Let em suffer, they don't appreciate this cock like I do,” Rita moaned.

“And they don't appreciate these tits,” I said as I sucked on them. “This ass,” I said as I squeezed her cheeks in my hand and played with her asshole, getting a few more moans from her. “Or this pussy,” I said as I picked her up off me and threw her on the couch and buried my face in her crotch.

“Oh yeah that's it! Lick that pussy baby, lick it clean!”

I raised her legs in the air and licked from top to bottom, making sure to cover every inch of her pussy. She grabbed my head with both hands and guided (more like dragged) my face in circles on her pussy, pretty much covering my entire face in Rita juice, but it didn't bother me at all.

“Oh shit! I bet you two wish he was licking your pussies right now don't you? Too bad, he's all mine, and he's gonnooooooooh my god!” Rita said before she was cut off by my tongue poking her clit.

I pulled her lips all the way apart until her clit fully exposed itself and then sucked on it so hard I made her body arch off the couch. Her eyes were tightly closed so she didn't see the look of pure jealousy on Aunt Lisa's face, or mom's arm rapidly working on her pussy still trying to get herself to cum, and still failing, almost felt sorry for her, almost. Just as I went back to licking her pussy Rita pushed my head from between her legs and positioned herself over the arm of the couch.

“Put it back in me Randy, please! I need that cock back in me now!”

She was wiggling her pussy at me tempting me to go fill it up with cock, so I got behind her and did just that. I put the tip of my cock at her pussy and pulled her back onto it.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh yes, fill that pussy up!”

I dropped my hands off her hips and she took the hint and started working her ass back on my cock, using her arms against the arm of the couch as leverage to push into me. I couldn't see her face fully, but from what I could see, she was definitely grinning in mom and Aunt Lisa's direction.

“Mmmm you guys should feel this, it feels so fucking good! I could fuck him all day right here!”

Rita was having so much fun teasing them so I thought I'd jump in myself. “Now Rita, why are you teasing them like that? You know they can't touch us, they can't feel me grab hold of their hips as my cock slides in and out of them so hard their ass claps in place!”

“Oh fuck Randy keep fucking me like that, slam that cock in my pussy!”

“You two are evil! This isn't fair!” Aunt Lisa cried as she turned around and started playing with her tits and pussy to hopefully give herself some kind of release, and at that same time mom stopped fingering herself and turned around just in time to watch me grab a lock of Rita's hair and arch her up as she forced herself back on my cock.

“You two are gonna pay for this, I guarantee it,” mom said, forcefully not touching herself.

“Yeah, but not today! Fuck me baby, keep fucking me, ugh, oh god!” Rita moaned.

This was perfect. They looked like they were in complete hell not being able to fully enjoy themselves and we were in complete heaven being able to enjoy each others body while at the same time torturing the two women who had our numbers since this whole thing started, revenge is sweet. Mom kept looking at us with her arms crossed like we were being unfair, but we didn't care, we just kept fucking right in front of her, I guess now she knows whats its like to be us.

“Fuck I wanna cum so bad Randy! Make me cum all over that cock!” Rita moaned.

Without saying anything and eyeing mom the whole time I flipped Rita over on her back missionary and pushed back into her while grinning at mom like she did to us so many times I lost count. I didn't break eye contact with her as I fucked Rita until she pulled me down to her and kissed her.

“How much do you love me right now for saying we should torture them?” Rita whispered.

“So much, this turned out way better than I thought it would!”

“Just wait, the day isn't anywhere near over!”

When she said that, the look on her face excited me to the point where I got this burst of energy out of nowhere, and I was gonna take it out on her pussy. I sat up so I could get my balance back and caught mom looking at us and playing with herself at the same time, she was cheating. When she saw me looking at her she tried to hurry up and move her hands, but I had already seen her, and she knew it. I didn't say anything, just looked her off as I turned my attention back to Rita, put her ankles up on my shoulders while grabbing her thighs and slammed my cock into her tight pussy over and over.

“Oh my god! You never fucked me like this Randy! You're going so deep!”

I didn't, but I was gonna start. Her legs being so close together with the position I was in made her pussy feel extremely tight as I had no choice but to bottom out every time I thrust in because she was so wet. Her eyes were closed and she was reaching for anything she could grab. I was fucking her so hard the couch was scooting across the floor little by little, and I could feel herself about to cum, but just like every other time, right before I was about to cum, Rita was getting ready to first.

“Just like that randy, I'm gonna fucking cum! Keep doing that, keep doing that!”

I looked back over in mom and Aunt Lisa's direction to see Aunt Lisa had turned back around to watch, but was still struggling not to touch herself, and mom was cheating again. She had her fingers buried deep in her pussy and was fingering herself crazy, to the point where she already knew she was caught and was going to deal with the punishment later, but she just wanted to get herself off now. Rita's voice continued to get 1/8th higher with each moan she let out until she reached her breaking point.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck randy FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!”

