My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 02

My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 02

My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

Part 02 - Post University Days


Ryan invited me to go and stay with his parents with him for a few weeks while we waited for our results and planned what we were going to do for the rest of our lives. I’d already decided that if Ryan asked me, then I’d go with him to where ever he got a job, and then look for one myself.

I discussed knickers with Ryan. I said that I thought that I should get some and wear them at his parent’s house. I told him that I didn’t want to upset his parents or brother if I accidentally gave them a flash of my butt or pussy.

I told him that if I accidentally flashed my knickers to my parents or any guests, I’d get a sermon from my mother. She would go on and on about girls having to be more careful. She said that only harlots showed their knickers and that they’d brought me up better than that.

Ryan laughed saying that no one in his family would be upset. His family are quite broadminded and would just treat it as an accident.

Ryan’s parents are really nice; they welcomed me as if I was their own daughter. They were even happy for me to share Ryan’s old room with him.

Ryan’s parents both work so we were at their home on our own quite a lot; his younger brother – Tom was in his last year at school.

After the first few days of fucking all over the house we decided that we needed to get out a bit. One of the ideas we had was for Ryan to show me around the neighbourhood by cycling. Ryan had his old bike and he said that I could borrow his father’s (his mother didn’t own one).

Obviously it was a man’s bike with a cross bar, and it was way too big for me, I could manage to ride it, and I did, but it certainly was an interesting experience.

I was still (still am) not wearing underwear, and always wearing short skirts. I had to wait until no one was looking before getting on the bike, and when on it I couldn’t touch the ground when sat on the saddle. To be able to touch the ground I had to slide forward off the saddle. The cold metal crossbar pressed on my bare pussy. Ryan took great delight in rolling the bike back and forwards when I was standing like that.

To ride the bike I had to slide my butt from side to side as I peddled. It wasn’t only my legs that got a workout. I had trouble concentrating of where I was going quite a bit of the time; I think that I would have seen more of the place if I’d walked.

Ryan wasn’t a lot of help; all he’d do was ride behind me and watch my butt as the wind blew my skirt up.

Another place that we went to was the local leisure centre. Ryan used to play squash and I wanted him to teach me. Before he could we had to go into town to get me some trainers and a white top and skirt.

The tops that Ryan chose were all tight fitting and very thin material. I wanted one with thicker material, with two layers, but Ryan persuaded me that his choice was best. The top that we final bought has a lace band around the top. When I wear it normally the lace band is above my breasts, but if I pull it down as far as the straps will allow, the lace is over most of my breasts. When my nipples get hard they poke through the little holes in the lace. Needless to say that Ryan pulls it down every time that I wear it, and I pull it back up when he’s not looking.

The tennis skirt was also made of very thin silky material. It was slightly pleated, and flared; and so short that it barely covered my butt. It was so light that I hardly knew that I had it on.

Of course Ryan wanted to see me try them on in the shop. He kept pulling the curtain back and I’m sure that at least 3 people saw me without any clothes on.

When I put my new clothes on at the leisure centre I looked positively indecent. My nipples poked out and I’m sure that anyone following me when I walked would be able to see my butt. I was glad when we got on to the squash court.

When Ryan showed me how to swing the racquet he would stand behind me and press against me. He must have found it difficult as he always had a hard-on that pressed into my butt.

When it came to running to get the ball I frequently tripped and ended-up flat-out on the floor.

The second time that we went I had a wardrobe malfunction when putting the skirt on. The one waist button came off. I walked out to Ryan holding the skirt up with one hand. I told Ryan what had happened and that we’d have to cancel.

Ryan was having nothing of it. He took me to the squash court and asked me how many people were watching us. Then he asked me where anyone could watch us from. I couldn’t see anyone and couldn’t see anywhere that people could watch from and I told him so.

“Right, now that it’s impossible for anyone to see you, drop the skirt and we’ll play with you bottomless.” Ryan said.

I was stunned. I’d never even considered that. I started to protest, then realised that he was right; no one would be able to see me, other than Ryan; so I took off the skirt.

Okay, the skirt was so light that I hardly knew I had it on, but I certainly knew when I didn’t have it on. It was a weird, but nice feeling.

Being bottomless didn’t make me a better squash player and I still ended up on the floor quite a bit.

Towards the end of the lesson I was on my back one time and I looked up, towards the back of the court.

Blankety, Blank! There were 3 men looking down on us. I quickly got up and ran to the back of the court where they wouldn’t be able to see me. I called Ryan over and asked,

“How did they get there? How long have they been there?”

“Relax TT, They’ve only just got there; and they couldn’t have seen much of you anyway.” Ryan said.

“Well I don’t like it.” I said, “Can we go now please?”

“No TT, we can’t. You’ve got to master that backhand swing.”

Reluctantly, we continued the lesson. I kept looking up to see if the men had gone. They hadn’t; they stayed there until our time was up.

We also went to the swimming pool at the leisure centre. Before we could do that we had to go and buy me a bikini. I wanted a proper bikini, but in the end Ryan bought me a semi see-though bra to go with the only thong that I owned.

I told Ryan that I wasn’t happy wearing such a brief, see-though outfit in such a public place, but he assured me that I wouldn’t feel out of place once I got there.

It was late July and Ryan and I had got ready to go to the pool. As we walked downstairs Ryan saw Tom watching television. Ryan asked Tom if he wanted to come with us. I wasn’t too happy that Tom would be able to see me virtually naked, but I didn’t say anything.

Tom said that he didn’t want to come if he’d be intruding on anything. Ryan laughed and told Tom that we weren’t going there to have sex on the diving board.

We waited while Tom went and got ready.

When I put the ‘bikini’ on in the changing room I looked in a mirror and thought,

“Shit, I’m virtually naked; everyone is going to see everything.”

I looked around at the other girls there. Most were wearing conventional bikinis and two had bottoms that were cut high so that a fair amount of butt cheek was showing. I saw one thong bikini bottoms. At least I wasn’t going to be the only one wearing a thong, even if mine was an underwear thong.

I took a deep breath and walked out.

Ryan and Tom were waiting for me.

Ryan smiled and Tom wolf-whistled. I blushed.

We jumped into the pool and swam a couple of lengths before deciding to go and have a go on the 2 slides that were there. We got out of the pool and joined the queue. I checked that my thong was still covering my pussy. It was, but I could see the front of my slit through the material. I could also see my dark areolas and every little bump on my little tits. I held my hands below my chin to cover my tits and hoped that no one could see my bits.

As we climbed the steps I could feel the eyes of a couple of youths, below and behind me, burning my butt. I kept my legs tightly closed. At the top the lifeguard looked me up and down and smiled.

At the bottom of both of the slides I quickly checked the thong. Each time I had a front wedgie and had to pull the thong out of my pussy. I think that I managed to do it without anyone noticing.

