Queen of Dragons

Queen of Dragons

I started writing it ages ago and recently found it on my harddrive. It's a work in progress, let me know if you like it.


Dana, the huntmistress of the Serpent King, she who was known in the land as Dragon Queen, blew down the dusty corridor in a powerful stride. Servants scuttled to corners to allow her passage, their heads jerking low in subservience. Guards snapped to attention and prayed she did not have time to notice any minor lapse in protocol.
“Lady Dana! Truly a pleasure to catch you – might I trouble you for a moment of your time?” A minor noble, a lad of barely sixteen summers, tried to accost her and was rewarded with her temper.
“Begone Tebid; I’ve no use for your narrow prick or fumbling hands this day.” She dismissed him with a haughty wave that left him crimson. Already she was round the corner.
King Theodonos waited in his audience chambers. Before him was sat an array of councillors, advisors and generals who vied for his attention.
“We cannot risk the security of our land in this matter. Dispatching our armies immediately is our only course of action. To do otherwise and we put in danger our greatest asset and the power of our kingdom.” Spoke General Harkor. He was a young warrior, newly promoted having proved his battle prowess in the war against Loronia but last year.
“We must temper our strength with wisdom.” Advised Cordonis, an older man, head of intelligence to the king. “Remember we have enemies waiting for us to make a mistake. Act now and we alert our neighbours. We leave vital borders at the danger of a surprise attack. We cannot risk this on unconfirmed rumours. We must be sure of what we know before we take action. Send a trusted envoy to these people and find out the nature of this news.”
The gathered folk started up in argument, siding with Harkor or Cordonis, throwing accusations of impetuous pride or cowardice. Theodonis, sixty-fifth Serpent King, splayed spider-like across the ornate throne, and merely gazed upon the proceedings.
It was at that point that the great doors swung upon and Lady Dana stalked into the great hall. There was none who did not mark her entrance. Arguments hesitated and quietened.
All knew Lady Dana. It was her who bore the title Huntmistress to the King, and the command of the Serpent King’s greatest and most powerful weapon – the Dragon Riders of Karne. Only male dragons had wings, and soared above battlefields and the feared breath of fire that decimated the Serpent King’s enemies. Only the female warriors, through a jealously guarded secret, were able to command them. And only the Serpent King of Karne had their loyalty. With this power the empire of Karne stretched across nations. And Dana was one of the most powerful women in the land.
She was tall, with black hair that fell to nearly her waist. She was femininely muscled, lithe and strong, light on her feet yet able to topple most men. She was quicker than a snake and her stare made most quaver. Her piercing eyes, some said, had the dragon’s fire in it. Despite her dangerous reputation men desired her, for she was as beautiful as she was deadly. She came to the proceedings in a long gown, light grey that well displayed her ample bosoms. A powerful thigh extended out as she came to a halt in the centre of the room.
“Lady Dana.” Thus spoke the King. He was young, not long out of his teenage years, but already feared. He had a dark complexion, eyes that were like black pits. He had youthful features and though he was not overly tall, had limbs that seemed stretched. “It is pleasant of you to join our musings. I am glad my message got to you eventually. It was sent out some time ago.” His lips curled and his dark eyes flashed. Theodonos’s cruel smile made most men fear for their lives, for he had a twisted humour that hid a deadly, quiet anger. Dana, however, met his gaze levelly.
“The duties of a King’s huntmistress are many, my king. I live only, as you know, to serve your pleasure. I eagerly await your command. My king.” Dana spoke court officialities with a twist to her words that sounded dangerously close to mocking. Few dared speak to the king such. Even fewer lived to tell of it.
“Of course you do, my dear lady. Of course you do. I trust your time was well spent. As it always is. Now since you are tardy to our meeting, I must have you updated to our discussion. Such was not your intention, I’m sure, to waylay our time thus. Still, these things cannot be helped. Oridil, please read to our beloved huntmistress the reason for our gathering.”
Oridil, a white haired old man, stepped nervously forward, fearing to step into this dangerous clash of wills. His gaze flickered from the king to Dana. He unrolled a scroll and cleared his throat.
“A missive to His most Gracious and Powerful Serpent King Theodonos, Lord of the lands from the wastes of Azkal to the forests of Nordheim, ruler of all Karne, slayer of a thousand warriors..” a sudden flick of Theodonos’s wrist stopped Oridil dead in his speech.
“Oridil, if you insist on wasting this court’s time any further I shall have you transferred to our questioning chambers, where you would be asked no question but simply have my displeasure displayed upon your body. Get, dear man, to the point.”