She latched onto my arms and dug her nails into my skin as her pussy spasmed around my cock for what seemed like five minutes. The whole time I was building up to my own orgasm, but slowly, until Rita's pussy sped up the process for me. I gritted my teeth and was prepared to blow my load inside her until she said not to as best as she could after just having an extreme orgasm.

“No, n-not inside me, cum on m-my body, c-cum all over my b-body Randy.”

I had to will myself to pull out of her soft wet pussy. It took a whole lot of will power, but I finally did, and just in the nick of time. As I pulled out she grabbed my cock with her hand and got only so far as three pulls before I groaned and started cumming all over her body. Her tits, her stomach, her neck, and even some of her face had my cum all over it. To say I was exhausted was an understatement, I was so winded that as soon as I stopped cumming, I fell smack dab on top of Rita, smearing the semen that I literally just squirted on her on my chest. I could feel the stickiness and heat of it as it acted as a bonding agent, holding our bodies together in a most natural way. It was at this moment when Rita finally got her breath back and opened her eyes to look at me.

“I don't know exactly what it was, but you better damn well believe I'm gonna find out whatever it was that made you fuck me so damn good, I mean, fucking wow! My pussy is still throbbing!”

“I think you have an idea of what might have caused it,” I said casting a look to mom and Aunt Lisa, who by the looks of it managed to get themselves off in the midst of our orgasm. I know they fucking cheated, but with the way the day has went so far, I know we'll fit a punishment in nicely. Slowly I rolled off Rita, the semen stretching between us like cheese on a pizza until I was next to her on the couch.

“FUCK! My pussy feels A-MAAAAAAA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Rita said as she stretched her arms and legs in victory. “You know, its too bad you guys don't feel like this right now, I swear its like a bunch of carebears are doing the mararena in my pussy, its such a happy place right now. You know what you do get though? You get to lick the cum off of me, and since Randy plopped down on top of me earlier I know he has some on him too, so you can lick it off him too. See, I am generous after all.”

“Generous my ass, you're enjoying every minute of this you little devil,” mom sneered.

“You'd be disappointed in me if I didn't,” Rita replied with a smirk on her face.

Mom had one of those looks that says her daughter's done her proud by taking after her, but quickly put her poker face back on as she scooted over to Rita and started lick the cum off her, starting with her nipples, figures. Aunt Lisa then made her way over to me and very sneakily I might add, found a small loophole in Rita's “cum tasting” punishment.

“Aunt Lisa what the hell are you doing?” Rita yelled.

“What? I'm licking the cum off just like you said!” Aunt Lisa replied.

“No you're not! You're sucking his cock!”

“It has cum on it! You said we had to lick the cum up, as you can see there's still some drizzling down his cock, and I bet there's still some in there too, so I have to suck it out to lick it up. I didn't break any rules, I just simply found a loophole.”

She grinned as she went back to sucking on my softening cock, knowing she had pulled a fast one. Mom grinned as well, knowing they probably wouldn't get too many of those today. I could tell Rita wanted to say something, but she knew when she was beat, but if I knew one thing, she wasn't gonna let this go unpunished.

After ten minutes of licking up cum (three if you count the time it actually took), I felt so grudgy that I needed to take a shower, not a long one, just one to get clean and get out. Rita said she felt the same, but she wanted to stay in a little longer, so we agreed on separate showers. I went to use ours while Rita, being skeptical of mom and Aunt Lisa, made both of them go to mom's shower with her. Now when I say quick, I meant quick. I was in and out of that shower so fast the same song on the radio was still playing when I got out, but I was clean so that's all that mattered. I went and lay on our bed while I waited for the women to come out of their shower, and you know what happens when you take a shower and get comfortable, you get sleepy. I lay there, still wrapped in a towel and decided to rest my eyes for a bit. Three women were taking a shower, then had to get themselves all pretty again so I had a good...hour and a half nap? Bet.

I drifted off and found myself dreaming about the oddest things... random movie scenes, outer space, I even formed the image of carebears doing the macarena, but then my dream got weird. I stood in a room with two wooden doors, each one had a letter over it, R and S. I opened the door with the R and Rita tackled me to the floor and kissed me repeatedly all over my face.

“I knew we'd be together forever, otherwise the door wouldn't have opened!”

We helped each other up and started to walk away when we caught eye of the door with the S on it. I looked at her and even though she was skeptical, Rita nodded her head for me to open it. When I did, Stephanie jumped through and gave me a big hug and kiss.

“I'm so happy! Since the door opened that means both of you truly want me in your lives!” Stephanie said as she kissed me then kissed Rita over and over again.