The slides weren’t that good so we went back into the pool. Ryan had his arm round my waist as we went back.

We started messing about in the pool because there were too many people there to do lengths safely.

We played silly games like ‘tag’ and see which of us could stay under for the longest. Tom had a bit of an advantage as he had a face mask with him.

We ended up in the shallow end diving between each other’s legs and doing handstands and somersaults.

I surfaced in front of Ryan and leaned forward to kiss him. He put his hand on my hips.

“Don’t you go unfastening my thong.” I said.

“Don’t you worry about that, I won’t.” Ryan said.

Not fully trusting him because of his previous track record, I put my hands to my hips to check that the sides were still tied properly. I panicked, I couldn’t find the thong. It had gone.

I told Ryan. He told me that he already knew. I’d lost it soon after we’d got back into the pool.

“You mean I’ve been swimming bottomless all this time and you didn’t tell me. You 2 have been diving between my legs and I’ve being doing handstands. My butt must have been way out of the water; and what’s more, Tom’s got that face mask on. That’s why he swam between my legs face up. He must have had a good look at me; and how many other people will have seem my pussy?”

Ryan smiled and I thumped him.

“You’ve got to find it for me; I can’t get out like this.” I said.

We were stood in the shallow end. I looked down at my front. At least my bra was still there, even if everyone could see my hard nipples and areolas. I ducked down so that my chest was covered.

Ryan and Tom went off in search of my thong while I stayed neck deep against the side of the pool looking at everyone around me to see if they were staring at me.

About 5 minutes later Ryan and Tom came back to me and told me that they couldn’t find the thong.

I had a quick panic attack. I knew that I was going to have to go back to the changing room bottomless.

Ryan told me to relax, and held me against him. I could feel his hard dick pressing against my stomach. He was enjoying my predicament.

I asked Ryan and Tom if they would walk in front and behind me. They agreed and we swam as close to the changing room entrance as we would. Ryan got out first while Tom hung back waiting for me to get out. I pulled myself up on my arms then swung a leg up onto the pool side. I suddenly realised that Tom would be getting a great view of my open pussy. There was nothing that I could do.

I was struggling to pull myself up and asked Ryan to pull me up. I knew that Tom was looking at my pussy, but there was nothing that I could do.

Ryan pulled me up then Tom jumped out. I wished that I could get out that easily.

The 3 of us started walking and got in line. Why was Ryan walking so slowly? One woman and 2 boys saw me (that I knew of), and I heard a wolf whistle; but no one said anything.

As we got to the changing room entrance and I turned in, a female lifeguard was coming out. She saw me and stopped me. She wanted to know where my bottoms were. She asked me if I’d gone into the pool like that. I blushed and told her that I did have some on, but they’d come off and I couldn’t find them.

As she told me to leave my name and address with reception and if they turned up they would contact me. As she was telling this to me I looked back towards the pool and saw a couple of boys staring at me.

I was glad to get round the corner to where there were only girls. I showered and got dressed. Ryan and Tom were waiting for me in reception.

I didn’t leave my name and address with reception.

Back at Ryan’s home I took our wet things to the laundry basket. As I unrolled Ryan’s towel my thong fell out. Ryan had done it again.

Another thing that we did to get out and pass the time was 10-pin bowling. It was only when I saw that a group of men had gathered around our lane that I realised that they must be watching me bend over each time that I bowled.

You see, when we started the game Ryan and I were the only ones near our lane and I wasn’t worried about Ryan seeing up my short skirt. Besides, Ryan had told me that he couldn’t see my pussy when I first bowled.

I’d got so into the game that I hadn’t noticed the men. From then on I tried to keep upright but it ruined my game. I lost.

There was another really embarrassing incident that happened while I was at Ryan’s parent’s house. Ryan and I had been late up one morning, and it was a sunny day for change so we decided to go out the back and lay on the sun loungers. Ryan’s parents were both at work, and his brother Tom was at school.

Ryan said that I should top-up my all-over tan so I took my skirt and top off and lay back to enjoy the warm sum on my body.

I dozed and vaguely remembered him saying something about going inside for something. A few minutes later I heard a sound close by. I started to open my eyes to see what Ryan was doing, but as soon as they opened just a little bit, the sun blinded me so I closed them again. I was sure that I’d seen the silhouette of Ryan at my feet so I said,

“Hey babe, can you rub some sun tan lotion on me please?”

A few seconds later I heard the sun tan lotion bottle being opened, then felt it dripping onto my legs and arms. I relaxed even more as my legs then arms had the lotion rubbed on them.

“Don’t forget to do the rest of my front please.” I said.

I felt lotion dripping onto my shoulders then my belly; then it being spread over me.

“Don’t forget my little girls.” I said.

A few seconds later my tits were massaged.

“That’s nice.” I said, still keeping my eyes shut.

I felt lotion dripping onto my stomach then hands rubbing it all over.

“Don’t forget my puss; we don’t want that to get burnt do we?” I said.

His hands stopped for a few seconds then a hand landed on my pussy.

“Hmm, that’s nice.” I said and opened my legs wide.

“Are your fingers going to work their magic on me again?” I asked.

The fingers gently probed my lips then my clit. I moaned.

“Inside please.” I said.

The fingers started fucking me and I moaned again. I started getting close to cumming when I heard Ryan say,

“Would you like a drink TT?”

“That’s a stupid time to ask about a drink” I thought. Then, hang on a minute, his voice was coming from near the back door.

“Whose fingers were in my pussy?”

I brought my hand to shield my eyes from the sun and opened my eyes.

OMG! It was Tom finger fucking me.

Tom jumped back. I jumped up and covered my pussy and tits. Both of us started apologising to the other.

Tom was saying that he thought that I knew it was him, and I did ask him to do it; and I was saying that I thought that he was Ryan.

Ryan called for us to shut up then said,

“Okay, lots of misunderstandings and everyone’s sorry. You’re both still alive and neither has been hurt. Let’s just put it down to a misunderstanding and move on; okay?”

I was still stood there naked, covering my bits; my heart was pounding and my face was red, and it was nothing to do with the sun.

Both Tom and I agreed, and after a few seconds I asked Tom why he wasn’t at school. He told us that he had free periods that afternoon so he’d decided to come home.

Tom went inside and I sat down and picked up my top. Ryan said that we wouldn’t see Tom for ages. He was too embarrassed to show his face for a few hours so I should relax and enjoy the sun.

I tried to relax, but I just couldn’t. I asked Ryan if he was upset that his brother had fingered me. He replied saying,

“You looked like you were enjoying it, were you?”

“Well yes, but I thought that it was you.” I said.

“If you enjoyed it then I’m not upset. After all, Tom’s my brother, it’s not like it was some stranger.”

I let it go at that, but I did wonder how long Ryan had been watching.