Oridil quailed at this threat and bobbed his head. “Yes, my king. Of, of course. Ahem. It has been passed on to us, that is, the intelligence council of his Crowned King’s empire, ahem, important news regarding rumours that spread across the lands of Gestat, far west of Karne, from a realm that has regretfully not yet been bought under the graceful rulership of His Noble Serpent King. Ahem. Tales abound, it is said, that a tribe of people in this place that claim to have, in their knowledge, the whereabouts of a creature equal in form and power to that which is currently under our own command. Specifically, of a dragon. Not a male dragon, but a queen dragon, a matriarch able to lay eggs and hatch forth offspring. Thus, it is said, another people have that which has been our principle power for centuries untold. The ability to produce, perhaps ride and command, dragons. Thus ends our report to the unchallenged Lord of Karne, the noble ruler.... ahem, and so on.... the Serpent King Theodonos. This letter was received by our council but yesterday and was passed onto this court for consideration. Thus do we gather now. Ahem.” Oridil looked around himself uncertainly, glad to have finished the report without having the king’s threat of having his torturers practice their art on him carried out. He furiously bowed and retreated to a safe distance.
The king and huntmistress had not broken their stare to one another throughout the speech. Neither had Dana moved her icy expression, or Theodonos, his curled lips. A small silence blew. The king’s gathered advisors looked at one another.
“So, dear lady Dana. You can see why this intelligence concerns your attention. It does, indeed, bear ill news to all our doorsteps, should these rumours be true. It may be that your ravishing dragon ladies are not the only people in this fair land with your enigmatic gift of flight. What say you to these tidings?”
“How reliable are these reports?”
Cordonis spoke up. “These reports are numerous but varied. Some tell of a veritable army of dragons threatening our skies. Others say that have but one weak, small creature, unable to produce eggs. Some are tales are clearly wild fantasy, that magical beings came to the people of Gestat and gifted them with the creature, that the dragon escaped from our own brood, some say that they will sell the beast to our enemies for a king’s ransom. Nothing is certain. But we have every reason to think there is something happening in this land and it must be known.”
“Hm.” Dana finally swung her gaze from the lithe figure on the high-backed throne into the room, and across the gathered nobility and lords of battle. “No doubt wise Harkor here wants to sweep across the land and bring every sword to battle against phantom dragonlings.” Harkor bristled at the jibe.
“This cannot go uncontested. All know Karne is master of the skies. Karne alone. We cannot allow such talk to go on. Surely you should know this more than any. It’s your whores that ride those great beasts after all.”
Uncomfortable murmurs spread across the hall, for Harkor spoke a sometimes-told rumour, that the dragon riders couple with their mounts in order to gain their loyalty. Theodonos curled his lips further. He moved his gaze to Maldin, an older general, a silver haired and battle-scarred warrior. The king’s look silently said he waited for his opinion. Maldin acknowledged it.
“It would be rash, at this time, to make a move of our legions. We gained much in our campaign in Loronia last year, and the newly-acquired populace need to be tightened. To weaken our forces at this delicate time would risk that and invite a counter-attack that could see our advances lost. While I fully understand your eagerness to prove your victories were not luck, Harkor, caution should be practiced here.”
Harkor crossed his arms and glared. Theodonos himself gave but the slightest of nods. Cordonis chose this moment to make a suggestion.
“Wise king, it is my humble opinion that more needs to be known before we can make any action. Would my liege allow me to send some of my best men to make quiet enquiries?”
Theodonos raised an eyebrow and considered a moment. When he spoke he addressed Dana again.
“My dear huntmistress Dana. Would you say there is anything regarding the nature of dragons that is not known to you?”
Dana gave him an odd look. “Of course there is not. It is my duty to learn every aspect regarding the command of dragons. As the chief of the riders, none is better informed than I.”
“And would you be willing to pass on this knowledge to Cordonis’s network of information gatherers?”
Dana paused. “My king must know full well of the pact between the dragon-riders and the crown they serve. We serve you tirelessly but the knowledge of raising and commanding dragons must always remain fully our own.”
“Indeed, so it has been written since well before yours or my time, Lady Dana. So it was laid down before our father’s mothers were humped. So it was decreed by our wise ancestors. As such, it is passed onto you, to find these people who we are told can breed dragons, and see what threat they offer. I leave it in your wise council to decide what action to take, if necessary. Thus is the command the serpent-king gives. Do you accept this order?”
Dana stiffened. Theodonis spoke the words every king speaks when issuing an order to his huntmistress. The formality that binds the dragon riders to the serpent throne. No huntmistress, in the centuries since the pact was formed, has ever refused an order from her king. The question is asked lightly but to refuse would mean the breaking the most ancient agreement in the empire of Karne. She answered.
“My leige, my warriors are yours to command. I accept your order.” She bowed stiffly as she spoke the required response. Theodonis gave one of his scanty nods. Still his lips curled and his gaze remained resolute.
“It is so, Lady Dana. I shall leave you in the capable hands of Cordonis and Maldin to work out the details of your journey to Gestat. I shall retire now and leave you to your deliberations.”
The gathered hall rose to attention and stood alert as Theodonis made his exit. He unfolded lithely from his throne and left. One person followed him as he went, an old woman, bent and dressed in haggard clothing. She had the same dark eyes and sinister expression Theodonis had.