I didn't completely know what it meant, but sometimes dreams aren't meant to make sense, so I shook it off and walked off down the path that appeared in the dream. Almost immediately when we started walking down the path toward the exit, another door appeared directly in front of it, blocking the path. This door wasn't like the others, this one was metal, it had three locks on it, and it had the letter A over it. We looked for a way around it but there was none, signaling we had to go through this door to get to where we needed to be. I tried to open the first lock, the combination lock, but with no clues I didn't know where to start.

“Wait, I think I know it!” Stephanie said as she tried the lock, and in no time she popped the combo and had the lock off. “Its like it was meant for me to open it,” she said when she unlocked it.

One lock outta the way I went to open the next one, the one with the hook that goes in the hole, but for the life of me I couldn't the hook to budge, it felt like I was trying to life Thor's hammer.

“Maybe this one's mine then,” Rita said as she walked over and lifted the lock off with ease. “I guess I don't know my own strength.”

I smirked at her and stared at the last lock, a deadbolt. Figuring this one had to be mine, I walked over to it and put my hand on it to turn, expecting it to do the opposite, but it turned the full way without a problem. Whoever was behind this door was behind it for a reason, but the door had to be opened because we couldn't get free with this door blocking the way. I took a deep breath, looked at Rita and Stephanie as they nodded back to me, and began to turn the doorknob. Right when I was about to see who it was the room started to shake, and shake and shake and shake, until I realized I was being woken up from my slumber, and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw the pleading face of Aunt Lisa looking back at me.

“Randy wake up! You have to let me take this plug out, its killing me! I don't know how Anna can do this day in and day out and still be able to walk straight.”

Still dazed, but quickly snapping to I told her, “Not yet, its your fault you're wearing it remember? Having it in for a little longer won't kill you.”

Just as I finished talking Rita turned the corner and slapped Aunt Lisa on the ass.

“I knew you'd be in here! You just don't know when to quit do you?”

“I wasn't trying anything Rita, I was just...”

“Oh I know what you were doing, or trying to do! You just bought yourself more punishment, now move it along!”

Aunt Lisa rubbed her butt and walked into moms room defeated, but still had that glimmer of hope look. Rita then climbed on top of me, still wrapped in her towel and started nibbling on my bottom lip.

“You were gonna let her do it weren't you?”

“Do what?”

“Oh don't give me that “do what?” line, she gives you that puppy dog face and you're like putty in her hands!”

“Well if anyone knows that I guess it would be you, right?” I smirked.

“Hey that's different, when I do it its out of love, when they do it its out of lust.”

“Yeah, but sometimes your motives aren't always so pure, but its ok, I like that anyway.”

“You better, I don't use my good moves on just any ol body,” she said as she then rolled her tongue around in my mouth, before she pulled her head back to look at me.

“What should we have them make for dinner?” Rita asked.

“What does mom hate making?”

Rita grinned as she called mom into the room. “Hey mom, we decided what we want you guys to make us for dinner, we want chicken parmesean.”

Moms face froze up. “Come on honey you know I dread making that, I never get it right the first time, plus we don't have the things here I need to make it.”

“Then I guess were going to the store then, so you two better get dressed,” Rita grinned.

Mom sauntered off back to her room and Rita jumped off me to get dressed. As I got up my mind went back to that weird dream I had before Aunt Lisa woke me up. I wondered if it meant anything, or if I was just in that “weird dream” phase, either way, I thought no more of it and put it out of my mind.
The drive to the store started off like any other drive, but then Rita started giggling, then giggling some more, then she would start getting touchy feely. She would reach around the drivers seat and grab moms tits while she was driving, and pulled on the clamps to make sure they were still there, eliciting a small moan from mom.

“Honey please, at least not while I'm driving, I don't wanna die being felt up by my daughter.”

“I couldn't think of a better way to go, well actually yes I can,” she said as she stole a look at me. “Ugh fine, but Aunt Lisa's not driving,” she added as she switched places with me and grabbed two giant handfuls of Auntie titties.

“You had better hope noone we know sees you doing this Rita,” Aunt Lisa said.

“They won't, that's why were going to the store on the other side of town.”

“What? Were about to pass the store now! I'm not going all the way out there to get the same stuff we can get at this store,” mom said.

“Looks like you don't have a choice mom,” I jumped in.

“You two think you're clever don't you, I know what you're thinking, but were going to this store.”

I could tell she needed some more persuasion, so I reached around the drivers seat and grabbed my own handfuls of titties, but then I instantly went to the clamps on her nipples and began to tug at them, making mom groan in pain as her nipples were being pulled from her chest.

“Ow! Ow stop that right now! That hurts!”

“Well its not supposed to feel good mom or it wouldn't be a punishment. So whats it gonna be? Head to the store across town or turn your nipples into raisins?” I asked.

She took a while answering, so I pulled on them a little harder until she groaned in pain and conceded. “OK OK you win were going to the other store! Ooh you two are gonna be in for it!”