A short while later I got dressed and we went inside.

Talking of Tom, he caught us having sex one time. School had finished and just the 3 of us were at home. It was mid-morning and Ryan and I hadn’t got up yet. We hadn’t been awake long and I was on top of Ryan with my knees either side of him, facing him. I had been riding him and had cum before him.

I’d leant back and put my arms behind me to support me so that he could see his cock buried deep in my pussy. That always makes him cum quicker.

Anyway, I’d just felt him cum fill me up when the door to his bedroom flew open.

At this point I should explain that the door is next to the head of the bed, so anyone stood in the doorway can see all of the bed from beside the head of the bed.

So, the door flew open and in walked Tom. As soon as he saw us he froze, so did I. Ryan had no choice, I was on top of him. Tom stared at us, and my pussy with Ryan’s cock still inside it.

A few seconds later Tom said,

“Sorry, I’ve just got up and I thought that you’d gone out. I wanted to borrow that DVD that we talked about.”

“It’s on the table.” Ryan said as I felt his cock get harder and jerk inside me.

Tom got the DVD and left, looking at me as he went.

Ryan went on to shoot another load inside me. I guess that his brother seeing me spread wide like that had really turned him on.

I caught Tom looking up my skirt a few times; his father as well. After I’d been there about a week I realised that every time that I went upstairs one of them would follow me up. At first I just thought that it was a coincidence, but I also spotted them staring at my legs while we were watching television.

One time Ryan and I were sat on the sofa watching television and Ryan’s father was sat opposite. Ryan’s father kept talking to Ryan about stupid things. Of course when his father spoke to him he would look over at us.

It didn’t help that Ryan had uncrossed my legs so that he could put his hand on my thigh. He’d been pulling my leg nearer to him so my legs were a bit apart. I guess that Ryan’s father would have been able to see my bald pubes and maybe a bit of my pussy.

We also went jogging a few times. Ryan said that I’d be okay wearing the tennis skirt and a top. Apart from cross-country running at school I’d never been running before. Ryan planned a route and we set off.

When I started running I felt like I was bottom less, the little skirt bounced about and I could feel the air rushing passed my pussy. It felt good. I got Ryan to run behind me for a while to see if anyone could see my butt. He said not, but I wasn’t sure.

We only jogged about 3 miles the first time, out towards the countryside, through a park and back. I enjoyed it actually. I could have a good look around and think a few things through.

Of course Ryan wanted to stop while we were going through the park; he had me up against a tree before we set off back. That tree got a bit popular as Ryan fucked me against it each time we went that way.

Ryan started getting job interview in some of the surrounding cities and went off on his own each time, leaving me at home. He said that it was better that I stayed back so that he could concentrate on the interview and not worry about me waiting in some strange city on my own.

The first time that he went I was home alone. It was the first time that we’d been apart for weeks. It wasn’t a sunny day so I couldn’t sunbathe. After a couple hours of boredom I decided that I could go for a jog on my own. I knew the route that we took so I wasn’t worried about getting lost.

I was just fastening my trainers when I decided that I knew what I could do to remind me of our love making that morning. I got out the remote controlled vibrator and slid the business part into my vagina. I gave myself a quick buzz then switched it off while I finished getting ready. Just to spice things up a little more I put on the top with the lace band at the top and pulled it down so that my nipples poked through the holes. I looked forward to the cool air rushing passed my nipples and pussy.

Just before leaving the house I switched the vibe on low and put the control back in the drawer then set off jogging.

I thought of Ryan’s cock as I jogged along the street with my little skirt bouncing up and down. I ignored the rude comments from a couple of builders working on a house and continued towards the park.

By the time I got there it felt like someone had upped the speed of the vibrator. I was getting quite worked up. My pussy was tingling and my inner thighs were wet. I started to regret putting the vibe in.

When I got to our fucking tree I remembered the times that Ryan had fucked me against it and started to cum. I stopped running, bent forward and held my knees for support.

I wasn’t thinking about the skirt riding up my backside revealing my naked butt to the world. That was until a man on a bike suddenly flew passed me from behind. As he passed me he shouted,

“Nice buns!”

For once I didn’t care; I had my orgasm to worry about.

Eventually the orgasm passed and I was able to stand up; but the vibe was still purring away inside me.

I started running again, albeit a bit slower.

I got out of the park and started going through a housing estate. There were people around and some youth were heading my way. I could feel another orgasm building.

As I got close to the youths the comments started.

“Fucking hell, her skirts short.”

“She hasn’t got a bra on.”

“Doesn’t look like she’s got knickers on either, I’m sure I just got a flash of her cunt.”

“Look at those nipples!”

As I passed them they must have turned to watch me.

“What a fucking ass. I’d like to get my hands on that.”

“Fuck, she definitely hasn’t got any knickers on.”

All those comments moved my pending orgasm closer.

I turned another corner and saw some men working in a hole in the road. I’d have to pass them to get back to Ryan’s house. As I got closer one of the men saw me and the comments started again.

“Flash your pussy for us.”

“Show us your tits.”

One man grabbed his balls and shouted,

“Want some of this meat luv?”

I was getting close to cumming and wasn’t concentrating enough on the path. Just as I passed the workman’s van another man got out of the side door. We went for the same piece of footpath at the same second and I ran into him.

He was about twice my size so I came off the worst. I bounced off him and went flying onto someone’s front lawn.

Winded and shocked, I just lay there trying to work out what had happened. The vibrator was still running and my pussy was still throbbing.

The next thing that I knew I was looking up at 5 burly workmen in their mud covered clothes. I realised that my skirt was up round my waist and moved a hand to pull it down.

“Don’t move luv,” one of the men said, “Dave here is a first-aider; you’d better let him check you out before you move.”

I put my hand back on the ground as the orgasm hit me. I started shaking and moaning. I could feel my pussy muscles convulsing.

“Fucking hell, she looks like she’s cumming.” I heard one of the men say.

“No, it’ll be the shock from running into that fat bastard.” Another said.

Dave (presumably) knelt down beside me and said,

“Relax luv, just stay where you are, you’ll be okay in a minute. I’ll soon get you checked out and you can get on your way.

If only he knew.

I stopped shaking as the orgasm subsided. I wanted, I needed, to pull my skirt down. My knees were apart, my pussy was open and dripping; and 5 men were looking at it. I could feel my face burning.

Dave reached out for my arm and ran his hands up it.

“Nothing obvious, can you move you hand please?”

I made a fist.

Dave did the same with my other arm.

I made another fist.

Dave’s hand went to my shoulders and searched for any anomalies on my shoulders, neck and head.

“Good,” he said, “everything seems to be normal there.”

I started to sit up but Dave pressed down on my shoulder.

“Not yet, you could have damaged something lower down.” He said.