Theodonis came to his chambers. His honour guard stood outside, two huge men unmoving as statues. Weapons adorned them like clothing. The old lady followed him in.
“My dear huntmistress is becoming quite waspish of late. I suspect she does not like serving her monarch.”
“Like it or no, she cannot break the bond that binds her to the crown. To do so would be unthinkable. Leave her to her tantrums. If she becomes a real problem it can be dealt with.”
“I know that, dear mother. I know that. But it distresses me that the commander of my mightiest weapon could become such a problem. My dear father really should have chosen better.” Theodonos lowered his spindly limbs into a chair in the middle of the room. He reached across the table next to him a picked up a small fruit. He began to cut it into pieces with his ornate belt knife, carefully drawing slices into as if performing surgery. Or torture.
“We know us both that there are many things your father could have done better. Gaia rest his mighty soul.” She herself stood across the room next to a window. Her eyes did not seem interested in anything in front of her.
Theodonos’s twisted smile crept back onto his face. “As always you are correct, dear mother.” He gestured across the room. At the royal bedchamber, several youths lay on the bed. Two women and a young man. They were draped in gossamer togas. One of them, at his command, rose from the bed and came to kneel by the king. He placed a slice of fruit in her mouth and she chewed it. “I do not like Dana.” He said in a rare moment of bluntness. “She walks through court as if all are beneath her. She brings discord into my finely-tuned house. She makes my men and women less focused on their duties to their king.” As the girl chewed the fruit in her mouth, Theodonis moved his hand to her breasts and caressed her through her scant gown.
“You do not like her, Theod, because she was lover to your father. You do not like her because she stays distant from the happenings of her crown, holed up in her dirty dragon’s aerie. You do not like her because your people call her the Dragon Queen, and because they speak as she was equal, or even greater, than your rule.” She stood unconcerned next to the window. She drew out a heavy pipe and filled it with a foul-smelling herb.
Theodonis nodded slightly. His face was now blank. One hand reached into the girl’s dress and bared a small, soft breast. His fingers continued to work their exploration, pressing into her dark nipple. The other hand continued to feed fruit to both his own mouth and his servant’s. “There is that also. You know, my spies tell me that she had now turned her attention to Machil, the captain of my honour guard. I cannot have his attention diverted at such a vital time. The threats of those shadow-worshipping blind druids continue to bring an unsafe atmosphere to my royal personage. They want nothing more than an opportunity to put an assassin’s knife to my throat, and their cursed black magics may very well give them that ability. Why do I continue to have such untrustworthy individuals watching my back?”
The old woman sucked on her pipe, filling the room with heavy smoke. Now it was her who twisted her face into a small dark smile. “Those heathen cultists? Those impotent old cunts? They could not possibly present such a dire threat to your health, Theod. I suspect you resent anyone who is given Lady Dana’s attentions. Could it be that she has denied your demands once too often? You want to hump her, hm? Mount her as one of those beasts she rides? Is that it?”
Theodonos did not alter his perfectly neutral expression. Instead he casually tugged at the servant’s robes and they fell to the floor. Both her pale breasts were now bared and his hand fondled them still. His rising prick was obvious against his trousers. “Machil is welcome to the vapid whore. He should enjoy her while he still has the opportunity. If she returns from this sojourn I fully expect Dana to change her ways, or...” he picked up his knife again and held it to the girl’s throat. She did not change her similarly blank expression. She merely opened the crotch of his breeches and began to caress his cock.
“Careful, Theod.” She scowled. “What you suggest is no small matter. The removal of a huntmistress is a dangerous thing. She is supported by the loyalty of her warriors. If you court their wrath you risk the power of your whole kingdom. She has allies within your own court. Such an act could spell your end.”
Theodonos spoke to the old woman as the serving girl’s head moved up and down on his lap. She made small sucking sounds as she worked. He continued to press his knife against her neck. “That is the very reason why she needs to be tamed. Her power cannot match that of the crown. Such a thing is unthinkable, dear mother. Those dragon-bitches must be muzzled or they would be a danger to my rule. The pact was a foolish bargaining by idiotic old men and I do not see how it still bares credence today.”
“You are a fool!” She hissed. “The pact has stood for centuries! It is the one thing that binds them to you! If you tear it up then the Serpent throne will be castrated!”
“I am king, mother. I am not bound by pacts. I will not have my hands chained by the laws of ancient fools. Their subservience to my will must be absolute. If I perceive it to be less than so I will make steps to remedy it.” By now his eyes were closed. With his free hand, he grasped the girl by her hair and forced her movements over his prick. He pulled up her head sharply and down hard, to make her throat seize and tighten round him. She squirmed but did not get up.
“This is idiocy, Theod. I leave you to your deliberations. I suggest you study some tomes until I see you next. I recommend The Serpent Throne’s Power by Hardin, it goes into great detail as to the specifics of the dragon rider’s pact and how it is necessary to our empire’s rule. No serpent king can retain his throne without it, Theod. Every king before you knew it; it is time you realised that also. I bid you think hard, Theod. Think hard indeed.” With that she swept the door open and was gone.
“I never stop thinking, dear mother. Never.” he said to the closed door. He pushed the girl’s head down a final time. She struggled and made a small sound as he put his seed down her throat. He held her down still. “Swallow it, dear girl. Swallow it all. There you go.” Finally his seed was spent, and she fell back, heaving in wet breaths. “You poor little thing. Let me help you.” He pulled her to her feet, drew back his hand and smacked her face, hard. She fell to the hard ground, and blood welled from her lip. She continued to pull in ragged breaths but otherwise did not move.
He walked across to his bedchamber, the girl on the ground forgotten now. Two more servants waited calmly on his bed – another girl, smaller and darker than the last one. And a young man. Their expressions were as neutral as the first girl. He pulled down his breeches and stepped out of them, his semi-hard cock waving in the air, drops of semen still hanging from it. He pulled the other girl down the bed by her ankles and buried his face between her legs. His tongue explored inside her, his eyes locked onto the youth’s face. The youth stared back, seemingly seeing nothing.