I finally let them go when she made an illegal u-turn (probably because her nipples were really starting to hurt) and hopped on the freeway, a big sigh of relief leaving her mouth. The rest of the way there was spent between Rita squeezing Aunt Lisa's tits with her small hands to trying to get my pants off for a quickie, she should have focused on the the latter because we pulled into the store in no time.

When we got out of the car and started to head for the entrance mom quickly made a wall in front of us.

“Ok you two, in here, no funny business. I don't want anyone I know seeing me being felt up by one of my children, and in a public place I might add.”

“No beans mom! Why do you think we had you come to the store way on the other side of town? Just for this very reason, so we wouldn't run into anyone we knew, so no excuses!” Rita followed. “You too Aunt Lisa get going! Just because you were quiet on the way here doesn't mean you're off the hook, now come on I wanna hurry up and get back,” she followed.

When we walked into the store they immediately tried to split up from us but we weren't having it, we grabbed a cart and had Aunt Lisa push while mom grabbed everything from the shelves. We had pretty much gotten everything without incident and I thought Rita might give them a break from the torture, that was until she got that patented Rita grin on her face when she looked at me. She waited for everyone in the aisle to leave before she finally spoke.

“Mom there it is up there, get that parmesan cheese on the top shelf,” Rita said.

Mom, thinking nothing of it, started to reach out to the top shelf to grab it, then Rita pulled what looked like a little switch out of her pocket, grinned at me again while she mouthed “watch this” and flipped the switch. Mom, who had her hand on the container of cheese jolted like she'd just been shocked and consequently knocked almost every container of cheese in her wingspan on the floor, continuing to knock down the ones on the lower shelves as she slunk down to the floor shaking and gritting her teeth. I was just getting ready to ask what was going on when I could just hear the sound of buzzing in my left ear, then I put it all together. The loud buzzing and destroyed shelves and mom quivering on the ground unable to speak, and I glanced back Rita open mouthed, knowing what she did.

“Yep, made her put it on after she cheated while watching us, I was just waiting for the perfect time to break it out,” Rita grinned, looking at mom shaking on the floor.

“T-t-turn it off, its up t-t-too high,” mom said still trying to fight through the pleasure.

“I don't think its too high, do you Aunt Lisa?” Rita asked looking right at her.

Aunt Lisa looked at Rita, then me, then at mom and back at Rita. “N-No I don't think so,” she finally answered and then slumped her head down, not wanting to look at mom.

“Good answer Aunt Lisa. Ok mom you gotta get up before someone comes over and sees you.”

“I c-can't get up until you turn it off, its t-too high!”

Rita sighed. “Ok I'll turn it down, but I'm not turning it off, so you can get up now.”

Mom slowly used the near empty shelves beside her to pull herself to her feet, all the while you can still hear the faint buzzing of the vibrator still lodged inside her. When she finally stood all the way up she glared at Aunt Lisa with that “you coulda helped me” face and fixed her clothes, just as one of the stores workers had came around the corner.

“Is everything ok over here? What happened?”

“I tried to reach one of the cans on the top shelf and lost my footing, sorry. Its ok though, I got one,” mom said as she picked up a can from the floor and put it in the cart, laughing it off embarrassed.

“Probably shouldn't be reaching like that in heels but ok, as long as noone got hurt. CURTIS,” the kid yelled to the end of the aisle. “CLEANUP ON AISLE THREE!”

“Oh you don't have to clean this up? Aunt Lisa asked.

“What? Noooo! My shifts about to end, and Curtis is the new guy, so he gets to have all the fun.”

Just as he finished talking another teenage kid our age turned the corner and slumped his shoulders at everything he had to pick up. “Have fun bro,” the guy said as he patted him on the back and left the aisle.

Mom apologized profusely before she turned and pushed the cart out of the aisle as fast as she could.

“You see! Now that boy has to clean all that up. Are you happy?”

“Yeah mom cuz it was completely worth it,” I said trying to suppress a laugh.

“Ok are you done having fun now? This thing is really making my skin tender.”

“I guess we can stop for now, but were not done by a long shot,” Rita said as she turned the vibrator off much to moms relief.

Aunt Lisa was still feeling the effects of having a buttplug in her for most of the day, so much so that she was straining trying to walk, and Rita noticed.

“That plug really hurts huh?” Rita asked.

“You try wearing a plug all day and let me know how it feels!” Aunt Lisa retaliated.

“I don't need a plug, I got the real buttplug right here,” Rita said as she locked my arm smiling. “Anyway, since you gave the right answer earlier I think its time we finally let you take the plug out.”

“Oh thank god! This thing was really starting to hurt,” she said as she started to walk away.

Just then, I got an idea that would make that simple task of removing the plug that much better. “Wait Aunt Lisa where are you going?”

“To the bathroom, I'm taking it out. You guys said I could, you can't renege on that!”

“Were not, but you don't need to go to the bathroom to do that,” I said with a grin on my face, followed by a grin from Rita and a look of understanding then surprise from mom. “You can do it out here, in fact, why don't you take it out in front of Curtis then give it to him, it'll be a nice consolation prize for having to clean up that aisle.”