Dave put his hand either side of my waist on my up-turned skirt and gently pressed.

“Does that hurt?” he said, then, “something’s shaking in there, are you sure you feel okay?”

“Yes.” I said as I went a brighter shade of red.

Dave stood up, went to my feet and knelt down again. He was at my feet and looking straight up to my open hole. I got that feeling in my guts and another rush in my pussy.

One of my legs was reasonable straight, but the other was bent at the knee with the foot close to my other knee.

Dave started on my straight leg and gently ran both hands up either side. He stopped about an inch from my throbbing pussy.

“It feels okay to me!” Dave said.

Dave’s hands went to the foot of my other leg and gently lifted it up. He looked me straight in my eyes as he gently straightened my leg and put it down close to my other leg. At least my pussy was no longer open.

Dave’s hands started sliding up that leg. Just as he got close to my pussy I came again. As the waves of ecstasy flooded over me I started moaning and shake – again. I looked up and saw 10 eyes still staring down at me.

“What’s happening Dave?” One of the men asked. “What’s wrong with her?”

Dave had a puzzled look on his face.

“Are you……” Dave started to say then he smiled and said, “You are aren’t you?”

I was starting to feel more in control so I jumped up and ran like hell. My skirt was taking it’s time falling back to its proper place, but I just kept going.

I was still on an adrenaline high when I got back to Ryan’s house. I ran upstairs to our room and grabbed the remote control. The strange thing was, instead of turning it off, I turned it up to full. I lay on the bed and had yet another orgasm, one of the most intensive ever.

What was wrong with me? Why had that horrible experience got me so aroused? Did I actually like men seeing me naked? No, no, that wasn’t possible. I’m not that type of girl. My naked body is for me and Ryan to see, no one else.

I managed to put my confusion to one side for a while and dozed off. When I woke up I stripped and went and had a shower.

Feeling much better I put a dress on and went downstairs. Tom was there watching television. I got a bite to eat and joined him. The programme was boring, I started thinking, searching for answers. The suddenly I remembered the vibe. It was still inside me.

“Shit, I’m even getting used to having that thing inside me. What’s wrong with me?”

A few minutes later Ryan came in, I jumped up and ran to hug him. We went upstairs and as soon as we got in our room I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor.

“Take me!” I said. Then I remembered the vibe, “but before you do there’s a little thing inside me that you’ll have to remove.”

Ryan grinned,

“Wow TT your turning into a right sexaholic. Have you had it in all day?”

“Please!” I said, “Get it out and fuck me then I’ll tell you everything.”

He did, we did, and I did. Then I told him all about my concerns about myself.

Ryan smiled, kissed me then told me that I sounded quite normal to him. Okay, getting knocked to the ground isn’t normal, but all my feelings where normal.

I felt a little better, but I wasn’t totally convinced. It just didn’t seem right.

The crazy thing was, each time that Ryan went for an interview I put the same clothes on, the vibe inside me (switched on) and went jogging. Okay, I had orgasms at different places and I didn’t get knocked over; and I didn’t deliberately flash anyone; but I did have a fantastic time.

Eventually Ryan got offered a job in a city about 30 miles away. We had about a week to find somewhere to live. Fortunately his new employer had given him a list of estate agents and suggested areas of the city to live in.

For the next 3 days we got an early train to the city and spent the entire day looking for somewhere to rent. On the third day we found somewhere. It’s a one bedroom apartment in a small block. It’s quite modern, but has very little furniture.

The deposit that we had to put on the apartment took nearly everything that we had left from out student loans. Ryan wouldn’t get paid until the end of the following month so we were going to have to be very careful with money for a few weeks.

Ryan’s father drove us there the day before Ryan’s first big day working for a living. His father was really good; he helped us do all the things that you should do when moving into a house so that you can’t get ripped-off.

We had a car full of bags and boxes that we had to carry up to the apartment on the third floor. On each trip it was always,

“Ladies first,”

And Ryan’s father went up behind me. He must have had a few good looks up my short skirt, especially as I had to bend over to put bags down, to open doors etc. For once I didn’t care, I was so happy getting a place of our own, and after all, he’s nearly family.

We were both really grateful and I gave Ryan’s dad a big hug and kiss on his cheek before he left us.

Our first apartment


It was great having a place of our own. We celebrated that night with a take-away and a good fucking.

The third floor apartment had no curtains or blinds and there were other apartment blocks out the front. When it got dark we could see into some of the other apartments; so I guess that they would be able to see into ours.

Ryan told me to ignore that fact; no one would bother looking at us. I wasn’t that sure, but I was so happy that when Ryan undressed me in the living room I didn’t object.

We got up early the next morning so that Ryan had plenty of time to get to his first day of work. The plan was that I would spend the first day cleaning the place, then get out, find out what was where, and start looking for a job.

A few minutes after starting the cleaning I realised that I was going to get all sweaty and dirty. I thought for a minute; no one else was in the apartment and I wasn’t expecting anyone to call so I decided that if I did all the cleaning without any clothes on I could have a shower just before Ryan got home and I would still have a clean skirt and top.

So I did.

Late afternoon I had just about finished when I got a phone call from Ryan telling me that he would be home in about half an hour. He sounded happy so I decided that I’d give him a nice surprise as soon as he got home. I put the cleaning stuff away and went and had a shower.

I heard the doorbell ring (we only had one key at that stage) so I ran to the door still naked. I flung the door open and shouted,

“Surprise……. Oh shit!” I slammed the door shut then opened it enough to put my head round.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“We’re your new neighbours; we’ve come to welcome you and give you these.”

The woman held out a bunch of flowers while the man smiled at me.

Just then Ryan appeared on the Landing.

“TT, don’t be rude, invite our new neighbours in.” He said as he pushed the door open.

I made a run for the bedroom. Our new neighbours had seen me full frontal when I opened the door, and they were now watching my butt as I run away from them.

I heard Ryan say,

“Sorry about that, my girlfriend’s a bit shy.”

“That’s okay; we shouldn’t have come without warning. Here, you’ve obviously got a lot to do, we’ll leave you to get on with it. If there’s anything that you want to know about the area please come and see us; we’re at number 37 over the landing. By the way we’re John and Sandra.”

I heard Ryan tell them our names, then they left.

I came out to Ryan and apologised to him. He told me that it was okay, and that we must get a spy hole put in the door, and another key cut.

I then asked him if we could start again.

Ryan went out onto the landing and shut the door. A few seconds later he knocked on the door and I opened it,


We had a pleasant evening.

The next morning after Ryan left for work I got my laptop out and started looking for jobs.

By lunchtime I’d given up and decided to go for a walk to get to know the place a bit better.

Then I had an idea, why don’t I go for a jog? I could cover a lot more ground and get some exercise on the way. I got changed into my white tennis skirt and the same top that I’d worn on that horrible day when I’d collided with a road worker.