* * *

Dana had left the audience chamber immediately after the king. She had gone first to the training courtyard, where guards practiced. The day was bright, fresh from last night’s rains, a good spring morning. Dana’s mood was not bright.
The courtyard looked over the hills below Kamildan, Karne’s capital and seat of the Serpent King’s throne. Kamildan was an enormous city that rose high above tall, steep hills. Concentric walls ringed the palace proper, and were said to be unassailable. No one was yet fool enough to try. Between each set of enormous walls were further habitations. The most important nobility lived closest to the palace, and the common folk of the city, furthest out. Outside the last walls were a sprawling mass of buildings, the town of the very poorest. From the training courtyard you could not see these dirty slums, only the plains which spread out around Kamildan. A network of roads strung out across the land, connecting Kamildan with its empire, like a spider sat at the centre of its web.
Guards and soldiers were in groups in the courtyard, training and drilling. Dana’s handmaidens were stood at one corner, waiting her return. These were her elite, her personal bodyguard of dragon maidens. As they saw her enter the courtyard they came to her.
“It is as we had been told, Lornel.” Dana addressed the captain of her guard without ceremony. “The rumours have reached our king and he has bid me to travel to Gestat.”
“And hope you perish there, no doubt. All know those places to the west have fiercely resisted the Serpent King’s armies. It is a land of lawlessness.”
“I know this, Lornel. But he has ordered me directly. He invoked the pact and I cannot refuse him.”
“Are we to accompany you, Lady Dana?” asked Teritha, one of the handmaidens.
“I would that you did not. I need you to stay at Nimrel and be alert. I already suspect Theodonos will make some move against us while I am away. I need to meet with his lackies later. There is one I wish to come with me, I shall inform whom it is soon.”
The maidens looked at her quizzically but Dana did not answer them. “I will have to meet you back at Nimrel within a few days. Do not await me here, but go straight back. I will be busy for the moment. When I return, we will have ceremony to attend to.”
The maidens bowed slightly to her commands. “Go then. Your mounts await you. We shall discourse more when I see you next.” They turned and left in the direction of the nests, temporary eyries that are held at Kamildan for occasions when the dragon warriors are visiting the capital of their king and master. These nests are located at the very highest point of the palace, huge, covered, open-walled dwellings for their dragon mounts. Dana knew her maidens would fly immediately back to Nimrel, the great eyrie, some many miles distant to the north, high in the mountains. This is the home of both the dragon warriors, and their mother-dragon Rhiannon, the great flightless beast that lays the eggs of their mounts. Lornel would watch over the running of Nimrel until Dana returned.