Aunt Lisa was shocked. “What? Are you crazy? Why do I have to do that? It wasn't my clumsiness that knocked the cans over it was Anna who couldn't control herself!”

“Ha! Serves you right for turning on me,” mom said, reveling in Aunt Lisa's misery.

“No gloating!” Rita said as she flicked moms nipples that still had the clamps on them, causing her to groan in pain, but still had a grin on her face at Aunt Lisa's expense. “If you hadn't tried to cheat earlier you wouldn't have to do it, but you did, so you brought this on yourself.”

“That's the deal Aunt Lisa, either take it out in front of that kid and give it to him, or keep it in for the rest of the day, your choice. To be honest I don't know how much more your ass can take,” I said.

She crossed her arms pissed, but she knew she didn't have any other choice if she wanted to be rid of the buttplug once and for all, so she slowly turned around and headed back towards the aisle.

“You two are the devil! I hope they don't have cameras in this store.”

We all followed close behind her but not too close until we got back around to the aisle where the kid had made a small dint in the mess, but still had a long way to go. Aunt Lisa looked at us for confirmation and we looked back in anticipation of what was to come, she was really about to do it.

As she approached him he looked up from his kneeled spot on the ground and stood up to face her. “You know, next time you want something off the top shelf can you just call someone? They're always gonna make me clean it up because I'm the youngest and I'm new guy, and its gonna stay that way until they get another new guy.”

We're really sorry about that, I don't know why she would reach like that in heels, it was her, she did it,” Aunt Lisa said as she pointed to mom who waved back in embarrassment. “No hard feelings? We promise it won't happen again,” she added as she held out her arms for a hug.

You could tell he was still pissed, but he wasn't stupid. He saw Aunt Lisa's huge breasts looking back at him waiting to be squeezed into his chest, so for the moment, he sucked it up and smiled.

“Ok, but next time you have to help me,” he said as he accepted the hug, holding himself to her chest. Aunt Lisa didn't help things either when she rubbed her tits into him and leaned them down, giving him a great shot of her cleavage before she let him go.

“Deal. Ow!”

“What is it? What happened?” Curtis asked suddenly afraid he'd hurt her somehow.

“Somethings been bothering me all day I can't...” Aunt Lisa said as she reached under her dress. We all stood there in shock as we knew she had just pulled the buttplug out just by the look of relief that came over her face. “Ohhhh, that's much better, can you hold onto this for me? I won't be needing it anymore,” she said as she dropped it into his held out hand.

He looked at it and in no time realized what he was holding. He looked like he was gonna have a panic attack then squeezed it in his hand and hid it from noone in particular out of paranoia, looking back at Aunt Lisa with a stunned look on his face while she innocently smiled back at him.

“Thank you, see you later Curtis,” she said with a wink as she turned and walked back to us.

“I can't believe you did it, and you were so calm,” mom said in amazement.

“I wanted that damn thing out so I didn't have a choice. I'll be happy if I never see another buttplug for the rest of my life!”

“By the way, that was one of my favorite plugs you two, so bet or not you will replace it.”

“Ok mom, besides, its not like you don't have like fifty-seven more hid around the house,” Rita said.

We gathered everything else we needed and a few oddball things, and headed to the checkout lane. Since we had more than ten things we couldn't use the self-checkout lanes, which were all full anyway, so we went to the only lane open with an actual person there and a bagger and began putting the stuff on the belt. As we nearly put the whole cart of food on the belt, I got an idea myself with inspiration from Rita's incident earlier and reached into her pocket and went for the switch. She tried to fight me at first, but when she saw the grin I was giving her she let me have it. In the short little debacle to see what we were bickering about mom looked over to see what was going on, only to see me pull the switch from Rita's pocket. She started to give me a sad face and was about to say something but was cut off by the cashier lady trying to get her attention.

“Miss? Miss? MISS!”

As soon as mom turned around to acknowledge the girl I flipped the switch all the way up. You could hear the buzzing clear as day it was that loud, even with all the people in the store. Mom was fighting to stay on her feet, squishing her closed fists against the belt while she squinted her eyes tightly closed.

The cashier lady looked concerned. “Miss are you ok? Do you need to see a doctor?”

Mom took a minute before she could regain her conposure. “No I'm f-fine, just have a h-headache is all, so what's the total?”

“It comes up to $57.68.” The lady made a weird face while looking around and then stuck her ear out to the air. She looked at the guy bagging the groceries then back at us and back at mom again. “Do you hear a buzzing sound or is that just me?”

Aunt Lisa, Rita and I pretended to be clueless as mom tried her best to put on an act. “Buzzing? N-No I don't hear anything, must be the machine,” she said as she still struggled to keep her composure.