As I checked myself out in the mirror my body took control over my brain again. I’d sworn to myself that I would never go out jogging again with the vibrator inside me, but there I was pushing the damn thing up my pussy.

What was I doing? Sex was starting to control my life. I switched it on low, shivered a bit as it burst into life, and pulled my top down a bit so that my now hard nipples were poking through the lace holes.

I got the key and let myself out, hid the key and started down the stairs.

I’d got down 2 flights of stairs when I met our neighbours coming up. Thinking about what happened the previous evening I wanted to ignore them and keep going, but I couldn’t; they were our neighbours, and probably nice people.

“Hi!” I said, “Look, I want to apologise for last night, it was very rude of me to slam the door like that and then to run off. I shouldn’t have done it and I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay,” Sandra said. ”I used to surprise John like that when we first got together. We’ll have to get together for a coffee sometime.”

As Sandra was talking I looked at John and smiled. He was looking me up and down. That got me embarrassed and more aware that my nipples were poking through my top and the vibe was purring away in my pussy.

“I’m just off out for a run, I’ll come over sometime and we can get to know each other better.” I said.

“Okay, have a good run.” Sandra said and we all got on our way.

The fresh air hit me as soon as I got outside and started running. I felt my nipples harden even more and the air rush passed my naked pussy.

Off I went down the road, not sure where I was going. I didn’t intend going too far, I didn’t want to get lost. I was happy that there weren’t many people around.

I jogged round a few streets and passed a park and came to a busy shopping street. I didn’t want to run down there with a flushed face, throbbing pussy and my nipples poking out of my top. I wasn’t ready to have an orgasm with so many people around.


WTF was I thinking, Of course I wasn’t ready. I’d NEVER be ready for that. I just couldn’t do anything like that. Shit, was that my body trying for control my mind again?

I turned round and headed back home. I was 2 streets from home when I felt the orgasm building. I wasn’t sure that I could make it home so I looked round and, seeing no one, I ducked behind a parked car.

I leaned against a wall and bent forward putting my hands on my knees.

A few seconds later it arrived.

“Aaaarrrgggghhh.” I uttered and started shaking.

Just as I started to come down I heard something behind me. I stood up straight and turned round.

Shit, there was a big, fat, ugly, caring traffic warden stood behind me. I saw a camera in his hand.

“Are you all right Miss?” he asked.

“Err yes. I was just getting my breath back. I’ll be okay in a minute. Thank you for your concern.

“Are you sure? I can call for an ambulance if you want.” He said.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll be fine in a minute thank you.”

“Right, I’ll be off then.” The man said and he turned and walked away.

Shit! I was bent over; he’ll have been able to see my naked butt and pussy. I hope he wasn’t bright enough to take a photo.

That thought triggered a mini orgasm. I shook myself and started jogging again.

The next afternoon when I went jogging I decided to go into the park. Again, I couldn’t stop myself from pushing the vibe up my pussy and turning it on; this time, up a notch. I think that going into the park was a sub-conscious decision; I must have known that I was going to cum at least once.

The park turned out to be quite big. It had a football pitch, wooded area, a small stream train running through it and a big kids play area.

I jogged round the football pitch and the through the woods. Just as I got to the end of the woods the first orgasm hit me. I stopped and leaned against a tree until I could get going again. Fortunately, the park was really quiet. I’d only seen one old couple walking through.

I ran on, passed the kids play area and came to the other end of the park. There was a little car park (empty) then a main road. As I turned to go back I felt another orgasm building. As I got to the kids play area I had a crazy idea. There was no one there, and no one in sight anywhere.

I went over to the climbing frame and climbed up a bit. I wasn’t sure that I could hold back until I got into the position that I wanted.

I sat on one of the crossbars (it was cold on my butt) then slid back so that my spread knees were over the bar. Then I lowered myself backwards so that I was hanging upside down. Gravity had sent my skirt close to my face and I was total exposed from waist to ankles.

I wanted to experience an orgasm while upside down. I reached up and touched my clit. Within seconds it hit me. It was slightly different – still good. I think that the extra blood in my head caused it. I wondered if having one after being upside down for a lot longer would make it even better. I thought about bringing Ryan there late one night and letting him fuck me while I was upside down. I didn’t work out how we could do that.

As I calmed down I looked round. I saw swings, a see-saw, climbing ropes and a little fort with little slides for the little kids.

The climbing ropes looked interesting. I pulled myself up, climbed down and went over to the ropes. Could I climb up and then slide down with the rope pressing against my pussy?

I looked all around and couldn’t see anyone. I jumped up and grabbed the rope. It was hard work, but I managed to get to the top – only about 15 feet.

Holding onto the top bar with one hand, I adjusted the rope so that it went over my pubic bone and pussy (it pressed on my clit). I wrapped my legs round it and gripped it with my legs. I let go of the top bar and gripped the rope with my hands.

Hoping that I wouldn’t get rope burn on my pussy, I eased my grip and started slowly sliding. I’d only got about a third of the way down when I got hit with a big one. I gripped the rope hard.

“Fuck that was good.” I thought.

As the orgasm subsided I loosened my grip. A couple of feet later another one hit me.

Shit, I’m going to come here every day. I’ve got to bring Ryan so that he can see the effect it has on me.

Another couple of feet lower and I had another one.

My feet reached the ground and I stood there calming down.

Then I heard a voice,

“Hello little girl, where’s your mummy? You shouldn’t really be climbing those ropes without your parents being here.”

I looked round. It was an elderly man with a dog on a long lead.

The dog walked over to me and started sniffing at my pussy. I pushed it away but it came back. I had to push it away again before the man pulled it away.

Putting on my best little girl voice I said,

“My daddy is just over there, he’ll be here in a minute. He lets me climb on these ropes and he knows I’ll be careful.” I said.

The man told me to be careful then walked off.

I decided that I’d had enough for that day and headed back home. As I jogged I felt a bit guilty, thinking,

“What a slut! Why did I do that? What’s wrong with me? I’ve got to stop doing these things; but I just knew that I wouldn’t stop.”

When I told Ryan all about it that night he told me that we were going to go back there one night.

I went back there on a few of my afternoon jogs. Most of the times I couldn’t have any fun because there were people around; but I did manage to have some fun a couple of times.

There was one time when I was hanging upside down on the climbing frame with my legs spread wide, my skirt round my chest, and my right hand bringing me to climax when I saw a man cycling passed. He saw me and nearly ran into the fence round the play area. Knowing that he was looking at me made my orgasm come quicker.

The rope was (still is) my favourite. Sliding down with those rough, nobly bits rubbing against my bare pussy is pure pleasure.

My problem is that I always feel guilty afterwards. Ryan says that I shouldn’t, but I always do.