Dana went then to the advisory chambers where the king’s council convened. The king himself, of course, was absent, though soon enough his hag of a mother arrived to sit in the corner and say nothing at all. Dana spoke with the high council, with Cordonis the head of intelligence, and Maldin the war general, about how exactly she would proceed. She insisted on having at least one warrior to accompany her in journey, and on this they agreed. Supplies and intelligence was relinquished to her in aid of this. She also insisted that she could not go immediately, for important ceremonies were due back at Nimrel. They were not happy about this. At great length all the agreements were made, and by the time she was able to retire to her chambers, evening was drawing in.
As soon as she was able to leave she went to the great roofs of the palace to check on her mount. The dragon, a huge red beast, was sleeping, as they usually do when they are not eating, or flying. Valkyre, she had named him. He was as fine an example of the dragon-hatchers art as it was possible to find. From nose to tail tip, he was fifty feet long. His wingspan was equal to that. His eyes smouldered with the eternal fire of a dragon and his breath had sent many a poor fool to his torturous death. Like all dragon riders, Dana loved him.
“Has he taken food?” She asked of the servant attending.
“Yes, my lady.” He bobbed his head. “He took his pick of the herds this morning.” When dragons were ensconced at Kamildan they were permitted to take food of the cattle and other beasts that were herded outside the city walls. She nodded, and held her hand to his side as he breathed. His scales, though hard as steel, moved supplely with his slow sleeping breath.
“He sleeps well.” She declared. “Have his trough refilled and the bedding changed tonight. I shall fly him tomorrow. I do not wish his wings to go weak with laxity.” Again the attendant bowed, and she left.
She got some simple food herself at the palace guard’s mess and ate standing. None marked her presence or attempted to accost her. She then returned to her allotted chambers, where she found Machil sitting at the table in the room, studying a game board.
“Fascinating game, this.” he remarked as she entered. “Each deployment sets a unique puzzle. I must confess I have been trying to solve this one for some time now.”
“I care little for these idle pastimes.” She responded. “I have scant time to waste on them.”
“Ah, but it is time well spent. It encourages the mind to think in new directions and approach problems in usual ways. It keeps you sharp, my lady.” He smiled as she approached, and she bent a knee, pressed it into his crotch. His hand rose up the back of her legs and rested on her buttocks. “Though I suspect you have little need for that. You are quite sharp enough.”
She forced his lips into hers and their passion was fired once again. She pulled down the top of her robes, her large, full breasts instantly exposing themselves, and placed a nipple into his mouth.
“I am being sent away on command of the king.” She said as he suckled gratefully. “He wishes me to go to Gestat. As you had already warned me.”
He nodded between the rounds of her bosoms. “He received the information some days ago. He took some time to tell his court. For what reasons, I do not know.” His mouth turned its attention to her other breast.
“It’s also likely he knows that we meet one another. So he knows I may be suspicious of him. He moves against us, Machil. This is worrying.” He simply nodded again. Dana’s hand was between his legs, feeling his thick bulge. She then lowered herself down, and unslung his heavy manhood. She peeled back his foreskin and traced a line with her tongue.
“He is dangerous, Dana.” He told her as he watched her expertly work her tongue over him. “He is unpredictable. I have enough worries without him tearing apart the bonds that glue our kingdom. You must be on your guard. You must not give him reason to despise you.”
She spoke with his cock in her mouth. “He is a despicable manling. Him and that bitch-hag. His father was a king. He is a rat.”
She got up, overturned the game board, sending carved pieces flying. She mounted the table, opened her legs, and let him enter her with his tongue. His hands were over her heavy breasts while he licked her.
At that moment, a serving girl entered. She knocked, and walked in, and seeing them, her on the table, him with his head under her robes, jumped and started to leave.