“No I definitely hear buzzing, I just can't tell where its coming...from.” The lady look down at mom's shivering crotch and put two and two together. She looked at the bagger who was looking back at her sporting the same grin she had as they figured out where the buzzing came from. Mom, realizing she'd been found out gave them a pleading look not to say anything as she gently crushed her fist against the belt, while all of us still pretended to remain clueless, but were laughing heavily on the inside.

The cashier and the bagger were all smiles now as mom handed her sixty dollars. “Must be one of those days where you're feeling...” she paused as she looked at us then back at mom. “Adventurous.”

“Just having a rough day is all, thought some “medication” might help.”

“Been there. Are you sure you're taking the right “dosage?”

“I should be. But I did just increase it to a bigger prescription.”

We were getting a real kick out of their “code” talk, so much that I turned off the vibrator just so they could continue. We kept acting clueless so they wouldn't have to worry about us understanding what they were saying.

“Maybe you're getting too used to your prescriptions, if you want, I can refer you to a “doctor” of mine, he's really good, you know, at prescribing medications,especially to new patients.”

“That's ok,” I have my own doctor,” mom said holding up her ring hand. “He's just had a busy schedule as of late, but if its ok with my doctor maybe we can swap prescriptions?”

“Sounds good. In the meantime there's a clinic around the corner and up the street a few blocks that just got a new shipment of top of the line “pills”, really good stuff, I go there all the time,” the lady grinned as she gave mom her change.

“I'll have to check it out one day, thanks for the info,” mom said as she took the change and the cart of food from the bagger, who smiled and winked at her, letting her know their act didn't fool him, while sizing her up as she walked past, not even bothering to be subtle, but who could blame him, after hearing that conversation I was ready to go home and pound her brains out myself, as I'm sure just might happen, unless Rita has a plan where it won't, and knowing her, she might.

As we were leaving the store, we saw Curtis standing near the door, grinning at Aunt Lisa and still clutching the buttplug in his hand. Aunt Lisa smiled at him and conspicuously rubbed her ass as we walked out, reminding him just where the plug had came from. Rita and I had to suppress a laugh, if we didn't know better, she was trying to hit on him, just another side of Aunt Lisa we didn't know about, yet.


“You do know you weren't fooling anyone with your fake code talk right mom?” Rita asked.

“Please, you didn't understand a word I was saying.”

“Oh yeah, like we couldn't figure out “I thought medication might help” means I was horny so I had to frigg myself all day!”

“Just as I thought, clueless as ever,” mom laughed, Aunt Lisa laughing with her.

As we got in the car and were about to drive off mom's phone rang, and by the song playing we knew it was dad, so she turned the car back off ad answered it.

“Hey honey, how's work?”

“Again? How long?”

“Its always the same client, tell him to just suck it up and buy the damn house!”

“I know, but you've never had to stay late so much for any other clients...”

“Me and Jim are gonna have a talk, he's putting way too much work on you.”

“Well why'd you pick someone whose so picky?”

“(sigh) I was really counting on you being home today.”

“You're damn right you're gonna make it up to me, big time.”

“Ok honey, love you too. Bye.”

“I'm guessing dad has to stay late at the office again?”

“Its that damn client of his whose supposed to be moving back here taking up his time. I was counting on him being home on time.”

“Why? Oh, because we couldn't tell you what to do around dad! Good job dad's job ruined your plans. I figure he'll be in around midnight like usual, which means we have a good seven and a half hours left of telling you what to do,” Rita gloated.

“I'll be happy when this day is over,” Aunt Lisa jumped in as mom turned on the car and drove off.

The ride home was quiet, but not out of boredom, but because Rita and I were too busy frisking one another, so mom and Aunt Lisa got a free pass that time. We pulled in the driveway and took all the groceries in and made it seem as if we were gonna leave them alone a little more, but no.

“OK! Off with the dresses and into the kitchen, you two have dinner to make,” Rita said eagerly.

“Umm, no, not happening. We don't know what time your fathers coming home, and he's not about to walk in here to see his wife and sister-in-law naked and his kids just carrying on like its normal. Don't forget, if your father finds out, its bad for you two as well,” mom protested.

Rita frowned looking at me. “Dammit she has a point. Ok fine, but you're at least going down to your bra and panties, if we need to we'll just stop dad at the front door.”

They wanted to argue, but could see it would just end up going around in circles, so they reluctantly agreed and shed their dresses, carrying them into the kitchen where they were about to make us a fantastic once in a lifetime dinner, a half naked once in a lifetime dinner, life was good.

Rita and I were leaving the kitchen to go who knows where to do who knows what when simultaneously both our phones rang, Stephanie and Chris. I don't know why, maybe we thought we had some kind of gender based secret we didn't want the other to know, but we split in different directions, with me going to the basement, and Rita upstairs.

----------- Randy's Call ---------------

“What's up man.”