The first few weekends there we decided to go into town and have a look round. We knew of a few things that we wanted but didn’t have the money. They would have to wait, but there was nothing stopping us looking.

We trawled around a few shops then saw that the city had an Ikea so we decided to get the bus out there.

When it’s a double decker bus Ryan always wants to go upstairs. When we’re going upstairs he wants to go up first; going downstairs he wants me to go first. He says that going up, he wants to see where we’re going to sit; and going downstairs, he says that he wants to be able to grab me if I slip.

I suspect that he wants anyone following me up to be able to see up my short skirt to my bare butt and pussy; and hoping that anyone going down in front of me will turn round and maybe see my pussy.

Anyway, Ikea; we got some great ideas. One thing that we need is a new bed; we’re both not all that keen on sleeping on a second-hand mattress.

Ikea has lots of beds on display, and you can lay on them to try them out. Ryan wanted me to lay on lots of them. He wasn’t at all worried by the fact that I had a very short skirt and no knickers on. He told me to lay on each bed, flat on my back, on my side, and curled up in a ball. In each position I had to tell him if I was comfortable.

The beds were comfortable, but I wasn’t most of the time. I was okay when he was the only person watching me, but a couple of men started following us. They always seemed to be standing at the bottom of the bed that I was trying out. I tried to keep my legs together and my skirt pulled as far down as it would go, but they must have had a great show. Ryan was often stood near them and must have seen what they were seeing. He seemed to be enjoying my exposure; I could see a nice bulge in his trousers.

I started to get that randy tingling in my pussy and I felt my pussy get quite wet. When I got off the last couple of beds that I tried out I could see a little wet line where my exposed pussy had slid across the mattress. I got embarrassed, even more so when Ryan told me that the wet lines had the nickname of ‘snail trails’. Okay, I can understand the comparison, but that name only made my face redder.

We moved on to the market area after my second ‘snails trail’.

My first Job


One evening about 2 weeks after we moved in, Ryan came and told me that he had got me a part-time job for a couple of weeks. He then told me that he’d seen an advert for a model for an art class.

“What sort of model?” I asked.

“A nude model of course; what other type are there?” Ryan said.

“I can’t be a nude model.”

“Why not?”

“Well, for starters” I said. ”I haven’t got the body for it.” Cupping my little tits I continued, “They’ll want someone with bigger tits than these 28AAAA. Then there’s my modesty. I’ve never done anything like that and I just couldn’t. The humiliation and embarrassment would be way too much for me.”

“TT, it’s okay,” Ryan said, “I’ve told them all about how big you are and they aren’t bothered. In fact the teacher that I spoke to told me that it would be good for the students to draw a woman that doesn’t have massive breasts. As for your embarrassment, it’s not as bad as you make out. You even go jogging in a really short skirt on your own; and besides, it’s cash-in-hand and we need the money.

“Ryan,” I said, “it’s one thing running passed someone in a short skirt that covers my puss and butt, but it’s something completely different standing in front of a group of people for 2 hours without any clothes on.”

“Yeah, you’re right, but think of the money, and I want you to do it. Please say yes?”

I looked at Ryan; he looked as if he’d be heartbroken if I refused. What else could I say?

“Okay, I’ll do it, just for you though.”

“Great, I’ll phone the teacher and confirm it. Oh, the first session’s tomorrow night.” Ryan said.

Shit, what had I just let myself in for. My nerves went into overdrive. I just knew that I’d die of embarrassment.

Fortunately Ryan didn’t give me much chance to think about it that night. He had other things on his mind.

The next morning was spent hunting for jobs again. I had a bit more enthusiasm as I just didn’t know what other humiliating job Ryan would find for me.

The afternoon was spent jogging. I didn’t put the vibrator in that time as I didn’t want reminding of what I had to do that evening.

That evening I got a bus to the college where I was going to have to get naked in front of lots of stranger. I had butterflies in my stomach and felt sick. It was something that I really didn’t want to do, but knew that I had to.

As I walked into the college and followed the signs to the art room I did something that I never thought I would do again; I prayed that there would be no one there.

As usual, my prayers weren’t answered. I knocked on the door and was really disappointed when I heard a voice say,

“Come in.”

There were about 2 dozen people in there. Their ages ranged from my age to pensioners and about half of them were men.

A middle-aged man came up to me and said,

“Hi, you must be Tanya. I’m Dan.”

A hand came out for me to shake.

“Thank you so much for volunteering to be our model, it’s so difficult to get people these days. I’m sorry to ask you and I know that your boyfriend said that you’re 20 years old and look a lot younger; but you really do look a lot younger than 20. Do you have anything on you that will confirm your age? I’m sorry but the college governors have demanded that I get proof that all models are over 18.”

In total silence I put my hand in my bag and got out my passport. I opened it at the appropriate page and showed it to Dan.

“Sorry about that Tanya, but I could get in real trouble if I didn’t ask. Now, the way it works here is that students have been selected to put you in a pose, one at a time that is. You will then hold that pose for 20 minutes. After that you will have a 5 minute break then another student will put you in a pose, followed by another 5 minute break. This will go on until we run out of time.

The same will happen at the next 2 sessions that you have volunteered for, but with different students. The next week will be a repeat of this weeks; but with different students putting you in poses.

I’ll bring your money in at the last session.

Is that okay?”

I was shaking and stunned. Something like 60 people were going to see me naked. Not only see me naked, but stare at me for 20 minutes at a time. Ryan, what have you done to me?

I felt like turning and running but I didn’t want to disappoint Ryan.

“Is that okay?” Dan asked again.

I just nodded.

“Right then, you can go and take you clothes off behind that screen, then come out and we’ll get started. Oh, I do hope that you haven’t got any strap marks, we don’t want to spoil things for the students, do we?”

I wanted to laugh at the strap marks comment, but I was too numb. I turned and walked to the screen.

I put my bag down and held my hand out flat. It was shaking. I slowly took off my jacket and top, then my shoes. Finally resigning myself that I had to do it, I unfastened my skirt and dropped it to the floor.

I was naked. I took a deep breath and with a very red face, I stepped out from behind the screen.

I was so tempted to cover my breasts and pubes, but somehow resisted.

Dan was there waiting.

“Good, good Tanya, the students will not be disappointed. It’s so good not to get a girl with ginormous breasts.” Turning to his left Dan continued,

“This is Sheila, she’ll get things started.”

Sheila smiled at me then led me to a table in front of the class.

“Climb up.” Sheila said.

She then told me to stand facing the class with my legs about shoulder width apart, my left hand on my left hip, and my right index finger just touching my lower face lip. She asked me to put a puzzled expression on my face.

As I opened my legs I suddenly realised that my pussy was dripping. My lips were swollen and all wet and shiny. Then I thought about my nipples; they were rock hard. All those people would be able to see that I was aroused.