“Oh! Dear Gaia.... forgive me....”
Dana did stop move, Machil did not cease his work. Dana looked at the girl, and something in the huntmistress’s eyes held the girl there. Dana put up her hand and beckoned the girl in.
“Servant. Place the clean linen by the bed.” The girl, red rising in her cheeks, moved to obey. She then stood there, not looking at them. “Clean the hearth.” Dana then instructed her. She did so, hesitantly, furiously not looking at either of them. “Close the door, silly girl. Where are your manners?” She clicked the door to, and went to brushing out the ash from the fireplace. Meanwhile, Machil had sat down on the chair. Dana lowered herself down onto him, facing away, and holding the table edge, they passionately coupled. He guided her movements, his hands on her hips. Her heavy breasts bounced in time to their rhythm.
The serving girl finished her cleaning, trying not to hear Dana’s rising moans or the slap of their fucking. Every time she finished a task, Dana would instruct her to another. She replaced the candles about the room and stripped the bedsheets. She even ordered her to picking up game pieces spread about the room and resetting them on the very table her and Machil were screwing on.
“Servant.” Dana said to her finally. “Your clothes are dirty. I will not have scruffiness in here.” It was true – in their course of her cleaning the girl had gotten soot on her dress. “Remove them. Wash them in the tub.”
The girl looked at her, shocked. By now Machil had Dana on the stripped bed. Her legs were over his shoulders, and he stood over her, thrusting powerfully.
“My lady...?”
“Come here.” Dana instructed. The girl obediently did so, trying not to see Dana’s large breasts shuddering in time with Machil’s thrusts, or the slow dampness escaping from their sex. Dana held out the dirty patch of her dress for her to see. “You see? Dirty. Not acceptable. Remove your dress.”
The girl dared to hesitate one more time, but the look in Dana’s eyes told her it was unwise. Shaking but slightly, the girl lifted up her dress and stood before them nude.
“The tub has clean water in it. Wash your dress. Then wash yourself.”
She did so. She scrubbed her dress clean. Then she got in the tub and cleaned the smears from her own body. As she sat in the warm water, Machil reached his climax inside Dana. They then rose and got in the tub with the servant. Before her they cleansed themselves, Dana cleaning her pussy of his seed. Machil ordered the girl wash his own manhood, and indeed she took the soap and cleaned him. She was beyond disobeying them now.
Dana raised her hips out of the water, and put the girl’s head between her legs. “Clean me this way, girl. Use your tongue. Use it well.” The girl licked Dana, but it did not make her cleaner, indeed her juices flowed more easily. By the time the girl had made her climax, Machil’s blood was flowing again, watching the two women work on each other. Dana laid back into the water with exhaustion, but if the girl thought she was finished, she was wrong. He stepped out and placed his semi-hard cock in the girl’s mouth. With his encouragement, she sucked him. Dana watched them, saw his pole slowly becoming more tumescent. She cupped his balls. Dana put her hand between her own legs and pleasured herself.
They were long before they were finished. At some point they moved onto the bed, the three of them becoming more accustomed to one another’s bodies. Dana made the girl climax with her mouth, as she continued her attentions on Machil’s cock. Then Dana climbed on top of the girl. They kissed as Machil took his pleasure with their pussies, moving from one to other as he wished. Soon he burst his seed once more, not inside either of them, but between them, clear-white droplets spreading across their bodies as they continued to kiss. They licked the milky liquid off one another’s bodies. By now Machil wished to sleep, but Dana was not done. She had the girl bring her to climax again twice, once with her fingers while Dana kissed her small breasts, and again with her mouth. By the time the serving girl crept from the chambers, it was closer to dawn than to dusk. Before she left, Dana spoke to her once more.
“What is your name, girl?”
“My name is Yurale, my lady.”
“Yurale. See that you attend these chambers again tomorrow. I have a proposition for you. One you may find intriguing.”
“Yes, my lady.” She said, hastening out the door.