“Hey. Stephanie told me about the bet your mom and aunt made with you guys, did you win?”

“Yeah but barely, I didn't think it was gonna be that hard, we almost didn't make it.”

“I bet it was that hard, with nothing to fuck but your hand for a day,” he said snickering.

“I meant I didn't think the bet was gonna be that... you're so gay sometimes man.”

“Yeah yeah, but all jokes aside, what you make em do?”

“They're our slaves for the whole day, until midnight tonight.”

“Really? Completely seen that one coming, with as much shit as they put you through I'm not surprised. At least you didn't pick something like they have to leave you alone for a day.”

“We almost did, but something like this probably won't happen again, so we had to take it.”

“So what did you make them do?”

“Can't tell you, they'd kill me if I told anyone, and you'd probably slip up and say something.”

“Yeah true. Especially if it had anything to do with your mom, she's beyond hot dude.”

“Yeah you stay away from my mom, you got your sister to worry about. By the way hows that going?”

“I don't know man, she's been getting more lovey dovey by the day. Before we would just fuck each other silly and that was it, now she wants to go slow and cuddle more.”

“That's step one man.”

“Step one my ass, We fuck, simple as that. My body doesn't register slow and soft.”

“Ok I don't wanna start talking about your body...”

“What? You wanna talk about my body? And you're calling me fruity...”

“So gay man. Stop using Stephanie as a cover and just come out already.”

“Yeah you wish. Speaking of Stephanie I'm gonna go get some of that now, mom just left with her checkbook, so she's not coming back for a while, check back with you later.”

“Alright man, don't wait until after you have sex to tell her you're coming out of the closet, that'll be a dick move,” I laughed.

He couldn't help but let out a little laugh. “Homo.”

----------------Rita's Call -------------------

“Hey Steph, what up?”

“You guys won the bet didn't you?”

“Yeah, but it wasn't easy. I almost gave in like two hundred times!”

“If it was just about sex with you guys you would have.”

“Yeah because towards the end it was like it didn't even matter, I don't know how to explain it.”

“I know what you mean. So what did you pick as a reward thing?”

“Both mom and Aunt Lisa have to be our slaves for the whole day.”

“Really? I didn't see that one coming. I thought for sure you would try to find a way to be alone with Randy, with as much as you think and talk about him, let alone fuck his brains out everyday...”

“Yeah I know, but we figured this was a once in a lifetime thing, so we had to take it, plus I have a plan for that anyway.”

“They won't take any more bets from you, especially if you've been an ass to them all day.”

“Probably not, and we have. We made them eat breakfast naked, they had to watch us have sex, but if they watched they couldn't touch themselves, and vice versa, they had to wear a buttplug, a vibrator and nipple clamps all day, and when we went to the store I turned the vibrator on mom was wearing and made her knock down a whole shelf of food.”

“Wow that must've been funny!”

“Not just that, but we made Aunt Lisa give her buttplug to the guy who had to clean up the mess mom made, and then we turned the vibrator on again while she was in the checkout line, and the cashier and bagger guy noticed! The look on her face was priceless!”

“You two are evil!”

“And the day isn't even over yet. I still wanna try to get some time with just me and Randy though.”

“Because you looooove him, you want to kiiiiiiiiiiss him, you want to fuuuuuuuuuuuuck him,” Stephanie sang in a sing-song voice.

“And that's only the stuff you know about,” I grinned, even though she couldn't see it.

“I'm so jealous of you two, I'm trying to ease into being like that with Chris, but were just not where you guys are so its a little hard, and I don't wanna force it, plus he's not budging. He has been a little more ass-kissy lately, so that's a good sign.”

“Just stick with it, if its supposed to happen it will, if not, then at least there's the sex. And don't worry, you'll break him down eventually. He just has to be all tough about it, that macho thing.”

“I know. Speak of the devil here he comes now with that “I wanna fuck” look on him.”

“Go easy on him, he's still fragile.”

“And you go hard on Randy, but not too hard, I still got my hopes up one day...”

“Nope, you got your own, Randy's mine, all mine.”


“You know it. Well since Chris has his hands full with some part of your anatomy I'll call you later.”

“Much later, its gonna take some time to... Ugh, fuck! I'll call you back Rita... (click).”

What a way to end a conversation.


After hanging up from Chris I stole an ice cream sandwich from the freezer downstairs and rearranged it like I hadn't touched anything, ate it then disposed of the evidence and went back upstairs just as Rita was coming back downstairs.

“Rushed off the phone too?” Rita asked.

“Yep, sounded like he was about to plow into her from where I was standing,” I said as I walked out the front to sit on the porch, Rita followed.

“So I'm guessing you're having way too much fun with this right?” I asked.

“Oh you have no idea, I just wish it could last longer.”

“You think we should cut back a little? I mean this only lasts for one day, and they're gonna go ham on us when its over.”

“I just have a couple more things I wanna do then I'll be satisfied.”