OMG – why does my body do that? I wanted to die.

After a couple of minor adjustments Sheila has happy and she told me not to move.

Not move! I thought. I was shaking and my face was burning. The woman cannot be serious.

I looked round the room. Yes, about 2 dozen people were staring at me, but none of them had that lustful look to their faces. Well, maybe 1 man.

Somehow I managed to stay reasonably still for the 20 minutes. What’s more my face was burning, my pussy was still swollen and wet and my nipples were still rock hard; for all of that 20 minutes. If anything, my pussy was wetter.

Sheila came over and thanked me; then told me that I could climb down and walk around.

Walk around! I wanted to run and hide.

I stood there for a minute and Dan came over to me. He asked me if I was okay. After I lied and said that I was, he told me that I could walk round and look at the drawings.

I was feeling like a pig at a Jewish wedding so I started to move around. It helped my legs as well.

I walked amongst the students trying to look interested in their drawings of me. Most ignored me, a couple smiled at me and said. “Hi.” Two men and one young woman looked me up and down and I’m sure that they were thinking about sex. The woman even licked her lips.

“Tanya, Vicky, can you both come to the front please?” Dan shouted.

Vicky said “Hi” then asked me to get back up on the table. She then surprised me by asking me if I’d done any yoga. One of my friends at school had taken me along to one of her classes so I said,

“A little.”

“Have you done the Warrior II position?” Vicky asked.

“Is that the one where you spread your legs and then hold your arms out straight?” I asked.

“Basically, yes.” Vicky said, then directed me into the position that she wanted me in.

I wasn’t happy about that pose on 3 counts; firstly it was hard keeping my arms up like that. Secondly, I was naked; and thirdly, my pussy was spread wide and I could feel the cool air inside my hole. If I thought that my pussy was totally exposed on the first pose then this was obscene. What’s more, my body was being nasty to me again; I could feel my juices leaking out of me. I just hoped that they weren’t dripping down onto the table.

Thankfully I managed to last the 20 minutes and was sooo relieved when Vicky told me to climb down.

I wandered around the room again, looking at the drawings. Most of students had drawn my pussy lips as hanging down a bit; a couple of them had even drawn my clit as being more like a little dick.

Did I really look like that down there?

The third student to tell me how to pose was a man. My initial reaction was that he was going to produce a dildo and tell me to stick it half way in my pussy and hold it there for 20 minutes; but thankfully I was wrong. The man just wanted me to lie on my side, propping may head up with one arm. My top leg had to be bent with my foot next to the other knee.

Again, my pussy was spread and my hole was open, but the pose was easy to hold.

At the end, Dan came and thanked me and reminded me when the next session was. He told me that I could go and get dressed.

I was out of there within a minute, and running to the bus stop. I really did hope that none of the students got on the same bus.

The next 2 sessions were very similar to the first one. Okay, the poses were different, but none of them were any more obscene than the first 2 sessions. It was only by the third session that I started to relax just a little bit. I wasn’t shaking as much, but my face was still red with embarrassment for the whole session.

As I was getting ready to leave to go to the fourth session Ryan decided that he needed to spice thing up a bit. When I asked him what he meant, he went and got the remote controlled vibrator.

“No, no, Ryan you can’t possibly expect me to go and pose naked with that thing inside me. Please say that I’ve got it wrong.” I said.

“Why not, you said that the bus trip there and back was boring; this will spice it up a bit.”

“Yes but,” I said, “what about standing on that table with my legs spread wide?”

“You’ve always managed to keep it in before, why would it slide out then?” Ryan asked.

“It’s not it sliding out that I’m worried about,” I replied, “that thing will be purring away in my pussy for over 3 hours. I can’t possibly survive that long without cumming at least once. It’s one thing having an orgasm out on the street with a skirt and top on, where no one is really looking at me, but when I’m stood on that table, naked, with 20 people staring at me all the time it will be something else. What are they going to think of me; and what’s more important, think how humiliating it will be for me.”

“They’ll look at you and see a beautiful woman. It will be a wonderful experience for you. Think how strong those orgasms will be; think about what’s waiting for you as soon as you get back here.”

I wasn’t convinced, but I always end up doing what Ryan wants.

Ryan switched the vibe on to the lowest setting and put the control back in the drawer.

I picked up an extra pack of tissues and walked out of our apartment with that thing vibrating in my pussy, hoping that the battery would run flat pretty quickly. I even considered sitting at the back of the bus and getting the damn thing out of me; but that wouldn’t have been fair on Ryan.

I was already quite wet and aroused when I arrived at the college. When I went behind the screen to take my clothes off I had to wipe my pussy dry before going for the first session.

Dan told me that the second week’s sessions were going to be a bit different. He told me that the theme for that week was ‘erotic art’. The students would be putting me in various yoga poses that could be considered erotic.

I looked a bit puzzled. Did he mean that someone was going to fuck me on that table? They wouldn’t be able to do that because I had the vibe, purring away, inside me.

“Don’t be alarmed Tanya.” Dan said, “We’re not expecting you to climb on that table and masturbate or have sex with anyone. It’s just that the poses will be based on some yoga positions and some people could call them erotic, especially when performed by a naked, beautiful girl.

Pete here will put you in the first pose, you’ll be just fine.”

What was Dan’s version of ‘just fine?’ Pete told me to get on the table and stand facing away from the students. He then told me to spread my legs as wide as I could.

“God, this is going to be embarrassing.” I thought.

Next I had to bend forward until my head rested on the table. Finally I had to move my hands so that they were on my feet. When Pete was satisfied he told me that I was in the ‘wide leg forward bend’ pose. He told me that I shouldn’t have a problem keeping that pose for 20 minutes.

That was true, unless I died from embarrassment. My pussy was spread wide and I could feel the air on the inside of my pussy. The students would be looking right inside me. I saw so worried that the vibe would slide out. What’s more, the vibe was doing what it was designed to do. If Ryan started to eat me out there and then he would probably drown.

The more I thought about what I was displaying and how it was being displayed, the closer I got to an orgasm. I tried to think about other things, but my thoughts always came back to my pussy. That damn vibe was giving me hell.

I was hoping that I could survive the 20 minutes then rush behind the screen and cum with no one looking. In the end I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

I started to cum. I started shaking and had all on not to moan or scream. I opened my eyes and saw everyone looking at me. Were they drawing, or were they staring at me as I had an orgasm?

Then I saw the drips.

OMG my pussy was leaking that much that I was dripping onto the table.

How I didn’t die there and then I will never know.

Finally the 20 minutes was up and Pete came and told me that I’d been great. I bent my knees and collapsed onto the table. After a minute composing myself I got off the table and went and used some tissues to dry myself. As I was doing that I seriously considered squeezing the vibe out, but that would have been letting Ryan down.