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"Would you like Two of me?"

“Would you like Two of me?” This takes place in the very near future….. ….I’m Lisa, and I took a big step and secretly put a clone and robotic combination of myself together. My company thought it was just the latest robot girl I had created. I waited for just the right guy to test it on. I finally found what I was looking for. He was handsome, sexy and young. Perfect…. --------- …Ron…. …I received information about a company wanting someone to try out their latest robot girl. I looked into it and it sounded interesting. I contacted them and...


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The New Shed

I was building a new workshop and needed some help. I called four friends who had carpentry skills and were regular meetings for me. We all knew we were sex partners but we kept things discrete since none of our wives knew of our extracurricular activities. The concrete for the floor had already been poured by two very energetic gentlemen, but that is another story. The lumber had been delivered a few days ago along with all the hardware. The saw station was set up in a shady area so work could go quickly. The wives took all the children to...


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[b]FAMILY OF 4, FAMILY TOGETHER My wife Pari, her younger sister (by one year), Ara, and their Mother, Mae. 3 Ladies – and me, man of the house so-to-speak, our Family. Quite an exhausting role it has become. Where we live in Asia, I am a foreigner, being born way down-under. But I have lived in Asia a long time now, and understand how important Family is. In the case of my wife’s family, her Father died (of smoking and drinking-related illnesses) over 15 years ago; since then, the 3 Ladies have been together, hiccups and arguments notwithstanding, virtually always. For...


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Juan's Crazy Sex adventures in Puerto Rico/ Part One...

I'm a lawyer, and I know right from wrong, but this year has been really hard on me. Being 34 years old, standing at 62 and weighing in at 170 lbs. Dark reddish blondish brownish, Low Cesar haircut. I'm a mixed man, mothers Italian, fathers Puerto Rican and Indonesian. I don't know my parents, they were killed in a high jacking in a airplane coming from Italy visiting my grandparents on my mom's side. All I know is at five I was living with my grandfather on my dads side, In Puerto Rico, and things changed from the start. I went...


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My buddies Mom

This is about Russell’s Mom. To start with, my name is Jay and my best buddy for most of my life has been Russell and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Russell and I had planned. So early Friday evening I drove over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the...


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