“I'm telling you, it'll come back to haunt us.”

“It already is, so we might as well make the best of it since were gonna get reamed anyways.”

“Ok then, lets settle this with a game of questions, first one to get stumped loses, game?”

“Game, and I'm going first. Questions about “us” only. Hmmm, ok I got one. What game were we playing when you completely manhandled me and forced a kiss on your sweet, innocent, never done anything bad in her life sister, me?” She giggled as she finished the sentence.

“Umm, yeah,” I laughed. “We were playing Super Mario Bros. And might I add I whooped you. Come on you gotta get better than that. My turn. Where was the first place we ever fooled around in public?”

“Easy, the lifeguards building at the beach, my bikini bottoms just happened to accidentally fall down as I was bending over a table,” she giggled, accident my ass. “Where did we go for our first date?”

“Ummm, oh yeah, we went to the pizza place, then to the movies where we got “heated”, then to the hill behind the park to finish off the night, that was a great day. Who caught us having sex the most?”

“That's a tricky one, that could be either dad or Aunt Lisa, but I'm gonna go with Aunt Lisa just because dad didn't know exactly what was going on. “Who's been a bigger freak with us, mom or Aunt Lisa?”

“Definitely mom, but Aunt Lisa's not far behind, but yeah mom hands down. What was the most amount of orgasms you had at once?”

“Five, I remember that day, we were both so horny we just couldn't stay off each other, definitely need to have another day like that. Where were we when we had our first make up sex?”

“In the back of dad's friends pickup truck, that was also the first time we tried anal, bonus points!”

We had been going at it for a while without an end in sight, we knew way more than we thought we did, and we were still firing out questions.

“Ok, apparently noones gonna win so we'll just call it a draw,” I said.

“Nope, no draw, I win since you couldn't think of a question.”

“Then I win for all the question I had bonus points for!”

“Nobody said anything about bonus points, you can't just add rules...”

The door opened and mom peeked her head out and nothing else since she was still in her bra and panties. “Ok you two, dinner's ready. At least its nice to know you still have the ability to bicker like siblings,” she said as she slid her head back in the door.

“Don't think even for a second were done here,” she grinned as she headed for the door.

“I don't plan on being done with you until later,” I grinned back as I followed her.

We went back into the house to see mom and Aunt Lisa had cheated by putting their clothes back on, but once we saw the spread of chicken parmesan with mashed potatoes spread out on the plates like they came out of a five star restaurant we were all but happy to let it slide, it looked great. We all sat down and within seconds we were devouring the best meal we've had in a long time.

“Did you get get it right on the first try mom?” I asked in between mouthfuls.

“Yeah, surprisingly your aunts not useless after all,” mom joked.

“Says the person who almost burnt the chicken trying to...” Aunt Lisa stopped when she saw a weird look on moms face.

“Trying to what?” Rita asked. “Trying to cheat somehow?”

“Honestly Rita, you don't think you've gotten a little crazy with this whole slave thing? I mean yeah I wasn't all that great either but I didn't make you do anything in public like you did me.”

“That's only because we'll never get to do this again, so I'm making it count.”

“You're damn right it won't happen again, no more slave bets with you. Give a girl a little power and look what happens, she goes crazy.”

“Ahh mom you're fine, don't dish it if you cant receive it, and you dished a whole lot of it. Besides, I've pretty much had all my fun anyway, just maybe one more thing and I'll be done.”

Mom groaned, then realized I hadn't said anything through the whole conversation. “Randy you ok over there, you haven't said anything since we started eating.”

“Good food.” That was all I could muster, I didn't have time to talk, my mouth only wanted to do one thing, and that was eat this delicious plate of food in front of me.

When we finally cleared all the food off the table, leaving absolutely no leftovers (except for dad's plate) Rita and I decided to do the dishes to prove we weren't complete assholes today. There wasn't that many since they did some while they were cooking and in no time we were both back on the porch, taking in a clear night, starry sky.

“So what's that one more thing you're gonna make mom and Aunt Lisa do?” I asked.

“You'll find out before midnight,” she smiled.

“You're not even gonna tell me?”

“Not till later, its my secret till later.”

“Fine, I didn't wanna know anyway,” I said pretending to be hurt. “What did Stephanie call about?”

“To see who won the bet.”

“Yeah Chris too. I told him we won and he wanted to know what we did, but I didn't

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Fuck Her Until She Loves You

It’s not a cult. I don’t know why I even need to clarify this. I did come back from the dead, yes, but that’s not that uncommon nowadays with shock paddles and CPR. I’m just a guy who made a more-than-full recovery after a car accident. Like puppies hearing the jingling of their master’s keys, the entrance to my apartment was crowded with excited girls on their knees. I’m their whole world. They cook and clean. They wax their pussies and put on subtle makeup to make their eyes and lips pop just for me. They buy obscenely sexy outfits for...


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