I just managed to have a look at a couple of the drawings before Dan introduced me to Mary. Those drawings were so detailed, and so obscene. It was a good job that they’d concentrated on drawing my pussy and not my face.

Mary told me that I was going to do the ‘wheel pose’. My initial reaction was that I’d have to curl up unto a ball. How wrong could I be?

The table was turned length ways and I was told to stand at the front end with my feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. I than had to lean over backwards until my hands were on the table.

At least this was another pose that the students couldn’t draw my face. No doubt that they would be concentrating on my pussy again. So was the vibrator.

The one thing about that pose was that my back hurt. I think that the pain over-rode the pleasure coming from the vibrator, and I didn’t cum during those 20 minutes. I did feel my juices escaping and running down my legs.

I was sooo relieved when the 20 minutes was up. I had to ask Mary to help me to get up.

Fortunately the pain soon went and I was able to go behind the screen and dry myself again.

Again I managed to look at some of the drawings. Is my clit really that big? I must ask Ryan.

Pete introduced me to Kim. She told me that she was going to put me in a slight variation of the ‘king pigeon’ pose. I had to get on the table and kneel facing the students. Then I had to open my knees wide and lean back so that my head touched the table. Finally I had to twist my arms round so that my hands touched my feet.

Shit, yet another pose where my pussy was wide open and facing the students. The thing was; this pose was very much like how Ryan and I sometimes fuck. I remembered the time that Ryan’s brother walked into our room and I was riding him like that.

I couldn’t get that moment out of my mind as that damn vibe purred away. I soon got that randy tingling in my pussy again. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. My juices trickled down to my butt and I felt the orgasm coming on.

The students must have seen my stomach going up and down with the heavy breathing; and my convulsing pussy.

I was so relieved when the 20 minutes was up. I quickly got up and was off behind the screen to dry and get dressed. I was out of there within 5 minutes.

When I got back to the apartment Ryan was doing a bit of homework. He stopped when I went in and came and hugged me. He just knew that I wasn’t happy.

“Tell me all about it.” He said.

“Ryan, it was horrible; twice I had an orgasm with 20 plus people staring at my swollen, wet, leaking, open pussy. I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life.”

Ryan hugged and kissed me before saying,

“TT, you can’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy it. You’ve just admitted that you had 2 great orgasms. You can’t possibly say that didn’t enjoy them.”

“Okay, okay, I did enjoy it; it’s just that it’s so humiliating.” I said.

“But the embarrassment is part of what really turns you on.” Ryan said.

“No it isn’t, it’s horrible.” I said then thought for a minute.

“Maybe” I said, realising that he was right.

We fucked hard that night.

I was dreading going back to the art class on both of the remaining nights. I anticipated 2 more night of my pussy being on full display; and I wasn’t disappointed. No, disappointed isn’t the right word. Subjected to 3 x 20 minute humiliating torture sessions would be a better way of describing it.

Both nights went similar to the first night that week. They put me in 2 of the poses that they had me hold on the previous night; the one that they replaced was the ‘wheel pose’. They replaced it with the ‘Reclining Angle Pose’.

For that one I had to lie on the table on my back with my head nearest to the students. Then I had to swing my legs up so just my shoulders and head were on the table. Next I had to spread and lower my legs until my toes touched the table where my outstretched hands were.

This left my open hole staring at the students.

With the vibe purring away inside me all evening I couldn’t stop myself from having an orgasm during each pose.

My brain was soo pleased when I finished the last pose. I’m not so sure that my pussy was pleased.

At the end of the last night I got dressed and went and saw Dan. As he gave me my money I told him that the sessions that week seemed to centre on the vagina, my vagina. Was that deliberate, or just coincidental that the students chose those poses?

“Well spotted Tanya, this week’s subject was the vagina. I didn’t want to tell you at the start of the week in case it frightened you off, sorry.”

“That’s okay Dan (I lied – I think). I might just have done a runner if you’d told me.” I said.


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Leila gets her first birthday wish

Her name was Jess. She was your typical average 16 year old girl. Beautiful waist length brunette hair, piercing blue eyes and a golden tan. Her tits a lot more then a handful and ass that were just as beautiful. I never thought myself as a lesbian, but I would often stare at her and wonder what her beautiful body looked like naked. What she would taste like, what her smooth skin felt like against mine. I myself was a 15 year old geeky girl, mouth full of metal, nerdy thick rimmed glasses. Flat chest, petite body, dirty blonde hair. But...


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Hospital Fund Raiser

Slavia is 31 never married, she is a beautiful sexy Russian woman. She is at a hospital fund raiser, all the big donors to the hospital foundation is there, vying to impress each other with preening of plumage as well as large donations as the evening wore on. Slavia felt uncomfortable being with the stilted world of moneyed philanthropists inside. She had attempted to exit, but was intercepted in the hall by a large elderly dame of society who enjoyed nothing more than to recall tales from her long ago youth by the hour. Exasperated, she conceded defeat to a boring...


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( Eric son) The problem with coming to the point of full sexual realization, for boys is that they are always hard. We don't know why, we only have an inclination of what the cause is. So for the past month, every time I looked at my mom it got hard. I mean it did not help that my mom always wore next to nothing in the mornings, while making breakfast. Usually an almost see through  night shirt and panties.   ( Kevin the dad )was a cop, who worked all hours. Split shifts and so forth. As he held his...


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With my little brother

Hi readers my name is Anitha (Anu), 21 years old, from Kerala. I live with my mother and younger brother. My father died when I was still young. My brother's name is Sanjay (Sanju) he is 18 years old. Both of us were liked normal sister and brother. We used to fight with each other. My mother got govt job as my dad while he was in govt. service. Since mom goes for work, me and my brother used to get time to spend together. I forgot to mention about myself. I had a good figure of 32-26-30. I was fair...


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Trained to serve

I was in my bedroom upstairs while my parents were holding their annual New Years Eve party down stairs. The only bathrooms were upstairs and the guest bathroom was just down the hall from my room, so I heard people coming up and down the stairs. I had just put on my pajamas and was sitting on the side of my bed looking at ads in Popular Mechanics when the bedroom door opened. It was Mrs. Smythe who lived across the street. She was wearing a tafata blue dress that was tight, showing a rather voluptous body. I could smell alcohol...


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Horny Little Women

Matthew Ryder watched in silence as the hands of the clock inched round to eleven, narrowing like the blades on a set of garden shears. Uncomfortable in an unaccustomed charcoal suit and sombre tie, the young man's head was bowed to stare at a pair of black patent leather shoes in which it was almost possible to make out his handsome yet grave features. At the tender age of seventeen, the loss of a father was a heartbreaking wrench, particularly when he was the only family the inexperienced boy had ever known. Yet that was about to change dramatically with the...


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